been officially 19 for the last 24 hours


Two things happened within the last 24 hours: The 1989 tour officially ended & Taylor turned 26! Wow! I know I haven’t been posting a lot about Taylor lately, I guess I’ve grown up a bit and senior year keeps me busy, BUT I still love Taylor as much as back in late 2008, when 10 year old me discovered the 19 year old curly haired country singer.
It is crazy how fast time flies, I can’t believe Taylor is 26, I can’t believe the 1989 tour is over. I can’t believe I have been in this fandom for so long. Even though my heart aches that I never got the chance to meet Taylor, and I have to me honest, I got my hopes up a bit too high for the 1989 era, I srsly thought I had a chance (I mean, Taylor screenshot mu tumblr post!), I am so grateful I got the chance to see the 1989 tour live. I have realised this year, that some dreams might not come true, even though they stay with you forever. And forever is a long time. But, Taylor, I know I am just one in a milion, but I love you, and I always will, it doesn’t matter if I am 10 or 50, you have influenced my life so much as I have grown up listening to your songs, having you as my idole. Happy Birthday ❤️ @taylorswift