been mourning that potential scene for YEARS

After the war do you think Kakashi actually sat down with Team 7 and explained Obito? Really truly explained the fact that he had thought his friend was dead and had been mourning him for roughly 20 years? 

He had to right? There would have been questions… Why wasn’t this a scene in canon? There was so much potential for Team 7 bonding and the strengthening of Sensei/Student relationships as Kakashi finally opens up a little bit to his team.

Also why did we never get to see Kakashi’s reaction to finding out he had been mourning someone that was not dead? Besides his slight panic attack on the battlefield. 

I want the true story. The nitty-gritty behind closed doors scene where he really takes in what he has just witnessed and perhaps a scene far in the future where he realises he is starting to heel. 

A revelation like that would blow your mind and break what was left of your composure. But it wasn’t important enough to be part of the story. I guess they only had a limited amount of episodes they could do so we are to assume Kakashi gets over it by the time they walk home. 

But that flashback episode where Naruto fights a Ninja Kangaroo, that was good shit. 110% canon, needed to be there, explains so much, builds so much story. Much more interesting than witnessing Kakashi receive the closure he needs and starting to heel.