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Original!Graves/Credence Headcanons

-First of all, Credence is alive and Graves has been hidden a la Moody in a trunk or something somewhere.

-Tina finds O!Graves (hereafter referred to simply as “Graves”) and updates him on everything that went down while he was… indisposed.

-Graves is not a kind man. He’s stern and expects nothing less than 110% at all times. He’s a perfectionist, a workaholic, and solitary by nature. But Graves, the real Graves, is also the kind of man that feeds the cat that hangs around in the winter, all the while refusing to say he’s adopted it (the cat makes its way indoors one day and just… never leaves. Graves calls him Walter until he finds out it’s actually a girl and by then the name has stuck, so he still calls her Walter). Graves is also the kind of man that sends donations to children’s orphanages and visits his elderly grandmother at least once a month. He’s short with his aurors, but patient with the children that run through his street, shrieking and laughing.

-So, when Graves finds out about what Grindelwald did to Credence while wearing his face, he’s angry and disgusted, but mostly he’s worried about the younger man.

-He visits Credence in the little hospital ward they’re keeping him in while he’s recovering down the way in his own hospital room. He’d first thought Credence wouldn’t want anything to do with him, but that proves untrue upon their first visit. Credence is shy and still afraid, but Graves shows him proof that he’s himself.

-They bond over the things Grindelwald took from them (and a shared love of chocolates which Graves will deny to his dying breath.

-It takes a few visits, but eventually he gets Credence into the habit of just calling him “Graves” instead of “Mr. Graves” or “sir”. He also teaches him chess - no-maj chess, that is; wizard chess is a bit too violent for Credence’s tastes. After a month of practice, Credence is good enough to beat Graves soundly, but Graves always knew that would be the case (despite the education withheld from him, Credence is sharp as a tack and has a mind for strategy. Graves privately thinks he’d make an excellent auror).

-Little by little, Credence warns up to Graves, telling him about his fears and hopes, all the while desperately hoping that this Graves won’t turn around and throw it in his face like the last one did. He’s always cautious, always wary of saying too much, of giving the man something to use against him, but Graves doesn’t take advantage and asks nothing of him (something Grindelwald had no problem with).

-When Graves is released two months later, having been completely healed and nourished back to his old self, he keeps visiting Credence as often as his work permits. There are stacks upon stacks of paperwork waiting at MACUSA, but sometimes he’ll slip a stack into the hospital and finish it by Credence’s bedside.

-When the time comes for Credence’s trial at MACUSA, Graves argues relentlessly for him to be held unaccountable for his actions. And when the jury determines that Credence should only be released on condition of being in someone’s care, Graves nudges Tina into offering. He’d offer himself, but he’s beginning to think that a mentoring relationship is not the kind of relationship he wants with the younger man, so it would hardly be appropriate.

-Tina and Queenie take Credence in and move to a little apartment above a bakery with tasty - if odd - pastries that Graves falls a little bit in love with.

-Graves still comes over to play chess with Credence. He pointedly ignores Tina’s exasperated (and Queenie’s knowing) looks.

-When summer comes, Graves takes Credence on walks through Central Park and teaches him as much history of magic as he can remember from school. He buys Credence ice cream (despite his multiple protests) and quietly wonders if this could be considered a first date.

(part 1/?)

Boredom that isn’t overrated (Sherlock x reader)

A/N: Okay so I was requested to do another part for Replacement of John Watson and I did. This can be read as one shot or as continuation of the other, doesn’t actually continue from where I ended the last one. Took me three hours, don’t even know how, maybe I’m just so tired. Also, hopefully will be up to continue The Heartless soon, though I’m still stuck with the plot… So yeah. Requests are open for ideas and requests on one shots, ships and fake texts. Thank you all for still following my blog even if it’s a mess and the repeating hiatuses I’m on…… Really don’t deserve you as my readers.

Sherlock had been moody and cranky for a couple of days now. He didn’t even bother to cloth himself properly, only in his pajamas and his robe he kept sulking around firing nasty remarks at any unfortunate’s way he encountered which was mostly you and Mrs. Hudson. This really ate your own patience on wasting your time at Baker Street and you wanted nothing more than to take your leave and go out until it would be dark out, then heading straight forward to bed. Mrs. Hudson of course didn’t much mind, at times replying to his rude remarks with snapping wittily back at him.

You had called John for advices on what to do to get Sherlock back to his even slightly merrier way, but got nothing much out of him, well nothing you didn’t already know. He instructed you to find a case for him. Simple as that. How hard could it be? Well, to your disappointment all the cases you found were pathetically easy or they had nothing in them. Just an assault, abuse, bar night ending up as a fist fight and so on. John also declined on visiting for he knew how impossible Sherlock got when he was bored. He also warned about how recklessly Sherlock would be using his gun on those days.

So desperate you were that you called even Mycroft, begging him to try and find something for Sherlock. Mycroft rarely heard from you, directly that is since you never answered his calls or texts. Mycroft was surprised you called him and amused you were in need of assistance on with his brother’s behavior. He of course teased you how you would only need to get him ’on the mood’ and how the two of you were just having one of those famous fights couples were on about after being so close for so long. You immediately regretted on calling him, telling him to piss off if he really cared so little of his brother’s well being.

You started to give up on finding a case for Sherlock, knowing one would come to your way in time sooner or later. Then again it didn’t put your mind at peace. You still were living under the same roof with Sherlock who was such a lousy company. You really missed seeing friends and family, but all were always so busy you were left with the depressed detective as your only companion.

You were sitting on John’s chair reading a news paper and even if you had given yourself such a luxury of not trying to find a nice crime for your flatmate to solve you couldn’t help but eye the section of the news paper that announced all the missing people not to mention the articles about murders and just anything that required a police.

The cloudy weather was blocking the sun, but it wasn’t raining outside and even if you weren’t able to see it the light still came through the white cotton blocking it’s view on earth. It was the only light that illuminated your flat, but then again it was enough.

You had your face hid behind the paper when Sherlock stumped in the room. You saw from the corner of your eye he was in his usual clothing. Pajamas and a robe. He walked over the window and gave a quick look to the outside before he walked next to you and snatched the paper from you. You sigh in frustration, wanting nothing more than to just snap at the detective but knowing he’d only shoot you down with his remark. That didn’t stop you though since you went and glared at Sherlock, with a bored tone informing him ”There is nothing in that paper that will be of any interest for you.” And to this Sherlock scoffed, walking over the couch right opposite from the fire place and over the coffee table, laying down and opening the paper wide open. ”You probably have missed something.” He muttered bluntly. You sighed yet again.

After about fifteen minutes of sitting in silence Sherlock groaned and threw the paper over the coffee table and it opened on the floor, all the paper splattering around the floor. You got up and cleaned the mess, placing the news paper once it was back in order on Sherlock’s workshop and went to the kitchen. Sherlock had rolled on his right side and was back faced to you, but you didn’t mind. He did that on almost a daily basis by now.

You made yourself a cup of tea, ignoring the new human parts in the fridge as you took a snack to company your tea. You ate in peace, eyeing out side and wondering would it rain later. You doubted. It had been such a nice day and though the news almost every time got the weather wrong you counted on it today.

The sink in the kitchen was filled with dirty dishes and the kitchen table with Sherlock’s chemistry set which gave you no room to place the plate you had taken for your food. You glared around the messy kitchen and huffed. To top the already bored Sherlock and the overwhelmingly dull atmosphere there just had to be a mess in the house. That does it for you and you decided to just leave it all.

Finishing your snack and tea as quick as you could, becoming giddy about your plan of leaving the flat for the next hours until the sun would go down you hurried with placing the dishes in the sink and went to get your coat. Your fast and loud movements earned Sherlock’s attention and he studied you over his shoulder while you made your leave.

You sat on John’s chair and tied your shoelaces, fixing your hair and pulling your coat on. You couldn’t help but look happy for the thought of going outside to where there were other people, ordinary people who just enjoyed their day with no worries.

”Where are you going?” Sherlock finally asked when he became suspicious you would be going out for a long amount of time.

”Out. Don’t worry I’ll be long so you won’t have to worry me getting on your way.” You told him without making eye contact. You were too distracted by finally deciding to leave the house you nearly forgot you weren’t alone.

You heard Sherlock scoff and turn his back to you again. You rolled your eyes at his act, but didn’t let it affect you. Standing you looked around the house to try and figure did you have everything you needed. You had your phone, wallet and keys. That would do it. You were probably just going to visit a shopping center and maybe for a coffee or if you’d get really daring you’d go to a restaurant.

You said your good byes to Sherlock even if you knew he wouldn’t answer and went to the stairs. You got only three steps forward when you heard a deafening sound. You covered your ears and made a sharp turn, now jogging up the few stairs and tip toeing to the living room. There Sherlock stood on the coffee table and was pointing the gun towards the window. Your eyes widened and you made dash towards the gun, snatching it from Sherlock’s hand and emptying it from bullets. You then turned to see a stunned Sherlock.

”What the hell are you doing?” You snapped and put the gun in your pocket.

”Thought you left…” Sherlock muttered when the relation hit him. He hadn’t even heard you close the door behind you so you clearly hadn’t left.

”No, but I was about to!” You kept yelling, stepped forward towards Sherlock, the bullets on the floor rolling further around on the floor of the flat while your shoe pushed them aside. ”You were going to fire a bullet through the window!” You held your finger high as if scolding a child and you really were working hard on remembering Sherlock really was a grown man.

”I wasn’t going to shoot, I was simply aiming.” Sherlock corrected as if it really made any difference. He then got off the table and went to lay on the sofa again. You let yourself relax slightly.

”I really should call Mycroft.” You didn’t actually like tattle, not to mention of Sherlock to Mycroft, but you really didn’t have a choice. He was becoming dangerous to everyone around. This had to stop. Sherlock of course only rolled his eyes at you statement. ”What the heck.” You shrugged and pulled your phone from your pocket.

”What are you doing?” sherlock asked as he eyes you tapping your phone, then pulling it close to your ear and waiting for the call to start.

”I’m calling Mycroft.” You stated. To this Sherlock reacted, bolted up from his seat and charged towards you, snatching the phone from you and then throwing it down the stairs. You watched with your eyes wide as your phone flew through the air and down the stairs, hitting almost every step as it went down to the front door.

”What the hell, Sherlock?” You yelled.

”No calling Mycroft!” Sherlock snapped back at you, his finger lifted and inches away from your face.

”You could’ve just said so!” You snapped back your arms tensed and shaking from rage. You wanted to punch Sherlock so bad.

”Like you would’ve listened.” Sherlock straightened his back from towering you and scoffed.

”True. But no need to break my phone.” You crossed your arms over your chest and glared at Sherlock who went to lay on the couch again. You sighed at the state you two were in. Both of your patience waring thin and it already made you two get frustrated with the other.

”Are you still going out?” Sherlock asked over his shoulder, his back facing you once again. You groaned. ”Yes of course I will.” You told him like it was obvious, though it wasn’t. You were second guessing would it be good to leave the house when he was like that. You had never thought it to get this bad. Not ever. Not even in your worst nightmares.

”Then can I have the gun back?” Sherlock dared to ask, not showing any signs of remorse what so ever. He lifted his left hand in the air to accept the gun, but never receiving it since you told him in a very cold tone ”No.” Sherlock let out a breath and lowered his hand.

You sighed how complicate everything had turned out for the two of you. How did you end up sharing an apartment with a crazy sociopath in the first place? Oh, right. John had put you through it.

You sat next to Sherlock’s laying body, your hand placed on his left side and rubbing the fabric of his robe. Sherlock gave you a quick look, but let his head rest on the couch, not wanting to make you think he didn’t want you there or that he didn’t want you touching him.

”We’ll have a new case in our hands in no time, Sherlock.” You assured him to which he nodded. ”But in the mean time we don’t need you to be make new ones on your own.” You told him almost sadly. Sherlock was concentrated on your tone since he was laying on his side and tired not to held his head up to stare. ”And you know how I hate to see Donovan be right about anything.” You added which made Sherlock smirk. ”So please, don’t do something she’d love to see you do. I can’t bare hearing her say ’I said so’ or I’d strangle her.” You were now grinning too at your own words, but it wasn’t about making jokes. You really needed Sherlock to stay sane. For you both.

You stood up from the couch, Sherlock turning to look at you and ask ”Are you leaving now?” He sounded worried and as if pleading. You shrugged all the thoughts of the sort off you and let your coat fall off you on John’s chair.

”No. I can’t leave you on your own after what I just witnessed. You’d probably end up blowing up the house.” You said tiredly but still smiled.

Sherlock shifted on the couch so he was on his back, waiting for you to take your shoes off and when you had done so he gestured you to company you on the couch. ”Come here.” He spread his arms and wrapped them around you, pulling you to him and making you lie on top of him, his other hand on your waist and the other buried in your hair.

You two fell asleep on the couch, you on top of him and him holding onto you. You both had calmed down and would be spending the rest of the boring days just snuggling close to each other. You wouldn’t need to even talk, just comfort each other on those rough times. That is until Sherlock’s phone rang, informing that there had been a murder that Lestrade needed your assistance with.

wait I apparently have one more

maybe Edward has been moody and depressed all this time *because* of the Cubs?  Everyone thought it was vampire angst but it was just the weight of 108 years of his favorite team always losing. 


OVERFEELS by youtube user TooCurly 

Not sure if this has been shared but am just gonna share this here for anybody feeling down. Been kinda moody myself for some time so this actually cheer me up like a whole load. KEEP FIGHTINGGGGGG! XD
& move that fucking payload. 

Song:Goner-Twenty One Pilots

You pulled out your keys and approached your house.
You went to unlock your door but something was stopping you.

“Why is there a sulking Damon Salvatore on my porch"you pouted as you turnt to face your swing.

“I’m not sulking, I’m deep in thought"he shot back.

"Well that’s extremely dangerous"you held your hands in the air and walked over to Damon.

"But seriously what’s wrong? You haven’t been this moody since…ever"you scrunched up your nose as you tried to think back to a time when Damon was down in the dumps.

"Have you flipped the switch again, because if you have im going to murder you. Do you know how long it took me to get through to you last time? Do you know what I had to do?. I had to throw myself off a building that wasn’t very fun!"you started to rant.

"If I flipped the switch I wouldn’t be feeling like this"he sighed.

"Feeling like what? You need to talk to me that’s what friends are for?"You gave his hand a squeeze.

"See that’s the problem, I can’t be friends with you?!"he shouted, making you jump back abit.

"Wh-why not?"you clutched onto his hand tighter, despite being slightly scared.

"Because I am in love with you, the way you look after me, you only see the good in me when everyone else sees bad, your incredibly smart and you have such a kind heart. I love you and I have done for about 2 years now"Damon sighed.

Your mouth opened, you were speechless.
"Y/n will you say something, because if you stay silent like this I might just actually flip my switch"Damon laughed.

"No no! Don’t do that! I’m just im glad you told me, I thought my feelings weren’t returned but I obviously thought wrong"you nodded a smile growing on each of your faces.


Zay Babineaux + Farkle Minkus - Girl Meets World (Imagine 526)

“Is that why you’ve been so moody towards him because you care about him?” Farkle asked.

Want to request?

I just wanna thank all my friends that have been dealing with my moody ass behind the scenes for the last few days. I really appreciate you and you all manage to make me feel better when I felt nothing but empty. I don’t know what I’d do without any of you. Thank you.


Then and Now. (click them for better quality)

I’m Really Sorry

// in which y/n is reinjured twenty minutes after removal of her cast //

Part 3 of What About Sex? (Part 2)

*Warning Mature Content*


“Justin, I dropped my fork can you please get me another one?” I smiled at the small favor I was asking for. Justin nodded with his jaw clenched. He picked up my silverware from the ground and went to retrieve a clean one all while grumbling under his breath.

“What’s his issue?” Fredo asked before shoving other fork full of pasta into his mouth.

“I don’t know he’s just been very moody and impatient with me,” I shrugged and took a bite of my warm garlic bread.

“He’s so pressed because they haven’t had sex in over two weeks,” Hailey laughed, exposing our business that I told her in private.

“My boy hasn’t been getting nothing?” Khalil asked and I shook my head with a smile.

“It’s his fault that he tore my hamstring,” I brushed off Justin apparent need for relief. For the past two weeks, I’ve been nothing but a needy teased to Justin. I’d have him fix my food and get me dressed but then whenever I’d act like I was about to get him off, I’d tense up and blame my hamstrings. Really I just wanted to see how far he would let it go. Tonight was the last night with my cast on and I wanted Justin to be even more frustrated then he’s already been.

“Justin, how’s your blue balls?” Za asked once Justin appeared in the dining room again. Justin glared at Za then at me before taking his seat beside me again. Considering my wheelchair took more space than a normal chair would, I was even closer to Justin then I usually would be. With attitude apparent on his face he gave me a new fork and dug into his plate again.

“Thank you, baby,” I cooed then slipped an innocent hand onto his thigh. Of coarse, he tensed beneath me, his eyes going back and forth between my eyes and my hand suspiciously. I gave him a soothing caress with a smile on my face before going back to my food while conversation took over the table.

“So we’re at that party on the Fourth of July. And like who’s ever place it was they were loaded. The had a shit ton of fireworks so Khalil Justin and I decided-” Za spoked loudly.

“Woah! I didn’t decide! You guys forced me,” Justin said excitedly.

“What are you talking about!?” Khalil jumped in.

“You were the one that was like ‘aye what would you do if stole these and fired them off towards the house,’” Za mocked Justin’s voice.

“I said what if!” He defended himself.

“Anyway, so we drinking as we set them all up,” Za continued.

“So we didn’t think to move as we set them all off as quick as we could  We deadass trapped between them and sparks are hitting us so we’re just screaming and trying to get away but it was smoking so we couldn’t really see,” Khalil recaps.

“Wait wait wait! Let me tell this next part!” Justin snatched the stage. “So shit is lighting up all around us and I’m running and end up running into somebody and- uh!” Justin grunted out in shock at the feeling of my hand grasping unto his bulge. Because all the boys were fighting to talk, Za picked up the story from when Justin left off a half a second later.

I smiled unsuspectingly and laughed along with the rest of the table as the story continued. Justin’s hand placed his hand onto of mine as I palmed myself against him. Justin grew harder against my hand but tried his best to seem outwardly calm. Not taking long for his dick to be pulsing upward to my hand, I couldn’t help but laugh as he started rocking his hips against me. Noticing that everyone was finished with their food and the ridiculous story, I pulled my hand off of Justin who quickly glared at me.

“Y'all ready for the movie?” I asked, rolling myself away from the table and to the living room.

“What are we watching?”

“Zootopia,” Hailey chose. No one besides Za protested so put I on and waited for everyone to get comfortable. I over exaggerated my struggle as I moved myself from the Louis Vuitton wheelchair to the couch. Justin rolled his eyes as I moved to snuggle to him with my injured legs laying across the couch. As soon as Kenny turned off the lights and I pressed play on the movie, I leaned my head down unto Justin’s pillow covered dick.

The end of the movie couldn’t come soon enough for Justin as the whole time I felt him twitching beneath me. Changing position every few minutes, Justin was more on edge than I’ve ever seen him. As soon as Zootopia ended, he was quick to kick all of friends out. I waved them goodbye from the couch, not wanting to go through the hassle of getting up.  They wished me good luck on getting my cast off and then they were gone. As soon as the front door was closed and the house was calm again. Justin sat himself beside me, cock out.

“I’ve have blue balls for two weeks,” He huffed, taking himself into his large hands. I watched, mesmerized as Justin worked his hand down the base of his dick before moving back up to the head. He was already throbbing in his hand as he rocked himself between his tightly squeezed fist. His moans started pouring out of his mouth that he left agape through his pleasure.

“None of this compares to you. Please touch me. I need you so fucking bad,” His eyes meet mind as his hands jerked even quicker. the pounding of the meeting of flesh was the only thing heard in the room besides Justin’s shaky moans. I was about to give in and reach out to touch him but as soon as my hand moved towards him, his cock twitched and spasm.

“Fuck,” He grunted, back arching as his body tensed up. His arousal shot all over himself and continue to spurt a load with each time he thrusted into his hand. His cockhead quivered until only a slow ooze was coming out of him. Missing his taste, I licked up the cum, cleaning him as best I could. He quivered away from my touch due to overstimulation. Going easy on him, I leaned up again and merely licked my lips.

“God, I can’t wait to take you to the doctor’s tomorrow. You’ve been nothing but a tease lately,” Justin laughed at the many antics I committed to leave Justin sexually frustrated. I leaned over and gave him a sweet kiss, ready to feel him in me again.

“Are you sure we can’t just fuck right now?” Justin asked a moment later.

“One more day won’t kill us,” I showed self control even though I wanted Justin to fuck me over the ledge of the couch.


“Alright now, just raise your legs and bend them back,” Doctor Griffen instructed. I easily did as I was told without feeling any strain. “Good now stand up and walk around a bit,” Justin helped me to my feet and I was able to walk normally again. “Well, I think that’s it then!” The doctor scribble something on the clip board then gave me a comforting smile.

“So we’re good to go?” Justin asked eagerly.

“Yes you guys are. The torn hamstring has healed effectively but please remember to stay precautions and to not consistently strain yourself,” Doc spoke.

“Okay,” Justin and I both said quickly, trying to get out of there so we could finally fuck.

“Remember, I don’t want to see you again,” The doctor teased as we quickly moved to the exit.

“I promise you won’t,” I called. As soon as Justin and I made it to his truck, Justin pushed me against the cold metal and pressed a rough kiss onto my lips.

“I want you so bad,” I moaned against him as I pulled on the loops of his jeans.

“Get in the backseat then,” Justin mumbled before unlocking the car and opening the back door for me. I shimmied out of my panties before climbing in. Justin, following my lead, took of his shirt and climbed into the car after me. The dark tinted windows of the Range Rover prevented us from being scene as we undressed between our heated kisses. Getting hot all too fast, I leaned up on the console of the front seat to turn on the car so that air conditioning could circulate.

Taking advantage at the fact that I was kneeling down and bent over in the seat, Justin leaned over and started eating me. I shuddered out in shock as Justin licked me open. Using my grip on the console for support, I rocked back against his wet mouth. I let out a yelp at the sudden crack of sound produced from his hand meeting my ass.

“You’ve been teasing me for so long,” he mumbled against my ass as he pushed his two thick fingers into me. I gasped at the feeling of him working my open quickly from behind. The ac now kicking in, blew against my face and chest as my body heated up even more. “You’re not going to tease me anymore, are you?” Justin asked in a mocking tone. I took notice in the shift from sweet to demanding in his tone. I shook my head no to answer his question but Justin was not satisfied with my response.

“Say you aren’t going to tease me,” I received another slap to my ass.

“I’ll be good. I promise I won’t tease,” I whimpered out as Justin tugged on my clit. He hummed in satisfaction and pulled me back down towards him. I tensed at the feeling of his dickhead against my wet opening. He held me still in position before pulling me down on him, slowly taking this thick length into me. Forgetting how big he was in me, I gasped once I was fully seated in his lap.

“God, I missed this. Always so fucking tight for me,” Justin grunted, rocking me in his lap so we could both get used to the feeling of finally reconnecting again. Ready to move, I held in my breath as pulled up then let out the air when I impaled myself on him again. Our moans filled the car as I continued to bounce on him at a good rhythm.

“Keep going, babygirl,” He pulled my ass down, faster than before. Soon enough Justin’s hips rocked up to meet mine, making everything so much better. His hands found themselves around my body and pinched at my nipples as I grinded towards his heavy thrusts. We were rocking the whole car as we went at it.

Trying to find a better angle, Justin scooted us to the edge of the seat, closed his legs, and spread me completely over his lap. I felt my orgasm approaching shortly at the alter position. While moaning and biting down onto my neck, Justin pulled me down on him even harder and faster. My legs shook as he continued to split me open.

“Cum for me,” Justin grated and dragged his hands down to my clit. I tried to stray away from his overaggressive touch to by closing my legs. Not allowing me to deny him any further, he spread them as far open as they could go and pulled me back down. I screamed out in ecstasy and pain at the three familiar sensations took over my body. The first was my own deserving orgasm, the second was feeling Justin’s warm cum shoot inside of me, and the third was the feeling of my hamstring detaching.


“You’ll need this cast for six weeks minimum, would you like green again or another color?” The doctor asked once my splint was finished. I mumbled that I wanted pink before glaring at Justin who sat in the chair across from me.

“I’m really sorry and I love you,” he repeated for the fiftieth time, looking so guilty ever since we were back in Doctor Griffen’s office.

“If you love her then quit tearing her hamstrings,” Doc laughed while starting to wrap up my cast in baby pink colored gauze.