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Okay, I give kudos to Disney Store for selling human version of the servants and the Beast in Tsum-Tsum style.

However - It would also be nice if they did the human version of the Beast (Pirnce Adam) in Disney Animator’s Doll Collection. 

I mean, WHAT THE heck?!?! Few years ago, in Aladdin Blu-Ray Disc edition release, they show the Animators Doll of both Jasmine… AND ALADDIN. I kid you not. Google it to see it.

If Disney released sells Aladdin doll in DVD release, along with Alice for “Alice Thourgh the Looking Glass” release… then why not both Belle and the Prince/Beast since Beauty and the Beast 25th Anniversary DVD release?

Sure, I understand that Belle is important in this movie for Disney Animator’s Doll Collection, and I respect that. But why not the same thing as the Prince (known as the Beast)? After all, he saved Belle alot from danger from:

*The Wolves


Also, while being bad*ss, he even defeated his evil enemies:


AND psycho-Gaston

And, oh my gosh - he has the freakin’ Transformation to become human (after 10 years of having enough of getting shit from being a Beast) (especially the rough animation by Glen Keane!) Also, look at the rough sketch of the Prince - he looks promising to be part of the Disney Animator’s Doll Collection.


I mean, look at his baby-blue eyes:

I know a lot of people would prefer the “Beast” version over the human version - but come on! It would be cute to see Prince Adam as a “toddler” in Disney Animator’s style. If there is, we can totally see how the little Prince is being a bratty before becoming a Beast (when he gets older). I mean, in both comic and midquel, they show the young version of the Prince:

(EVEN the remake shows the Prince as a kid in the Beast’s flashback).

I mean, think about it - seeing a toddler being adorable (despite being selfish bratty), before becoming more Beastly as an older kid (after he lost his parents) until becoming a “monster himself” on his 11th Christmas Eve. So, there you go.

This is why I love Prince Adam even more - Man or Beast, he’s still one bad*ss prince as a strong male character (with stronger character development). He’s always been my top fave, along with Basil and Chicken Little.

As for the name “Adam” - I know Disney keeps denying it, while Paige O’Hara confirms it. HOWEVER, there’s still some time to name him. Based on the inspiration from the David sculpture, why not “David” (DAV-Eeed in French) after the French artist, Jacques Louis David? Why not other names, like “Paul” or “Adrian”? It’s not that hard to do.

Sure, despite that Disney sells mostly girls from Animator’s Doll Collection, they did sell only two boys: Kristoff and Aladdin. Two boys isn’t enough. There should be more awesome Disney males as much as Disney gals in Animator’s Doll Collection. It’s like what the Disney Animator’s Doll Collection is about - imagining what adult characters look like as toddlers. NOT gender.

If Disney is not going to show Prince Adam (human Beast) as part of the Disney ADC (initial for the doll collection)… then I’ll regret it.

I want a remake of the first Assassin’s Creed game with new-gen graphics, an additional 12 hours of gameplay through side missions, a bigger map and more interactions with Malik.

Is that too much to ask? I mean, Ezio has three games, the Kenways have two plus Rogue and Paris is bigger than the West Indies map wise!

No, I don’t think it is too much to ask.

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So it's probably going to be quite a while until you release a full album, right? Like... after you get signed and remake it and everything? (Years :(??? )

honestly to me this IS a full album.. I mean it’s SEVEN songs, technically a short a album. The songs ARE the songs we’ve been working on, and we’ve been talking about, it’s basically the baby version of “Look What You Started” with a different name… so just because it isn’t a “Full Album” to me it is just as special and just as exciting as one.