been meaning to finish this gifset for a while


Summer with Astro (Disney Edition), Click and Drag!

I’ve been meaning to finish this for quite a while, but I’ve been busy & tired, and I had trouble thinking of things to do at Disneyland, since I’ve never gone there! So I’m sorry if these aren’t that great. but I tried so hard!! I’m so tired I hope you guys like these!! give me feedback!! Also if you’re confused about the petting zoo thing? apparently Disneyland has a petting zoo in it, edit: apparently it doesn’t any more. Oops..


omg ok!!! i’ve had this blog for almost 2 years (since the caramoan finale) and for a while i never even realized there were this many people that watched survivor on tumblr!! it’s been so amazing to watch the community grow and i’m so happy to be a part of it. you all mean so much to me <333

and in honor of reaching 1000 followers i’m gonna make a new gifseries called “every survivor. ever.” self explanatory enough?? basically i made a randomized list of all the survivors (460 of them!!) and they’re all gonna get their own gifsets :~) probably starting next week!!! even tho i’ll never finish but shhh BASICALLY I LOVE U ALL & THANK U FOR EXISTING!!!! (special shoutout to survivoraddict​ for being my first follower LOVE U BAY!!!)