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Winchesters in Riverdale (Part Two)

After a hunt gone wrong, Y/N Winchester, the 17 year old half-sister of Sam and Dean Winchester, her older brothers, and Castiel are transported to Riverdale, a town in a different universe. While Sam, Dean, and Castiel attempt to find a way back home, Y/N struggles to fit in in community of Riverdale. In a universe with no monsters to worry about, there’s so many questions that need answering.

Can she ever try to be normal after hunting for all of her life? Who’s the good-looking, mystical teen with the beanie who’s always at that diner? And will anyone discover that secret she’s been hiding for the last year and a half?


Part One


“What do you mean I have to go to school?” you asked in disbelief as Dean dumped a bunch of school supplies on your motel bed along with a black backpack.

He sighed and sat down in the long chair across the room.

“People’ll get suspicious if there’s a random teen hanging around us during school hours. So unless you wanna be holed up in the motel for God knows how long, you’re going to school.”

You were about to protest when Sam cut you off.

“It’s just for a little bit, Y/N,” he said in an attempt to placate you. “Until we find a way to get outta here.”

You sighed defeatedly.

“Fine.” you said quietly as you sat back against the headboard of the bed, crossing your arms.

Everyone was silent for a moment before Dean spoke again.

“Oh, and you’re with the sophomores. All the junior classes were full.” he said.

Your mouth dropped open.

“Are you serious?!” you exclaimed.

“We signed you up for a mythology class though! You like mythology. That class has kids from all different grades in it.” Sam said.

You glared at him.

“Fine. Just—fine. Whatever.” you mumbled.

Dean rose his eyebrows at your tone.

“You know, I don’t know what’s going on with you. You’ve had a lot more chutzpah since you came back.”

“Dean.” Sam warned.

You looked down. You didn’t want to talk about this now.

“No, I’m serious, Sam,” Dean continued. “She disappears without a trace and then magically returns after a year. Now, she says it was because she had to take a break after Kevin—“

“Dean!” Sam exclaimed again and you winced at the mention of your dead boyfriend.

Dean was quiet as he watched you fiddling with your jacket sleeve, trying not to cry.

“I—Y/N, I’m sorry.” Dean sighed.

“It’s fine.” you said quietly.

“I just—we were just worried. You know that. We didn’t hear from you for a year. We thought you might’ve been dead. You just… left.”

You nodded slowly.

“No, I know.” you mumbled.

Everyone was silent again.

“Well, um, I’m gonna get some dinner for us,” Dean said as he got up. “Does, uh, anyone have any preferences?”

Everyone shook their head.

“Right,” he said. “Cas, come with me?”

Castiel nodded but not before walking over to you, handing you notebooks you didn’t even know he had in his hand. You looked up at him.

“I, uh, got you these in different colors. I didn’t know which one was your favorite.” he said.

You smiled softly.

“Thank you, Cas. I appreciate it.”

Castiel nodded before he walked out of the motel with Dean, leaving you with just Sam.

It was silent before Sam spoke again.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked quietly.

You froze and looked up at him.


Your brother looked at you with his puppy dog eyes.

“You’re always thinking about the same thing.  Ever since you came back. I can see it in your eyes. After everything I’ve gone through, I wish I would’ve accepted some help from—”

“Please stop.” you pleaded.

Sam looked at you.

“Y/N?” he asked gently.

You swallowed the lump in your throat.

“Why are you and Dean so adamant on finding out where I was?” you asked, anger tinting your voice.

“Because Y/N, we can see it’s eating at you. You want to tell someone what happened.” he said softly.

You got up, glaring at your brother.

“No, I don’t! I want you guys to leave me alone! Okay?! That was the deal. I come back and you guys ask no questions. So stop interrogating me!” you nearly yelled.

Sam looked down, hurt and you felt tears well up in your eyes, guilt filling you. You knew he was only trying to help.

“I-I’m going out. I’ll be back later. Tell Dean I’m at that diner or something. I don’t care.” you said as you walked towards the door.

“Wait, Y/N.” Sam began as he got up.

“Sam,” you warned, looking back at your brother.

He stopped, looking at you with concern.

“Don’t.” you said and with that you stepped out of the motel, closing the door behind you.

The warm spring air from earlier had cooled down, making you pull your jacket closer to you. The sun was starting to set, giving off a beautiful orange glare. As you walked down the street from the motel, kicking at rocks, you remembered the last day you had seen Kevin.

“Hey guys.” Kevin said as he stepped out from behind Chuck.

Your and your brothers eyes widened.

“Kevin?” you whispered.

He beamed.


You let out a breathless laugh and rushed over to him, throwing your arms around him. He hugged you back tightly and it was then you realized he wasn’t cold like a ghost, but he was… warm? You pulled away from his, holding what you thought was your long dead boyfriend by the shoulders.

“H-How are you—”

“You never got a chance to say goodbye, did you?” Chuck said from next to you.

You shook your head.

“No.” you whispered.

Chuck smiled at you.

“Well, now you do. I’m giving you one last day together. 24 hours starting now. Then he goes to Heaven. I’ll see you later.” he said and with that, disappeared.

You turned back to Kevin who was beaming at you.

“So… what do you want to do?” he asked.

You tried to keep your tears at bay as you walked down the street, shoving your hands in your pockets. Yes, you and Kevin dated. You met him when you were thirteen and started dating him a little after you had turned fourteen. You had tried to keep it a secret from Sam, Dean, and Castiel but they found out within a couple months. Sam was worried (when was he not?) for the both of you, Castiel was indifferent to the situation, and Dean had tried to break you apart, claiming you weren’t allowed to date anyone until you were married.

“But I’m not ever getting married, Dean!”


You cracked a smile as you remembered your eldest brother’s reaction to your relationship. Despite his disgust towards you guys kissing and all, you managed to catch him smirking at the two of you holding hands at one point (though he vehemently denied it and then sent you to do research for two weeks.)

However, your smile faded as you remembered the day, that horrible day when you found Kevin on the ground in the bunker with his eyes burned out. Dean was apologizing to you over and over again but you didn’t even hear him. You were in such a shock, you couldn’t cry. You could barely even breathe. It was the worst day of your life.

You shook your head again, trying to rid yourself of the memories. You thought you could move on from Kevin’s death after Chuck had granted you one day with him. But it only spiraled out of control from there.


A/N: Before I wrote this fic, I actually did write a Kevin x OC story, but never posted it. I’m kinda combining it with this one, and I like how it’s turning out so far! Hope you guys are liking it too!


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I'm sorry, what do you mean with your tags?

people are acting like they know what harry’s been doing with his promo or what he wants from his solo career when he hasn’t said anything and all he’s done is release is an adele-like commercial. so these long analysis posts abut who he wants to be as a solo artist when nobody knows anything are….weird.


Can I tell you what my favorite thing about Tina is? 

At the end, at the docks, she doesn’t want him to leave. She’s trying to keep her composure, as she’s always been so good at doing, but she’s struggling.

And even though she feels vulnerable, she STILL asks, “Does Leta Lestrange like to read?” Because she HAS to know. She has to know where this stands. What to expect. What her and Newt’s interactions mean. Even though she’s not gonna see him for who-knows-how-long. 

She’s taking a chance and that’s something she isn’t used to, but she wants to open herself to.

Also, it’s something for HERSELF, which she hasn’t let herself have.

And it awesome. She’s awesome. Feel free to discuss Tina with me anytime, btw. She is my heart.

Something I find super interesting about shows like iasip is that, yes, it’s clear that the writers want you to interpret and analyze what happens in the show, while other times things are improvised or done purely for the sake of comedy. every time something like that happens it either fits into the ways we already interpret a character, or it completely adds to their entire characterization. It makes me glad that the show has been on the air and consistently good for so long because it means that the buildup of random tidbits in the show really gives the characters a lot of depth and makes them out to be complete characters rather than characters with only one distinct personality trait. I think that’s why the show has gained such a large following especially in the past few years; not only do we relate to the character’s dysfunctionality but also their multidimensional character traits. 

cause-the-cat-is-dead —-> highway-in-its-eyes

It’s done

Reasons I’m a shitty blogger:
  • I’ve been totally neglecting this blog and not even pretending to be a good person to follow
  • I haven’t posted a full fic on here since idek when but it’s been a long time
  • I’m neglecting literally everything else to finish the series rewrite even though it won’t resume posting until April 4th
  • Yes that does mean I’ve not even started IKYW-7, not do I know where I’m going with it
  • I have 58 unread IMs on here - FIFTY EIGHT
    • I honestly don’t know why or how this happened but even people/mutuals I consider really great friends have stayed unanswered for weeks and now I feel like I waited too long so idk if they’re ever getting answered I’m sorry I’m the worst
  • I have no plans for Daddy!Sam at the minute and that hurts my heart
  • If you wanna unfollow me bc I’m such a shitty blogger I won’t even be a little bit offended I’m the actual real life worst kids

The only good thing about it is that I’ve got Dead Man’s Blood and most of Salvation written, so once Salvation and Devil’s Trap are finished I can start posting and working on IKYW again

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wait if it's not too much of a pain/too personal can you explain why your fellow kiwis think you're foreign?

Not too personal at all! It’s mostly just my accent. Apparently I don’t sound ‘traditionally kiwi’ by any means, so whenever people meet me for the first time they will often ask “Oh, how long have you been in the county? Do you like it here?” and stuff like that. 

It’s not a big deal, but it’s fun because I’ve lived here 99% of my life. 

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What's your favorite video game? Or do you not have one?

Well, I actually have a great deal of trouble with technology. Most of my long-time readers know that my Siri and her counterparts all seem to conspire against me and very amusing ways. It is the same with appliances, televisions, and I fear that if I ever became too excited or upset with a game, I would do something terrible to the game system. This means that all my experience with said enjoyments has been rather rudimentary, done in shifts over long periods, and involves things that are not like to annoy me.

I have only played on game to completion, and that was Portal and Portal 2. I am exceedingly fond of puzzles, you see, and found the games entrancing. But even so, I did have to be cautious that my anticipation didn’t also fry the poor machine.

I have three MacBook pros, 5 iPhones, and spend an exorbitant amount on light bulbs every years. I have to be careful to make certain that no one electronic device spends any length of time in my company in the “on” position, and so alternate. But game systems are not so easy to shift between, as I understand it, and really, with two businesses and my publishing and investments to look after…

I can easily say I don’t have time.

But! Technology and culture provide! I have discovered the “LetsPlayers” phenomenon, and do frequently watch, so as to comprehend what the devil you lot are saying when you talk about things.

I hope that answers your question.

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Hey! So, I'm trying to write a fantasy story, and I know the basics of what I want to do, but I can't get the plot flowing. I was wondering if you could give me some advice of what you do to get some inspiration? Thanks a lot, it would mean a lot for you to answer, especially since you write beautifully. Thanks!

Hey there Nonnie! Thanks so much for the compliment! :D 

So the thing with inspiration is that you can’t rely on it. Inspiration isn’t some amazing state where writing comes easily and you can just turn it on and off. It’s not something you can wait for. Things will never get finished if you wait until you are inspired.  You gotta push through your writers block by writing. When I am uninspired, or have a bad cases of creative block I dive in the deep end. I write more than ever, all sorts of things… most of which are irrelevant to the main story I am writing.I build my inspiration out of productivity. 

However there are things you can try.  Maybe a nice walk in the park, look at the bugs- notice nature. Look at the stars. Read. Read everything. Do a painting or a drawing or take up an instrument. Clean your house. Change your bed sheets, have a nice cup of coffee.  Procrastinate until you either get a burst of inspiration from somewhere or you feel so guilty about not doing your writing that you get back into it.  

I believe genius is built not happened upon. 

Goodluck Nonnie  Plot is always tricky, but I know you will get one up and running! Chase it! :)

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You used to queue your asks but now it seems like you post them almost immediately. Does that mean that you're getting more comfortable about posting stuff? If so, I'm happy for you 🤗

UGFAS;IDOFIAJSD THANKS SO MUCH FOR NOTICING!!!!! Yes, I’m really fine with posting them immediately now. On the more anxious days I might queue them still, but I haven’t felt the need to do that in months! My anxiety has been great for a long time now and I’ve been so comfortable in my own skin. Don’t get me wrong, the anxiety is still there, but I feel so much more in control of it than I really ever have. There are a lot of things that have been factoring into that and I think I’ve grown a lot as a person, too. Thanks so much for this! You’re so sweet and this brought a huge smile to my face!!!!

Confession :

I’m gay. Just thought I should let you know.

LOL just kidding I’m not gay….

I’m Extra Gay™

Anyway, enough preamble, onto the substance.
I have become obsessed with femslash. I don’t mean like drarry as femslash cuz I love those wizard husbands but like HP ladies in love. Uhg in need more. Anyone have any fic recommendations? Or just good lesbian stories? I’ve started reading The Complete History of Kastelir by @dragonoak (Sam please marry me? Ok thanks) which is an amazing book of queer poc and awesome women doing cool fantasy stuff so that’s good (and super long! I haven’t even finished it and I’ve been reading forever).

Also I maybe made a blog for lesbian fantasy writing and art and queer princesses and stuff @climbingtowers(because u know I really need another blog?!!! Come on Lex! Uhg. But it’s so pretty and I can’t just dump that stuff on my loyal drarry blog so…)

Anyway sorry guys just thought I’d share this update.

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Unpopular opinion but, I've honestly been so hesitant about Harry solo stuff. And now, I am excited. I still think that there was a reason we had rumors for so long and yesterday something else changed. I also do not think the tv advert is over the top. I thought it was creative. I mean Niall was given a billboard and a flag lol.

Yeah, I was the same before and a few weeks ago I decided to just be excited and well, it worked well haha I loved the clip, I though it was very Harrish like and cool. I’m very hyped for his solo stuff, the same way I was for the other boys and the ways they found to present it to us 


You have one occupation. Far be it from me to tell you that your code is rubbish…

But it is. Mobile decides to intermittently allow corrections, not show me website posts even though I have been tagged in the notifications (saying “This post does not exist”), not sending me my notifications, randomly shifting between my side blogs though it still indicates by heading I am in my main blog, and forcing me to move from message inbox to Dash in order to see new messages. What sense does that make? Who are you people? What are you doing with all your time?

And why can I not post images from my phone when in mobile? I think, like most of us, I no longer carry a camera. My primary means of Photography is my phone! So how long will it take you to develop the ability to use a picture from my phone in the Tumblr mobile app?

This is ridiculous.

And then you update, don’t correct these problems, but instead make it impossible for me to find anything.


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Top five anime!

This is such a great question YAY. And was also really hard. Spoiler alert, these are all super old because I’m not great about keeping up with what’s going on the world of anime these days and I like to cling to the stuff I watched in my youth.

In no particular order:

  1. Ranma ½: This was my first and remains one of my absolute favorites. It’s just so ridiculous and long and insane and delightful. I don’t think I’ve seen all 162(ish?) episodes, but man. Good times.
  2. Tenkuu no Escaflowne: Okay I’ve been meaning to rewatch this for ages, so I don’t remember it super well, but I do remember loving it. Younger me was very susceptible to boys with angel wings, what I can I say.
  3. Fushigi Yuugi: This show made me sob. Proof that I’m super susceptible to the “huge group of characters who all come together as a family” thing. Nuriko was my absolute fave.
  4. Digimon: If you only know this show from the pun-heavy English version, you’re missing out. The original is still pretty bonkers, but it’s also just so sweet and the characters are all so great.
  5. Gundam Wing: Such a classic. Though whatever you do, do not watch the dub: case in point.

put top 5 anything in my ask :)


I’m a Hufflepuff, I’m a proud Hufflepuff. For far too long now Hufflepuff’s have been victimized. They call us boring, beige. So we’re the nice guys. But you know what? Do you know what I see in Hufflepuffs? I see loyalty. I see fierce friendship. We are hard working, we are compassionate. And at the end of the day, we’re going to do the right thing, and not because of the glory, but for the greater good. Because fuck it — sorry it’s naughty to swear — because that’s what Hufflepuff means. Be proud, stand tall.

Things that were incredible* about Rogue One

* “incredible” doesn’t mean it wasn’t devastating 

  • the cast, obviously — I mean, where even to begin, they were incredible, their performances were superb, the characters were so engaging
  • the relationship between Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus, which was so immensely loving
  • Galen’s choices
  • Galen mentoring Bodhi
  • Bodhi diving into the rebellion because it’s never too late to do the right thing
  • the old star wars aesthetic and costume design (nostalgia AND originality)
  • every death (every life) mattered, on both sides
  • a 2016 pop culture statement about fighting fascism — about fighting fascism
  • Cassian’s been fighting since he was six — this work takes a LONG time
  • the arrival of the rebel fleet
  • fighting on the beaches calling back to D-Day (i.e. fighting nazism)
  • Cassian telling Jyn (the only white team-member) that she doesn’t get to choose when she has to care and when she has to fight (thanks to @bisexualstevenrogers for articulating this)
  • Mon Mothma’s little smile when she realizes what Cassian, Jyn, and the others have done
  • Bail Organa going back to Alderaan
  • was that Biggs Darklighter!? (don’t answer that, I’m just going to assume that it was)
  • women pilots
  • Krennick watching his own side cut their losses on him
  • Cassian and Jyn on the beach 
  • the rebels passing the computer disk from hand to hand down the hallway (!!!)

I’ve been thinking about this goodbye and what it means. Clarke and Bellamy are probably experiencing a ton of different emotions but a big one here is longing. Clarke indulges in Bellamy’s touch and nuzzles his hand. He doesn’t think Clarke is in love with him, and yet, he KNOWS her. He KNOWS she’s vulnerable and he’s afraid that if he stays too long they’ll do something rash. So he tells her she should sleep. 

He breaks his hand off of her like he’s breaking off a piece of his soul. When he tries to leave, he has to pause, practically wincing in pain. It’s SO HARD for him to leave her sad like this, unable to do anything beyond what he’s already done. He wishes he could love her the way she wants but he loves her too much to feed into that feeling at a confusing time like this.

 Clarke’s eyes follow him until he disappears from view. She doesn’t want him to go either. She craves his touch and comfort beyond what they’ve already done. Her look is pure longing and sadness that they can’t indulge in their feelings; things are too damn complicated right now and the world needs them. But the longing, the longing is there and it’s the most beautifully heartbreaking thing to watch. 


I’m a Hufflepuff, I’m a proud Hufflepuff. For far too long now Hufflepuff’s have been victimized. They call us boring, beige. So we’re the nice guys. But you know what? Do you know what I see in Hufflepuffs? I see loyalty. I see fierce friendship. We are hard working, we are compassionate. And at the end of the day, we’re going to do the right thing, and not because of the glory, but for the greater good. Because fuck it — sorry it’s naughty to swear — because that’s what Hufflepuff means. Be proud, stand tall.