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Kallos shirt is this design made by the lovely @whydocowsfallart! go check her out she’s super nice and makes cool art ! 

I started thinking about how it must be for Gil, sitting in engineering, knowing Ryder is out there fighting and constantly in danger. No wonder Gil has been known to work on the ship for days at a time without sleeping. He can’t do anything for his boyfriend while he’s out in the field so Gil’s gonna make damn sure the ship and all their equipment will never let him down. 

something thats been plaguing me for a while is the idea that i should have to put an asterisk after every positivity post to specifically exclude pedophiles, rapists, transphobes etc., just to make a simple uplifting message for people like me

a regular person living their life shouldnt have to spend every waking moment trying to prove they arent a pedophile

and to make the accusation that failing to exclude specific aggressors is actually supporting those aggressors, is simply vile.

to wit, the response to “be yourself!” should not be “wow i cant believe OP supports pedophiles” bc that is absolutely batshit


I need to disappear for a little while to re-center my focus on finishing part 2 of my DAI/MEA crossover. Lately, I’ve been feeling uncharacteristically gloomy, but now I’m back on track and it’s all thanks to you guys.

I pray I won’t dishearten anyone with my silence. It’s merely a sign of me allowing myself to be fully absorbed by a project. 

I will return with a new video and a giveaway to celebrate the therapeutic power of making new friends. I am considering creating a personal cinematic for one of you, featuring your Inquisitor and a dialogue/banter of your choice. (Naturally, it will depend on my schedule.)

Take good care, lovelies!

Some red hot freckles below, just to add some sexy to this text.

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Hey! I swear, the hype for Andromeda was so real and even though I enjoyed it quite a bit, I'm now itching to play the original trilogy again! Idk why. I did my "final" playthrough before MEA and it was overshadowed with the hype, and now I can't stop thinking about Shepard and co. It's so strange. Idk if you or anyone else feels this way but I just had to vent lol.


I made this post this afternoon so it’s safe to say I feel the same way :)

I always thought MEA would make us have a fun adventure while giving us a renewed love for the trilogy.

I also think the trilogy has been there for us so many times. For many of us it’s our go to when we feel down. I know I’m comfortable with it in a way that I’m not (yet) with MEA. I also really missed Shepard. They’re my number one character. 


it’s done it’s done holy fuCKING dogshit it’s done. I’ve been working on this off and on for like a week now and I’m so glad I’m d o n e. Well, there’s more I could do, but it’s finished enough to post. The Coruscant background in the first panel came from a google search that I have since lost the link for rip mea culpa.

Been working more on that Star Wars/Hannibal AU I posted some doodles from aaaaages ago. Did you know there are actual psychologists in the Jedi order? I can’t imagine they’re very good but that’s a soapbox for another time. Anyway, it seemed natural to make Darth Hannibal one while posing as a Jedi. I need to relearn how to draw Will, he looks a little Elijah Wood here and there. (Which is a riot bc I’ve never drawn Elijah Wood.)

First time for everything

Pairing: Wanda x reader

Anon request: Can you do a WandaxReader where Wanda wants to experiment using a strap-on with the reader, but the reader is too nervous and ultimately gets convinced by Wanda and ends up loving it? Can you also make it so that Wanda goes really gentle at first until reader tells her to go harder/faster.

Authors note: it’s been a while since I’ve posted a proper Wanda smut 😂😂😂

prinţesă: princess
Iubirea mea: my love

“Come on my love the movies about to start” I shouted as I sat comfortably on my couch.

“I know I’m coming, I was just washing my face.” Wanda jogged her way over to me, fresh faced after she had washed it.

“Ooooo you’re wearing the pj’s I bought you” I held Wanda in my arms.

“Of course ! They’re cute, ooooh give me give” she notice I had a red vine in my mouth. Wanda sat up and brought the other end of the red vine in her mouth, kissing my lips before biting the candy.

“Greedy are we? You know there are some right there” I pointed to the packet.

“Yeah but that one was in your mouth” Wanda replied as she curled up next to me before started to watch the movie.

Halfway into it we lost interest in the movie, seeing as we were making out. “Can I ask you something?” Wanda asked turning off the tv before she started sucking on her neck.

“Sure Wanda what is it?” I motioned for her to lift her hands up so I could remove her top.

“How would you feel about using a strap-on?” I pulled away from her and gave her a confused look.

“I honestly don’t know” I pulled away from her, really contemplating how I felt about it.

“Just picture it y/n, me fucking you with it. I could go easy on you if you’re worried I’d hurt you.” Wanda inched closer to me. “It would mean a lot if we tried it, at least one time” Wanda batted her eyelashes at me causing my heart to flutter.

“Alright but not tonight, I want to taste you” I cupped her pussy through her pj’s.

“Mm I’m ok with that” Wanda got up and removed the pajama pants and her underwear. “Let go” she grabbed my hand as we made our way into our room, spending hours pleasuring each other.

*the next day Wanda’s pov*

I woke up early so I could cook y/n breakfast. I just want to show her how happy I am that she has agreed to use a strap-on in the bedroom. I’m going to pamper her all day. With the table set and the food done I went back to our room to wake her up.

“Wake up my beautiful prinţesă I have something for you” I giggled as I watched y/n awkwardly stretch, making the bed sheet slide off her body and exposing her breasts.

“And what is it my lovely girlfriend” she replied as she sat up and got off the bed.

“Your going to have to follow me into the dining room to see, but first put some clothes on. I’m having trouble focusing on you right now.”

“Fine” she kissed me before she started to get dressed. “WANDA ! ! ! ! You shouldn’t have” y/n eyes lit up once we entered the dining room where I set up a feast for us.

“Of course I did, you’re my girlfriend and I will spoil you rotten” I kissed her cheek before we sat down and started eating.

“I don’t deserve you Wanda”

“Yes you do, you helped me get through one of the hardest times in my life.” She helped me through the passing of my brother a year ago. I refused any help the team was offering and they untimely gave up, except for y/n. she would encouraged me to enjoy my life. Even though my brother was no longer with me.

“You made me feel safe when everyone was so cruel to me” I was recalling an incident where a bunch of agents cornered me and told me I was nothing but a hydra freak who should of died with my brother. Y/n stormed over to us and started yelling at them for harassing me. I never saw them after that day because I heard y/n yelled at Steve until he terminated them from the avengers.

“I love you y/n”

“I love you too Wanda” I reached out and held her hand as we continued to eat.

“Get dressed I have a fun day planned for us” we got our plates and put them in the dishwasher before we started getting ready for the day.

*time skip y/n pov*

Wanda was true to her word and spoiled me all day. We started off at a spa where were got massage although she requested male masseuse. Saying she didn’t want no woman touch her or her girlfriend. After that she took us to a fancy lunch were we sat in a private area so we wouldn’t be disturbed. Although she absolutely hates being around a lot of people (because she gets overwhelmed with all of the thoughts going through her head) we spent the rest of the day at the park. Taking in the sun and just acting like we were kids. I had to put a stop to though when I noticed she was looking up fancy restaurants on her phone.

“Wanda sweetie no, you’ve gone above and beyond with showering me with stuff today. We don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant for dinner, look” I pointed to a hot dog stand. “Let’s go buy one and we can eat it on the grass”

“Fine let’s go” she helped me up as we walked to the hot dog stand and bought two. We made it back home just past 8:00pm.

“Thank you for an amazing day Wanda” I pulled her into an embrace as we entered our bedroom.

“It really wasn’t a problem my prinţesă” she gave me a lingering kiss as I felt her sliding my cardigan off of me.

“Mmm are we getting down to business?” I asked as I reached behind her and unzipped her sundress.

“Yes we are Iubirea mea” she responded against my lips. Clothes were flying off as we helped undressed each other. “Lay down for me” Wanda murmured into my ear as she went into her drawer. Laying naked I watched as Wanda was going through her drawer trying to find something. “Ahh I found it” Wanda smiled as she pulled out a strap-on.

“Uh when did you buy that?” I asked out of curiosity.

“When we first started dating, I’ve always wanted to ask you if we could use it.” My eyes widened as she fastened it on and started to lather it with lube. Wanda smiled when she noticed I was spreading my legs for her. “Are you ready Iubirea mea” Wanda got on the bed and settled herself between my legs.

“Yes my love I’m ready” I responded as our lips connected and she pushed the lathered attachment into me. “Mmmm” I moaned into her mouth as she paused so I could adjust.

“Ready?” Wanda asked making me nodded my approval. She started to move, slow and cautiously. Mostly because she knew how nervous I was about using the strap-on in the first place. After a while I began feeling pleasure surging through my body.

“Wanda please go faster” I begged as I was trying move against her.

“Are you sure y/n? I don’t want to hurt you”

“Yes Wanda I’m sure, get rough with me.” I egged her on as I began to scratch her back.

“If that’s what you want Iubirea mea” Wanda bit my lower lip before she started to move much faster than before.

“Oh god I fucking love this” I shut my eyes as Wanda pinned my hands above my head.

“I’m so glad you like this” Wanda sat up and lifted me up so I was sitting up. I started to bounce on her and making her bury her face between my breasts. Our moans grew louder and louder by the minute.

“Wanda” I whined as I felt I was close to cumming.

“Do it Iubirea mea, cum for me” Wanda whispered into my ear, making me cum a few seconds later.

“WANDA ! ! ! ! Ahhh fuck ” I shouted as I threw my head back in ecstasy.

“That’s it Iubirea mea, god you look gorgeous when you cum.” Wanda leaned in and started sucking on my collarbone. Once I came down from my high I got off of Wanda and laid down on the bed.

“I can’t believe I was so hesitant to that. Oh my god that was amazing” I watched as Wanda discarded the strap-on before joining me back on the bed.

“I’m glad you liked it Iubirea mea, so we’re going to use this again right?”

“Oh hell yes ! ! ! I can’t wait to use it on you my love” I kissed her nose before we got under the covers.
“Thank you Wanda, not just for this and today but for being in my life in general” I started tracing patterns on her arm.

“And thank you for showing me love after all the shit I’ve been through. I love you y/n” she placed a kiss on my nose.

“I love you too Wanda” I gave her one last kiss before falling asleep.

Crazy by Shawn Mendes (ReaderxLiam)

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Requested: Yes

Warnings: Emotional, trust me. Season 5 Spoilers if some of you haven’t watched it yet

Word Count: 2K

Requests Are: Closed

Storyline: Liam just got out of a relationship thinking he didn’t need her but he realizes that she’s always been more than just his girlfriend

Liam’s POV:

Think I don’t need a watch to tell the time

Think I don’t need the sun to help me shine

Think I don’t need a girl to be alright

Guess I didn’t know

“I broke up with her, I did it. She doesn’t need me, I definitely don’t need her right now.” That was all that I kept chanting in my head as I was practicing after school with the lacrosse team. Scott and Stiles looked at me weird as if breaking up was the worst thing I did this year. I’ve done worse, like the time it was a full moon and I shifted and ran around the streets naked, or the time it was a supermoon and I almost killed Scott out of anger.

Now here I am laying down on my bed with the controler of my Xbox in my hands as I’m not even paying attention to my game but rather my username, it was a mashup of Y/N and I’s name with our anniversary date and I can’t do anything about it now. I sighed putting it down and then started to rub my face in frustration

“Man. It’s getting boring without Y/N” I muttered to myself and decided to call Mason to see if he could hang out with me instead. I reached over for my phone dialing Mason’s number and waiting for him to answer, when he did I wasn’t expecting the answer

“Mason’s phone this is Y/N speaking how can I help you?” she had said all while laughing making me pause and then lick my lips

“Y/N let me talk to Mason.” I told her and then her laughter died down

“Oh, yeah sure.” she said and then I heard Mason on the other end

“Hey Liam, what’s up?” he asked and I rubbed my forehead as I spoke

“I was going to ask if you wanted to hang out but I see you’re already occupied” I muttered earning a groan from the other side

“Yeah sorry Liam, tomorrow for sure though.” Mason replied before hanging up quickly making me sigh and roll my eyes rubbing my face

That I didn’t need shoes on my feet

That I didn’t need a bed to fall asleep

That I didn’t need love to be complete

Guess I didn’t know

It was homecoming dance at BHHS and I was going with Hayden as friends since I didn’t want to be in a relationship, just got out of one… two months ago. I fixed my tie that Lydia put around my neck and then Hayden and I were just talking and I kept making her laugh which made me feel good. It was a solid three minutes until Mason made his way over, he brought Corey with him and the two couldn’t look happier

“Hey look! Theres Y/N with Brett!” Hayden had said and she pulled away from the group to go to her best friend making me watch not Hayden but Y/N who was wearing a white and mint green dress, her hair pinned up nicely, makeup not smothering her face, her entire complexion just glowing, her hand was wrapped around Brett’s arm but she pulled away to go and hug Hayden in a bone crushing hug, listening to her talk to Hayden made me feel like I was invading their privacy but I was just curious

“Hayden you look great!” Y/N praised as Hayden laughed

“You look gorgeous!” Hayden replied back and Brett had laughed as well

“Glad that she’s mine now.” Brett said as he held Y/N’s waist making me feel some type of way but I didn’t say anything, instead I tuned out and payed more attention to Mason and Corey before Hayden came back all giddy

“Did you guys know that Y/N’s with Brett now! They’re so cute I love it!” she said happily while Mason nodded

“Yeah I knew.” he said and then looked at me before shrugging a bit

“At least all of us are happy, let’s have a good time!” he said and pulled Corey to the dance floor and Hayden took my arm

“C’mon Liam, have a good time!” she said and pulled me to the main floor where the music was playing loudly and I tried to have a good time only Y/N with Brett had been bothering me since she knew that I didn’t like him.

It’s okay, I don’t need her.

That I just got this crazy feeling

I’ve been making someone wait for me, for me

A couple weeks later, Hayden and I had been hanging out a lot more. Still I don’t think I’d date her but I’m sure that I could possibly like her.

I was in lacrosse practice while Y/N and Hayden were both helping each other practice their soccer skills, Y/N and Hayden had been passing the ball to one another when Hayden had caught glimpse of me and she waved making me wave back slightly at her, I started to try and impress and I started making all the goals into the net

Hayden as well had been getting the soccer ball into the net flying past Y/N where she was pretending to be goalie. Hayden had looked at me as if she was wondering if I had seen and I gave her a thumbs up while she had laughed and pushed her hair back before continuing to practice with Y/N.

“Dude if you like her so much go, get her.” Stiles said out of nowhere making me jump and look at him

“Dude, scared the crap out of me.” I said and then shook my head before adding “I don’t want to be in a relationship right now” I said and Stiles shrugged

“Or you just don’t want to admit that you’re still not over Y/N and you try to use Hayden as an excuse to say you’re over your relationship with Y/N” he said with a smirk and I glared at him

“I like Hayden, a lot okay?” I said and Stiles just shrugged and chuckled

“Better get her then.” he said and walked away while inside my head I just huffed

Maybe I want someone, but it’s not Hayden

You’re all I think about when I’m awake

Part of every night and every day

And everything’s a mess when you’re away

Now I know

April 25th, is what was on the board in history it’s Y/N’s birthday today and all morning the pack had been swarming her with gifts and balloons, not just the pack but other people from school. I had sat down in my normal seat and Y/N walked in with Hayden only Y/N’s face was covered with icing probably from cupcakes she had gotten, Hayden and she walked in laughing while Y/N had went to the sink in the class and started wiping up her face with napkins while Mr. Yukimura had laughed

“Happy Birthday Miss. Y/L/N” he said and she had waved

“Sorry Mr. Yukimura, I kind of got mobbed in the hallway by McCall and Stilinski.” she said and I made a mental note to go and scold them or something after class for ruining her flawless natural face. I tried paying attention and writing notes down when I had been gripping my pencil too hard causing it to snap in two pieces and I grit my teeth sighing before turning to Hayden

“Can I borrow a pencil please?” I asked and she popped her gum before handing me a spare one

“Please don’t break that one.” she said with a laugh before Y/N sat in her seat that was in front of me and she pulled all her things out of her bag, once she did this thing where she puts all her hair to one side because she does a head tilt when writing I had seen some icing still in her hair

“Hey, Y/N, you still have some icing in your hair.” I said and she turned her head and she felt around for the icing but I used my own thumb and index finger to swipe it off

“Nevermind, I got it.” I said and wiped it on my jeans while she had smiled

“Hey thanks Liam.” she said and I had waved a bit telling her a “you’re welcome” with my hand.

After class ended Y/N sprinted out the hallway and I got up with my bags sighing glad that school was over. I walked out of class and both Scott and Stiles were waiting and I looked at them

“Nice of you two to cake Y/N’s face at the last class of the day.” I said at the two as Scott laughed

“That was all Stiles, I was just passing him the cupcakes” He said laughing and I rolled my eyes

“Dumbnuts” I muttered before walking out of the school and I saw her with Brett against the side of the school, I sighed walking home and Hayden caught up with me doing a little half run half jog and she chuckled

“Wow you get out fast!” she said making me scoff almost in a laugh

“Yeah, I know” I said looking at her and she smiled giggling

“Okay well I’ll see you tomorrow Liam.” she said turning her street and I waved before continuing to walk my street and to my house where I plopped onto my couch and started thinking about how this is the first time in two years where I didn’t go to Y/N’s birthday party let alone give her a gift.

Later after dinner I checked my instagram and saw so many pictures of Y/N having so much fun with Brett, Mason, Hayden, Corey, Scott, Stiles, basically everyone but me, I put my phone down and laid on my side sighing as I started to think about her, how happy I used to be with her

All of this is getting really old

I’m having trouble sleeping on my own

Feeling like a house but not a home

I want you to know

It’s only 11:45 and I’m still awake, tossing and turning just thinking of Y/N and the way she used to curl into me because it was too cold in my room even if I complained that it was hot, the way she would whine whenever I turned away from her and she would try to pull me back but it would result in her just resting her head on my chest claiming she only wanted to listen to my heartbeat for a little while but she always ended up falling asleep, not that I ever minded.

I turned on my other side and closed my eyes trying to remember the nights she would be with me and how she always curled up, the way she always wanted me to be holding her in some way, I took in a breath and it was like I could smell the sweet scent of her shampoo she was always obsessed with getting whenever I went to the store with her, a faint smile was plastered on my face as I was reminding myself of her and soon enough I drifted off to sleep

Guess I need a watch to tell the time

Guess I need the sun to help me shine

And I really need you in my life

Now I know

In my dream all I had been seeing was Y/N with Brett, she no longer had time for me and it was my fault for ever thinking that I didn’t need her anymore, it’s not true. I want her back but then again there’s Hayden, I can’t hurt her, it’s not right.

In my dream I was dying. I couldn’t have her anymore.

That you give me this crazy feeling

And you won’t have to wait no more for me, for me

And I just got this crazy feeling

I’ve been making someone wait for me


so i’ve not been very active on tumblr lately because my internet has been very bad and i’m working on my undergraduate thesis (i… don’t know if this is the right term in english for it? basically it’s a written work that i need to deliver to finish my college experience), so i haven’t been making gifs or looking at stuff or anything like it.

and i know nobody cares but!! one thing that i did do in the past few months was creating an AO3 account. i’ve been wanting to get back to writing for a while now, so yeah. there’s two mea oneshots there and i’m planning to write more about other fandoms i’m in. i love writing and i love fanfiction and i’m really excited to start getting back to it.  so if you follow this blog and you’re into this fandons, check it out if you can!! it would make me very happy.

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I've begun reading the Iliad again and I'm curious as to all this stuff about Achilles and Patroclus being lovers. Are they lovers in the poem or is it just another exaggeration brought on by inept fan girls? If so, can you point to textual evidence of it in Homer's poem? Thank you.

I am SO SORRY ABOUT ANSWERING THIS SO LATE!! I have like 10 side blogs and one of them in particular gets a lot of messages so every time I started this one it would get buried after I didn’t finish it the first time. Mea culpa.

IMGO (In My Gay Opinion) Achilles and Patroclus were lovers, no denial about it. It’s been a while though since I’ve read the Iliad (I’ve been completely obsessing over Virgil for the past few months because I got a poor grade on a paper I wrote about him recently) but I have some links for you if you’re interested! THE ARE NOT SCHOLARLY OR PEER REVIEWED LINKS, PLEASE DON’T USE THEM TO SOURCE AN ACADEMIC WORK.

  • Brokeback Mount Olympus: Being Gay in the Iliad
  • Key quote:  “To make Achilles and Patroclus gay is not historically false in the way it would be if they were given Facebook accounts or were discussing multiculturalism over cappuccino. Making them homosexual imposes upon them a fixed identity, like a heavy armor, an ontological essence foreign to antiquity and one that constrains behavior. In this way modern readers miss the opportunity to apprehend a different conceptions of human practice.”
  • Celebrate Gay Epic Poetry! Homer’s The Iliad (This one has some of the quotes you might be looking for)
  • Lifetime Reading Plan: On Love and Friendship
  • Greek Homosexuality 
  • Key quote: “Although Homer mentions no sexual intimacies, the love of Achilles for Patroclus is central to the plot of the Iliad; and his grief over Patroclus’s death provides the emotionally intense conclusion of the poem.”

Most of these sources talk more about the actual identity politics of the story rather than whether they were or not, but it’s all up interpretation. This blog supports the lovers theory, as did Shakespeare.

Is this conversation being brought up because of the increasing popularity of the Song of Achilles

Please do remember that history and old literature was never as straight as you think it was! Calling fan girl inept in this case is a bit harsh, don’t you think, seeing as the debate still goes on today?

Like I said though, it’s been a while since I’ve read it and I don’t own a copy of it bad classicist so perhaps someone else is more well versed (ha) in the subject than I am?

Once again, so sorry or the very late reply!