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Bruised (Nolan Holloway)

Sequel to Broken


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 I opened the door, Nolan standing on the other side, just about to knock.

“Nolan.” I gasped.

It wasn’t the sight of Nolan that made me gasp. It was what he was holding in his hand. A gun.

“Nolan what are you doing?” I questioned looking at him and then back at the gun in his hand.

I could feel the hair on the back of my neck rise.

“she wants me to kill you, they tell me you’re the most dangerous next to Scott.” Nolan said pacing in the doorway.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the gun in his hand.

“Nolan please put the gun down.” I said raising my hands in surrender.

Nolan wouldn’t actually hurt me would he?

“why should I? You lied to me! You’ve been lying to me all along! You had me so fooled for the longest time, but not anymore. I trusted you, I told you everything and you were just faking it all along.” Nolan said raising the gun a little.

He had tears falling down his cheeks now too. I hurt him badly, and I couldn’t take it back.

“Nolan please don’t do this, I’m sorry I hurt you I never meant too. Nolan I lied about what I am but I didn’t fake anything. All of our late night talks, the nights we drove to the cliff and just lay there stargazing, all the times we talked about  our future, that was all real.” I said slowly lowering my hands and taking a step towards him.

He raised the gun fully now aimed at my face. He moved his finger to the trigger. I stopped dead in my tracks. 

“Nolan.” I said my voice cracking.  

“they told me you’d try to plead your case to me.” He spat.

I realized Nolan wasn’t going to put the gun down. I slowly reached my hands down to my belt which again was really my katana. Nolan saw what I was doing and roughly grabbed my arm.

“they told me you’d try that too.” He said glaring at me.

He ripped the belt out of my hands tossing it to the floor. 

“Nolan you really want to kill me?” I asked my voice shaking as sobs racked my small frame. 

He stared at me for a long couple of seconds.

“they want me too.” He repeated again even more tears falling down his cheeks.

“well what do you want? If you want to kill me go ahead and do it. I’m not going to stop you.” I told him.

Nolan looked at the floor slowly lowering the gun. He dropped it on the floor looking defeated.

“you couldn’t do it Nolan because this isn’t who you are." I said looking at him  but he wasn’t paying attention.

His eyes were focused on something on the floor. I looked down to see the note I had dropped when he grabbed my arm. It had his name on the front.

“you can read that if you want.” I said still not moving.

Nolan ran a hand over his face before bending down and picking up the letter. Nolan looked at the letter and then up at me. He took the paper ripping it up. In that moment he ripped up my heart too. I couldn’t stop the tears streaming down my face as he ripped up the paper. He didn’t even bother to open it.

“It doesn’t matter what it says, everything has changed.” He said looking at me.

I dropped down trying to collect all the pieces of the note and my heart.  

“It said I love you.” I whispered before looking up at Nolan’s shocked expression.

I never admitted it out loud until now. He took a few steps back stumbling to my door way.

“You don’t mean that you’re just trying to trick me again.” He said tears falling freely.

I got off the floor walking to stand in front of him.

"Nolan I’m so in love with you it hurts.” I said tears still in my eyes.  

Nolan looked at my eyes and then down to my lips. The next thing I knew Nolan’s lips were on mine. He backed me up so he was pressing me to the wall with his body. He had his hands cupping my cheeks as he deepened the kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck pushing myself closer to him. This was everything I had ever wanted. He pulled away resting his forehead on mine. I could feel the rhythmic beats of my heart speed up from what just occurred. I was even more in love with him now.

 "show me.“ He said looking in my eyes.

“Nolan please don’t do this.” I said still out of breathe.

“show me please, I want to see the real you.” He repeated.

I thought about it not knowing If I should. I finally agreed too nodding my head.

“stand back.” I said pushing him back a little bit.

I took a deep breath letting the fox inside of me come out.

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Nolan took a couple more steps backwards, looking at me with wide eyes. I took a step towards him but he quickly stepped back. He was afraid of me. I willed the fox to disappear so now I was back to me.

“Nolan.” I said taking another step forward but he stepped back again.

“I knew it.” He breathed before running out the door.

I should’ve called or ran after him but what was the point. Maybe I was the monster that everyone thinks I am. Nolan certainly thought so. I sat on the floor allowing myself to be consumed in my thoughts. I knew that loving Nolan was suicide but I couldn’t stop myself. I don’t know how long I’d sat there until I heard a knocking at my door. I quickly got up thinking it could Nolan that maybe he changed his mind. I opened the door but it wasn’t Nolan standing on the other side, it was Liam.

“Liam.” I said stepping aside so he could come in.

His eyes darted to the ground where Nolan left the gun lay.

“y/n what happened?” He asked looking at me. 

I didn’t answer right away.

“y/n answer me. Did they hurt you?” He asked rubbing my back.

"No I’m fine.” I said finally looking at Liam.

“Well Scott needs us at the police station. We met a new werewolf who said she was shot by a deputy and they just picked up two other werewolves, we have to get them out before the deputy kills them.” Liam explained.

I looked back down to the note on the floor. I couldn’t leave everything behind now. I didn’t realize until now how incredibly selfish that was. The pack needed me. Innocent supernatural creatures needed me. If loving Nolan was suicide I wasn’t going to go down without a fight. I picked up my belt clicking it back in place before nodding at Liam. He gave me a smile before we ran to Mason’s car. We drove to the police station in silence, until Liam spoke up.

“I probably should mention Theo’s back too.” Liam said shyly looking over at me.

I didn’t have a problem with Theo, he however really didn’t like me. I did send him to hell after all.

“It’s a good thing I have this then.” I said gesturing to my belt.

“we’re here.” Mason said parking the car.

 I went to get out but Liam stopped me.

“I uh never got to say thank you for today at school.” Liam said giving me a smile.

“we have to watch each others backs remember.” I said referring to what Scott told us to do.

“yeah you’re right.” He said walking with me in to the police station.

We met Scott, Lydia, and the new werewolf Quinn. I gave her a small smile showing her I was on her side.

“please Sheriff.” Scott says pleading for Stilinski to let the two wolves go.

“Scott they’re being charged with murder, they aren’t going anywhere. There are still laws and they broke the law .” Stilinski said looking at all of us.

“but it isn’t safe.” I said looking at him.

“right now, I think this may be the only safe spot left in town.” Stilinski said.

“what would Stiles say if he were here? You know he wouldn’t agree to this.” Lydia said.

“yeah plus it was a deputy that shot Quinn anyways.” Malia added.

Sheriff Stilinski looked at us in disbelief.

“A deputy? You sure? I know all these deputies and trust them , I’m pretty sure if one of them was a werewolf hunter, I’d know.” He said.

“this supernatural thing that causes fear, it’s changing people, you’d be surprised what people do when their afraid.” I said.

It was true, just an hour ago the boy I loved was pointing a gun at my face. I don’t think Nolan would ever want to hurt anyone I think he’s just afraid.

“you can’t protect them from the hunters if they’re already inside.” Scott says trying one last time to plead with Noah to let them go.

Quinn told him what happened with the deputy but he still didn’t believe us. Lydia snapped at him and Malia laughed at something that was definitely not supposed to be joke.

“look guys I..” Noah started but suddenly we were blinded by a lot of bright lights.

I brought my arm up to shield my eyes. The deputies raise their guns as Stilinski looks outside.

“what is it?” Scott asks walking over to the window.

We all walk over seeing Monroe standing outside with about a dozen well armed hunters. I looked at each of the hunters. My eyes instantly connected with Gabe’s. I was looking for Nolan and was relieved when I didn’t see him.

“deputies put your guns down and get away from the windows.” Noah says disarming himself.

“Sheriff.” Scott said putting an arm out to stop him but he walked outside anyways. 

“Scott what are we going to do?” Liam asked looking at Scott.

I could tell this was going to end one of two ways and I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be the peaceful option. Someone was dying here tonight it was just a matter of them or us. Suddenly Malia started to panic.

“we have to get out of here.” She said pacing the room.

“we have to give Stilinski a chance to negotiate.” Scott said trying to stop her pacing.

“how are we going to get Jiang and Tierney out?” Liam asked.

“Screw them.” Malia snapped making Liam stumble backwards.

“Mal, calm down.” I said putting my hand on my belt just in case.

Everyone’s heads snapped up when we heard the familiar voice of Theo Raeken as he entered the room.

“should I kill him?” Liam growled taking a step towards Theo.

“leave him, we have to get the hell out of here!” Malia pleaded with Scott.

Something was wrong. This wasn’t her, it was the fear.

“Don’t you get it we’re trapped! They have all the doors and windows covered, we’re going to die in here!” Quinn says shedding a few tears.

“way to be positive Quinn.” I mumbled.

“can I kill her?” Theo asked looking over to Quinn.

“SHUT UP!” Malia growled approaching Theo.

I quickly un-did my belt snapping my sword in place. Theo looked at me confused to which I just shrugged in response. Scott grabs Malia before she does something stupid. He knows she wouldn’t stand a chance against me. I put my sword away not looking for a fight either.

“there’s only about a dozen of them out there, we could take them, especially with y/n blocking their bullets.” Lydia pointed out still gazing out the window.

“but what about Jiang and Tierney you know the whole point of us being here!” Liam said to Scott.

“we’re getting out of here, all of us.” Scott said nodding at all of us.

Liam goes to get Jiang and Tierney as we prepare to go outside. I snap my katana in to place preparing for a fight. We were just about to bust through the door when Stilinski comes back in.

“what are you guys doing?” He asked looking at us.

“we can take them.” Lydia snapped.

“we’re not fighting. Get back from the windows and Parrish put them back in their cells.” He said pushing us away from the door.

Parrish took Jiang and Tierney back to their cells.

“She’s giving us until midnight to hand them over dead or alive.” Noah said looking at us.

“So let’s prepare for an invasion then.” I said jamming my sword in the door so it would be almost impossible to open.

The others took my advice and started moving desks and filing cabinets to block the windows and doors. I removed my sword and replaced it with the leg of a chair in case I needed it. As Liam and I are moving a desk the power goes out. There was only a dim light coming from the cars outside.

“what the hell?” I questioned looking at the others.

Suddenly a deputy comes in dragging a struggling Nolan. I could feel the tears start to well up in my eyes but I fought them.

“I found who cut our power.” She said holding up a pair of bolt cutters.

“Nolan.” I said glaring at him.

He couldn’t look at me though. Liam let out a growl, taking a step towards Nolan. I quickly put my arm out to stop him.

“please don’t make me go back out there y/n, she’ll know I screwed up and she’ll kill me.” He pleaded finally looking at me.

“why should we! You’re a liar Nolan and you’re sick in the head, I say we throw him out.” Liam growls.

I felt the tears I was holding back fall from my eyes. Scott must have saw.

“No, we aren’t throwing him back outside.” Scott said to Liam.

“Parrish lock him up.” Stilinski said looking at Parrish.

Parrish walked over grabbing Nolan. I couldn’t look. I loved him and it was going to get me killed. As soon as Nolan was out of sight I ran to the bathroom breaking down. The reality was now it was him against me. There was no friendship. No love. It was war. Malia walked in wrapping her arms around me. This meant a lot coming from her considering she wasn’t an affectionate person.

“Forget him, if he can’t see who you really are, then he doesn’t deserve you anyways.” Malia said shocking me.

It wasn’t that I thought she was not genuine…. okay maybe I did think that.

“what sometimes I say meaningful things.” She said giving me a smile.

I returned her smile before we walked out of the bathroom. We didn’t get very far when we heard Parrish tell everyone to get down. A smoke grenade went off making it hard to see. I quickly realized the smoke grenade was a distraction. I ran to the holding cells seeing Nolan holding a blue vial of wolfsbane. I quickly tackled Nolan to the ground grabbing his hand that held the wolfsbane. I finally flipped him over so I was straddling his waist and pinning his arms above his head.

“I have to do this!” He said struggling against me.

“Nolan don’t make me have to hurt you!” I said holding him back down.

He stopped struggling and looked up at me with tears in his eyes.

“you’d do that.” He said his voice cracking now.

I looked at his face feeling myself fall back in his trap but I knew I couldn’t let that happen.

“you’re the one that said everything has changed so yeah I would, then maybe you would know how I feel. Nolan you held a gun in my face, you’re trying to kill two innocent teenagers. I’m not the monster Nolan you are. You don’t care about me, the only one faking anything between us was you!  and when I die by the hands of your so called "friends” I just want you to remember that I was the one who truly loved you. " I said finally letting out all the emotions I had been keeping locked inside.

Nolan looked heartbroken.

“you really think that I don’t care about you?” He said trying to get one of his hands free.

He finally got one of his hands free and used it to cup my cheek. I completely forgot about Jiang and Tierney who were right there.

“ask me why I didn’t kill you earlier today.” He said looking in my eyes.

“Nolan please stop.” I said not wanting to hear the lie he was about to tell me.

“ask me.” He repeated.

“Nolan why didn’t you kill me?” I asked.

“Because I love you too.” He said leaning up on one elbow.

I didn’t know if he actually meant it but I guess I didn’t care. I leaned down placing my lips on his in a hungry kiss. I knew this was wrong but it felt so right. I let go of his other arm putting my hands on either side of his face. He wrapped his arms around me kissing me deeply. I was suddenly ripped off of him and thrown in to the wall.

“what the hell?” I said struggling to get up.

I looked up to see Liam growling at Nolan. This was all my fault.

So I decided that I wanted to make this in to a series if you guys want me too? Broken got so much feedback in such a short amount of time so that’s pretty rad! I hope this lives up to that!

next installment Burned

“Everyone knows the truth now, knows what’s up and who’s been lying, but we just ignore it. We’ve been ignoring it all along, first limping slightly, then an entire leg dropping off, but we’ve kept dragging ourselves, inching forwards with a mouth full of dirt. By now, we don’t even have our head on, but we’re too stupid to notice.”


(Note: IRL Adam Fergus doesn’t usually sport facial hair…)

I love this created and obvious visual parallel alongside the textual ones.

- dark hair, light eyes
- beige coat
- 5 o'clock shadow
- ‘short’ in comparison to the other guys *insert gif of Charlie “I thought you’d be shorter!”*
- shady and ruthless sidekick
- thinks they’re doing the right thing
- but their “people skills are rusty” *insert gif of royally failing with Wally and admitting to Sam not being able to recruit well*
- turns out their superiors have been using, lying to and controlling them all along…

…I just hope Mick’s arc also leads to him being shown the truth and choosing to exhibit his own free will. I kinda like him and don’t want him to die.

Ok but I feel like literally everyone can be revealed as a Cas parallel this season….it’s like he’s central to the whole season even by being relatively absent, in a season centring around family and different kinds of love. 12x19 is gonna be epic and if this is the case then the end of season arc episodes will also be so Cas centric and I’m so up for that!

@helianthus21 @godshipsit (and anyone else obvs) what do you think? Maybe? Just thinking about what we said about Cas episodes and his importance earlier today….

The Platonic Pals Myth Debunked CANONICALLY

Ok, so bear with me here. I was talking with a Bellarke buddy this morning and realized that not everyone might have picked up on this.

She said she had been surprised by Jaha’s conversation with Bellamy and that it wasn’t something she had expected, particularly coming from Jaha specifically. She knew it seemed significant but it wasn’t until I pointed a few things out that she realized how truly significant it was.

So, WHY is it so significant that Jaha, of all people, recognises exactly what Clarke and Bellamy mean to each other and understands that the depth of their connection goes far beyond platonic pals and HOW does he seem to know that with such certainty?

Think about it.

What have we seen in flashbacks of Clarke and Jaha’s connection? Jaha has known Clarke as more or less a member of his family since she was tiny. Thanks to his connection as best friends with her parents and thanks to her connection as best friends with his son. He KNOWS Clarke. It may be something that she’d like to forget, but when you’ve been around someone for that long in both public and private situations, you don’t just unknow them. They were family for far longer than they’ve been on the outs. And it really hasn’t been all that long since all the chaos of him floating her dad and everything actually happened. I mean, sure, she’s changed and grown up a lot, but her strengths and her personality are really just more cemented than before. It’s not like she’d be unrecognizable to him from who she was before.

Anyway, the other important thing here is that he IS the father of her lifelong best friend. He KNOWS what a best friend relationship, what a platonic pal looks like on her. And he KNOWS it’s NOT what he sees between her and Bellamy. Even back to the first time he was introduced to them as a pair on his monitor when she was arguing on his behalf for Jaha to pardon him.

And in this scene, he’s quietly making it known that he, without a doubt, sees what they have and KNOWS that while she may not be ready or able to admit it verbally, Clarke is 100% NOT platonic in her devotion to Bellamy.

Bellamy is too busy thinking Jaha is utterly insane to realize the significance of what Jaha is saying. He misses the point entirely by being so focused on Clarke’s value to him and his need for her. But Jaha was trying very much to let him know that the need for each other goes both ways. And he’s someone who would know.

Guys, do you realize what this means?

THE WRITERS THEMSELVES, THROUGH JAHA, HAVE COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DEMOLISHED THE MYTH THAT CLARKE GRIFFIN AND BELLAMY BLAKE ARE SIMPLY PLATONIC PALS. THEY’RE EVEN BLOWING AWAY ALL THOUGHT THAT THEY’RE PLATONICALLY IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER. THEY ARE SUBTLY BUT DEFINITIVELY SAYING, “You guys are right. You’ve been saying it all along and we’ve been lying to you and pretending to not know what you’re talking about, but it’s true. Clarke and Bellamy are as close to soul mates as you’ll ever find in this world or any other. In fact, their relationship is entirely based on Jason’s own relationship with his wife. That’s why he knows how to write soul mates so we’ll because that’s what his wife is for him. Surprise!”

What say you?

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Top 3 worst posts ever

1) that one person who claimed their psychology teacher knew they had schizophrenia because they didn’t make eye contact

2) That post where someone said that you didn’t have to tag everything as scocophobia because drawings wouldn’t induce the same effect as real people. Then got harassed until they deleted it and their harassers claimed this meant they had been lying all along

3) The Fucking Maladaptive Daydreaming post

Magic (Newt x Reader)

Character: Newt Scamander

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Muggle!Reader, No-Maj!Reader

Title: Magic

Requested by anon:

Can you do a Newt Scamander imagine where he gets jealous because his beasts like the reader more than him and he realizes he’s on love with her please? I love your blog!!!

Requested by anon:

can you do an imagine newt from fbawtft about where one of his creatures(i forgot the name) was stealing christmas items and stuff and reader and newt has to save christmas then in the end they meet under the mistletoe and you can end how you want. 

A/N: I will change the second request a little bit because it’s not currently Christmas, but I’ll do something similar anyway. 

New York could be awfully boring sometimes for such a big and exciting city. I was just making my way on the streets as usual, minding my own business when something out of the ordinary happened.

Almost like I was tempting fate by being bored of my routine. Almost like it was making me want to be careful for what I wished for.

It wasn’t anything too crazy, but it was crazy enough to get my attention.

A poster turned to life! I was calmly walking along the sidewalk when I noticed something with the corner of my eye, and it was the fact that a poster in the wall on my left was moving!

I frowned and stopped, thinking that it was impossible. Then I glanced at it and saw the man on it was blinking! Until I blinked myself and it was no longer there.

I would have thought I was seeing things if it weren’t for the fact that a nearby dog barked at whatever it was too.

“I must be tired” I just said to myself nonetheless, shaking my head and carrying on with my life.

While I was at it, I accidentally bumped with a woman who gave me an unfriendly glare.

“Sorry” I mumbled with a forced smile.

“No-maj…” She said under her breath before she walked away.

“What did she just call me?” I wasn’t sure, but I could feel it was an insult.

I shook my head in outrage and just kept on walking.

Had I know that wasn’t even the beginning.


I wasn’t sure if people were bumping into me on purpose or if I was the clumsy one. However, I bumped into someone yet again.

“So sorry” The man mumbled quietly.

“My bad” I apologized too, proceeding to keep walking.

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I’ve been stuck with Maladaptive Daydreaming for so long, I forgot what it feels like to enjoy reality.

Things that are supposed to be enjoyable look so dull, because there’s always something in my mind telling me that my daydreams are better.

I’ve been stuck inside my mind for so long, I forgot that reality isn’t a bad place.

Reality isn’t something I should be afraid with. I’m only afraid because in my daydreams, all problems have been solved.

Reality isn’t something I should be angry with. I’m only angry because in my daydreams, things always go the way I want it to be.

Reality isn’t something I should be confused with. I’m only confused because in my daydreams, I know everything that I’m supposed to know.

Reality isn’t a place where dreams don’t come true. Dreams do come true, but our daydreams have lied to us and said that your dreams won’t come true because reality is… reality.

In reality, not all problems can be solved easily. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be solved.

In reality, not all things will go the way I want it to go. But that doesn’t mean things won’t work out, there’s always another way.

In reality, not everyone will like me as a person. But that doesn’t mean I’m lonely.

Our minds have been lying to us all along. Reality isn’t a bad place, it’s just us who have been stuck inside our minds everyday, thinking that things can be better in our daydreams.

Daydreams are good but I have to remind myself that there’s a huge world waiting for me outside my mind. There will always be places we can go to, music to enjoy, people to meet, bright fruits to be eaten, and many more.

This world is big, maybe it’s time for me to explore it.

Between You and Her - Drake x MC, The Prince x MC (A Royal Romance Fanfic)

[Summary: When Drake intends to share news with his best friend about falling for the same woman, he’s tongue-tied when Liam shares his news first].

We breathe the same air, tell ourselves the same truths and disregard the same lies. We have been the other shoulder to lean on during a crisis, to confide in with sometimes the darkest secrets and never waver from relying on each other.

Nothing has gotten between us before, nothing that has ever lasted anyway. Our brotherhood has remained tightly knit, interlaced over the years we’ve spent solidifying how deeply our bonds ran. How deeply they have always ran, before meeting her. Now we’ve both fallen so far that I can no longer tell which path leads me to before - before her.

This woman entered our lives, and will leave everything differently once it’s over. Your intentions whether you’ve seen it all along or not; are clear to me now. Now that I’ve spent as much time thinking of her as you probably have too.

The woman who has left little parts of herself with us over the course of the passing weeks; parts that I can see readily with every drink, hear echoes of every laughter, even when she is no longer there. As insufferable as I want to believe she is - she sneaks inside our thoughts and now hangs in between us. Silently as if a whisper to my ear, promising me happiness but causing me pain. 

But you don’t know. 

You’ve never known. 

I’ve always been better at this game. Hiding my feelings, than you ever have. But it isn’t until she’s buried herself so far under that I realize there is no longer anywhere deep enough.

Between you and her I’ve become lost; like a sailor somehow losing his bearings at sea. I’ve struggled with how I’ve felt, agonized over how I should feel. Even without thinking it, I’ve distanced myself. 

Until her lips had finally touched mine - I thought I could simply move on from how she’s made me feel. But when our lips grazed and melted for the first time, I hadn’t realized how much I’ve been lying all along. Suddenly, all I could think of was being distant no longer. 

Yes, she feels the same as I do. And as my heart surges with joy in the moments we are left alone, pressing against one another until I’ve brought her across the desk; it also sinks at the recognition that this is going to hurt. Hurt me, hurt her and regrettably hurt you.

As I watch the excitement flash in your eyes once I’ve had the courage to bring up her name, I hesitate to say more. 

My resolve crumbles. 

I long to utter the words, but don’t. I can’t bring myself to knowing your eyes will look at me differently, think of me differently.

Who am I if not the only person you’ve ever been able to confide into? The only person that has listened so readily to your burdens and have been by your side through every wear and tear the crown has given you. 

Who will I be after I’ve crossed that line? After I have knowingly think of her, and longed for her - went after her. No matter how much I can try and explain - my words won’t ever be forgotten. 

I’ve known you long enough to realize your tells, I’ve known you long to know you’ll be hurt even as you insist otherwise. I know the mask will break hours later once you’re finally left alone.

You have so often schooled your expression into one of absolute seriousness; of absolute confidence that I don’t think you realize once it will falter, before fall. How severe it will be - how much it will hurt.  

And then you’ve started talking. Talking excitedly and every gesture is happy, almost child-like and the words you mention with conviction renders me speechless.

When you’ve finally given pause, I’ve managed to clear my throat. I wet my lips because of how dry they suddenly are and try to find my voice. 

Your eyes glances at mine hopefully and your hand thrusts in my direction.

The longer I’ve stalled, the more your smile falters.

My thoughts are filled with her once I’ve grasped your hand firmly, and force a smile.

We breathe the same air, think the same things and believe we belong in the same ending. We believe in cherishing our nows, and forgetting our tomorrows because as soon as the sun rises; we’ll be filled of regret. Falling for her bottomless pit has wedged a wall between us, so high that I fear I can never tear it down again.

“Congratulations,” I say stiffly, pulling you into a warm hug.  I have to believe I’m happy, I have to remember our lives before. “You don’t even have to ask. Of course I’ll be your best man.”

Arranged Marriage: Sehun Edition. Part 8.

PART 1 |PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 


Word Count: 3360

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When I opened my eyes all I saw was pitch black darkness. A sensible thing would be to move, but I definitely didn’t feel like it. I liked lying down, when no one disturbed. And something fluffy under my back (which I hoped was my silky bed) was too comfortable to leave. Where the hell was I?

After a few minutes of lying in silence, I realized that my eyes had been closed all along. How stupid of me. I should have opened them. In fact I didn’t even know if the sun had risen. Or if it had set down at all. This feeling flowing around in my body was another level of not caring and it felt good. It felt too good to ever care again.

Suddenly I felt something grab my arms with force and yank me away from the ground. A strange sensation of dizziness overwhelmed me as even the darkness around me started to spin.

“Are you kidding me?!” a familiar voice yelled. “Open your eyes, damn it!”

I tried to do as told. But it was still hard to leave all that comfort behind.

“Did you get drunk again?!” a voice continued to shout in my ears. “It’s been more than a week and you’re like this again! What if I hadn’t found you?!” at that I finally opened my eyes.

A few colors suddenly came into vision as I looked around. The fluffy bed sheets turned out to be green grass. I could tell it was green, because the sun had already started to paint the sky with several shades of blue. I shivered. Was it always this cold at dawn?

I looked around again, this time also seeing a lot of trees. Tall and short and bushy. The only color different in the scenery was a bright red set of swings. I was in a park. ‘Not my park’ I thought.

I looked up, this time realizing that the sky above me was not the sky of my home. I was still away. And right there, I was sure I didn’t know if I had a home at all.

I shivered.

My body was starting to come out of numbness. With a sigh, I realized that the hand that had grabbed my arm, was still holding it. Slowly, I followed my gaze, until the face of its owner came into view.

His face held many emotions. Anger, disappointment, maybe a little bit of disgust, some more pity and definitely a lot of relief. I looked at my husband’s face never once leaving it.

He had found me.

Sehun was here.     

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Magnetic Chapter 43: Running Away

Dean Winchester x Reader

1050 Words

Story Summary: After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

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A/N: All of my stories are unbeta’d and I apologize for making any mistakes in this chapter. Drinking and writing don’t work the best together.

“Y/N, thank god you’re here!” Your Dad exclaimed, pulling on his ropes, trying to rush over to you. He seemed just as when you had last seen him. No more wrinkles on his face, or gray in his hair. It was like only a day had passed, not ten years.

Warily, you took a step forward, then another, the hunter side of you knowing you should be worried. That something had to be wrong for him to show up now, as if no time had passed. “What are you doing in here?” You asked him.

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University AU | Yoon Jisung
  • I mean I can’t put him in high school
  • and I know he is also a beautiful fairy who doesn’t really age but I still can’t place him in high school
  • so uni it is.
  • Jisung is well loved on campus
  • like how can you not love this meme and his ulzzangness
  • he greets everyone with his sweet smile
  • and the ones he knows well with his jisung clap
  • imagine him and seongwoo just in the middle of campus clapping and others just joining for the fun of it
  • him being a helpful fluffball cause you supposedly need help
  • you don’t, you’re like one of the smartest in all classes
  • but you’ve had this crush on him for about forever and you wanted to act up on it without being weird.
  • so you needed an excuse to start up a convo somehow so this is the best your brain came up with
  • actually not really a bad idea
  • surprisingly not that surprising tbh he immediately agreed in helping you out when you texted him  
  • you can’t really believe it so you rubbed your eyes a lot and asked your friends for confirmation that it isn’t a dream
  • you’re excited and very nervous
  • and you know that when you get too nervous you start to talk a lot
  • and heck with Jisung there is gon be a lot of talking 
  • like a casual topic comes up and you just start talking about it and everything that has to do with the topic
  • it’s the nerves but it doesn’t sound hasty. It’s just like you’re storytelling.
  • and you have a lot of stories to tell apparently
  • your mind will warn you that you’re rambling and when you realize you stop
  • jisung is just smiling at you.  
  • he likes listening to you while also trying to help you with some problems even if you legit don’t need explanation
  • it’s also kind of hard for you to fake being dumb in the supposed class so most of the time you just mumble yes and okays and can you say that again.  
  • but jisung knows you’re faking it
  • truth to be told it surprised him that you asked him for help when he knows you have never failed or got below 90
  • so he just played along because he was wondering where it would lead
  • truth to be told again he has a crush on you too but on both sides it just never really happened
  • because Jisung doesn’t know how and doesn’t want to ruin anything  
  • and you the rambling potato are meanwhile surprised that you haven’t said anything about your crush yet.  
  • but one day he confronts you
  • “Why did you ask me to tutor you?”
  • ‘Oh no he is onto me…’
  • “Cause I need help? And you’re the smartest in class?”
  • you can’t answer confidently so that’s why there are question marks
  • “I know you don’t need any help. You’ve never failed anything before.”
  • you can’t look at his face you’ve been lying to him all along
  • you sigh once and again for dramatic effect
  • Jisung is silent, waiting
  • sighs a third time
  • “I like you…”
  • pause
  • and ramble
  • “For a long time I wanted to say something but never got the chance to so I just got this random idea about me supposedly failing this class and asked you for help and I never would have thought you would say yes but you did and I’ve just been lying to you for several weeks now and now we’re here…”  
  • did you think Jisung would stop your rambling?  
  • nope. not today
  • he listens  
  • when you are done he just smiles and goes for a hug
  • shocking you
  • “I’ve liked you ever since the first time I saw you at the campus square.”
  • and the rest is history 
  • lol nope let’s go on for some more
  • your relationship is super sweet
  • the smartest couple on campus  
  • ha nerds
  • no no you are the best people to look up to
  • but your friend group do tease you a lot
  • just the cutest beings tbh
  • Jisung wanting to show you off to everyone
  • “Hey, you know, my gf/bf.”
  • “they are just the best.”
  • ”I love them so much.”
  • “We know Jisung. We know. You tell us every day.”
  • taking pictures wherever you go
  • cue aesthetic ulzzang jisung
  • Jisung is always making sure you are okay and he still loves to listen to your stories
  • He does stop you from time to time to just give you a random kiss cause he thinks you are just too cute when you talk
  • cue blushing faces and stammering
  • you actually starting to tutor him for the class because you get a higher grade than him
  • and maybe he did that on purpose
  • lots of study dates
  • lots of just being silent and enjoying each other’s presence cause you don’t have any stories to tell for the day

Here it is! Hope you liked it…
My first ever text post AU imagine scenario thing I’m pretty satisfied myself tbh and I really enjoyed writing this but please do give me feedback.

more of these are up and coming just can’t tell you when. Let’s say this is a test

so I guess till next time ~

Cassandra: “Rainier had been lying to us about being a wanted criminal all along. Unbelievable.”

Maedwyn, her BFF, whose real name still had an old but active 2000 sovereign bounty attached to it because he killed 10 different people for the Carta: *sips coffee nervously* “Yes, absolutely unbelievable. Incredibly deplorable.”

Is The Toby We Know a Lie?

Episode 4.21 gave us our first look into Ezra’s book. The book is based on the relationship between Alison and the four liars, but one of the things that stood out to me was the importance of one lie, and how that lie leads to others. From what we see of the book at the end of the episode, it mentions how Alison told lies to the girls and how over time the lies had become their truths. These false “truths” and secrets that they are holding on to is keeping them from finding out what really happened. I have been trying to figure out why this is so important. Why do the writers keep pushing the idea that one lie is such a defining theme? Then I thought about it, the girls are on the same journey we are on, but there is something we haven’t figured out. There are lies keeping them from the truth, and there are lies that are keeping us from the truth as well. For me personally, I had to figure out why I couldn’t piece together a complete story, and it all comes back to Toby.

I think the ultimate lie the writers have told us is that Toby is the most honest character. This may seem like a small thing, but it actually has changed the way we  look at Toby. Toby’s character started out as someone we didn’t (we weren’t suppose to) trust. He was initially suspected of killing Ali by the police because of the green sweater with blood stains that was found in his house, and the liars suspected him because of the 9.01 Free At Last tattoo.   During the Homecoming episode(1.6), Spencer gets her fortune read. During this scene the fortune teller tells Spencer that she has picked the card of the lovers, “which is usually a good card, but when paired with judgement, it means there is something wrong with this couple. It’s a bad match.”  At the time the fortune teller is saying this, the camera pans to Ezra and Aria (who was dancing with Hanna’s ex), and then to Toby and Emily. At the time I assumed (like some others) that they were referring to Toby/Emily, and then later Aria/Ezra. In retrospect I have come to realize that this fortune must have been about Spencer and Toby. The fortune teller was reading SPENCER’S fortune, so why have we come to believe that it was about anyone else but her. The fortune teller then goes on to say “here, there is darkness in him, maybe violence.” The camera at this points pans to Toby once again.  After this scene there is the whole attack of Emily and a few other “misunderstandings” during the season. Toby was later vindicated, but there was still some doubt about whether he was a “good guy” or not. 

Sometime later, Marlene tells us that Toby is the most honest character. At this point every doubt that we had about Toby is cleared up.  He is the perfect match for Spencer, who is also misunderstood. They form this great relationship that is withstanding all that A has to throw at them. Toby is willing to do anything to protect Spencer. He even joined the A team for her. There is one big thing that has been overlooked; while being a part of the A team, Toby did nothing that actually benefited Spencer.  He wasn’t even the one to push Ian off of the bell tower.   Ali did.  He also let Spencer think he was dead, and did nothing to help her while she was in Radley grieving over his “death” and betrayal.  I also thought it was interesting that Ali told Spencer in the season 4 finale that she knows what Spencer sees in Toby; when he tells you the truth, you believe him.  If Toby has been lying all along, then he obviously has Ali fooled as well. I also question Toby’s visit to London to meet up with Melissa about Spencer’s relapse.  I wonder if he Wren was involved as well.  Marlene King has even tweeted that “people change” when asked about Toby lying in the past, and yet we are still able to rationalize what he does. (

There have also been other characters who have hinted that someone around Spencer isn’t there for sincere reasons. Garrett told Spencer when she visited him in jail that, “Someone close to you has you completely fooled.”  I’ll admit that there is a chance that this doesn’t apply to Toby being that Garrett went on to say that people lie, but medical records don’t. Also, during the special Halloween episode for season 4, Mrs. Grunwald says that one of the girls has been touched by the person Ali fears the most, and the camera pans to Spencer and Aria.  Big A is obviously the one Ali fears the most, and I believe A is also the person who killed the girl everyone thought was Ali. Mrs. Grunwald could have been referring to Toby or possibly even Aria if she has been touched with a personality disorder. Another theory that I have is that Aria is Big A & the killer and Toby is the helper.  Who knows, they may have even had a secret relationship at one point back in Aria’s emo days.  In the Shadow Play episode, I thought it was odd that Aria mentioned to Paige that what made her change from being a tomboy was falling in love for the first time.  The dialogue between them had to mean something, and I don’t think she was referring to Ezra. 


We’ve never had a scene where Toby interacts with Aria, and the first scene we got was in the Shadow Play episode where Toby grabs Aria and tells her “we don’t have much time, I hit him hard but I only hit him once."  I’m not sure what exactly to make of this scene, but I thought Toby’s choice of words were interesting. Someone else posted (I can't remember the screen name) that maybe shadow play was a foreshadowing of what would happen. The girls in shadow play are running from someone, and then they encounter the voice of Ezra. He is calling for Aria. As they get close to the shadowed figure, they realize it is Toby and he had hit Ezra. In "A is For Answers” the girls again are running from someone. They then encounter Ezra (we can see him this time). Then there is a masked person who comes and tries to attack the girls, but fights with Ezra first. Was this a foreshadowing by the writers that the unknown person is Toby?  If Toby didn’t shoot Ezra on the roof top, then I highly suspect the shooter to be Jason or possibly Wren.  I think Wren is involved in this saga as well.  Note:  Updated to add that we now know this was Shana, but this still does not clear Toby in my opinion on what happened the night Ali disappeared.

 I will finish with a quote from Ezra’s book which of course has to have some clues, because this wouldn’t be Pretty Little Liars if there weren’t clues. 

“Thats what’s remarkable about lies. How they can fool you, what they’ll become. Where they can take you. It all starts with one. No matter how simple, no matter how grand, a truly great lie can live on long after you’re gone. Surprising even its architect with the places it can climb—deep into our hearts, twisting into our souls…Before ultimately crashing, the flames of the fire scorching anyone left in the way.” (

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And then he was raising his wand and there was a moment—half a moment, even—of horrified expectation, and his gaze was sharp and hard and deadly, unwavering and unrelenting, like some kind of avenging wrathful predator

Avada Kedavra.”

He didn’t shout.

It wasn’t loud.

He spoke with casual conviction; and the words felt strangely elegant, fucking pretty, reducing all of our bodies to deaf blind shadows, quivering in the preternatural, too-long flash of bright green light—because we were statues, his statues, and the jumbled, nonsensical chaos of the previous half-hour was gone, forgotten, vanquished, and for the first time since I had arrived in 1944, I was able to recognize Voldemort. I was able to see what must have been there all along, lying dormant, pretending to be dead, waiting to be released—

No one moved.