been laughing for like twenty minutes

i’m laughing at the concept of immortal fake ah crew deciding to hide their immortality and this leading to shenanigans 

  • like jeremy fucking laughs the first time somebody shoots him in the chest, just a full-blown giggle you’d expect from a four year old, and then he’s like oh shit right and falls over dramatically like something out of the three stooges
  • gavin gets “killed” one weekend and then a few days later his killer sees him at a fucking stop-n-shop or something and gavin spends a full twenty minutes convincing the guy that he’s his own twin
  • michael gets stabbed in the stomach and is immediately like “i just GOT this FUCKING SHIRT– i mEAN OW, OH NO, I’VE BEEN STABBED, I’M DEFINITELY BLEEDING OUT RIGHT NOW, THAT’S WHAT’S HAPPENING, OH THE INHUMANITY”
    (”laying it on a little thick there, michael,” lindsay says)
  • ray gets shot and is basically like sweet naptime and fucking very carefully settles down on the sidewalk and strips off his hoodie and bundles it under his head like a pillow and dozes off
    ray does this every time he gets injured under the pretense that it might have killed me if i was mortal you don’t know (ray you got shot in the foot wake the hell up)
  • whenever jack gets “killed” and is later seen by the person who killed her, she staunchly insists she’s a ghost (”i’m here to haunt your ass for the rest of eternity, fucker”)
  • geoff and ryan get taken by a rival gang and ryan is shot in the chest; ryan immediately looks down at himself with a sad face and goes “aww.” (he’s wearing his “normal guy” shirt; geoff’s kind of glad it’s ruined now)
    geoff gives ryan a pointed look and ryan blinks, then clutches at his chest and starts to fucking monologue
    “Had I but time–as this fell sergeant, death, is strict in his arrest–”
    (”ryan, what.”)
    “But let it be. Horatio, I am dead–”
    (”then fucking die already, what are you doing, is that hamlet”)
    geoff ends up wrestling the gun from the gang member so he can shoot ryan again
    look, ryan has to use that theater experience somehow
NHL!Bitty, Part IX - ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’

(Alright, you guys voted for #2, so enjoy!)

Eric gets hit on in a hotel bar during All-Star weekend. For the first time in a long time, it’s not because he’s a famous hockey player.

It would be very flattering, except the man trying to seduce him works for Jack’s PR firm, and bro is playing fast and loose with some seriously confidential information. 

NHL!Bitty Masterpost!

It’s been a long, exhausting day. Between the flight, check-in, the press junket, the photo ops, all Eric wants is to get a little bit drunk with the guys, grab some dinner, and fool around in Jack’s hotel room. Hopefully in that order, but he’s open to fooling around whenever.

He must have a dopey smile on his face thinking about the debauchery he’s been looking forward to all week when he realizes someone is watching him from across the bar. 

Tall, nice hair, professional, and he’s looking at Eric, no, at the empty chair next to him. And he’s walking over. 

“Is this seat taken?”

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anonymous asked:

"These two brothers under the age of 10 were being rowdy in the airport and their dad calmly said "stealth mode" and they both shut up" - Dana Gold on twitter -- Bruce probs does this with his boys

Oh my word. I can see Bruce doing this with all the Robins and tricking them by claiming it’s for “training.”

Dick is fidgeting and getting antsy at a Gala, sulking in the middle of a group of women who have just pinched his cheeks five-too many times. Bruce Wayne wanders over to him, leans down with his champagne glass and whispers: “stealth mode…” 

Immediately, Dick Grayson’s back straightens up and he is moving through the fringes of conversations, laughing naturally and blending in like a mini-socialite. 

He meets up with Bruce twenty minutes later by the chocolate fountain.

“Gordon was reassuring Tricia Waters that the GCPD are tightening security after that last Arkham breakout, B,” Dick divulges, trying to act natural as he dips a stick of strawberries, brownies and marshmallows into the stream of chocolate. “He might have been flirting with her as well… but not the point.

He continues, getting taking a bite of chocolatey mess and getting it all over his face and tux, even as Alfred frowns in disapproval at the two of them from across the room. 

“Also, the Tennysons were going on for aaaaaaages about recent jewelry thefts amongst Gotham’s higher society members. They’re pretty spooked and think they might be next… mentioned something about a rare diamond necklace and set of emerald earrings or somethin’. And I can think of at least one cat-burglar we know who might be interested in those.”

And Bruce listens throughout the entirety of his spiel, smiling amusedly before ruffling Dick’s hair. 

“Nice sleuthing, Robin,” he says proudly, his voice low. “Let’s go for another round and see what else we can find out.”

“You got it, B,” Dick says excitedly before diving into the fray again, leaving a trail of chocolate behind him. 


(I’ve spent more time looking for a picture/gif for this than actually writing this. My fingers got a goddamn workout from scrolling for the past couple hours and I swear I’ve seen every BBH pic on the internet now. Just think about that chair as the dining room table chair, and he’s got the smirk I guess so… here)

genre: smut, fluff, friend!au,

warning: Eating out, graphic smut, A (kind of) HELLA TWIST, Baekhyun still being a goddamn tease like always.

length: I guess It’s a pretty good length

Authors note: SO THE SMUT BEGINS. A lot of you requested that the smut begins in this chapter, but a lot of you also requested that it didn’t so I thought I would meet you guys half way and give you something a little spicy to hold you off till the next chapter. Please don’t be afraid to leave recommendations or requests for what you want to see in later chapters in my ask box along with other smuts, fluffs, reactions, etc. Enjoy!

pt: 1 // 2 // 3


“You know you sleep talk.”

Oh no, oh no. You’ve been sleep talking since you were about ten years old, and everything that ever comes out is either gibberish, or your actual thoughts, especially when asked questions.

You laugh, although it comes off shakier than you would have liked. “Oh yeah, I once had a twenty minute conversation with my mom about why fidget spinners caused the cold war.” You walk towards the dining room table, trying to put on the best poker face you can manage, “wh-what did I say?” Good job y/n, now he knows you’re nervous.

He gives a little chuckle then slowly glides towards you, sitting in the seat just opposite. “We’ll…” he looks to the ceiling as if he’s trying to remember. “At first you were randomly talking about ‘the large cheeto man with a comb over’ and I assumed that you meant Donald Trump, so I asked you if you were talking about Donald Trump you said, 'Ah yes, he is a very large cheeto indeed.’” He takes a sip of his soda, “And when you answered my first question, I thought I might as well ask you some other questions.” Your eyes are wide and fingers gripping tightly to the bottom of the wooden chair. He see’s your panicked expression and gives you a sweet smile, continuing. “So I asked you, 'What’s your favorite thing about Baekhyun?’” Oh my god, OH MY GOD. “And you immediately said 'his smile’ and I thought that was really adorable, but then you sleepishly decided to continue,” You grip your chair harder, knuckles turning white. “'His smile, and oh god his hands? have you seen his hands? They’re sculpted by God himself, just like the rest of his body. But that smile, that smile is the best goddamn thing on this Earth. Oh and his singing voice. I can listen to him sing to me for the rest of my life.’” You slouch down in your chair, closing your eyes to avoid eye contact from the everlasting embarrassment that is now engorging you. “And when you’re finally finished about going on and on about my smile and how you can look at it all day and night, I asked, 'So what do you think about Baekhyun as a person?’ and you hesitated for a second so I thought you were awake,” he laughs “but then you rambled about how I was an ass for like 5 years to you and then you said,” You hear him take a sip, this time his voice turns a little more serious as he continues. You can practically feel his eyes burning through you even with yours being closed. “'Baekhyun is easy to fall in love with, especially when he’s your neighbor.’” Your eyes shoot open and meet with his immediately, “'The Baekhyun you fall in love with isn’t the Baekhyun that is an asshole to you everyday, but the Baekhyun you see behind his window. The Baekhyun that you see smiling and singing and being himself from a distance.’” You’re in shock, you didn’t even know you could comprehend sentences while you’re sleep talking, let alone confess this hardcore to Baekhyun. “It gave me quite a shock I do have to admit,” he gives you a nervous laugh.

You squeeze your eyes shut again in pure  embarrassment, “Baekhyun you weren’t supposed to hear any of that I’m sorry.” Your words come out fast and high pitched.

“It’s okay, really. I just thought it was funny?” He gives you a little shrug before you stand, heading towards the fridge for some orange juice, your throat is extremely dry.

Baekhyun trails behind you so he can sit at the kitchen island, “Is my smile really that great?” You hear him say playfully behind you.

“Yah! Baek shut up!” You say turning around to give him a dirty look, though it comes off more innocent than anything, you look more like a pissed off 7 year old.

“Baek? I like that.” He smiles widely, obviously trying to smile as much as he can now.

You roll your eyes at him and pour yourself a glass of orange juice drinking it slowly so you can coat your dry throat.

“So you actually wanted to die when I walked out of the bathroom in only a towel?”

You choke on your orange juice.


“You said that you wanted to die when I came out of the bathroom because 'his body is so heavenly I had to run to the room just to get some air.’” He says in a mock voice, “OH! And I knew that you were staring at me while I slept the other night! You admitted it!”

You didn’t even know what to do. Do you run? Or laugh along? No, instead your body decides to do the most extra thing it can think of by squatting down behind the counter so he couldn’t see you.

“Ah it’s okay y/n, I know my lips are plump and exquisite under the moonlight.”

“Oh my god.” Was all you could whisper to yourself.

When you stood up from your awkward counter squat, your face was as red as a tomato.

“I didn’t think you found me so hot y/n.” He winks at you, taking another long sip from his soda.

You took a long sigh and looked skyward. Why the hell is this happening to you? This could have happened any other time, but no, it had to happen when you’re stuck in a cabin with Baekhyun for another 4 days.

“I’m gonna um… take a nap.” You say, pointing in the direction of the room before dragging your body down the hallway.

Just as you entered and started to close it, Baekhyun squeezed through and pushed you up against the door with one hand, the other settling right next to your head, trapping you.

“I wasn’t finished.” His voice came out deeper than usual.

He pushed towards you, lips almost touching as he whispered, “Did you like watching me get off to you?” You gasp and quickly look down at the floor.

He moves his head to the right, attaching his loft lips to your neck.

Your body is completely still, unable to move even if you wanted to.

He continues, “You kept going on about how nice my 'long thick cock looked in my hand as I was pulling it at the thought of you.’” The hand that was placed next to your head starts brushing your hair out of the way so he could lick up the shell of your ear, stopping to slowly suck on your lobe, “You were touching yourself on the other side of the door while you watched me cum at the thought of you?"Your thighs clench hard under the sound of his voice in your ear.

"Well?” He leaves an open mouth kiss on the spot under your ear, “Is it true?”
Not know what else to say, you nod your head and whisper a slow, “yes.”

His lips are on yours. His kiss is soft yet dominating as he licks your lower lip asking for entrance. Your tongues start battling for dominance, eventually submitting to him.

You thread your hands through his brown locks as he pulls your waist against him, clashing your bodies together. You submit completely into his touch, growing impatient as the feeling of his member becomes more and more prominent on your thigh.

Lifting you up, you wrap your legs around his waist, never breaking the kiss. He turns around and starts to walk towards the bed laying you down, resting in between your open legs as you continue your rough make out.

Both hands start to travel up your shirt, slowly lifting it to see how you would react, “can I?” He breaths, breaking away from your lips for only a second. As soon as you nod the cloth is discarded from your body and thrown somewhere in the room in one swift movement.

He starts kissing down your jawline, down your neck, and across your collarbone, sucking lightly in places and swirling his tongue on the sensitive skin.

“Baekhyun.” You whimpered impatiently.

He gave your collarbones on last kiss before moving down to your bra. His right hand dug underneath you and unclasped it, removing it as swiftly as your shirt.

“Fuck you’re so beautiful.” He says lightly before taking your right nipple into his mouth. A moan escapes your mouth, arching against him as he uses his hand to need the other. He took your nipple in between his teeth, biting down only slightly so you would get a mixture of both pleasure and sweet pain, earning him a loud moan from you before doing the same to the other.

He starts to move downwards, placing open mouth kisses on your torso, stopping at the hem of your shorts.

He looks up at you for approval, his fingers rubbing up and down your sides, similarly to how he was doing in the lake earlier this morning.

You nod rapidly “Yes, Baek please.”

His long fingers hook in the hem of your shorts, pulling them down your legs, keeping eye contact with you. His hands caress your thighs, opening them so now his face was only inches away from your core.

He smirks up at you, seeing just how badly you want him by the pool of wetness showing through your panties. You squirm at the feeling of his hot breath hitting your clit.

“So wet. Is this all for me?” He smirks while pulling your panties down your legs.You whimper an almost silent yes, anticipating his next move.
He kisses your inner thighs, giving them small bites occasionally, marking you. He licks your outer lips up and down, never coming in contact with where you need him most.

“Baekhyun,” you pant “stop teasing, please.” lifting your hips in the slightest.

His deep laugh radiates through you “so needy.”

You sit up on your elbows, eyes fluttering shut when he finally gives your nub a small kiss, licking a stripe from your slit up, sweeping his tongue side to side as he reaches your clit.

You moan, hips bucking up to meet his face. He smirks up at you before wrapping his hands around your thighs to pin you down. You fall back against the pillow as you feel his lips wrapping around your clit, sucking harshly.

Moans and Baekhyun’s name tumble out of your mouth, eyes squeezed shut feeling only the pleasure his mouth is bringing you while grabbing a fist full of his hair, earning you a deep groan from him.

He adds a finger, entering it half way before pulling it out again. You whine, looking down at him, eyes pleading for him to stop teasing. He complies by entering his long finger, curling it immediately to hit your spot.
You gasp at the pleasure, eyes rolling to the back of your head as he adds a second digit. His fingers work fast, going in and out at a speed that matches with his tongue movements on your clit. Your moans become louder and louder, sweat and euphoria coat your body, feeling a heat begin to rise in your stomach.

“B-Baekhyun I-I-I’m gonna…” you can barely get the words out.
He takes his other hand and spreads your lips wider so your clit is isolated before sucking hard and bringing his tongue down in circles, giving you that last push to cum. Screaming his name, your orgasm rips through you, your body feeling only pure ecstasy. His lips and fingers continue, riding out your orgasm before driving you over the edge.

“Too-too much.” You whimper out, grabbing his hand.

He stops his movements, moving up your body to catch your lips. He sucks and bites down on your lower lip, pulling away slightly. He grabs your leg, wrapping it around his waist so he could press his clothed member against you. You moan into his mouth, feeling how hard he is.

In a sudden moment you hear the familiar click of the front door being unlocked and pushed open.

You both look at each other with panic.

With energy it seems like you harnessed from the sun, you roll off the bed and put on your clothes in light speed.

You turn to Baekhyun while hopping into your shorts “Stay here and pretend like you’re taking a nap.” You whisper.

He gives you a wink and a thumbs up before climbing into bed, turning away from the door.

You walk down the hallway into the living room to see your mom looking down at the mess you and Baekhyun had forgotten to clean last night sitting on the coffee table.

She looks up at you. “Hi sweetheart.” moving towards you to embrace you in a hug.

“Hi mom." You say while trying to hide the breathlessness in your voice as you hug her back, "I thought you guys were gonna stay for the retreat?” You give her the most innocent look you can possibly make.

She smiles, “Yeah, we still are. I just wanted to come and check up on you guys, make sure you’re okay. And I forgot my phone charger here and have been having to use your fathers, so I might as well come get that too.”

“Yeah were doing fine.” Steady your breath y/n. “Baekhyun’s asleep.” You say, giving a fake eye roll.

“Has he lightened up? You know, since we left?” The concern in her protruding through her smile, “I’m sorry, I know you two really don’t get along.”

"Yeah yeah don’t worry Mom, he’s gotten a lot friendlier.”


Authors note: AH THANK YOU FOR READING! Don’t forget to leave requests, comments, your critique, etc., in my ask box/submission box ❤❤❤.

Stay tuned for part 4, It might get a little spicier ;)

Tree Bros Oneshot: Evan’s Birthday

AN: hey everyone! this is my first deh oneshot, so i hope you enjoy. 

July 10: Connor and Evan have been dating for a few months now, and today is Evan’s birthday. Connor has no idea what to get him, so he seeks help from his sister Zoe and Evan’s other friend Jared. Unfortunately, they’re as clueless as he is. 

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,123

“I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know!” Connor panicked, pacing back and forth in his bedroom.

It was currently noon, and Connor had planned to pick up Evan for a little birthday date at four, but there was one problem. He didn’t have a present. 

“Dude, calm down. Just get him like a plant or something. He likes trees, right?” Jared sat in Connor’s office chair, spinning in circles and acting calmer than the Murphy boy. 

“Why don’t you buy him a Keurig? Everyone loves Keurigs,” Zoe chimed in. She was sprawled out on Connor’s bed with her head hanging upside down off the side. 

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Alone Time

Part 2:

Allura explaining the situation as they all sat in the common room really didn’t make things any clearer. She told them that it appeared the two had fused entirely and unless they knew what caused it sticking them in the healing pods wouldn’t do much good.
“But I thought the pods could fix anything.” Lance’s voice came through.
“Most injuries yes…” Allura nodded.
“So why can’t you just stick us in there for a couple hours then? Keith asked crossing his arms.
In was really unnerving to hear the two switch back and forth.
"I’m afraid the pods could register Lance as a foreign entity in your body Keith and most likely would destroy him like a parasite.”
“Well it wouldn’t be wrong.” Keith mumbled under his breath.
“You want to go mullet!” Lance yelled.
They stood up looking to fight before Lance realised that wasn’t really possible.
“That’s enough!” Shiro was starting to lose his temper.
After the initial shock had passed, the two had done nothing but fight for hours while poor Coran and Allura tried to run tests to figure out what happened.
They jumped as they sat back down shrinking under the leaders glare.
“From the looks of it you two are stuck like this for a while, so you had better learn to get along.”
“But Shiro it’s my body!” Keith complained.
“Yeah but if I’m stuck in here no way I’m just letting mullet run my life!” Lance yelled.
Shiro sighed reminding himself that patience yield focus.
“That’s why your going to share. Pidge.”
Pidge jumped up handing over a printed out schedule over to them. “I created an algorithm to distribute the days activities as fairy as possible also taking into your particular needs.”
They looked over the times nodding as they did so.
When they first woke up Keith would be in control until after training during which he would do any bathroom stuff he needed to. Then during lunch Lance would take over so that he could take part in afternoon training.
During down time they would switch every two hours before finally Lance would be in charge so he could still do his skin care regime before bed.
“Any questions?” Shiro asked really not in the mood for another shouting match.
They shook their head “looks fine to me.” Keith shrugged.
“Yeah me too.” Lance added.
Shiro let out a long sigh, it had been a long day and everyone was more then exhausted.
The fact that they actually managed to get this sorted out so easily was the first good news they got all day.
“Right now thats sorted bed time.” Coran smiled as he clapped his hands.
Lance stood up heading towards the bathroom.
True to his word Keith tried to stay quiet as Lance applied his face mask.
But twenty minutes later Keith was getting impatient.
“Seriously you can’t do this every night!”
Lance rolled their eyes “of course I do, not everyone is blessed with perfect skin you know.”
Keith was quiet for a moment as a memory came to mind.
The memory wasn’t his though.
It was Lance when he couldn’t of been much older then twelve having his face held down in a muddy puddle unable to breath and screaming for help.
Kids were laughing at him calling him terrible things like pizza face, moon boy, and worse of all ugly fag.
Eventually the boys left and Lance stumbled home battered and bruised to wash the mud off his acne covered face.
Keith couldn’t believe it.
“You had bad acne as a kid…”
“H-how did you know that?” Lance asked panic clear in his voice.
“I saw it… I saw your memory of being held down in the mud.”
Keith touched their face gently “sorry… I didn’t realise how much good skin meant to you.”
“It’s fine.” Lance mumbled.
Keith picked up the face mask container “take as much time as you need… I can wait.”
Lance smiled into the mirror figuring it was a close to smiling at Keith as he could “thanks.”

Secret Relationship- Derek Hale

Request: ‘Can you do a Derek imagine where you are Derek’s girlfriend and the pack finds your instagram and it has pictures of you two on it doing cute things and Derek is smiling and they confront him and they find them sleeping together? (Actually sleeping) Thanks!’

prompt: you confront Derek about him wanting to keep your relationship a secret from your friends, which leads to a few confessions. Meanwhile your friends found your also secret Instagram account.

pairing: derek x fem!reader

A/N: I’m obviously back from the dead. Please don’t hate me for my absence


Originally posted by hobrien

You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend and truned away from him. You were in the middle of another one of your arguments. Derek and you had been together for almost half a year now and yet none of your friends were ‘allowed’ to know about it.

Derek thought it as inappropriate to share his relationship will Scott’s whole pack, which, unfortunately, were your closest friends. You just wanted to tell your best friends how happy your boyfriend made you and how happy you had become in general but Derek wanted it to be a secret.

Tears had welled up in your eyes as soon as the argument had started, but you were the one who had started it in the first place. You just were hurt by him not wanting others to know about you.

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Jealous ~ Peter Parker

Request: Hi, love your writing! Can I get a Peter Parker imagine where the reader and Peter are best friends and he likes her so for her birthday he takes her to meet all the Avengers at the tower and she’s a really big fan/crush on Cap and Bucky and it makes Peter jealous and you can decide the rest. Thank you doll

Word count: 1,018

Relationship; Peter Parker X Female!reader, Feat Bucky Barnes, and Captain America 

Warnings: Jealous Peter, Kissing, minor swearing

A/N: I had this take place at the new Avengers facility since in homecoming they moved to a new location

“Peter can I take off the blindfold now” I whined as he grabbed my hand leading me somewhere for my birthday.

“No, Y/N if you took it off now it wouldn’t be a surprise” He replied. I didn’t even need to see him know he had a stupid smirk on his face.

“Ugh, Peter you know I hate surprises and you” I sighed, as we continued to walk. I probably looked

“Well that’s unfortunate because you’re going to love me in about two minutes” he laughed. I heard him push open a door, and he briefly let go of my hand and placed it on my back, swiftly pushing me into wherever the hell he was taking me.

“Peter Benjamin Parker I swear to go if you don’t take this blindfold off soon I’m going to-” I was cut off by Peter coming from behind me and slowly taking off the blindfold. “Peter” I whispered.

“Yes Y/N” he laughed

“Are we at the new Avengers base” I squeaked as I tried not to freak out.

“What does it look like” he retorted laughing at me, probably because I looked like a five year on Christmas day. I saw a jet start to take off and I practically sprinted to the window watching fly away faster than I’ve ever seen anything go. Peter was definitely right about me loving him after I found out my surprise. I turned on my heel and I ran back to Peter practically pouncing on him wrapping my arms around him and squeezing him so tight I pretty sure he was having trouble breathing.

“Thank you so much, Peter” I mumbled into his neck. I pulled from the hug, to see Peter as red as a tomato, and I could feel my cheeks start to heat up too, so I quickly looked down at my feet.

“So you must be the birthday girl” I heard from behind. I whipped around to see Bucky Barnes and Captain America. I felt the urge to scream and run away since I’ve been obsessed with them since I was literally 9.

“Oh my god, this is not happening right now, Peter you did not do this for me” I squealed, and Peter gave me a warm smile.

“So how old are you turning” I heard Bucky ask.

“16” I blurted out, still trying to process what was happening right now.

“Pete watch out looks like your little girlfriend here can drive you around soon” Captain laughed and I’m pretty Peter’s face managed to get redder than before. I laughed, not even denying the girlfriend because honestly, I wanted to be his girlfriend, but no way in hell I would ever tell anyone that. I watched as the captain took off his mask revealing his gorgeous face.

“Holy shit he’s was hotter in person,” I said under my breath. I definitely think Peter heard because I heard him sigh, and when I turned around he quickly looked at the floor.

“Do you want to get some pictures?” Bucky asked. I practically passed out right there and then. I quickly handed Peter my phone and I went in the middle of them. We took a ton of pictures with different poses. I even got to hold Cap’s shield which was the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life. When I looked up at Peter he looked pretty annoyed. Cap leaned down and whispered into my ear

“You know he likes you more than a friend right”?

“No he doesn’t, that’s crazy he’s just my best friend” I argued, feeling the blood rush my cheeks.

“Trust me Y/N, I’ve been around a long time, and Peter is head over heels for you” He assured.

“Really” I questioned

“Yes,” I heard Bucky laugh.

“He’s been giving us the death glare the past twenty minutes” Cap chuckled.

“What should I do,” I asked

“Make a move, of course, I mean only if you feel the same way” Cap replied smiling at me.

“I would just kiss him, it makes life way easier, then you don’t have to admit anything” Bucky chuckled. After giving me a small pep talk They both gave me hugs and went off to do whatever they do in their free time I guess. Which made me want to know what they were doing, but who cares.

“Thank you so much for this Peter,” I said pulling him into another hug.

“It’s no problem” He mumbled his voice laced with jealousy.

“Peter there is no reason to be jealous” I blurted out.

“I’m not jealous” He insisted turning away from me. I decided to go with what Bucky said to do since it seemed to be the easiest so I quickly moved to I’d be facing him and I grabbed his face and slammed my lips to his. Funny thing was it didn’t even take him that kong to kiss back. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. My skin felt on fire everywhere he touched, and his soft plump lip felt like heaven on mine. Eventually, I pulled away for air. Peter still had his eyes closed and I looked up and I saw Bucky and Cap giving me a thumbs up from the second story of the building and I smiled.

“That was the best Birthday present ever” I giggled.

“I pretty sure that was more of a present for me” Peter corrected

“That’s debatable” I challenged grabbing his hand as we walked out of the facility. That was by far the best birthday I’ve ever had and I think the best I’ll ever have.

It’s a Start

Prompt request: Can I request one where Tony Stark has a little sister who’s very sweet to people and believes in second chances? Loki and Bucky are still trying to adjust to being at the tower but she goes out of her way to show them kindness and include them in things. They become an inseparable trio. It annoys Tony so she gets her guys to tease him with her cause he’s ‘jealous he isn’t allowed in their club

Characters: Tony Stark, Loki, Bucky, Reader, Steve Rogers, Sam WIlson

Warnings: cursing, rude comments, Tony’s kind of a jerk

A/N: I am so sorry this took so long to write! It was definitely one of the more complex stories, so I wanted to make sure I got it right (hopefully I did). This is my first Loki fanfic, so feedback is always appreciated! Requests and tags are open! As always, thanks for reading!

You plopped your bags on the tiled kitchen floor and sighed as you stretched your sore arm muscles. “Thanks again for letting me stay here, Tony,” you said, turning around to face your brother.

“Anytime, sweetheart,” he replied, placing your last two bags on the floor. He kissed your forehead and wrapped you up in a hug. “You’re always welcome here.”  

You were living in the Avengers Tower for the summer with your older brother, Tony Stark. Okay, so he wasn’t actually your biological brother. In fact, he wasn’t even a brother by marriage. You were Pepper’s seventeen year-old sister, and even though she and Tony broke up more than a year ago, he never stopped loving you like his own sibling. He would still cheer you on at your soccer games, take you to the movies, and just spend time with you. You had been living with Pepper to claim residency in New York to get a cheaper tuition rate at your first-choice college. When Pepper got called away on a job for the summer, it made sense that you would stay with Tony.

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random spideychelle headcanons

-Michelle is big spoon, her long arms wrapping around Peter’s waist while they watch nature documentaries
-peter getting hurt badly one day and calling michelle to come help him before aunt may can find out
-michelle bandages him up so carefully and gently and she goes into like this haze and leans down to press her lips to the wrapped wound
-peter being so surprised and relaxed by her sweetness that he can only stare at her with the hint of a smile blooming on his face
-peter webbing her hip to pull her back when they’ve been fighting about his dangerous secret identity
-michelle making the first move to kiss him, ducking down and pulling at the elbows of his sweatshirt with clenched fingers, and it’s so sudden and forceful and caring that peter can only reach out to steady her and start kissing her softer, trying to relax her
-michelle biting peter’s lip accidentally on purpose and laughing at him when he whimpers and pulls away
-peter thinking about michelle’s beautiful hair for like a solid twenty minutes while they nap together and he doesn’t know if he should compliment her on it or not so when he thinks she’s asleep he just presses his nose into it subtly and michelle laughs at him again
-peter not knowing where to put his hands when they kiss, michelle laughing at him and moving his palms to her cheeks
-peter cannot stop smiling at her because dang!! this girl he’s so lucky to know actually wants him to kiss her!!
-michelle reading books out loud to peter but he’s so exhausted from fighting crime that he falls asleep and she whacks him with the book to make sure they can finish the chapter
-upside down spiderman kiss attempts and failures and giggling
-ned is simultaneously disturbed and proud of his nerd friends
-when they get more comfy with each other, they’re kissing on the couch one day when peter slips his hand up a little farther than usual and michelle pulls back and says very seriously that she’s waiting for marriage
-and peter is a little stunned bc he didn’t think it would go that far but did he want it to? yeah a little, but michelle’s made an important decision and he starts telling her how sorry he is for assuming and how much he respects her wishes and michelle keeps a straight face for like two seconds before cracking up and telling him that she was joking and virginity is a social construct and all that
-study session turning to play fighting turning to cuddling on the floor and aunt may gets used to feeding a third body some takeout for dinner
-technically michelle’s first ‘I love you’ happened before they were dating, when she was being sarcastic and teasing him about a wrong academic decathlon answer, but her first ‘I love you’ that she really meant happened after peter almost died fighting in the infinity wars
-peter gets really flustered that he wasn’t the first to say it and he kinda faints before he can say it back because he kinda lost some blood and michelle reads some poetry to him while he sleeps
-everybody in the avengers hq has no idea who michelle is, but whenever anyone visits the med bay to check on peter, she’s sitting there sketching him or reading and nobody really talks to her about it, they just assume she’s allowed to be in there with ned and may
-michelle sleeps next to him when may has to make a clothes run and when he wakes up to feel her arms around his torso, he doesn’t question it
-he webs up the courtyard early that morning so that it’ll read 'I love you’ when michelle and him go on their morning walk but he ends up not being able to wait and tells her at breakfast instead
-ned is actually there at the table with them and he spits out his cereal
(-sam wilson sees the webbing in the courtyard and teases peter about it for months)
(-scott lang totally accidentally walked through it before peter could show michelle for real, and peter /knows/ it was scott because that’s what scott’s screams sound like)
-it’s okay though because peter reuses the idea to propose to michelle after college
-but again, she asks him first at dinner on the night that he was gonna do it and he’s actually mad for a sec, because really?? twice???
-but of course he accepts and he shows her the webbing later and she starts teasing him about it because half of new york is gonna think that spiderman proposed to them
-and peter employs his most successful defense mechanism: kissing the heck out of her
-and ned is both the best man and the maid of honor at their wedding

anonymous asked:

Hey I know you have a bunch of requests so feel free to do this later on or something! But do you think you could write something where paps are taking pictures of you and you get kind of scared and Harry tries to stop it but he can't do he gets kinda mad and sad bc you shouldn't have to go through that? Thank you!:)

hi love! thanks for sending this in! happy reading :) xxh 


It was like one of those old cartoons where people disguised themselves with a pair of glasses and a fake moustache. You felt rather ridiculous, you were just out for a quick coffee date, but Harry insisted that you wear not only sunglasses, but “Maybe a hat too?” he said hesitantly.

This was all normal to him – wearing non-descript clothing, hiding from the normal world when he needed to venture out. You’d gone out with him a few times as well, and it was beginning to become commonplace.

“Harry, it’s August,” you sighed, “I’ll stick out even more-so with a hat on my head.”

“You’re probably right,” he paused, “I just … Last time …”

Last time.

You walked over to him from your place at the desk in your room which doubled as a vanity, and put your hands on his shoulders. He moved his head to look down at you, eyes shut, and with a deep breath, opened them to meet your eyes.

“You know it’s okay, right?” you whispered, bringing your hand to his cheek.

He turned his head away from you, staring off into the corner, “S’my fault. Should’ve never ‘appened.”

It was a vivid memory, even 3 weeks later. Harry had hardly let you leave the house with him after that, let alone going out by yourself. It was enormously endearing that he was so protective, but you had things to do. A life to live. You couldn’t stay tucked up in his apartment like Rapunzel all day, until your prince came home to save you.

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It’s been a while! I’m so sorry that I’ve been gone for so long - I know that there are plenty of peoples waiting for requests. Unfortunately, I’ve been totally stressed out with university work at the moment. I can’t guarantee that this is me coming back for good but I did want to upload something. Thank you to those of you who have stuck around despite the hiatus. This fic is absolutely my worst work. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything that the quality has just deteriorated. Plus, this was whipped up in about an hour. Too quick. Nonetheless, it’s something to read between revision for those of you who have deadlines rn. Thanks to @mel-in-my-head​ for the request, I’m sorry it deviated. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: can you do one where Peter Parker (CW) (if you don’t peter parker that is, if not Thor is fine) is really over protective of the reader like all the time, but the reader is 100% oblivious and one night the reader and him can’t sleep, so they go all movie marathon and they wake up to the avengers (and if you are doing peter,) aunt may finds them all cuddled up on the couch in the main room taking pics, and awing. sorry for this being long it’s my first request, I think, so yeah, thanks


“Is that…” You asked, holding up a hand. Peter looked up and around.
“Oh god, it is.”

You stared at him pointedly. “Run.”

Despite the hastiness with which you took off, you were still sopping wet by the time you reached the apartment building. Peter slammed the door shut behind you, panting. You doubled over breathlessly and laughed giddily. When you stood up straight again, you ran a hand through your hair and felt it completely drenched.
“Want to borrow a towel?” Peter laughed, holding out a hand in the direction of the stairwell.

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we'll fashion ourselves a better fit

because i project harder than an imax, have some nurseydex relationship talks. big thanks to @vicioushyperbolizer​ for suggesting Shane Koyczan when i was searching for a poem to use in this. (also on ao3)

Dex has never really been one for talking about his emotions, certainly not as plainly and bluntly as he and Nursey have been over the last few months, but he can’t really argue with the fact that they haven’t had the big blowout fight that he’d been worried would come when they first started dating. Between the relationship talks and the therapist he started seeing after he had an embarrassingly public meltdown in front of the team, Dex is pretty sure he’s talked about his emotions more in the last five months than in his entire previous life. He can’t argue with the results, and it has gotten a bit easier with time, but—

It’s still really fucking awkward.

Which is why he’s been pacing his and Nursey’s room for the last twenty minutes, waiting for Nursey to get back from class. Because as his therapist has pointed out, he’s brought the subject up in every session for the last month and a half, and since Nursey’s the only one who can really settle the issue, at some point this conversation needs to actually happen.

Dex is dragged out of his worrying by what sounds like a buffalo charging up the staircase, and he can’t help but laugh a little. The Haus is old and creaky as hell, but he’s pretty sure that Nursey and Holster are the only ones who’ve ever made that much noise going up and down the stairs.

Dex tries to smooth his hair down from where he’s been running his fingers through it (and pulling on it, which is a bad habit that he can’t seem to break). He’s still trying to get control of whatever expression his face is making when the door opens.

Nursey drops his backpack next to the door and turns to grin at Dex, pulling him into a quick kiss and what would be a quick hug, except that Dex tightens his arms around him and buries his face against the side of Nursey’s neck. Nursey’s hugs feel so safe, and he always smells warm, and the scared animal part of Dex’s brain is screaming that he’s going to lose this. He allows himself to cling, just for a moment.

“Hey, babe, everything alright?” One of Nursey’s hands comes up to cup the back of his neck, and Dex takes a deep breath before straightening up and meeting Nursey’s eyes.

“I wanted to talk about something, if that’s okay.” It’s what they’ve settled on to start serious conversations, because it doesn’t help anything to try to discuss something important when one or both of them is exhausted or upset. Dex sometimes hates using scripts and key phrases like this, but it works, and he resents the process a lot less than he appreciates the results.

“Yeah, of course,” Nursey says, and Dex has to look away. He goes to sit on the edge of the bottom bunk—technically Nursey’s, but they sleep crammed together in it more nights than not these days—as Nursey drags the desk chair over to face him.

Words are always hard for Dex, especially when it’s something he’s feeling vulnerable about, but with Nursey looking at him, open and patient and slightly concerned, they feel almost impossible.

“I— Y-you— We—” Dex growls in frustration, now is not the time for his stutter to make an appearance, but Nursey just leans over to grab the fidget cube off the edge of the desk and hands it to him. Dex isn’t sure who it originally belonged to, but it’s shared property now, and he always talks better if he has something else to focus on. He flips it around in his hands a couple of times before he settles on rapidly flicking the switch back and forth, waiting for his breathing to calm.

“You knew I was ace before we started dating,” Dex says, trying to lateral his way to the point. “We talked about it. We talked about it a lot.” He glances up at Nursey, who nods encouragingly. “I know you’ve said you’re okay with us not having sex, and I know you’re not lying about it, but I keep being afraid that at some point you’re going to… I don’t know, get fed up and decide I’m not worth it.”

Nursey makes a concerned sound and hooks a foot behind Dex’s ankle. “Have you talked to Dr. Ramos about it? I know you said you guys were working on intrusive thoughts.”

“Yeah,” he glances up again and catches Nursey’s eyes for a moment before looking away, talking to the wastepaper basket next to the desk. “At like our last four sessions, but none of the counter thoughts I’ve come up with have really been working. We pretty much decided that the best plan was for me to talk to you about it directly, so…” Dex makes a vague, expansive gesture.

Nursey takes Dex’s hand, the one that isn’t holding the cube, and squeezes it gently before letting go, shifting his weight in the chair, and saying, “Do you know why you’re worried about it? Is there anything I’ve been doing to set it off?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think so?” Dex says, running his fingers through his hair, pulling at it a little, trying to focus. “It’s just, people talk about sex like it’s the most important fucking thing in the world, you know? And I should be able to just trust you when you say it’s not—I want to!—but I hear a girl in my stats class say she’s thinking about dumping her boyfriend because the sex is just that bad or I watch people at kegsters who spend the entire night looking for someone to hook up with and I just—” Dex runs a hand through his hair again, flipping the cube around and rapidly clicking one of the buttons, “I guess the problem is that the only context I have is what other people say, and I’ve got you saying you’re fine if we don’t ever have sex against literally every other time I’ve heard someone talk about it.”

Nursey’s quiet for a moment, thinking, and Dex wishes he had something more destructive to do with his hands, like shredding a paper cup.

“When I asked you out,” Nursey says, after a small eternity of seconds, “you told me that I needed to be absolutely sure, because you didn’t want to start something if a lack of sex was going to end it.

“And I thought about it, Will. I thought about us a year from now, looking for jobs and trying to figure out where we’ll live, apartment hunting together. I thought about us five years from now, with jobs and a life and probably like twelve gigantic dogs because you’re some kind of monster,” Dex huffs, grinning. The dog debate is longstanding and constantly mutating into more and more ridiculous permutations of itself. “I thought about ten years from now and maybe adopting a couple of kids, being dads,” Nursey’s voice has gone soft, and he knocks his knee against Dex’s. “I thought about all of that future, and I want that, I want it with you. Part of being with you is not having sex, and I want that too.”

“Derek,” Dex’s voice comes out as a croak, and he has to swallow hard, blinking against the tears he can feel gathering. Maybe three months is too short a time for the amount of love that’s rioting in his chest right now, but Nursey’s looking at him with soft eyes and a soft smile, and Dex can’t help but reach out and cup his cheek, gently pull him in for a kiss, press their foreheads together and try to breathe through the storm of emotions.

“I want that. I want all of that so much,” he says hoarsely, pulling back slowly and trying to wipe his eyes surreptitiously. He hates how easily he cries, but Nursey’s never made fun of him for it, never even brought it up. “I just don’t know how to get my brain to stop telling me that it’s something I can’t have. I feel like… like you’re giving something up for me, but I haven’t given anything up for you. I feel selfish.”

“Babe,” Nursey says, but Dex can’t drag is gaze up from where he’s staring at his own hands, “relationships aren’t built from a template that you add or subtract from. I never gave anything up to be with you. Us, what we have, we built that from scratch.”

Dex keeps staring at his fingers like he hopes they’ll somehow provide the answer to why what Nursey’s saying isn’t helping. It feels like chasing a nasty sliver with a pair of tweezers, every time he thinks he’s got it, it slips out of his grasp and burrows deeper.

“I know, I know that,” Dex says. “I’m not trying to be stubborn, but it still feels wrong. It feels like… I don’t know.”

They sit in silence for a long time. It’s probably minutes, but it feels like years as Dex tries to let his mind calm, as if the right answer will settle out like sediment.

“I think,” he says eventually, “it’s… people talk about sex like it’s food. All the words around it like ‘hunger’ and ‘appetite’ and 'sated’. And all the metaphors around it too, the imagery and stuff.” Dex takes a deep breath as the words for the feeling that’s been itching under his skin for weeks finally, finally take shape. He looks up and meets Nursey’s eyes. “It makes me worry that I’m starving you.”

Nursey looks startled for a moment, then frowns thoughtfully. “You’re not starving me,” he says, “and I’m not starving myself, either, so don’t start.” Dex hadn’t been planning to, but the thought had occurred. They sit in silence for another handful of heartbeats before Nursey speaks up again.

“It’s like,” he says slowly, “if it were important to me, and I asked you to, would you stop eating pork?”

Dex feels all the air punch out of his lungs like he just got checked into the boards as that sliver of doubt is finally, finally pulled out from under his skin.

“Yeah,” he says, breathless, “yeah, I would. I— Yeah.”

Nursey’s grinning at him like the insufferable asshole he is, and Dex’s hands are shaking just a little with the force of his relief because he suddenly, finally feels like he understands, and abruptly Nursey is entirely too far away. Dex drops the cube as he reaches out and hauls Nursey onto the bed with him. It takes a little maneuvering, but soon enough they’re curled together, facing each other. Dex might be crying, just a little, but Nursey has one hand in his hair and the other around his waist and Dex is hugging him so close that there’s no space between them and it’s good. It’s so, so good.

They end up making out on the bed for a while, until Dex’s emotional high settles a bit and they slowly transition to cuddling. Eventually, Nursey drags out his laptop and sets it on their laps. They’ve recently started watching Legend of Korra together, and Nursey’s just cued up the next episode when a thought occurs to Dex.

“I think I want to do something like that for you, though,” he says, and Nursey shoots him a look that’s equal parts confusion and concern. “Not— Not as a trade or because I think I owe you or anything, I just think it would be helpful to have something really solid to use as a counter for intrusive thoughts.”

“I can see that,” Nursey says, looking thoughtful. He closes the laptop and sets it aside, turning to face Dex more fully. “It’s not like I actually want you to change your diet or anything, though.”

“No, I know,” Dex says, taking Nursey’s hand and lacing their fingers together, “and it doesn’t need to be particularly big. Just, you know, something I wouldn’t necessarily do for myself, but that I can do for you.”

Nursey nods, and they sit quietly for a moment, this silence so much lighter than the ones previous. Slowly, a smile steals over Nursey’s face. It’s Dex’s favorite, quietly happy with nothing affected about it. He’s seen it a lot since they got together.

“I think I have an idea,” Nursey says, standing and walking over to their bookshelf, overloaded and sagging because it’s definitely too small to hold everything that’s been crammed onto it. He pulls out a small book and returns to the bed, handing it to Dex.

Visiting Hours,” Dex reads aloud. The cover is a little worn, and as Dex flips through a few pages, he smiles at Nursey’s handwriting in the margins.

“I’ve had it since I was in middle school,” Nursey says, “there’s some really good stuff in here.”

“Poetry,” Dex says, letting it fall open to a random page and running his fingertips down a column of text, “I suppose I should’ve guessed.”

Nursey flicks his ear, but he’s still smiling. “Maybe you could read one or two a week, give us something new to talk about.“

Dex closes the book again, weighing it between his hands. "I think this is perfect,” he says, then thrusts the book back at Nursey and adds, “read one to me.”

“Dick,” Nursey snorts, grabbing Dex around the neck and hauling him in for a noogie. He’s grinning, though, and by the time Dex squirms free (with the help of an elbow digging into Nursey’s ribs) they’re both laughing. Nursey leans over and picks up the book from where it got knocked to the floor, and as they settle back in together, Nursey flips through the pages, seemingly searching for a particular poem.

“Alright,” he says, wrapping an arm around Dex’s shoulders. Dex snuggles into his side and rests his head against Nursey’s chest. “I think you’ll like this one.

During visiting hours
I had to read to sick people

the kind of people who had no one
it was my punishment
catholic school community service
for farting on a nun’s muffin

Dex laughs, and Nursey grins down at him before continuing to read.

They’re good. They’re so, so good.

Welcome Back, Dork

Warnings: Swearing, sickeningly sweet fluff, badly written smut, unprotected smex (use p r o t e c t i o n kids!)
Word Count: 13,814 (o o o p i e d a i s y)
Summary: You had been gone for a week on vacation with your family. It was a Sunday and you were on your way back. Connor had a whole night planned that was centered all around you the moment you get back later that day. Established relationship.
(f/d/b) = favorite dog breed / mixed breed
(s/f/d/b) = second favorite dog breed / mix breed
(y/f/c/n) = your female cousin’s name
(f/c/h/n) = female cousin’s husband’s name
(f/r) = favorite restaurant
here is da masterlist

@angelinabisognin suggested this~! I am so sorry it took forever to write this, my brain was scrambled and I was doing things with my tumblr fam. So, my b babe. Also, sorry if Connor is a lot OOC, I just think that after a week of not seeing you, he’d be all, like seriously, h a r d c o r e uncharacteristically loving and shit with you in private. sorry if it’s really fluffy and shit, I was lowkey listening to romantic, relaxing music while I wrote this; may’ve gotten too detailed in this and I’m S O R R Y! I got way too into it

Connor was uncharacteristically excited. It was something you did to him and he did not know whether he liked it or not. Anyways, he was sitting inside your house, on the large couch residing in the living room. You were on your way home, and he was oh-so ready for you to be home. The Connor Murphy had gone an entire week without being able to hold you, touch you, see your smiling face in person—and he lived to see your bright smile everyday. Of course he got to see your face, thanks to this miracle called FaceTime, but he hadn’t been able to cup your face and tell you how much that smile meant to him. So, yeah, he was beyond ready for you to get home.

His leg was bouncing in sheer excitement and anticipation. You were so close to being home and once you got home, he was determined to whisk you away for a great night followed by something else, only if you were up for it. He wouldn’t ever force you into sex if you didn’t want it. “God, when is that dork coming home? She said fifteen minutes ago twenty minutes ago,” he growled to himself, combing a hand through his long brown hair.

Everyone knew that Connor could be quite impatient when it came to you. Of course, being away from you for a week didn’t help at all. But, your parents were so dead-set on visiting family a few states over and even though you didn’t want to go, they forced you. You were old enough to either stay home alone or stay with someone, but they made you go anyways. Connor knew it irked you that they would not let you stay with anyone even by yourself and it irked him, too. He had wanted you to stay with him and his family, and of course they said ‘no’.

To celebrate your return from a week of MIA, Connor was going to take you to your favorite restaurant for dinner. Then, after dinner, he planned to take you stargazing at the park just outside of town. Stargazing was, after all, your favorite past-time to do together. In fact, stargazing had been your first, official, date—on his roof, nonetheless. It was totally classy, but still, you loved it. Truth-be-told, he may have a weakness for seeing you gazing up at the star-speckled night sky, eyes twinkling and full of wonder and excitement, as you seemingly glowed in the pale moonlight. He smiled to himself as he clearly remembered your first date.

He looked down at his phone and saw a new message from you.

From: Dork
Sorry we aren’t home yet, Con! There was an accident on the highway that stopped up traffic real good, I’ll be home in like 45 mins now! I’m sorry, I know how much you want me to be home! ily so much con and can’t wait to get back home to you! see ya soon❤️

“Great!” he growled to himself. He was pissed now, but he knew there was nothing he could do. As he brooded to himself, your two dogs bounded up to the couch, waving their tails. “Oh, hey Cleo, hey Marri, do you two need to fucking go outside?” he asked, somewhat being calmed by their presence.

You loved your (f/d/b) and your (s/f/d/b) almost as much as you loved Connor, and boy did he know it. You would always gush over them when the both of your were at your house, and they would constantly steal his cuddles. And even though he would sometimes get jealous of the attention you gave them, they were too cute to stay mad at. Marri, your (f/d/b) and oldest dog, barked at him, as if to say ‘yes I need to go outside please’. Cleo, your (s/f/d/b) and youngest dog, barked after Marri.

“So that’s a yes, got it. Come on you mutts,” he said to himself. Pushing himself off of the couch, he made his way over to your home’s backdoor. Marri and Cleo followed on his heels. As soon as he opened the door, your dogs almost took out his knees as they bolted outside. They turned to face him, both waging their tails and seemingly smiling at him. “Yeah, yeah, you bitches are welcome,” he laughed to himself as he closed the door.

Meanwhile, you were stuck in a car with your parents, blasting your Spotify in your ear to drown out your parents boring back and forth small talk. Least to say, you were bored as hell and wanted nothing more than to be in your stoner boyfriend’s arms. The week without him was also hell for you, too. You could run your fingers through his soft hair as you whispered how much he made you feel complete. Oh how you dreamed of him every night while you were gone—some nights you would dream dreams so sweet it would give a man cavities and other nights you dreamed dreams so steamy you could have fogged up a window. Goosebumps appeared on your skin as you remembered a particularly titillating dream.

Even though it was a dream, you felt every single thing that night and you were feeling it again. From the teasing, cool, feathery touches all across your blazing skin and the gravely whispery proclamations of affection in your ear, to the deep growls of satisfaction accompanied by naughty praises from your boyfriend and the sounds sex. Shit, you thought to yourself as you felt heat pooling in your lower regions as you remembered.

Your imagination was running wild with images of Connor in provocative positions as you dazed of into a salacious daydream. You could close your eyes and see him under you, his eyes darkened and dilated with desire and his mouth slightly agape as he watched you. In your sinful daydream felt so real as you felt a chill wash over the whole of your being because of the cold air of the room (in reality, it was the car’s air conditioning) hitting your sweaty, flaming flesh.

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Quarterback Comeback - Chris Evans

Request: Okay so you wrote the Falcon fan story, think you can write one where the reader is a Patriots fan? Because if I had been at that game I would have been flipping out right along side him! & 

Request: Hey, do you think you can write a Chris Evans x Reader at the Superbowl, she’s also a Pats fan, and sooo much into the game. And they both yell the same thing at the same time and Chris notices her and like immediate crush, please?

A/N: Sorry if this is a bit cramped or any sort of football terminology is off, I tried to be accurate as I could. I even watched highlights of the game and went on the NFL website to look up the players, lmao. I hope this is good for both requests! Lots of love - R .x 

people: Chris!SuperBowl - Reader ft. Scott Evans & Jeremy Renner

warnings: nope.

“Yeah! Fuck yeah! Is this was euphoria feels like? Cause I’m high as a fuckin’ kite, that was sick, man!” You gave a double high five to Renner before turning to take a sip of your beer, which was missing. 

What the fuck, who takes a beer at the Super Bowl? Are we savages?

“Chris, I think someone stole my beer, Imma go get another-” Just as you were searching through your purse you glanced up at your boyfriend to see him frozen, with a beer situated right on his lips.

Popping up, you snatched your beer out of the thieves hands. Putting it on your other side knowing Renner would spit it out any of the beer if he decided to steal it. It was Bud Light and Renner was too fancy for that shit, so he says.

“Hey! Asshole! Ain’t you got millions? Get your paws off my drink!” I poked at Chris’s Patriot covered chest and saw those blue eyes begin their trick of puppy dog eyes, the ones I never could resist from him, ever.

“I thought we share now? Besides, it’s like God is upon us now! We have a fucking lead we’re so close, babe. We’re gonna win. I know it. Forget the beer we are going to be champions again-” We swing our heads as Scott yells out for us to look out onto the field- oh fuck.



You saw your second boyfriend (to be fair, Chris didn’t really care and actually would agree anytime you talked about how Tom’s ass looked damn fine in his uniform. 

“Are you two fuckin’ like psychic? What the hell?” You both turned to Renner and rose a brow to him,

“What do ya mean?” Chris took a swig of his own beer can, and let his eyes drift back and forth to the field as Brady got Pat’s for his slide into the 40-yard line.

“You two have been yelling the same thing at the exact same time for like twenty minutes, I’d think you’ll we’re from the shining if you guys weren’t fuc-” 

Punching his shoulder you just smirked at Renner and shook your head, “It’s called telekinesis, Jer. We get it whenever we watch sports. It’s like all of a sudden we share a brain-” You took a slow glare to Chris jokingly, “And apparently beer’s now too…”

Chris only laughed and grasped your waist, pulling you snug into his side as the team set up again. “You think they’ll come back from 3 to 28?” 

Scott asked nonchalantly, only to have you and Chris simultaneously tell him, “Yeah we fuckin’ arah! We turning this steamboat around.”

You giggled at this weird formation that only now you realized looked probably quite disturbing outside of your mind and Chris’s as well. “We’re weird, aren’t we?”

“Yup. Psychos whose team is about to lock this shit down.” You gave Chris a peck to his arm before turning back to the game, only to see a goddamn miracle happen as White took a dive, landing a touchdown but just inches.

“Yeah! Oh, my! God!” You and Chris looked at each other with eyes filled to the brim with joy. Except, normally the passion that was in between you was not because a sweaty guy just got sacked by a bunch of other sweaty guys and managed to still land a touchdown.

“Still worried we ain’t gonna win, Scottie?” You leaned over and looked at Scott as he gave you a fuck off smirk and shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Oh good, god. I’m gonna have to have to Chris’s in my life now? Is this what it’s gonna be like, every time the Patriot’s get to the Super Bowl? Because if so, I’m gonna start charging you both for my additional weekly therapy sessions.” 

Chris just laughed loudly, clapping his heads as he threw his head back, obviously getting a bit Drunk Happy. You just chuckled to yourself and downed the rest of my beer, setting it aside and focusing back on the game.


You knew they were going to make a comeback, it was what New Englander’s did. We turned around in the last moments and came together to fucking smash the glass ceiling every time. We never stop and we don’t even let our minds wander in the final hours of the game. To see the ball make it across the white line, and into the zone, landing us Patriots, another. Fucking. Win.

Confetti went off as you and Chris jumped up and down, high from the electricity in the air of fellow Bostonians and Englander’s cheering the team for their miraculous victory. “Oh my god! Yes! Yeah, yeah, yeah!” You shouted along with Chris as we roared with the fans. 

Taking in the victory of another win. Feeling Chris tug slightly on your arm made you turn towards him only to be picked up by the inward curve of your waist, and have a pair of beer tasting lips kiss you fiercely. Not bothering in holding back anything between you both as he kissed you with as much force as he could without pain. You draped your arms around his neck, letting your legs snake around his waist. Suddenly forgetting you were in public and people we most likely filming this. You frankly, give a damn, because your Quarterback was kissing from the victory. 

You almost pulled away from Chris with the love he poured into the kiss, feeling as if it was too much for your body to handle with all the excitement and beer running through you, right now. He pulled his head away and gave a dreaming, toothy grin that made you giggle softly into his neck while leaned in. You embraced the teddy bear of a man while swaying together back and forth in almost a hypnotic motion. Letting the cheers take you both different places. It was weird looking at everyone jumping and screeching, yet you’d just been that person who was tugging at their hair, grabbing anyone in sighting to tug them towards the scene below you, or even just shouting fuck over and over.

You couldn’t help but chuckle at the chaos that surrounded you both, and the euphoria that laid in between are bodies, almost like we found a transportation device and we’re no longer at the stadium. We’re just together, loving one in another in a celebration of joy and love. After the last year, this win felt more than a victory for the Patriots, it felt like a win for you and Chris, personally. 

After the fights that you both went through together, united as one for the injustice that America was receiving these days, and much more to come, it sucked to believe tomorrow would resume normally. You kept in mind that in this moment, confetti popped and fell all around us, some catching even in your tangled locks.

“I mean, I hate to say this, Scott, but look how cute the Shining twins are? It’s like a football romantic dramedy!” Chris’s friend John teased you both as he pointed his camera towards us both, making Scott laugh and swat at John’s camera 

“Hey! It’s only during football season we become one. The rest of the time we are in a war together on who is better than the other at what. Let’s be honest, babe. I’m better, always.”

You slapped Chris on the chest and giggled, taking his unfinished Bud light from behind him, and slowly bringing it to your lips, “You keep telling yourself that, Buddy Boy. Just remember that we have film age of me kicking your ass all the way to Colorado in table tennis.”

“Shots already fired and we aren’t even out of the damn stadium yet!” Scott groaned, smacking his hand to his forehead. Jeremy let out a gruff laugh and patted my back as you situate yourself back on the ground again, fixing your top that had risen slightly.

“Congrats Scott on your newest sibling!” Jeremy teased to across at Scott who was smiling and shaking his head. “I’m in for a new hearing aid when they have a baby and becomes the ultimate super pat’s fan. Can you imagine?”

“Yes, I can, dork! And she’s also part of the team and is alongside all the best players and has gotten twenty super bowl rings so yeah!” You smiled at Chris delicately, as if he was suddenly made of glass. His voice never wavered when he replied to Scott, meaning he’d thought about our daughter in the NFL before. Not just making it up right now.

“Hmm, Baby Evans, Quarterback for the Patriots and winner of… a noble peace prize! I like that, babe. Let’s go start planning her future college fund, right now! Well, after we celebrate, then we can start her college fund and map out where she’ll play in college…”

Chris smiled and jumped for joy like a jumping bean suddenly made its way into his heart. Chris couldn’t help but dream about the perfection of you and him, crossed together to make the most amazing human being.

Chris knew that whatever gender, whatever personality, they’d have a Quarterback baby. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world to think about, though. He couldn’t help but smile more and more at the thought of a baby Evans wandering around during a future Super bowl, with a tiny Brady jersey on during the game.

Something to look forward too, in the next few years. 

At least that was Chris’s hope.

I can’t keep my Chris!Dad feels down, guys!!! I mean like look below, COME ONNNNN! They always come out in my writing, lol. I hope you enjoyed it! 

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Looking at You (Final Chapter!)

This is our last chapter together! Thank you so so much to everyone who tagged along on this fic, it was quite the ride and I love you guys!

Catch up on Chapters 1-11 HERE.

Can’t wait to hear what you all think of this :)
Enjoy :)


“Hey guys.” Tony stopped in the common room area, and the team looked up expectantly. “I’m heading out for a few days. Just wanted to let everyone know, because you all have developed this fairly annoying habit of tracking me down if you lose sight of me for more than a minute so… you know.”

“Bye Tony!”
“Travel safe.”
“Bring me back something.”
“Wasn’t he just gone on something?”
“He has a company to run it’s not like Iron Man is his only job.”

The team tossed various goodbyes at him and went right back to their business.

Bucky was sitting on the far end of the room and looked up quickly, meeting Tony’s eyes with a small smile. He knew Tony had had this little trip planned for a week or so but was disappointed that he was leaving without a proper goodbye. They hadn’t been able to spend the last couple nights together, and Bucky already missed him.

“Ahem.” Tony cleared his throat obnoxiously, and the team looked back up, Bucky included.

“I will miss you.” Tony said loudly, staring across the room into Bucky’s blue eyes.

“Uh, we will miss you too, Tony.” Clint offered hesitantly and Steve nodded slowly.
“Yeah, Tony, we will miss you too.” Sam chime in, and Bucky just smiled to himself at the teams confusion.

“And–” Tony started to speak again and stopped, biting his lip anxiously. Bucky leaned forward in his chair, wondering what could possibly have Tony nervous. “And–” Tony started again, straightening his shoulders. “And I love looking at you.”

Then he was gone, nearly running out of the room as the team all stared at each other awkwardly.

“Um. I’m going to assume that he’s drunk.” Natasha said with a shrug. “He always used to get super sentimental after a few whiskeys.”


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Catcalling- Tyler Seguin

Originally posted by tyler91seguin

Ok so I had my pick of three players, but I have another Auston one tonight and Dylan would choke on his tongue first I think… so you guys get Seggy! Hope that’s ok! Enjoy!

Warning: Tyler Paul Seguin (he really is a warning), one cuss word

Anon Request: Hi can you please write an Auston Matthews, Dylan Larkin or Tyler Seguin imagine about you and he going to Subway to order some lunch and while you are waiting in line you ask him what he wants and he says that ass! Can you please make it fun and cute thank you!


              All you wanted was some freaking lunch.

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Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: angst? not really ish

You watched as girls from your school enter the building.

As soon as everybody found out that Peter Parker was really Spider-Man, the whole school flipped. Especially, the girls. They walked in the building, eyes wandering, searching for Pete.

Peter happened to be your classmate, and coworker. Maybe even your crush. But he was also your best friend.

Tony threw another party, just because he was bored. You know, like usual.

And it was an ‘anyone is welcome’ kind of thing. Explains why every girl in your class was here.

You can tell they’ve never been to a party like this before. They dressed like it was prom. Like seriously, what’s with the gowns and poofy dresses?

You stood near the bar, asking the bartender to give you something to drink while you wait for Peter.

“You know you’re not old enough (Y/n).”

“I didn’t say to give me something with alcohol. Can you just give me something non-alcoholic? Please?”

“Alright,” he smiles, “one juice box it is.”

You gave him a scowl, making him chuckle.

You turn back around, eyes searching the room for Peter. You hear a familiar laugh and turn to your right. Peter was standing there with Liz Allen, and her group of friends. Peter promised you that right after he gets ready, he’ll meet up with you immediately, knowing how you hated being alone in parties, and because he was always your date. Those are the perks of having a best friend. If you’re single, you would still have a date at any party.

You waited. Maybe he just got here and he was on the way to meet up with you. Liz probably just stopped him to talk, say hi.

You watched, and watched, and watched.

He was still there. Liz was getting a bit flirty with him already. You heard once in P.E. that Liz had a major crush on Spider-Man, and this was before she knew it was Peter.

Twenty one grape juice boxes later, Peter was still laughing it off with Liz. It wasn’t like he didn’t notice you. He did. It was twenty minutes ago. He looked at you, smile and nod, then started talking to Liz. You thought he finally saw you and was telling Liz that he has to go. Guess not.

This got you pissed, but mostly upset. Peter wasn’t one to break promises.

You tried to leave without him noticing. That won’t be too hard. He’s been ignoring you for the past hour or so.

They were standing by the hallway that lead to the elevators. You got up from the bar stool, flattened your dress, and walk straight passed Peter.

At first it broke your heart when you walked straight passed him with him not even flinching. But when you got to the elevator, sadness wasn’t within you. Anger was.

You slam your fist into the elevator button. Since it seemed like it wasn’t going to open any time soon.

“Don’t hit it, just press it, gently,” you heard, the voice sounding familiar.

“Shut up Loki.” Loki shrugged and walked away, it’s still strange to see him free, and socializing. He wasn’t like the old Loki. Well, you still thought different. It’s all an act. He’ll turn on us soon.

The elevator finally opened, in which felt like years.

You got in and pressed the button for your level. You were humming to yourself, trying to act calm, even if your nails are digging into your palms.

The doors of the elevator was about to close but someone’s hand stopped it.

You looked up surprised, but your face fell when you saw it was Peter.

“(Y/n)! Leaving so soon?”

You gave him an ‘I’m mad at you, go away before I murder you’ look, “yes.”

His eyebrows furrowed, “what’s wrong?”

You roll your eyes, “nothing, can you please go? You’re keeping the elevator from going up.”

He looks around the elevator door, and takes his hand off of the side, stepping in.

You groaned as he stands next to you.

“Seriously (Y/n). What’s up?”

You keep your head straight, away from his gaze. You punch the number of your floor.

“Hey hey hey, press it gently.”

You stay quiet, still clenching your fists.

“Well anyways,” he says, he was smiling, you can tell he was very happy, quite the opposite of you.

“Liz hung out with me today.”

You turn to him, his face beaming, and replied with a tight smile, “I know, I saw.”

“Really?! Did I look okay? I felt like I was smiling too much.”

“You looked fine,” you said through clenched teeth.

When you finally got to your floor, before you stepped out, you quickly pressed all the floors on the elevator and clicked the ‘close door’ button, before running away. Leaving a confused, screaming Peter behind.

“Hey! What the heck!”

When you got to your room, you stripped down and got into an oversized hoodie and shorts.

You unhooked your bra and pulled it out of the neck of the hoodie.

“Ahh,” you sighed, “much better.”

When you were comfortably snuggled into your bed, you started to play the first Harry Potter movie.

“No, stop, stop, stop! You’re going to take someone’s eye out. Besides, you’re saying it wrong. It’s Levi-OH-sa, not Levi-oh-SAH.”

You giggled as your favorite line from the movie was said.

Right after you finish giggling, Peter burst through your door.

“What the heck was that!”

The smile on your face disappeared, “what was what.”

“I feel sick from that elevator ride! I barely got off just now and I threw up in your kitchen.”

“Ugh, you’re disgusting.”

“And now you’re watching one of our favorite movies WITHOUT ME?”

“You act like this is the most possibly worst thing we could ever do to each other.”

He scoffs, “of course it is.”

“No Peter,” you stated, “this could not.”

“Then what can? What can be worse (Y/n)?”

You scoff, can he be anymore dramatic.

“I am offended,” he says jokingly, before he jumps on the bed next to you, getting under the blanket.


You roll your eyes before slightly scooting to the side.

A good ten minutes or so into the movie you finally answered his question.

“What could be worst is you leaving me for some girl when you promised to meet up with me right away after you get ready.”

Peter turns to you, guilt taking up his face.

“I’m sorry, but my crush finally spoke to me and I didn’t want to leave just there and then.”

“Yeah well my crush didn’t even care,” you said below your breath.


“I said, I waited for you for so long and you never even came.”

“I’m sorry (Y/n),” he whined, “I’ll make it up to you.”

You just sat there, staring at the screen.

“(Y/nnnnnnnn). Speak to me pleaaaaseeeee.”

Before you can even speak, someone burst into your room.

“(Y/n), who cares about him? I don’t even know why you’re crushing on him in the first place. Seriously, when I see that guy, I will kill him.”

The two of you stared at Natasha, with shocked expressions.

Her still not knowing Peter was there until the screen went back to bright.

Her eyes grew wide, before turning around and running away.

“I– I–” you stuttered, Peter slowly turning to your face.

“I forgot that I texted her, while you were getting sick in the elevator.”

“You like me? Like, like me like me?”

You gulp, eyes fixed on the screen.

You can see a stupid smirk growing on his face from the side of your eye.

“Awww you like me!” he teased, poking your side.

You let out a deep sigh.

“(Y/n),” he said in a sing-songy tone, still poking your side. He knew that was your tickle spot. When your lip twitched to a smile slightly, he began to attack your sides, popping the giant laugh bubble you were keeping in.

You erupted with laughter and he couldn’t help but smile.

“There, I finally got you to smile.”

You sigh, raising your hands in defeat.

“I’m really sorry (Y/n).”

You nod, “it’s okay.”

“I like you too.”


“You heard me.”

“Correction, you like Liz.”

“No, I like you.”




“I’m serious.”

“You literally just left me for her and admitted that she was your crush not too long ago.”

“I lied.”

“Then why would you be with her then, instead of me?”

“Well, I liked you for a while now, I tried not to because I didn’t want to ruin the friendship that we already have.”

“Are you sure you don’t like Liz?”

“Yes, I’m positive.”

“Because it doesn’t seem believable. You looked way into her today.”

“Alright, wanna hear the truth?”

You sigh, “yeah.”

“I actually was asking Liz for some tips on how to get you to like me, and I wanted you to feel jealous and realize that I’m a great guy, you know?”

“Are you serious?”

“One hundred percent, promise, I cross my heart, and I’ll let Widow kill me if it was a lie. Go, ask Liz.”

You squint your eyes at him, feeling the bed next to you for your phone.

To Liz Allan:

Hey Liz, how was the party tonight?

You waited for her to reply, the typing bubble popped up fast.

LA: It was fun! Peter is such a sweetie pie.

You: Oh I know. He seemed so into you! You’re so lucky! I wished he liked me back…

LA: OMG! You like Peter?!?

You: lol isn’t it obvious…

LA: Dude! He likes you too! You should tell him!! <3 <3

You: Seriously??? But you two seemed so flirty with each other earlier..?

LA: Don’t worry, I was just helping him out on what he should do to get you to like him back, but I guess those are useless now that you already like him back! You guys are gonna be the cutest couple ever! I’m sorry if what we did earlier ruined anything you two had :(

You: It’s okay, thanks for letting me know tho! :))

You put the phone down and looked at Peter.

“Fine. I believe you.”

You looked at him with a blank look. No amusement, happiness, sadness, emotions whatsoever.

“Okay! So…. wanna be my girlfriend then?”

You shrug, “sure, I guess,” turning back to watch the rest of the movie.


He sat in front of you blocking the tv, “Can you give me a hug?” He always offers a hug after an argument, just so he knows that you forgive him and your back to being friends now. Just to make sure you’re not still mad.

“If you don’t give me a hug, the offer is gone.”

You tilted your head back and groaned loudly before getting on your knees to walk to him, jumping into his arms.

He closed his arms around you, hugging you tightly before shaking you.

“Yaaaay! I upgraded from best friend to boyfriend.”

“Peter,” you choked out, “I– I– can’t breathe.”

He slowly untighten the hug before jumping up and down on the bed with you, still hugging you close to his chest.

But suddenly, he stopped and pulled you away, arms length.

“What?” you said, “what’s wrong.”

His jaw dropped before backing up slightly.

He looked at you with a super shocked expression, “Uh–”


He shivers slightly, “you’re not wearing a bra are you?”

Your eyes goes wide before clutching your chest.

“Turn around,” you said, before grabbing your bra from the floor next to your side of the bed.


He turned around, shivering again, “that felt weird.”

“Then stop talking about it, you’re making me feel awkward.”

He scoots back next to you, hugging you back close to his chest.

You hesitantly lay your head on his chest, him wrapping his arms around you tightly.

“I’m sorry baby, I’ll stop.”

You scrunch your nose and cringed, a mix of a disgust and embarrassed look on your face , “Uggh that was weird.”



“What do you want me to call you?”

“Uhh, my name?”

“Sorry sweetheart, you’re my girlfriend now, things gotta change a bit.”


“Now be quiet Love, I’m trying to watch the movie here,” he scoffs, rolling his eyes. Earning a playful smack from you.

To be honest, this boyfriend-bestfriend thing is going to be fun. I could get used to this.

A/N: Wrote all this in one sitting, so sorry if it was bad! Also, sorry for the lack of fics, I’ve been having writers block. I’ve wrote a bunch of other things but never finished it because they SUCKED. Ps. Let me know if you liked this! It’ll help me get motivated to write more lol.

Slow Dances

Nolan x Reader // I noticed that there wasn’t much Nolan writing material on here and I don’t see why not I wrote this cute snippet. You know Pre-Werewolf attack. Because I love Nolan. And he is just scared and misunderstood.
Rating: Fluff

You bobbed your head to the music with a cup in hand. You would be on the dance floor if you didn’t find the thought of dancing alone terrifying. If it was up to you, you’d be curled up in bed with your trusty laptop binge watching a show. But, earlier today your mother came up to you and shoved a black strapless dress to your chest. You pleaded ‘No Mom please don’t force me to go’ but, she just looked you in the eyes mercilessly and gave you a lecture. It was all about how being new, you had to go out there and participate. So that leads you to stand here in the school’s gym with a cup of punch and a little bit of your father’s whiskey. You placed the cup up to your lips the liquid burning your throat. If you were going to be in a room with your peers grinding on each other, you were gonna need the extra kick.

Surveying the room you quickly found the dateless stragglers that were littered amongst the bleachers. You spotted a boy in a black tux, he was tall, had his hair neatly combed to the side and that was all that you could see from where you were standing. You watched as he tugged at his bowtie and checked his watch. You frowned assuming the boy was being stood up. And you didn’t know why but your heels led you straight to the boy. Immediately you wanted to abort the mission and walked the around way. But he looked straight at you. So any chances of avoiding him were compromised.
“Hi.” you muttered awkwardly and he furrowed his eyebrows. You were as surprised as he was. It wasn’t common that talked to strangers. Or anybody for that matter .
“Hey.” you swung your arms by your side and smacked your lips. Great awkward introduction Y/N. This was certain not going to scar you if you ever saw him again.
“So was she pretty?” you asked and he was more confused.
“The girl who stood you up.” you explained and a small smile spread across his face.You quickly noticed the deep dimples on the side of his pink lips.
“Oh no, I wasn’t been stood up. You see my Mom kinda force me to go. And she said that I had to stay for at least an hour before I could go home.” He explained and you felt terrible. Your hand flew to your chest and you frowned.
“Oh my god. I’m sorry- I just assumed. Since you were checking your watch and you are just so-” you stumbled over your words trying to apologize to a complete stranger. So you a took breath before calmly saying, “I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay.” he chuckled out and your heart raced. You weren’t really sure if it was because you embarrassed yourself or because his laugh was cute, “I’m Nolan.”
He held out his hand and you grabbed his larger hand shaking it.
“Y/N.,”  you said dropping his hand, “So it looks like you have twenty more minutes before you can escape prison.”
“Looks like it.” the song ended and a slow ballad filled the gym. You were secretly hoping that it was a short song by it wasn’t.
“I have an idea.” you said and he looked down at you and smiled.
“Oh please. Enlighten me.“You abandoned your drink on one of the steps and grabbed his hand pulling him to the dance floor. He shyly looked at the floor as you placed his hands on your waist. You hooked your hands behind his neck and justed swayed.
“You don’t dance much,” you stated and he nodded. There was something almost comedic about how shy he was,“That’s okay me neither. I really don’t do much physical activity. Unless you count walking to the fridge, couch and occasionally going out to buy more food.”
He laughed softly lifting his eyes to meet yours. You both just swayed there for seemed like a sort time. The selection of slow songs ended and you detached yourself from him. You walked out of the crowd Nolan followed close by.
“So..” he said and you snorted turning back to face him.
“So…” you said tauntingly and he blushed looking at the ground.
“Do you maybe wanna hang for the rest of the-.“ he looked down at his watch and a cute frown etched into his face. “Oh, it’s been twenty minutes.” you smiled brightly at having successfully preoccupied the boy till the shackles came off. He seemed a little disappointed at the fact that he had to leave.
“Yup you are free to go. And now that I think of it. I stayed long enough.Maybe I’ll see you around.” you headed for the gym exit and he grabbed you wrist.
“Wait-um can I have your number? I wanna talk more if its okay with you,” he said softly and you felt the blush rise to your cheeks as you nodded. He handed you the phone and you typed in your number. Putting your contact name as Y/N with a gold star by it.
“Bye Nolan.” you waved and he smiled brightly. His eyes shone with what you thought was a fondness. 

 "Goodbye Y/N.“