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peer tutor || montgomery de la cruz

request: Pretty please with a cherry on top can you write something with Montgomery where the reader is a shy/sweet/innocent/nerd !!!! Love you sooo much 💕
pairing: (y/n) x montgomery
word count: 1 173
notes: okay this is v rushed and v not good and i feel terrible and my content is not quality okay cool
listen to: til’ kingdom come - coldplay

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“(Y/N), can I please speak to you and Montgomery in the classroom?”

You, the sweet, introverted, band geek, were just finishing packing up everything from your locker for the long weekend, until you were interrupted by your teacher, who was busy talking to Montgomery De La Cruz, the cocky, extroverted, asshole jock.

Quickly bidding Alex Standall, your closest friend, goodbye, you picked up your bass and backpack, and made your way into the classroom with the teacher and Montgomery, who might I add, was staring holes into your back the entire time.

“Look, Montgomery. I’m going to make it very clear that you are on the rim of failing my class. You’re passing, currently, with a 53%. I’m also going to make it very clear that the likelihoods of you getting into any college with a mark below a 60% in English is very, very slim.”

You had a slight idea of where this conversation was going, and as much as you found Montgomery physically attractive, he had a personality that definitely did not match his looks.

“(Y/N), you may know where I’m heading with this topic, but I want you to tutor Montgomery in English, until he gets his marks up to at least a 70%. I’ve already talked to him briefly about having a peer tutor, and he specifically asked for you. Now, what’s in it for you, is that this could potentially be used as extra-credit. As well as volunteer hours which look stunning on university applications, especially UCDavis.”

Your eyes widened, stunned at the idea that Montgomery wanted you as his peer tutor.

What am I to him? Why would he want me as his peer tutor?

Sure, you could sometimes feel his eyes on you in class or in the cafeteria, but you only thought of it as him looking at you because your the shy, quiet girl who doesn’t talk at all to anyone except Alex Standall; who’s practically Montgomery’s worst enemy.

You looked over at him, and saw his hazel eyes boring straight into your (e/c) eyes with a smile gracing his face.

Not his usually cocky,
or lusty,
or arrogant smile.

But a genuine smile that seemed to convey so much more than what it held.

And it was at that moment you broke. “Yes, Ms. Clark, I would be more than willing to help Mr. De La Cruz with English.”

Montgomery seemed to release a breath that he was keeping in for the past minutes and the teacher clapped her hands happily. “Perfect, okay! You’ll start today, I’ve reserved a table for the two of you in the library, happy studying!” She ushered you out of the class and shut the door on you before you could object.

Her quick change in behaviour slightly startled you, but you took nothing important of it.

You shuffled from on your feet awkwardly, not knowing how to approach the situation of talking to an attractive boy that seemed to show some interest in you. “Should we… go to the library?”

Montgomery smiled at your awkwardness and let out a quiet laugh. “Yeah. Yeah, we should.” And with that the two of you began your silent trek to the place of quiet and learning.

You were quite comfortable with silence, Montgomery, however, was not.

“So, you play the bass? I used to play, when I was smaller.” You immediately piped up at his incorrect grammar and fixed him.

“Younger, actually. You used to play when you were younger, not smaller…” Trailing off, you realized what you had said and thought that you had ruined your chances of being able to befriend him.

“Right, right, see? I’m glad I have you now as a tutor. To fix all my mistakes.”

The two of you exchanged a smile and walked in silence to the library.

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Jeff Atkins Request

Hello lovely! You were extremely kind to take on my request, and I was wondering if I can request another. I couldn’t help but notice you did one of Clay Jensen, so I was wondering if you can do one of Jeff Atkins. Where the reader is nowhere near being popular, and she has an absolute huge crush on Jeff. Both have a class together, that being History. The reader is really shy, especially around Jeff since they sit next to each other, and Jeff takes a liking towards her and starts to ask for help on the assignments, and ask her out. I’m always open to what you have in mind. I know it’ll turn out great. Thank you! 🌟💛🌹

You sat in your desk for 4th period History and rummaged through your bag for a pen and your notebook. “Hey,” you heard one of your classmates say but ignored it since you rarely talked to anyone in this class. “Hey, Y/N,” you snapped to attention and looked up to lock eyes with Jeff Atkins.

“Me,” you asked from disbelief.

“Yeah,” he laughed, “you are Y/N, aren’t you.”

“Right,” you blushed at your own awkwardness.

“Do you have a pen I can borrow? I think I left all my pens in my locker.”

“Ugh yeah,” you dug back into your bag and pulled out a pen. “Here you go.”

“Thank you.” You tried not to blush at his cute smile and luckily the class started so you didn’t have to worry about humiliating yourself. You listened as the class started on their World War I and II unit.

“Does anybody know what event started World War 1,” Mrs. Jamison asked and your fellow students put down their heads to avoid being called on. You raised your hand timidly. “Y/N.”

“The assassination of Franz Ferdinand.”

“Right,” she said impressed. “And what was the first country to declare war?” You kept your hand down this time and looked down at the notes you had written the night before. “Y/N, want to take a shot on this?”

“Austria declared war on Serbia.”

“Right again.” You sat back in your seat and doodle in your notebook as Mrs. Jamison walked through the first World War. The bell rang and you all gathered your stuff and jumped up to leave this class for the next.

You were walking down the hallway when you heard your name being called out. “Y/N, hey, wait up,” you turned and saw Jeff walking towards you. “Here’s your pen.”

“Keep it,” you told him. “You need it more than I do.”

“Alright,” he grinned. “Thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow?” You nodded and went to your math class. The cutest guy in school had talked to you two times in one day. What was happening?


Jeff smiled at you the next day when he got to class, and every day after that. He’d try and get you to small talk with him before and after class and was surpirsed that ou were finally coming more comfortable around him. Today, as Mrs. Jamison went through the day’s notes Jeff noticed the way you’d answer questions under your breath to yourself, although you didn’t seem to notice.

“These are due tomorrow,” Mrs. Jamison passed out worksheets just before the class bell rang. “And remember our test of both World Wars is Thursday.”

“Y/N,” you stopped packing your bag and looked up at Jeff.


“I can’t keep all these dates and events straight and you’re really smart. Is there anyway you think you could tutor me for the test Thursday?”

“Um, sure. When are you free?”

“You have 6th period lunch right?” You nodded. “Could we meet in the library today and work on this worksheet and maybe after practice tonight we could meet up?”

“Sure. Where do you want to meet after practice?”

“You can come to my house if you want.” He scribbled his address and number on a piece of paper and handed it to you. “6 o’clock good?”

“I’ll be there.” The rest of the day all you could think about was how Jake Atkins had just invited you to his house.


Your stomach was fluttering when you walked up to the house and knocked on the door. His mom answered the door with a smile that looked liked his. “Hi. You must be Y/N. I’m Jeff’s Mom.” You nodded with a smile. “Jeff’s told me all about you. Come on in,” she welcomed you and walked you into the kitchen where Jeff stood behind the stove.

“Y/N, hey, just in time! I just finished dinner. You like chicken alfredo?”

“Um, yeah.” He handed you a plate and kept walking. “I have all my stuff set up in the dining room.” You followed him and took a seat at the table.

You took a bite of the chicken alfredo and you’re eyes went wide from how good it was. “Did you make this?”

“Yep. You like it?”

“I’m really impressed.”

“Why,” he laughed.

“Because you’re a star athlete, you’re one of the most popular guys in school, and now you’re a chef. What can’t you do?”

“Any type of school work apparently,” you giggled and kept eating before you pulled out your history stuff.

About 2 hours later you closed your book and looked at Jeff. “Did that worksheet help?”

“A little but I think I learned more from you just now than I have the whole time Mrs. Jamison has been teaching us.”

“Well we only got through World War I. Do you want to meet again during lunch tomorrow and study World War II?”

“Would you mind?”

“Not at all,” you gathered your things and Jeff walked you to the door.

“Thanks for all your help today, Y/N.” He reached forward and opened the door for you. “Have a good night.” You tried not to blush until after the door had been closed behind you.


You worked with him the next day at lunch and found yourself studying with him in his backyard after his practice again. “That’s right,” you cheered. “See you’ve got this for the test tomorrow.”

“I couldn’t have done this without you. I mean in.”

“I’m sure you could have managed.”

“I couldn’t have. I would have failed and I wouldn’t have been able to play. How can I repay you?”

“Jeff, you don’t have to repay me.”

“I don’t have to but I want to. Let me take you out Friday night.”

“Take me out,” you gave a short laugh?

“Yes. Out, like on a date. We could go to the movies or go out to the cafe. What do you say?”

“Are you forreal,” you couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

“You’re one of the most popular kids in school, Jeff. I’m the awkward and smart kid that people only talk to when they need help with homework.”

“Is that what you think I did?”

“I never really thought about it.”

“Then how about you let me take you out and I can show you I don’t just want to talk to you about homework.”

You thought it over for a second then nodded. “Ok. On one condition.”

You could tell he was surprised. “Ok, and what’s the condition?”

“You get above a 85 on this test tomorrow like I know you can and I will do out with you Friday night.”

He extended a hand out to you. “Deal,” you two shook on it


You went to class that next day and sat beside Jeff. “You ready,” you asked before Mrs. Jamison started handing out the tests.

“I studied all night after you left.”

“You’ll do great,” you got a test and went to work. Jeff was just about done with his as the bell rang. You hopped out and left the classroom, giving him one last look before you walked through the door.

You got to school Friday and went to your locker to grab the books for our first couple classes. “Y/N! Y/N,”Jeff came running towards you in the hall. “I got my test.”

“You got your test already?”

“I went and saw Mrs. Jamison as soon as I got in.”

“Well how’d you do?” He handed you his test with a bright red 89% marked at the top. “An 89! That’s great! Congrats, Jeff.”

“You know what that means,” he smiled. “You have plans with me tonight at 7. Tests me your address and I’ll pick you up.”

You blushed and closed your locker, “I’ll see you at 7 then.”

new york


word count: 1,856

A/N: this was requested a couple weeks ago but I can’t remember by who (I know I’m terrible.) but I hope you enjoy!!

**warning: SMUT**

New York, the city that never sleeps. The city that was home to broadway plays. I never imagined I’d be able to visit here. Yet here I was, spending spring break with the rest of my drama class who chose to go, which consisted of mostly everyone who had nothing better to do for the week. A majority of the class was there just for extra credit and something to do over break. I, however, had always dreamed of going to see plays on broadway.

There were very few of us that actually cared about the trip: a boy, another girl, and I. The girl, Abigail, was quiet, reserved. She kept to herself most times and I respected that. I was nice to her, didn’t try to bother her too much. I knew she didn’t enjoy conversations.

The boy’s name was Shawn. He was the type you’d expect to see playing baseball or basketball, not in drama club. He was tall with a slim build but muscles prominent where they should be. His hair was a dark brunette color and was often pushed off his forehead, a wavy mess. His eyes were the color of warm honey.

I’d known him most of my high school life. We’d taken drama classes together since I could remember so it was hard for us to not know each other. He was always sweet, seemed super intelligent. We talked occasionally but nothing too in depth. He was always nice to me as was I to him. He was good looking, no doubt.

When we had arrived, everyone else had already picked who they would share a hotel room with. All the other rooms were filled and with only one other room left, Shawn and I ended up sharing a room. Our teacher didn’t mind, she knew we were both trustworthy kids. Since we were sharing a room, I decided to spark up more conversation with Shawn. I was spending the rest of this week with him, after all. Might as well get to know him better.

“So what part of the trip are you most excited about?” I asked Shawn.

“Overall, going to see Wicked on broadway. But right now it’s getting something to eat. I’m starving.” He laughed. We’d been walking through Central Park for nearly an hour now and all of us hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. I checked my watch, 2:35. My stomach growled once I realized how long it had been since the last time I ate.

“Now that you mention it, I’m pretty hungry too.” I said. My eyes searched for any nearby food vendors in the park. I saw one out in the distance, nearly two blocks away. I nudged Shawn’s arm. “There’s some type of food stand up there.” I pointed in the direction of what looked to be the typical New York hot dog stand.

Shawn’s eyes got wide and I giggled lightly at how excited he got over food. Our group slowly made its way towards where the food was. Shawn and I bought pretzels and soda. We talked for hours more, hardly paying any attention to everyone else on the trip and the beautiful city around us.

My alarm went off at 7:00 the next morning. I don’t remember setting it that early, but there was probably some reason why so I went ahead and got out of the uncomfortable hotel bed. I stretched and made my way to the shower, grabbing clothes on the way. I did my normal shower routine: shampoo and condition my hair, wash my body, then my face. When I dried myself off I realized I hadn’t grabbed any underwear out of my suitcase. Shit.

I tiptoed out of the bathroom, trying to not wake Shawn up. I squatted down beside my suitcase and struggled to keep my towel wrapped around me. With one hand, I let my towel go so I could search for my underwear. I knew Shawn was asleep still so it didn’t matter. I dug through my suitcase, sitting there completely bare.

I stood back up after wrapping the towel back around my still damp body. I checked to see if Shawn was still asleep, which he wasn’t. My mouth dropped open in shock, I didn’t know what to say.

“I’m- I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were awake.” I apologized.

“No it’s all good. We just won’t tell anyone about this, okay?” He said. I nodded my head in agreement and made my way back to the bathroom. I got ready and tried to continue the day like normal but it was too awkward between Shawn and I. I could barely even look at him and there were still six more days left of this trip. Our group walked through the streets of New York, barely even two blocks from our hotel.

“Look just because I saw you naked doesn’t mean you have to be weird with me.” Shawn spoke quietly so only I could hear. “Besides, you shouldn’t be embarrassed. You looked pretty good.” I felt my cheeks heat up and I playfully hit him.

“I can’t believe you.” I joked. His cheeks were now red too, realizing he had actually said that. I had seen him almost naked this morning too, only his boxers when he had gotten out of bed. And oh man, was he a sight to see. His arms were strong and muscular. His abdomen was toned, no flaw to be found whatsoever.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing you naked again.” He smirked, knowing I knew what he was suggesting. I couldn’t believe it but I wanted it too.

“Excuse me?” I said.

“You know what I said.” He boasted. I was surprised at his sudden confidence. I knew what the answer was. Of course it was yes. After seeing his so carefully sculpted body earlier this morning, there was no way possible I could turn this down. I looked Shawn in the eyes and nodded my head yes.

“Ma'am,” Shawn spoke to our teacher, “my roommate left her phone in our room and she was really wanting to make some pictures. Can we go back to the hotel to get it?” Lie on top of more lies. I was weirdly okay with it though. After getting permission, Shawn and I walked back to our hotel.

The two blocks seemed like miles now that Shawn and I both were anticipating something. I knew we wouldn’t have much time once we got back to the hotel room. I began fantasizing about what was to come. Shawn hovering over me, his muscular arms on either side of me, his breathing unsteady and soft moans escaping his lips. Oh gosh.

Shawn grabbed my hand to help guide me through the crowded sidewalk, not wasting any time as he was walking briskly. We were finally outside the hotel. We rushed in the doors and onto the elevator. The lobby of the hotel was completely empty and nobody else had gotten on the elevator with us. I took the chance to kiss Shawn. I grabbed the denim fabric of his jacket and pulled him down to press my lips against his.

The kiss was delicate until Shawn began to bite my bottom lip. My hand ran through his thick brown hair. His grasped around my waist. I was sent into a blissful high until I heard the elevator doors open. We rushed into the room. Shawn fumbled with the room card. I could sense his eagerness.

I hurriedly stripped off my shirt and began to unbutton my jeans. I left my bra and panties on, leaving those on for Shawn to take off. I glanced up at him to see he was still wearing pants.

“Hurry, Shawn.” I said, the impatience apparent in my voice. He took his pants off, his bulge obvious through his tight fitting boxers. He took me by surprise when he picked me up, sitting me on his lap after sitting down on the edge of the bed. His lips soon attached to my neck and I threw my head back to give him better access. He started to suck at the crook of my neck.

“Please no hickeys.” I begged. He stopped sucking at my skin to unclasp my bra. He bit his lip slightly, looking more alluring to me than ever before. I took his face into my hands and kissed his lips roughly, wanting him to know how badly I needed him. He stood up, placing his arm at the small of my back to support me then laid me onto the bed. His fingers hooked into my underwear and pulled them off slowly.

“Get on your stomach.” He muttered. I did as he wished and got onto my stomach, letting my forearms rest on the bed. I heard him searching through his pants pockets for his wallet then the tear of a condom wrapper. I soon felt the warmth of his body behind me again.

“You ready?” Shawn asked. I replied with an ‘mhm’ then felt his hands spreading my legs further apart. He entered me and I gasped. He wasn’t my first, but he was much bigger than the other two guys I’d been with. I waited for him to start thrusting, I was impatient after a few seconds. He took himself out completely and I felt empty, only to be filled again. He repeated this action over and over, making my legs shake. I moaned out his name.

His hands gripped onto my hips now. He thruster deeper into me but no longer took himself out completely. His thrusts were at a pace enjoyable for both of us and hard enough to make me moan out profanities. The small hotel room grew hotter as time went on. I could feel sweat dripping down my neck.

“You’re so tight, oh god.” Shawn groaned. He stopped fucking me and turned me onto my back. I was more pleased with this position than the previous one, I could now look at him. He slipped into me once again, continuing the pace he’d had before. His arms were on either side of me and his face right above mine. Sweat droplets ran down his forehead and his cheeks were flushed.

“Shawn, I’m gonna come.” I moaned, my voice getting slightly higher pitched. His eyes flickered up to mine, no longer watching my breasts bounce gently or watching himself thrust into me. He wore a smirk on his face. His mouth went to my boobs, leaving wet kisses everywhere. The extra pleasure sent me into euphoria. My back arched and I lightly tugged at Shawn’s hair. Soft moans escaped my parted lips as my orgasm washed over my entire body.

He soon pulled out and went to throw the condom away. He walked back into the room, still completely naked and definitely a sight to see. I sat up and began to put my clothes back on as did Shawn.

“I can tell this trip is going to be fucking great.” He laughed. I nodded my head in agreement. It definitely will be.

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Do you think can do some aus/prompts about best friends to couples? Like how they start dating/ how they tell their other friends/ and possibly fights/ etc. thank you!! <3


Best friends to lovers prompts, coming right up!

Getting Together-

1. “You found the poem I wrote about you, and now you know how I feel about you. Please don’t hate me.”

2. “You kept insisting that I tell you who I was interested in, so I finally caved, and admitted that I’ve loved you for years.”

3. “Our friends just told us that they thought we were dating this whole time, and suddenly, that doesn’t sound so bad to me.”

4. “I’ve been successfully hiding my feelings for you for years, but then, you kissed me as a joke, and I couldn’t hide it anymore.”

5. “I call you at 3 AM to talk about random stuff when I can’t sleep, and somewhere between ‘Do pandas like rock music’ and ‘Why can’t fish dance,” I ended up admitting that I love you.”

6. “You keep trying to set me up with people, because you want me to be happy, and I end up blurting that the only person I want to be happy with is you.”

7. “When we were in third grade, you gave me a ring pop, and told me we were married. Today, you found out that I still have it.”

Telling Their Friends-

1. “We were just going to wait and see who noticed first, but it’s been a month, and NO ONE realizes that anything is different?”

2. “We didn’t really have to tell anyone, because one of our friends caught us kissing and posted it on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.”

3. “We sat everyone down for a serious discussion, but when we told them, they were all confused. ‘Haven’t you guys been dating for, like, three years now?’”

4. “We changed our relationship statuses to ‘In a relationship’ with each other, and everyone is commenting ‘Lol’, ‘Good one,’ and ‘Yeah, right’ on them, so we posted a picture of us kissing. No one is laughing now.”


1. “Your ex is back in town, and I know it shouldn’t bother me, but I remember you talking to me for hours about how amazing they were, while my heart shattered each time. No, I’m not thrilled about you having dinner with them, even if it is just for business.”

2. “I don’t want everyone to know yet, and you want to shout it to the world that we’re together.”

3. “My parents were never even a fan of our friendship. Now that we’re dating, it’s ten times worse.”


1. “We still refer to each other as “best friends,” and everyone is confused by that, but dating doesn’t mean we aren’t still friends.”

2. “Literally no one is surprised that we’re dating.”

3. “Your sibling’s kids have been calling me aunt/uncle since before we were dating, and they don’t really see what all the fuss is about.”

Gotta Go My Own Way 4 | Calum Hood

I am incredibly sorry for the delay. I’ve been so busy with my life recently (shocker) and I will also be busy my spring break next week so I don’t think I’ll have time to write the finale to WNCIL :( But this time I will keep you guys updated so I don’t disappoint. Enjoy.

Previous Parts 1 2 3

Calum’s POV

Coming back from Mr.Jackson’s room, I hid the piece of paper, that could potentially ruin the relationships around me, under my set of clothes laid out for our gig tonight. It was folded small enough to not be seen underneath my green t-shirt, but as soon as I laid the shirt down on top of it, I heard the knob to the door start to turn. My head whipped around to find the boys and Y/N, her smile still sat on her face as she laughed at something Luke said. I straightened up and leaned my back against the table our stuff was set on, my hands clutching the white painted wood. I flicked my head at them, a signal of ‘what’s up’, and watched as the boys all started to grab their stuff and start getting ready to warm up a little before soundcheck.

“Let’s get ready buddy, soundcheck’s in about 2 hours!” Ashton yelled, throwing my some hairspray to make my hair look more appealing than it was right now. Since the meeting, my hands have just been running through it, the anxiousness hitting me hard.

Y/N came and stood by me, grabbing the bottle and a comb from behind me and smiled softly at me. She sprayed a little bit of hairspray on the comb and lightly fluffed it through my thick hair. She almost at to stand on her tip toes, but she was and has always been the perfect height for me. All the negative and anxious feelings that built up inside of me seemed to vanish when I looked into the light of her eyes. She was too busy focusing on my hair, when all I could do was smile. She noticed my focus, and blushed before pulling the comb away to look at her masterpiece. 

Her hand reached up behind my neck at the baby hairs I had, and slightly tugged on them. The boys had now left the room to find their instruments, leaving the two of us together. My hands found their way to her waist, my fingers rubbing at the cotton shirt material. 

“My handsome Calum…” My smile only grew bigger. Y/N had always been that way with me. She knew how insecure I could get sometimes with Ashton being the buff guy in the band, Michael being the bad boy looking type, and Luke being the fan favorite. There were days when I would just want to hide away from the world because no one ever cared for me. I felt overlooked and under appreciated, but Y/N helped bring that confidence back into myself, reminding me pretty much everyday of how handsome, built, and talented I was. I leaned in and captured her lips with my own and molded them. She instantly melted into me, bringing her other hand to drape over my neck and shoulder. Her chest lunged and pressed up against me, only deepening the very needed kiss. I felt her moan into my mouth, causing me to leave a trail of light kisses from her jaw line to the edge of her collarbone, something I know drives her crazy.

“Calum…” she whispered, “I’m s-sorry I finished the song w-without you…” This caused me to teethe at the skin of her neck, leaving red streaks.

As a second moan escaped her lips, we heard 3 big bangs on the door, followed by a shrieking girl voice. 

“Calum! C’mon! The boys are already out here!” A loud, annoyed sigh came out of my mouth, as my forehead landed on Y/N’s shoulder. I could feel her body tense up beneath me, and her skin started getting warm. I rubbed my hand on her lower back to reassure her that there was nothing to worry about, but in reality, she had everything to worry about. 

“It’s okay Cal…go get ready for soundcheck, I’ll be on the sides in a little bit.” I lifted my head, my eyes landing on her understanding smile. 

“We’re not finished though.” I smirked, trying to lighten up the ruined mood. Y/N only chuckled at my stupidity, and nodded. I lightly kissed her forehead, and then sprung off the table heading for the door. As I turned the knob, I looked back one last time to see her with arms crossed, watching me.

“Don’t forget, I love you.” We both smiled widely, and she said I love you back.


I turned back towards the table, only to see that Calum’s clothes were still in the room, and now on the floor. I knelt down and carefully picked up his clothes, but suddenly a white piece of paper fell out under his shirt. I set the clothes on the table, a curious look laid upon my face, my eyebrows scrunching together.

It was slightly crumpled, and had tiny font, to the point where I had to bring the paper closer to my face than usual. I saw it was addressed to Calum, but the sentences that I saw in fragments nearly destroyed the butterflies he left in me only a minute ago.

“…solo career…break away from 5 Seconds of Summer…front singer of Hey Violet…great career move…” and so much more was written in this document. My hand fell over my mouth, shocked and disgusted that Calum had this paper basically signing his life away to Hey Violet, to Nia, from 5SOS…from me. I felt utterly sick reading the contract, reading all the perks he could have if he left his band, how much he would be paid, the places he’d travel, the ‘more’ opportunities he could have as a solo artist. But none of that would matter if he didn’t have Luke, Ashton, or Michael. I wasn’t mad so much at the fact that he’d be leaving me, but the fact that he’d be leaving the 3 main people who worked so hard along side him to have their dream of playing arenas for adoring fans a reality. He didn’t stick with them because he knew they could potentially become famous, but because he wanted to conquer the world with them by his side. But ever since Nia came along, she’s tried corrupting Calum, and trying to make him fall for the fame and money, like he promised never to do. And it was almost as if my biggest nightmare, had become a reality.

Soundcheck was just now finishing up, Hey Violet and the boys both emerging backstage since they were both out there. Everybody was all smiles and laughs talking about the funny fan questions, reactions, and signs that they saw from their adoring audience. However, I was sitting on the corner of the couch on my phone, my back pocket burning where the Calum’s contract was. The other 3 boys sat around me, nudging me to see what was wrong, but my eyes only laid on Calum who was laughing it up with Mr.Jackson and Nia, of course. His back was turned to me, as I felt tears start to form in my eyes.

“Wait…Y/N what’s wrong…” Luke whispered lightly in my ear, the other boys leaning in to listen. I shook my head, pulling out my phone and clicking on the picture of the contract I took, showing it to all of them. They’re not only his best friends, but his bandmates and business partners, they deserve a right to know even if it’s not from him.

Luke’s hands balled up into fists, Michael’s face was almost as red as his hair, and Ashton only began to get as watery eyed as I did as they read the dreaded contract. They all looked at him with stares as deadly as daggers, but his back was still turned, oblivious.

“Do you actually have this? Because if you don’t, this is a really sick prank Y/N.” Ashton said sternly. I shook my head defensively, pulling out the folded piece of paper quickly before stuffing it into my back pocket again.

“Why would I fucking lie about this Ashton? He’s been hiding it from us!” I scream whispered. 

“When did you find it? Where did you find it?” Michael asked.

“Today, under his shirt for the set. He was trying to hide it away so nobody would know that he’s fucking leaving.”

“C’mon, Calum may be stupid sometimes but I don’t think he’d be willing to give up the band like that. He wanted this more than any of us, he wanted the band to grow together and get to where we are now as a group, best friends, brothers. He wouldn’t dare leave us.” Luke defended.

“Then why did he hide it from us? Why didn’t he just flat out say no and not take the contract then? Why did he take it in the first place, and then sneak it past us, thinking we wouldn’t ever find out about it? Luke, this isn’t just your best friend, but mine also. Calum is everything to me. I know him as well as you guys, and even I know,” I sighed, before the next sentence came out, “the benefits are just too great. Calum is so straight-forward, if he really didn’t want to take the offer, he wouldn’t have even taken the contract.” 

As my voice died out, we heard behind us the convo of Calum, Mr.Jackson and Nia. Mr.Jackson had left momentarily before hustling back out to the small ‘living room’ we were all hanging out in. There was a huge guitar-bass like case in his right hand, and he set it down at Calum’s both, both him and Nia smiling proudly.

“Open it son. It’s a gift from all of us here.” Mr.Jackson smiled.

Calum carefully bent down and opened the case, revealing a new jet black glossy finished bass, clean and obviously expensive. Calum held it in his hands as if it was a new born baby, gocking at it’s new fine beauty. He was speechless, and beside me I heard all 3 of the boys groan to themselves.

“M-Mr.Jackson…w-why, why did you give me this?”
“Let’s just say, someone put in a good word for you,” he winked at Nia beside him, “and said you deserve it, and I agree wholeheartedly.”

“This…this is incredible, thank you so much!” His smile stretched up to his under eyes, the heartfelt crinkly smile that I adored so much was on his face for all the wrong reasons, and he was slowly becoming the Calum I didn’t know.

My world came crashing down, though, as Nia reached up to Calum’s cheek and placed a tender kiss on it. My heart broke seeing the two together, acting like a more real couple than him and I had this whole tour. Tears broke out of my eyes as they cascaded down my cheeks, my hands and face becoming hot, as I ran back to the dressing room. All eyes focused back on me, a concerned/sad look on everyone else’s face but only a smirk to be found on Nia’s.

As I shut the door behind me, I ran toward the back of the room near the table with all the boys necessities on it and rested my hands on it, letting out a loud sob that I had been desperately trying to hold in. My vision was instantly blurry, soaking the table beneath me. I heard the door creak open, not caring who was there, my almost hopeless state completely taking up my attention.

“Was that fun to watch?” The snarky voice echoed throughout the door. I shuttered as my tears stopped, but still kept my back to her.

“You tell me.” I sniffled.

I heard her chuckle and she walked into the room slowly.

“Why are you doing this to me. I haven’t done anything, to deserve the downright hateful things you have done to me.” I turned around to face her, trying hard to show off that I wasn’t phased or intimidated by her.

“You, little ms.princess, weren’t even suppose to be on this tour in the first place! It was suppose to be Luke’s mom! You haven’t even been doing anything to help Calum out, I’ve stepped in multiple times just to save his freaking job!” I was taken back, and gasped.

“So giving him that contract to become a solo artist is you being helpful? You’re not only trying to control his life, but you’re trying to ruin mine, and my best friend’s!” She could only smirk at my reply.

“You just don’t like the fact that I,won.”

“Is Calum the prize? Is the press and money the prize? No thanks, Nia. You’re very good at a game that I’m tired of playing! So, I guess you’re getting your wish. I’m done here. He’s all yours.” I swiftly grabbed my purse off the table and turned for the door, to see Calum already standing there, arms open for me.

“Baby…c’mon please talk to me.” He pleaded as I walked past him out of the room. “None of this means anything if I don’t have you here by my side experiencing it with me, please, I wasn’t trying to break up apart!”

I stopped in my tracks, my heart sinking at his lies. I angrily pulled out the contract from my pocket, quickly opened it up, and threw it down towards his feet.

“That! That is what’s breaking us apart, Calum! The lies, the sneaking around, the new feelings you’ve developed for Nia! I’m out of here.” I could hear his sniffles as he picked up the crumpled up paper as I stumbled out of the backstage door. But I soon heard his footsteps, coming after me.

CLIFFHANGER! Again, this imagine is based off of HSM2, so any language that’s familiar to you guys in here is from the movie. The next part will be the actual ‘gotta go my own way scene’ just a heads up. And I know this part went by kinda quickly, but I hope you enjoyed it none the less.

Best You’ve Ever Had**



Hanging out with the boys was great don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it can be a bit annoying. It can also get really awkward at times and none of the boys really seems to care, which only made it more awkward. 

Today’s conversation was about orgasms because someone had a new girl and blah blah blah. I was sat in Joe’s kitchen trying to get the some work done and to distance myself from the conversation because I didn’t want to be roped in and have to explain that contrary to popular belief apparently I haven’t had a lot of sex, and of the sex that I have had, it wasn’t that great. 

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kuro212  asked:

Hi, I love your blog! Can you have 2d be jealous??

Jealous 2D is my weakness tbh

Whenever you and the band got the chance, you liked to go out drinking. It was always a great night out- karaoke with Noodle (she was always better than you), doing shots with Murdoc, and playing pool with Russel. 2D was always by your side when the two of you were drunk- he became exponentially more clingy as the night went on. It was cute, to be honest. You had been at the pub for about 2 hours now, and in Murdoc’s opinion, the night was just getting started. “More shots?” He asked, smirking at you. “I can out-drink you any day, old man” you grinned back, as the bartender presented you another 2 shots of whiskey. “Jus’ give us the bottle” he said to the bartender, laughing darkly. He put the bottle of whiskey on the table, chuckling slightly and walking away. The two of you did shot after shot, and had began to form quite a crowd. People were placing bets on who would give up first, most of the bets being placed on your projectile vomiting across the room. “£10 says the hot one passes out!” One man shouted, holding a tenner in the air. “Aye! And if she does, I’m taking her home!” Another man replied, laughing. 2D, who had been standing behind you with Russ chatting and laughing the entire time heard this, and his eye began twitching. “It’s not worth it” Russ said, noting the anger in 2D’s eyes. 2D sighed, crossing his arms and glaring and the men. You were oblivious to all of this, continuing to drink with Murdoc. You’d drank far to much for someone of your size at this point, as had Murdoc. Yet you carried on. One of the drunk men in the crowd of betters made his way up to you, tapping you on the shoulder. You looked up, pouring another shot down your throat and making a face. “Aye, love, why don’t ya just give up and come home with me? I’ll show you a better time than this!” He winked, leaning on the bar in-between you and Murdoc. Murdoc watched, wondering what the fuck this man thought he was doing. They were trying to do shots here? The man flirting with you failed to notice the 6"2 man standing behind him, an incredibly angry look on your face. You looked up at 2D, wondering what he was going to do. The man flirting with you looked behind him to see 2D. “Jealous, mate? They clearly like me more, don’t ya love?” He asked, turning to face you. That was clearly the last straw for 2D, as he punched the man in the face. Very hard. “What the fuck?” He screamed, hands flying to cover his bloody nose. “Get away from them. Now.” 2D growled, staring at them as they moved away. 2D stood next to you, as the crowd began to disperse. “Woooah” you giggled, looking up at 2D. You were still a bit too drunk to understand what was happening. “Was face-ache jealous?” Murdoc asked from behind 2D, downing another shot. “No!” He said defensively, crossing his arms again. You leaned up against 2D, wrapping your arms around him. “You okay, love?” He asked, patting your head. You didn’t reply. “I think they’ve fallen asleep..” 2D, attempting to pick you up. “I wiiiiiiiin!” Murdoc celebrated, before planting his face rather violently on the table.

Snowball Part 5!!!

Heyo. Again I’m gonna start this off by apologising for the lack of updates on this, I haven’t even been that busy, I’m just lazy like I have no excuse haha. Thanks to anyone still following this, I really do appreciate it and without messages and stuff this honestly wouldn’t have gone past the first chapter xx.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Feyre had been working for a few weeks at Mor’s coffee shop now. She worked most days when Tamlin was home, and every day when he was out of town for business. Mor loved having Feyre around to laugh with and had even told her last week that her coffee making skills had considerably improved, but Mor would still politely refuse when Feyre offered to make her a coffee. 

It was long hours and the morning rush could be hectic at best, but Feyre enjoyed the challenge and it occupied her lonesome thoughts. When Tamlin was home he would disappear into his study for hours or be lost in his own thoughts when they decided to go out places for dinner. Feyre didn’t want to talk to him about his work though as she knew it would just worsen his mood, and he had made it very clear he hated talking about work with her. 

Feyre had walked in one morning to see Mor attempting to decorate their specials board with crude attempts at stick figures. Feyre hadn’t meant to laugh but it caught her by surprise.

“I know I’m not very artistic but you know it’s bad when even your stick men get laughed at.” Mor huffed.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed but … does one of them have two heads?”

Mor sighed, “No, it was supposed to be a Christmas hat.”

Hesitantly, Feyre reached for Mor’s chalk, “May I?”

Mor looked surprised but handed the chalk over. She left to keep setting up chairs and tables while Feyre drew. She had a number of paints and canvas’s at home but she hadn’t felt any desire to paint lately, but Feyre got lost in her own drawing and hadn’t even noticed Mor peering over her shoulder.

“Oh my god it looks fantastic!” Mor squealed, making Feyre jump.

Feyre looked it over once, it wasn’t amazing. Done with cheap chalk and in just a few minutes, but it passed for a Winter wonderland scene with snowflakes, reindeer, and people huddled around a fire holding cups of steaming coffee. From then on Mor always got Feyre to decorate the boards after she had written on them.

Mor would sometimes leave Feyre alone for a few hours when it was quiet so she could run some errands and the trust Mor had in her blew Feyre away. Even if she wasn’t always left by herself. Most days Mor’s friends frequented the store such as Amren, a small but wicked looking woman who awed Feyre but also made her want to avoid eye contact. Amren was nothing but friendly towards Feyre and would always leave her an especially big tip so Feyre made an effort to make small talk. Amren owned her own jewellery store where she made her own accessories and was an old friend of Mor and Rhysand’s family.

Rhys’s brutish looking friends, Cassian and Azriel, were also usually hanging around the shop. Their favourite table was hidden away in a dark corner where Azriel would all but vanish in the darkness, but since Feyre had started working, Cassian would drag Azriel to tables that were closer to the counter so they could talk. Despite their imposing looks, Feyre found both of them to be quite friendly towards her and it wasn’t long before she found herself smiling before they had even entered the shop as she could hear their booming voices approaching from halfway down the street. They ordered the same thing every day, just a black coffee for Azriel, no sugar, and Cassian always had the most expensive and extravagant, whipped cream topped coffee they served, complete with chocolate and caramel syrup. 

Rhys had so far kept his distance.

One morning after Lucien had dropped Feyre off for the day, Mor had been telling Feyre about an awful customer she had once had when the door swept open. Mor stopped mid sentence to beam at whoever had just entered. Feyre had her back to the door but she knew who it was was from the intensity of the gaze she felt was trained on her back.

“Well look who finally decided to come and check up on his shop.” Mor teased.

“You know I’ve been busy Mor. As I’m sure you’ve also been, training Feyre to make coffees that surpass even your own.” Rhysand purred.

Mor scoffed, “Who told you that?”


“Next time I’m locking him outside in the cold.” Mor laughed despite her icy tone. “Seriously though are you just passing through or staying for a bit?”

Rhys sighed, “I think I need to just sit down and clear my head. Wanna make me one of your famous coffees?”

“Coming right up!” Mor smiled.

“I wasn’t talking to you.” Rhys said, before flashing me a grin and taking his seat.

“How tragic. Disowned by my own cousin.” Mor said shaking her head. “He likes a cappuccino with two sugars.”

Feyre worked at the machine alongside Mor as she made other orders but Feyre could feel that violet gaze fixed only on her.

“How come Rhys hasn’t been around? Cassian and Azriel are always here.” Feyre asked Mor quietly.

“I think he’s just been really busy lately. He gets restless when he’s stressed so I doubt he wants to hang around here all day.” Mor replied as she turned on the coffee grinder.

The loud machine drowned out most sounds making Feyre nearly having to yell for Mor to hear her.

“Is it work related? The stress I mean.”

“Sort of. He works also as a spokesperson for the Illyrian community, making sure no one treats them badly.”

Feyre hadn’t had much experience with these Illyrians as she had only recently moved to town to be with Tamlin.

“Have people treated them badly in the past?” Feyre ventured.

“Oh Feyre, I wish I could say people in this town weren’t discriminatory but the world just isn’t like that.”

“I’ve never heard of Illyrians.”

“Well you live with Tamlin right? He lives in the flashy part of town, the opposite end to the Illyrian people so you probably haven’t ever seen them.”

Feyre finished making Rhysand’s coffee and moved to bring it out to him when Mor added, “He’s fussy about his coffees, sometimes I have to remake them a few times before he’s satisfied so don’t feel bad if he doesn’t drink it.”

“If he complains we’ll see how much he likes hot coffee poured in his lap.” Feyre said before freezing. Mor had turned the coffee grinder off just as Feyre had started to respond allowing Rhys to hear every word.

Deciding to play it off, Feyre continued on her path to Rhys and set the coffee down before him, arching her eyebrow in a challenge.

Rhys grinned up at her before painstakingly slowly, lifting the cup towards his lips. Feyre watched in anticipation and nearly screamed when he suddenly placed the coffee back on the table.

“It’s a little hot. I think I’ll wait for it to cool. Thank you.” Rhys said while giving her a cocky grin.

Swallowing her annoyance, Feyre marched back behind the counter with a grimace. Mor only laughed, before handing Feyre some new orders.

A few coffees later and Feyre looked up as an empty cup was set on the counter. She looked up to see Rhys gazing at her thoughtfully.

“… Was there anything else I could help you with?” Feyre asked, suddenly remembering that for all his jokes, Rhys was technically her boss.

“You changed the coffee.” Rhys said without any hint of emotion on his face.

Mor, who had been out the back gathering more stock, suddenly reappeared and miserably failed at looking like she wasn’t eavesdropping.

“I tried a different blend. Mor’s been encouraging me to experiment.”

Feyre felt the back of her neck dampen with sweat as Rhys failed to respond, only staring at her mutely.

“Did you like it? I can make another if you didn’t. I’m sorry, I know you like it a particular way-” Feyre babbled before Rhys cut her off.

“It’s okay. I liked it. Could you make me another?” Rhys asked, almost shyly. “Please?” He added as an afterthought.

Feyre nodded unable to speak she was so relieved. Rhys moved back to his table while Mor swooped in on her.

“That was incredible, you even got him to use his manners! I didn’t even see you change up the recipe.” Mor gushed.

But Feyre had already begun making a new coffee and wasn’t really paying attention to Mor.

“He always asks about you.” Mor said quietly.

Feyre froze.

“Nothing weird, just asking how you’re going at work. If you seem happy.” Mor continued.

Feyre said nothing as she went to take out the next coffee to Rhys. He smiled again at her as she placed it down and this time drank from it immediately. Mor watched them from the counter, an odd look on her face.

Over the next few days Rhys would come into the store and ask Feyre to make him a coffee. Sometimes he stayed to chat with her or Mor, other times he would have to leave quickly. Cassian and Azriel asked to try the special coffee that Rhys kept having but neither of them seemed to like it. When Amren asked to try it, she all but spat it back in the cup with an apologetic look at Feyre afterwards, “Sorry, I guess everyone likes their coffee differently.”

Feyre never made Rhys’s coffee for anyone else from then on.

One morning, Rhys was sitting in his usual spot by the counter where he could talk, and more often, tease Feyre, when Mor rushed in.

“I’m sorry I’m late Feyre! Everything’s been okay?” She asked.

“It’s fine, everything’s been going good today except for that weird guy who keeps trying to talk to me.” Feyre laughed while motioning at Rhys.

Rhys just winked and said, “I can’t start my morning without a coffee and your sweet face anymore Feyre Darling.”

Feyre responded with her usual, “Prick”, before turning away to serve a customer.

“She seems to have warmed up to you.” Mor said breezing past Rhys.

When there was no longer any people to serve, Rhys joined Feyre and Mor at the counter. He was staring at the specials board which still showed part of Feyre’s Winter wonderland scene and now also had a drawing of a coffee with a Santa face dusted in the foam.

“Now I know you didn’t draw this Mor.”

“First, I’m offended you think I have no artistic skills. Second, I’m impressed with how well you know me. Feyre is our resident artist.”

“You’re very good, ever think about doing an arts degree?” Rhysand said to Feyre.

“I have… but I don’t really think it’s for me.”

“Why not? You clearly have the talent for it.”

“I already told you, I can’t.” Feyre said angrily.

She turned from him and went to clear some dirty tables. When she returned Mor and Rhys abruptly stopped their conversation.

“Well I’m going to go do a stock order, Feyre do you think you could update the specials board? Thanks!” Mor said chirpily before disappearing out back.

Fear seized Feyre as she wiped clean the board. Rhys hadn’t said anything since she’d finished cleaning and she didn’t appreciate the way his keen eyes watched her. Feyre held up the chalk just inches from the board but couldn’t bring herself to write anything.

“What’s wrong?” Rhys asked, concern tingeing his voice.

“Nothing. I just don’t feel like doing this right now.” Feyre was horrified to feel tears beginning to well up.

Now Rhys seemed really concerned. “Feyre?” He asked. “Are you okay? Talk to me.”

Feyre couldn’t even look at him she was so embarrassed. She fought with herself for what felt like hours. On one hand she wanted to tell Rhys about her biggest weakness. But on the other, she knew she could be mocked for it or even worse, lose her job over it, and Feyre did not want to stop seeing her friends.

She almost said nothing. Almost brushed it off with an excuse. But when she looked up at Rhys’s face, his eyes were so open and trusting. Nothing but understanding touched his gaze and Feyre knew he had already guessed as much.

“I can’t read.”

Rhys nodded as if he knew all along. “Does Tamlin know?”


“And he never thought to teach you? Or get someone else to?” Now there was anger laced in his words. It instantly made Feyre recoil.

“It’s not like that. I’ve never really had to learn. And it’s not like I’m completely stupid, I’ve memorised a few basic words.”

Rhys paused.

“I’ve upset you. I’m sorry, I don’t think you’re stupid at all.” Rhys quickly apologised.

There was an awkward silence before Feyre spoke again. “I had only just started school when my mother died. My father lost everything to his grief. I dropped out of school to help out around the house. I did paper rounds to get money for food.”

“Where is your family now?”

“A few towns over. When I met Tamlin he wanted me to move in with him almost immediately but I couldn’t leave my family alone. So Tamlin promised they’d be looked after if I went with him.”

“Is that why you’ve never applied to college?”

Feyre nodded.

Rhys pondered this. He started saying something before dropping it entirely. Taking a deep breath he tried a different tactic. “First, let me say that I think you’re incredible for putting your family over your own education. And while it makes no difference to me, and it doesn’t change who you are, but, if you’d like, I could teach you.”

Feyre was speechless. To her, providing and looking after her family had been second nature. No one, not even her father or sisters had ever really thanked her for it. And while it had never caused her regret, Feyre had always hated that small illiterate part of herself. She owned a phone but could barely use it. She had a job but only because it consisted of little reading. It was this that made her reach for Rhys’s hand to shake.


Rhys held her hand for just a little longer than was necessary but it didn’t feel odd to Feyre at all.

Little Swift part 2


I felt like the world stopped around me. I shouldn’t have been shocked. I was in Nashville at her record label’s office, but Scott told me she wouldn’t be in today as she had important things to do….

But here she was, in front of me, white as a sheet.

“Mommy! This man saved me on the stairs… I almost felled but he catched me and saved me. Like Prince Charming!” The little girl I had just helped up started saying, snapping me out of my daze by wiggling under my hand to get off the desk.

The little girl who apparently belonged to Taylor. Now, you’d think that I’d know if Taylor had a child, after all she is still one of the biggest pop stars around, but this was definitely a surprise. Obviously she had gotten a lot more sneaky about hiding things and staying out of the spotlight over the years.

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I’ll Be Good - Part 9

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 8  -  Part 10

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – After a few weeks of life with the Avengers, you’re starting to feel more comfortable with most of the team, but definitely not all.

Warnings: Swearing, drinking (’Mee, A Summary ^_^)

Word Count: 1983 - Whoa! I got carried away! But it’s lighter reading this time.

Author’s Note: I’m sorry this one took me so long. I really just want to get back to the angst and the fighting, but I felt like this story needed a breather and a time warp, and that was hard to do and still maintain these aloof, complicated characters. I warned you this one would be different, hopefully you still like it. It’s the calm before the storm. As always, feedback is welcomed happily!

Originally posted by crappr

The room echoed with the sound of the Commander’s fist pounding the table before him. With an irritated glance the larger man seated at the table turned to the cowering informant. “You can go back to your post now.”

The man disappeared with a nod, as the Commander hissed in a low furious tone, “Why don’t I have that perfidious little mercenary beneath my boot right now?! It’s been weeks!”

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Freelancer Outtakes

There’s been a lot of sad headcanons circulating about the Freelancers lately, so I dusted off something I was gonna try to get done for RvB Happy Hour but only managed to finish now. Enjoy the Freelancer voice actors losing their shit in the s9/10 outtakes.

In order:

1. York

2. Pilot 479er

3. North

4. Tex


6. Florida

7. Carolina (best laugh ever)

8. Bonus York

I’ll Show You Overbearing

Request: “Hello, baby, I love your writing soooooo much! I absolutely enjoy reading your Credence fics, smutty ones as well. But, can I request Percival x Female Reader smut, if it’s okay? Where he gets jealous and then he fights with the reader and then it leads to quite rough, but still loving sex with some dirty talk? If you don’t write Percival smut, I’d be still fine with this thing about Credence ;) Thank you so much xxx”

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Word Count: 1783

Warnings: SMUTTTT

Originally posted by ridarevita

You let out a frustrated sigh as you zipped up your flowing blue ball gown. MACUSA was holding a ball to celebrate the 6th year of Madam Picquery’s Presidency, and as much as you were excited about it, you were also upset that your date was running late. You were thrilled when Percival had decided to ask you to accompany him at the event, but the man was already 20 minutes late. You were just about to head out, deciding to leave without him, when you opened your front door to see the frazzled man. He held out a bunch of sightly trampled roses, smiling a guilty, yet heartfelt smile.

“My, don’t you look magnificent.” He breathed, his eyes travelling around your richly coloured dress.

“You’re late.” You crossed your arms.

“I know, I know. I’m so sorry.”

As he spoke, you noticed a bright pink stain on his cheek.

“That’s alright. I think I’ve deducted your reason for keeping me waiting.” You pushed past him, clutching your handbag in anger. “Maybe you should’ve brought whoever wears that hideous shade of pink to the ball with you instead.”

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Question Time ~ Shoot some numbers at me via ask!

1.Do you want a boyfriend or girlfriend?
2.When did your last hug take place?
3.Are you a jealous person?
4.Are you tired right now?
5.Do you chew on your straws?
6.Have you ever been called a tease?
7.Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
8.Do you cry easily?
9.What should you be doing right now?
10.Are you a heavy sleeper?
11.Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months?
12.Are you mad at someone right now?
13.Do you believe in love?
14.What makes you laugh no matter what?
15.Who was the last person you talked to?
16.Do you get butterflies around the person you like?
17.Will you get married?
18.When was the last time you smiled?
19.Does anyone like you?
20.Do you secretly like someone?
21.Who was the first person you talked to today?
22.Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?
23.What are you NOT looking forward to?
24.What ARE you looking forward to?
25.Has someone of the opposite sex ever told you they loved you, and meant it?
26.Suppose you see your ex kissing another person what would you do?
27.Do you plan on moving out within the next year?
28.Are you a forgiving person?
29.How many TRUE friends do you have?
30.Do you fall for people easily?
31.Have you ever fallen for your ex’s best friend?
32.What’s the last thing you put in your mouth?
33.Who was the last person you drove with?
34.How late did you stay up last night and why?
35.If you could move somewhere else, would you?
36.Who was the last person you took a picture of?
37.Can you live a day without TV?
38.When was the last time you were extremely disappointed?
39.Three names you go by…
40.Are you currently in a relationship?
41.What is your all-time favorite romance movie?
42.Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
43.What’s your current problem?
44.Have you ever had your heart broken?
45.Your thoughts of long distance relationships?
46.How many kids do you want to have?
47.Have you ever found it hard to tell someone you like them?

revlark  asked:

Two more bc I'm obsessed: 1. The only time the gc name changed was for 24 hours to Secret Lesbian Cult after being called that by a PTA mom and 2. Every time someone asks what any of the moms went to prison for, regardless of what it actually was, they look the person straight in the eyes and quietly whisper "I killed a man."


some poor soul asks while they’re grouped up and they all turn and stare and say it iN UNISON like

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I’m Sorry

Hi lovely 😘 I would like to request angsty and a little bit suggestive scenario with Young B 😏 something with jealousy might be good 🤗 thank you for your hard work bby 💘💘 Love you

Young B x Reader - angst/fluff/suggestive

Hongwon had been busy with dickids ever since HSR ended, you hardly got to see him and he never made time for you. 

So today you decided to surprise him. 

You had been at the studio for 2 hours now and Hongwon hadn’t left Bryn’s side once, you rolled your eyes as she laughed at his stupid joke and playfully smacked his arm. You hadn’t noticed Byeonghos presence until he spoke, you were too busy glaring at Hongwon to notice anyone else in the studio “Y/n you’ve been burning holes at the back of his for 2 hours now…” you sighed as you turned to look at Byeongho, he gave you a sympathetic smile feeling bad for you as he knew Hongwon had been spending so much time with Bryn.

You tutted as you picked up your bag “I think I’ll just go home” Byeongho stood up and grabbed your hand before you could turn and leave “Want me to walk you home?” thinking about it, you didn’t want to walk home alone, honestly you wanted Hongwon to be the one to ask you that, but he was too occupied with Bryn, you gave Byeongho a small smile and nodded your head. 

You both left the studio together, Hongwon watched as Byeongho had his arm around your shoulder.

“Thanks for walking me home Byeongho” you gave him a hug “Anytime Y/n” he returned the hug and left. You made your way to your apartment, leaving the lights off, you threw your bag at the couch in frustration, you wanted to scream.

You were annoyed for the rest of the day, anything that happened ticked you off, you even screamed at your cooker for cooking your dinner too slow. Hongwon let himself in while you were pulling at your hair, he watched you confused, wincing at how painful it looked.

“Y/n, what are you doing?" 

You swung around with a scowl on your face, Hongwon was the last person you wanted to see right now. You pushed passed him and went to your room, you hit your arm off the shelf next to your door, you screamed at it before slamming your door shut. Hongwon stared at the door his eyes wide, what was your problem?

He knocked on the door before letting himself in "Y/n, what’s wrong?” you were sitting on the bed with your arms folded pouting, you looked like a kid who never got their way. “Nothing!” he sat in front of you chuckling as you let out a huff “Y/n, come one” before you could tell him anything his phone tinged.

“Who is it?”

He checked his phone, a small smile resting on his lips “It’s Bryn” your heart sank, what did she do to make him smile like that? “What does she want?” Hongwon texted her back and stood up “I’m going out” you grabbed his arm before he could leave “Are you really leaving me to hang out wth her?” he turned his head to look down at you “What does that mean?" 

You sighed letting go of his arm, he really was, wasn’t he? "Don’t bother coming back” Hongwon stared at you a little shocked, registering what you had just said “Seriously?” you looked up at him with sad eyes “Why not leave me for her while you’re at it…” Hongwon went to reach out for you but his phone tinged indicating he had another message, you let out a dark laugh “Just go”

You watched as Hongwon left without looking back, you laughed at yourself before you started crying, you wiped away the tears you felt worthless and insecure. 

It was now 1 am, you hadn’t moved from your spot since Hongwon left, you turned to watch the storm outside, smiling as the weather felt the same as you did, the rain hitting the window made it seem as if the window was crying, you let out a shaky sigh as the sad window blurred out the city lights. 

Hongwon let himself in why is he here?! he went into your room surprised to see you awake “Why are you here?” he watched you as you stood up and crossed your arms “I came to get my leather jacket”

You watched as he made his way over to the love seat that his leather jacket rested on, he looked at you before he made his way to leave again.

“Hongwon” he swung around to look at you “I hope you and Bryn are happy” you gave him a sad smile and shut the door on his face, you slid down and started crying as he left without saying a word.

You sat there for 20 minutes before you decided to pack his things, you pulled out a big case from under your bed and threw all the small things he had left from the nights he stayed over, you returned small gifts he had bought for you. Hongwon returned back in an hour and burst into your room, he seen you sitting on the case trying to zip it up.

“Y/n!” your head shot up as he shouted your name, you fell off the case surprised, you didn’t expect him to come back. He ran into the room and pulled you up “Y/n, are you okay? what are you doing?” you just stared at him as he mumbled on.

“Why are you here?” he sighed and took your hand interlacing it in his “Y/n, I’m the worst boyfriend ever right?” you nodded your head as you made eye contact.

 "I’m sorry! I should’ve put you first, made more time for you I -“ 

You shut him up, kissing him passionately showing how much you had missed him, he kissed you back almost immediately, you both moved back until you hit the wall. Hongwon broke away out of breath peppering your face wth kisses leaving soft apologies in between, you giggled and cupped his cheeks getting him to stop "Hongwon, what’s with you?”

“I’ll never leave you again, I love you”

Your eyes widened as that was the first time he had said those words, you pulled him in for an embrace “I love you too”

When Mommy’s Away...

His eyes scanned the crowded airport in search of his wife. He didn’t care whether any fans spotted him hanging around though he did try to disguise himself as much as he could with a hoodie, a hat and glasses. All he was trying to do was find a sign of her.

He had sent her various text messages to let her know he was waiting by the area she was expected to exit her plane but he wouldn’t have been surprised if her phone had long ago died and she hadn’t bothered to charge it. That was his wife. He couldn’t even remember how many times he got upset with her because his calls went unanswered because she had stowed her phone somewhere she couldn’t remember or just let it simply die because, as she put it, she didn’t want to be bothered by the many messages that filled her inbox on a daily basis.

He stepped past a family that stood greeting each other in a large hug. He couldn’t wait to do the same exact thing whenever he found the love of his life in the mass of people but it seemed she found him first.

His eyes fell on the petite woman waving his way. She had nearly left the suitcase she was wheeling behind her where she stood until she remembered that she probably shouldn’t just have that lying around the airport for someone to snatch up. Reluctantly, she dragged it behind her until she reached his arms.

He quickly enveloped her into a large hug that nearly suffocated her considering his large build and her small one. Her head didn’t even reach up to his shoulders but instead fell into the middle of his chest. She always liked that, feeling as if it was comfortable to be the shorter, more vulnerable one. “Sergio.” She breathed out his name as if it was the greatest thing she had said in the last 24 hours.

2 weeks would have been more correct.

She had been selected to go on a business trip with a few of her colleagues to New York. It was a great opportunity but 2 weeks in New York meant 2 weeks away from Sergio.

2 weeks away from his boisterous laugh, his infectious smile, his mediocre cooking that he was working to improve just for her. That was a long damn time.

But now she was back and if she didn’t realize before that she missed him it was evident now by the way she tightly clung to him. Sergio leaned down to place a kiss to her lips. It was soft but longing as he briefly slipped his tongue into her mouth. She uttered a small giggle as soon as they parted. “Let’s save the lust for a little later when we’re not in public,” she reminded him. Sergio had a habit of losing himself in their kisses like the time he nearly took her down on a bench in the public park.

It was a passionate kiss that made its rounds all over the internet and the media who didn’t have lives of their own or partners of their own to kiss the way Sergio kissed her relished in it.

He grabbed her bag for her and began pulling it down the corridor so they could quickly get out of the airport and make their way home.

“Are you hungry?” He questioned.

She nodded her head, remembering the food on the plane she had barely touched.

He broke out into a mischievous smile. “It’s time for me to try my hand at that empanada recipe.”

AKA she would be the one making empanadas for dinner.

She spent practically the entire ride staring at him and running her fingers through his hair which seemed to have grown fairly long since the last she had seen it. She liked it. In her daze of staring at him the ride went fairly quickly.

Once they arrived home he grabbed her things out of the trunk while she quickly headed to the door. She was eager to see her children and it seemed they were eager to see her as well because as soon as she slipped the key into the door and opened it, they were scrambling over each other to the door.

The sound of her name being called caused a wide grin to spread on her face. She had missed the chaos that was her household. The three children clamored around their mother, each taking a hold of her legs in some manner while she bent down to place a kiss to each of their faces.

“Have you been driving Papá insane?”

“Yes,” they all seemed to sing out in pleasant, giggling tones. At least they were well aware of the torture they had put Sergio through in their mother’s absence. If it wasn’t for the babysitter it may have been way worse for the footballer.

Sergio mouthed ‘insane’ to himself as all the memories of the past two weeks came rushing back to him though it wasn’t like they ever really left. The chocolate bar Sierra somehow had let melt in her hands still had a faint stain on the sofa to remind him. Christian would have nearly kicked a ball through their front window if it weren’t for Sergio’s impeccable goal keeping skills.

Who would have been to blame if that precious, expensive glass would have shattered? Sergio.

That explained why there were so many missing wine bottles.

The triple threat that was Christian, Sierra and Camila ran the Ramos’ household and their parents knew that as well. It was hard to upset the adorableness that was a mixture of the both of them.

“We had a lot of junk food while you were gone,” Camila admitted lowly to her mother but not low enough for Sergio to not hear her confession.

“Hey! That was supposed to be between us!”

The children broke into loud laughs, finally letting go of their mother’s legs they were still holding while she stood up and looked to her guilty husband with a smirk. “I knew you would give into them while I was away.”

“How could I not? Look at them!”

And so she did. When she turned to look back at them they were all three lined in a perfect row beaming wide, white smiles and showcasing the missing teeth between them all. That caught her attention. “Did someone lose another tooth?”

She bent down and inspected Christian’s mouth closer, taking his chin into her palm while she turned his head side to side to get a good view.

The boy enthusiastically nodded. He was excited to share this story. “Papá pulled it out with a string. There was blood EVERYWHERE!”

Her mouth dropped and she turned to look over her shoulder at her husband who was now standing with a hand covering his face.

That left a stain too.

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Angel VI - Writer!AU

Word count - 1311
Summary - Being the assistant of the writer Do Kyungsoo is rather.. interesting.

Chapters: (1) / (2) / (3) / (4) / (5) / (6) / (7) / (8) / (9) / (10)

“Good lord, all foods on a stick. What is that?!” You reply with a sarcastic ‘good morning’ as you try to cover it with your hair, but Yixing coming closer to examine doesn’t make you feel any less exposed to your gift this morning. “Did you meet a bloodsucker on the way here?! That is not a very discreet hickey.”

His reaction is exquisite, “More like Do Kyungsoo, the lifesucker.”

Memories of this morning come back to life, there has been a slight shift in ways to annoy each other when it comes to you two. Occasionally, Kyungsoo would still send you out to do meaningless things such as telling you to handwrite his perfectly printed schedule for the week, to just in the end tell you he can’t read it and use the printed version. All just to get on your bad side.

Then he has those days where he wakes up with the mood to make you flustered, to tease you. Just like today, when he attached his pouty lips to your collarbones just because you weren’t able to join him to his trip to Busan because you had an appointment with Yixing.

Yixing throws a scarf your direction and turns around telling you to cover it up, and when you tell him you are done he acts as if he has been holding up his breath for ages. “Thanks for letting me lend your scarf.”

“Believe me the pleasure is all mine, so now that all stains are.. ‘erased’.. let’s talk about the success of your short story! This has to be celebrated! So I think you shouldn’t be wearing baggy sweatpants tonight.” It amazes you how positive he can make you.

“Thank you so mu-”

Someone interrupts your words with repeated calls of your name, turning around you see someone unexpected standing in the doorway.


“Hyung! What are you doing here?” Jongin seems really out of breath, his hair is completely a mess though that kind of suits him.

“This is my place you punk,” he kicks his butt, “get out.”

Jongin ignores his words and just let’s his butt get kicked repeatedly while he points at your breathlessly but manages to talk, “I need you,” he pulls you with him.

“What? No! Dongsaeng is mine today.” Yixing protests but before he can even stop Jongin, he already has already turned around the corner with you following. “Kim Jongin I am older than you!”

Ignoring Yixing’s last words he shouts, “Goodbye, hyung!” quickly before the two of you completely disappear.

“Sorry for interrupting the two of you, I guess I just really wanted to speak to you.” He scratches the back of his head, “I kind of wanted to apologize and explain my behavior at the last party.”

“That’s okay,” you shrug as you hold a warm cup of tea between your hands blowing away the steam. Even though you said it’s no problem, judging by his expression he doesn’t feel the same way. Something is still bothering him.

“It’s just that.. I guess that I just envied you.” Him envying you? The son of a millionaire that can seriously bathe in freshly printed bills? He laughs when he sees your frowned face and continues explaining. “You see I got accepted in this fancy pants arts place for my dancing in France, which is my dream, but since my father is so opposed to me going I have to throw my chance in the bin.”

“Why are you letting him stop you though? If you want to go.. then just go.”

“It’s not that simple, I also have my g-”

You interrupt him, “I think it is that simple. I don’t see why his opinion about your future is more important than your own. I know he is important, he is your father anyway. But I think you are old enough to decide for yourself, besides are you willing to live with the regret of not going?” He says nothing. “I thought so. I should go now..”

Taking your cup in hand you bid him farewell as you get up to leave, right before you walk outside the door he calls you to a halt. “Oh and.. thank you.” He smiles.


“What is that hideous thing around your neck?” You can see his frown through the screen.

“Oh this?” your hand reaches the scarf that is around your neck to cover up, “it’s Yixings.”

“Well, take it off.”

Does he really want the whole world to see what he did to you or something? “No.”


“No.” You protest again.

Now.” He demands.


“Do you want me to mark you on a more visible spot next time?” He threatens, and even though he is an arrogant self-satisfied jerk.. he does always keep his word when it comes to stuff like this. “Wouldn’t that feel much better?”

“Not really no,” you try to reach for it again but he quickly holds it out of your reach. “Come on, Kyungsoo. I can’t show up with something like this tonight.”

His lips curve into a cheeky smile as he mumbles, “I don’t mind looking at it all night.” While holding his laugh. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry.” But he laughs anyway. “Hey look, I am still in Busan I have to get something done with Junmyeon, okay? I won’t make it back home so you should go by yourself to the party. I will meet you there. I swear.” He teases you by placing his lips to the front camera and laughs before he says goodbye.

But where is he?

You are standing in one of the most beautiful dresses you have ever even laid eyes upon, while the party take place inside that has been thrown for you, and you are waiting for the man who promised you he’d be here. It has been over 2 hours and you have tried to reach his cellphone for at least 10 times now, yet he hasn’t picked up a single time. Yixing has tried to push you inside multiple times, but has failed every attempt to succeed.

At the moment, you are growing desperate. He promised he’d be there, and half an hour too late he can’t even text you to tell you why he’s running late? Or at least tell you he is late?

You decide to just head inside, with a heavy heart and a head down. What if something happened to him?

By the time you are back inside after all the people congratulating you and giving you compliments on how your short story has affected their perspectives, you get back to head over to Yixing, who welcomes you with open heart. Also concerned about your worries. “I can’t believe he said he’d come, I worked on this so hard for months and he just stood me up. I want to be mad at him, but what if it’s because something happened?” Right then someone catches your eyes.

“Junmyeon!” How did he get here? Wouldn’t he have driven with Kyungsoo to the party if they were together in Busan? Ignoring your question where Kyungsoo is, he instead congratulates you with a big hug. He obviously has consumed a lot, again. Like.. usually. “Junmyeon, you really need to tell me where Kyungsoo is.”

“Uhh..” he slurs, “the hospital.” You want to ask him if he is kidding. Ask him if he is serious. Make it clear for yourself that he isn’t saying random stuff because he is drunk. But when you ask him to confirm it, the words still don’t hit you. As if your world has stopped for a second and you can’t comprehend the information that is being passed to you right now. “I said the hospital!! Hospital!!”

“Then what the hell are you doing there! Why aren’t you with him?! Why didn’t you tell me sooner!?”

Junmyeon giggles, and shrugs. “ohhhh, it’s not him! It’s that Miyoung that got into an accident.”

A/N: Yea, after ages of not updating this story I kinda feel like this is a bad chapter but it gets extremely dramatic from here so hm.. it was so short it’s embarrassing. I will update the next one quickly, as an err.. christmas present :)?


Stiles Stilinski Imagine: Lacrosse Team

It wasn’t uncommon to find Stiles practicing Lacrosse in the spare time he had, so whenever you needed to find your best friend you would always check there. Today of course was but no exception to this and when you strolled over to the pitch you could see the Black haired boy flailing his lacrosse stick madly, clearly he was not having a good practice. Walking over you were surprised to see that Scott wasn’t there, which you then realised was probably a good thing, if Stiles was in a bad mood.

“Hey” you yell making Stiles nearly drop the lacrosse stick out of shock, once he saw you he didn’t even bother to smile just rest his hands on his knees and breathe heavily. “Stiles” you sighed sympathetically rubbing your hand against his back slowly, him tensing briefly and then relaxing your touch always had that effect on your best friend, it would relax him. “Every single shot missed, every, stupid, single, one” he seethed hitting the lacrosse stick off the ground with each syllable, before standing up fully and throwing his lacrosse stick onto the ground in anger. “Come here” you ordered embracing him into a hug briefly before picking up his lacrosse stick for him.

“Try again, but really try” you spoke before running off momentarily to borrow another Lacrosse stick so you could help. Running over to the goal, you held up your stick just in time to catch the ball Stiles clearly getting frustrated. Let’s just say it was good it was last period as you had been stood here for almost 2 hours now helping Stiles, you were both drenched thanks to the inconvenient rainfall, Stiles also looking quite sweaty which was surprisingly attractive. Stiles had scored many timed but now it was clear he was getting tired. Jogging over to him on the slippery grass you skidded and fell into his arms making you both laugh as Stiles held you in a tight embrace.

“Got you” he breathed as you looked up noticing the droplets of rain and sweat on his face. Wiping away a few droplets Stiles gave you a strange look. “Don’t y/n I’m all sweaty” he complained but you didn’t care, the sweat on your best friends brow turned you on in all honesty. Just as you were about to speak but a loud clap of thunder made you jump in his arms, Stiles pulling you further against him so you were millimetres apart. “Let’s go, its freezing!” you exclaimed but Stiles just shook his head. Leaning down he placed his lips onto yours holding them there for a few seconds making you melt into his arms. You only pulled apart when you heard cheering. It was the whole lacrosse team. “Go Stilinski!” could be heard making you both blush and jump apart.

“Bye Stiles” you whispered in his ear placing a kiss on his cheek before running off back inside. Turning back you saw all the boys congratulating Stiles, Scott high fiving him, but Stiles hadn’t taken his eyes off you. “Call me” he mouthed as you nodded returning inside bright red with soaked hair but you didn’t care, you still had the taste of Stiles lips on your mouth, a taste you could grow accustom too.

The Picture

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Suga(Yoongi)/Reader

Word Count: 853

Summary: How do you help your boyfriend when he is having a little trouble and you are on your cycle?

“Ughhh!” Suga plopped down on the couch next to me. 

“Bad day at work?” I asked him continuing to read my book. 

“Yeah I guess you could say so.” He was rubbing his temples. 

“What happened?”

“Remember that um…” He paused. I looked at him notices he was fidgeting with his phone. “You know that um photo of…” He pointed to my chest.

“What are you talking about?” I closed my book.

“You know that night when we were well, you know messing are…”

“Having sex?" 

"Shhhhh!” Suga covered my mouth. I don’t know what it is with this boy but he is the childish boy I’ve ever seen.

“Come on Suga.” I swatted his hand away. “What’s wrong?”

“Well while you were asleep that night I may have took a picture of…”

“Picture of what Suga!” I knew where he was going with this and I was getting infuriated. 

“You know your…” He points to my chest.

“My BOOBS!" 

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