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heyy!! if you’re reading this and have no clue who i am, im tee, and ive been running this riverdale sideblog for the last month or so now!! it’s no big deal, i know,  but i recently hit 2k!! im honestly really confused, but im not complaining lmao, so i wanted to write up a little follow forever just to thank my mutals + just recommend some blogs that i find funny/enjoy the content of (whether happen we be mutals or not)! a heads up - not all the blogs recommended are strictly riverdale orientated blogs, but they’re still all worth checking out! the list is under the cut!

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Chris Evans: Imagine your daughter coming to watch you putting some make-up on...

A/N: It has been a long time, and I still got a few half-finished stuff in drafts, but this one is quite special as it actually happened to me with my little niece, hah! Anyway, enjoy it! 

Warnings: fluffy. Just plain old fluff. 

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You just got out of the shower, and walked into your bedroom in a towel. You turned your music off in the bedroom as Chris - your husband - left it on and went off to keep an eye on his daughter. 

You put your strapless black bra along with a small black thong as well. You used the same towel onto your hair to keep the hair stop dripping onto your back and it also kept your hair out of the way from your face. 

You sat down on your dressing chair, next to your make-up kit, so you started to put some liquid foundation on. As you just finished off covering your freckles, you heard your daughter calling out your name. 

“Mummy - are you putting some make-up on now?!” your 5 years old daughter cried out as she ran into your bedroom, with your husband coming behind slowly. 

“Yes, honey - I am. Why, do you want to watch me putting some make-up on?” you asked her, which she nodded excitedly and it made both of you and Chris laugh. 

“Babe, I’m just off for a shower - keep an eye on Jess, alright?” Chris came to you and kissed you on your shoulder, and ruffled Jess’ hair, which she growled at her father but he went into the bathroom, along with his outfit for tonight. Obviously, he didn’t want Jess to see him naked, now she was 5. She was becoming more curious and interesting in things such as why people got certain hair colours, why the sky is blue and where does water comes from and so on… 

So, clearly, this was one of her curious days. 

“How long does it take you to put make-up on, Mummy?” she asked, while she picked a few of your eyeliners, but she was just being nosey. You explained that it takes about 20 minutes, while putting powder on. 

It was 20 minutes full of questions, near-drops, small giggles and laughs there, but when you finished your masterpiece and took the towel off, most of your hair were dry as it was short, anyway. 

Jess helped you by taking the dress out of the wardrobe and picked out the biggest heels out of the collection and placed them near the bed. Chris came out of the bathroom with his outfit on - a smart navy long sleeved shirt with navy trousers. He looked very smart, and he gelled his hair back slightly along with his brand aftershave. He always smells so good. 

As you put the dress on, and put the heels on and had a quick look at yourself in the full-length mirror. You definitely looked like you are worthy of being Captain America’s wife. But you nearly forget to ask Jess’ opinion. 

“Oh, Jess - what do you reckon? Does Mummy looks nice?!” you asked, and Chris chuckled when he saw Jess looking up from playing a game with Chris for a minute. 

“Wow, Mummy. You look so pretty!” Jess got off from the bed, and went up to you and smiled happily. “But, you look so much prettier when you don’t have any make-up on or wearing dresses like that? You don’t look like Mummy, really?” Jess crossed her arms and tilted her head as if she was thinking about her choices. 

You looked at Chris, who was just amazed by his daughter’s answer, and looked up to you as if he was proud just now. “But Mummy, don’t wear make-up in the house from now on. I want you to be really pretty, okay? When you come and pick me up from school or making me some dinner or when my friends are coming as well - don’t wear make-up, okay? Is that right, Daddy? Do you think Mummy is prettier without make-up as well?” Jess asked her dad, who nodded as well and looked at you with a seductive smile and crossed his arms. He was doing his sexy pose. 

“Alright, Jess. I won’t wear make-up, okay? It’s time for bed-time, anyway! Come on, say good night to Daddy, and get your little bum into bed, okay?” you noticed what time it was - nearly half past 8. Jess nodded unhappily but she kissed Chris on his cheek, and came to you for two kisses on your cheeks, and went to her bedroom. 

Chris’ mum was staying in; to make sure Jess is okay over the night while you and Chris went out for a date to celebrate your sixth anniversary!   

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Haha I won’t work faster :P The rough draft for part 6 is already done so the rest shouldn’t take so long. I mean it’s only 2 pages.
But who knows, we’re talking about me after all

03.11.17 // @gradblrchallenge day 6

Sometimes being a grad student means spending a weekend on campus writing a paper draft, going to class on your birthday, and just focusing on school for awhile.

Sometimes it’s also being curled up in bed wrapped in a blanket at 4:30pm when the only thing you’ve done that day is watch some tv, nap, and eat carbs.

It’s been hard to find a balance between taking breaks for self care and taking breaks because I’m procrastinating, but I’m feeling good about things right now. I worked my ass off to get that draft done, and it’s okay to take some time for myself! There’s such a culture of overworking in grad school, and a feeling that there’s always more to do so you should never stop “doing”. Stopping is nice sometimes though, and really important so I can keeping “doing” in the long term!

Super Mom

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12

A/N: This part is so so messy. I am sorry… Hope you’ll find it at least somewhat enjoyable

Pairing: Bucky x single mom!reader

Words: 4,286

Warning(s): little bit of angst, a small hint of buckynat (idk if it’s worth mentioning but oh well)

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11x10 “The Devil in the Details”

These edits have been sitting in my drafts patiently waiting to be posted when the time is right since the beginning of the season 12 when I made this “timed gif” to celebrate the season premiere. Long story short: I made way more edits than I needed in the end, so instead of simply deleting I thought I’d keep them and well, what better time to post these than when christmas is really close?

I have talked about it back when the first promo for that episode came out already about the whole Satan/Santa-thing and how Rowena as Rudolf the Reindeer is used by him etc., so I won’t go into that again. What I however only now realize is that this dream of Rowena’s which gets invaded by Lucifer kind of captures nicely already that even though she liked to free him there seems to have been some nagging doubt or bad feeling after all the whole thing about living in a nice big house (very revealing indeed when keeping in mind how she later in the episode tells her son that she hates him, because she feel in love and was betrayed and left behind in the cold while Fergus’ father went back to his “grand house”) isn’t the nightmare. The nightmare for her is that the antlers won’t come off. And ain’t that quite the perfect metaphor for how Lucifer is literally putting Rowena in front of the cart like Rudolph so she can “guide him” out of the cage. And that very action, Rowena’s spell sort of “binds” her to him - even in S12 still she is the only one able to put him back in the box and since this moment here there were quite a few moments when Lucifer came for her and made her help him even though she didn’t want to - I guess in some way then Rowena is still not entirely free from those antlers…?

#8: Touch Me Not

*mature content

It was nearing midnight when Y/N finally shut the television after a long saga of old episodes of ‘Friends’. She set the remote back onto its place and headed for her phone that lay on the table adjacent to her bed side.

‘hope you’re keeping a check on the time styles…’

She drafted a message in her phone and after hovering her fingers twice and thrice over it, she finally bucked up to press the send button. The reply came instantaneously, as if Harry had been sitting over his phone.

'Parking the car, you be at the door honey:)’

With a deep sigh, Y/N set her phone back on the table, and in slow, lazy steps, she headed for the door.

She has been very cross with Harry this past week. Every morning he promises to be home early but Y/N doesn’t even get a track when he gets back home and when he leaves. She just knows he’s healthy by the frequent phone calls he pays her.

Distance does cause a lot of frustration. There are immense stances of misconceptions and what not, and problems really do drift the couple apart. Y/N fears the thought of losing Harry, and sometimes when sat alone, she wonders if he shares the same fear. Thoughts like these have only made her cry alone in her cold, empty bed.

The bell rings just as she is stood by the door, and taking her time with unlocking the door, she opens up with an unpleasant look.

“Hello there, my darling.” He extends a small, blooming red rose in her direction as a pretty smile flashes across his features.

“Hi.” Y/N replies in a monotone, accepting the rose as she walks back into the house. Harry follows sincerely after her.

“You wanna eat something?” She asks as she drops the rose in the vase situated at the center of the dining table and looks over at Harry giving her a guilty look.



And they don’t talk any more than that in the moment. Harry descends up stairs to their room while Y/N spends sometime setting everything in the kitchen.

She walks back to their room then, and on entering the room meets a half naked Harry. He looks at her for some response to his intention, but she plainly checks him out up and down before settling in the bed on her side.

Her back turned to him, Harry grows more anxious and apologetic. He takes off his sweatpants and climbs into the bed in plain boxers, nearing her slowly and cautiously. He lies down, close to her, as a hand goes about her and pulls her close to his chest.

“I love you.” He murmurs into her hair, pressing his lips to her back. “I’m sorry, baby.” He kisses her temple, trailing down to her cheek and to her shoulders before tugging her to face him.

She remains rigid at her place. “Don’t touch me.”

Her words effect Harry immensely. He realizes how profusely he has neglected her than ever before in just one week. It’s new to her, the distance and ignorance, and he doesn’t want to her to get any wrong knowledge about it.

“I’m tired, Harry, let me sleep.”

“I’ve missed you, please, I’m sorry..” He kisses her some more.

Y/N sighs. “I’ve missed you too, precisely more, Harry.”

Harry closes his eyes and presses his nose to her shoulder, hating every minute of sadness he has occurred to her. He wanted to really compensate for it tonight.

“Honey, turn over..” He finally gets her to face him, but she still has the sour expression. He runs a hand through her forehead and pushes aside the fringes, and then continues his fingers down to her lips.

“Harry, don’t..”

“Fine, I won’t touch you.” He climbs on top of her, his hands on either side of her body supporting his weight. “But, I want to love you.”

Y/N urges to sit up, and tenderly Harry moves back, allowing her to take up her comfortable position. Y/N gets up and strolls over to where her scarfs hang, and bringing along one, she climbs back in her place.

She tugs Harry’s wrist and tying them up together like cuffs, she lies down back again beneath him. Harry looks at his tied hands and smirks invisibly, adoring her little tactics of torture.

He climbed on her hips, and lifting his arms above his head, he leans down to kiss her. His arms enclose around her head, his lips touch down hers and his body presses closer and closer to her small frame. The heat between the two resides within them from the extreme closeness.

Harry’s lips move slow with hers, he treats both the upper and lower lip of hers one by one, sucking and nibbling and leaving them glistening wet. She hardly gets to treat him back because he is trailing down before she could think, making it extremely clear that this night’s all about her and only her.

He slows at her neck, taking time to let her first feel his lips on her skin and then a profuse bite, smothered by a slick lick of the tongue. He mumbles his love for her once as he is biting down her shoulder and then repositioning his lips over the valley of her breasts, he meets her eyes.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, baby, and you’re all mine.” He makes it clear to her. A moan in response furthers his actions.

He pokes his tongue out, slowly sliding it down her collar bones to the depth of her night dress’s neckline, wetting the curve between her breasts. He moves away, tugging at the thin sleeves of the dress with his teeth and slowly sliding them down her shoulders, he meets her eyes for assistance.

Y/N is quick to tug both the sleeves down her arms. Harry’s smile grows; his eyes trail back to the area he had left wet behind and tugging the dress material from there, he gets her rid of the dress top off of her body. She lies now in just a pair of small shorts, flushed and aroused from the slow pace of romance.

Harry feels one breast of hers with his mouth, circling his open mouthed kisses around her nipple. Y/N feels a desperate urge to feel his hand over her other breast. With the contact of his cold tongue on her hard nipple, Y/N arches her back for more contact. Harry assists her.

He takes her sensitive peak in his mouth, torturing with sucking and nibbling of it. His teeth graze over them, and Y/N reaches an another world. Harry brings the same pleasure to her other breast, and seeing her face turned up in such bliss makes it difficult to control his outburst. He so wants to touch her, squeeze her, fondle her in his arms.

He moves down, leaving kisses over her stomach, and over her navel, he dips his tongue causing a loud squeal to escape her mouth. He chuckles as a smile appears on her features.

He moves lower, and fighting with the string of her shorts, he manages to loosen it with his teeth. He pulls her shorts down - a slight on his own and the rest with the grace of his missus - and dips his head between her legs. Y/N gasps and gets a hold of his hair. They are short but they manage to tangle about her fingers.

Harry’s tongue invades her. He licks and flicks in angry motions, he is desperate and now completely out of control. It hurts him now, and he wants to use his hands to guide her to where it hurts.

He sits up with one last lick over her clit.

“Open this, now.” He extends his tied hands to her. Y/N sits up with a sly smirk as she slowly with her teeth, entangles the knot.

Harry presses his free hands now, on her cheeks and kisses her again, this time in extreme passion and anger. They lie down on the mattress again, with Harry on top of Y/N as he presses his groin over exposed clit, rocking back and forth to create a friction that could cure the pain.

Y/N’s hands roam down; she tugs at his boxers and pulls them down, releasing the aroused animal that resided inside. Harry doesn’t blink for a second; he positions himself in front of her and thrusts in with force, giving her a taste of his extreme dominance and rage.

She feels him throb around her walls, and her head falls back into the pillow; her eyes pinch close when he pounds hard into her, her lips tighten to suppress a loud scream.

“Look at me, baby, open your eyes.” Harry commands, his voice hoarse and heavy from contentment and fatigue, whilst his body fast and hard for more.

Y/N opens eyes and meets his dark, heavy eyes, and Harry thrusts into her again, causing her to moan for mercy.

“I love you, Harry, so much, baby, so much..”

“I love you so, so much, Y/N Y/L/N.”

“I just always want you with me, Harry. You leave and my heart comes right here in my throat, and when at nights you are late, I cannot blink either. Am I being too selfish for asking you and only you?” The distance had to be sorted out, and somehow, naturally, words escaped Y/N’s mouth.

“No, darling. I realize your care and patience but just some more of it and I promise the day’s not far when you will always stand by my side. I am doing all of this only for you, for us. I just need your love.” Harry committed to her, and Y/N couldn’t stop her throat from filling up.

She pulled him down by his neck and replaced her lips with his frown. He smiled, and so did she, and the night was long as he moved inside of her till his last strength and they spoke their love to each other till their senses finally dissolved to sleep.

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Chapter 74 is not very good in the draft. It’s one of the most prominent places where my inability to keep up with the character development during NaNo is noticeable; the mood and the way things play out just don’t make any sense given what just happened in the past few chapters, and I knew that when I was writing it but I didn’t have time to get properly into it. I think I’ll have to rewrite basically all of it from scratch.

There has also been a significant change in the setup since the draft, and I very lazily skipped over a long stretch of time that I actually want to cover in a way that builds things up better and has a bit more rising tension.

There are two scenes of nostalgic character development in the draft, which I sort of like in principle, but I’m definitely going to combine them into one, and thanks to the aforementioned character/mood issues, it’ll need a general overhaul.

And then… oh man, the last scene. I kept kind of forgetting the last scene is even in chapter 74, until now when I’m actually working on this chapter holy crap. It contains the oldest late-fic scene that’s still in the story in a mostly recognizable form and then ends on a monstrous cliffhanger. It’s all really clumsy and kludgy in the draft but I will fix it. I can’t believe this damn scene is in the next chapter I’m posting, how can that possibly be a thing, it’s been in my head for like fourteen years?? WHAT. And it begins to tease reveals, how can that be happening yet, I am going to die ohhhh my god FfFFFF

(Maybe I should just post 74 a week before 75/76; it’d probably just be cruel to leave everyone hanging on that for months.)


True Love Pt. 3

Part 2

Summary: Pietro takes you out on your first date and things get heated in Clint’s barn…*blushes* Also a very cute Clint story at the end!

Warnings: Smut!! But mostly fluff. 

A/N: Sorry this is coming so late! I was away the past two weeks and when I came back I was too tired to write and I’m sick with jet lag and I was going to post this earlier today…But then my computer spazzed and deleted everything before I could finish! I don’t like to save things in my drafts because for some reason there’s always a glitch when I post afterwards and usually as long as I keep the tab open my work always stays there but this time it decided to backfire and delete all of my hard work before I had a chance to share it with you. And it was so good too! So I rewrote it all today. Enjoy :)

It had been a few days since you and Pietro had confessed your love for each other. You and the team ended up staying longer than a weekend because Fury didn’t have any missions for you and Steve thought that the team deserved a break. This just gave you and Pietro time to hide in different parts of the farm and make out. You two still kept your relationship a secret because you knew Clint would kill Pietro if he found out and forbid you two from being with each other ever again. But aside from your more intimate moments the two of you also found time to take care of the kids. They all absolutely adored Pietro, much to Laura’s delight and Clint’s disappointment. 

Cooper loved to play wrestle with Pietro and both him and Lila loved it when Pietro would race them around the barn. And Lila was very excited about your relationship with Pietro. One day you were giving Nathaniel his bottle outside on the steps while Pietro was swinging Lila on the swing and she asked him “When are you and Auntie Y/N going to get married?” 

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bulletproof in black !! it’s that time again where i, unfortunately, need to drop some threads that i can’t muster up the motivation for or have been sitting around for too long with no reply bc. of a hiatus/archived blog, etc. in order to clean up my drafts and make room for some new threads in the near future. so, without further ado, here we go !

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Pervy baby Satoshi… yay for Yamamoto “support network”!

Arashi no Shukudai-kun 2009.07.12

I keep meaning to make a post about this? But, I’ve pretty much lost all muse for the threads in my drafts because of how long i’ve been away from this blog at a time so, If we have something going and you’d like a new starter or to plot just click that heart or shoot me an IM. 

Going to cap just this starter call at 5 and will make a permanent starter call tonight after work. 

Ooh I was pleasantly surprised to find your Askbox open ! Here goes: The GOM + Haizaki’s reaction to getting slapped across the face by their hurt female s/o who was under the impression that they were cheating on her (it was a misunderstanding, the other party one-sidedly attempted to get intimate with them) P.S. To the wonderful admins: you guys are doing fabulously~ I really appreciate how you take the time to write all those beautiful, fluffy, angst-ridden, and feels-y drabbles <3

Here you go, anon! Format is different because this request got eaten by the Keep Reading line in my drafts but I still had the request so I rewrote it! Enjoy! -Admin Fyre

Kuroko Tetsuya:

Unsurprisingly Kuroko’s expression did not even change when you slapped him. But the hurt in his blue eyes was undeniable as he asked simply: “Why?”

“I saw you with another woman today.” Your voice was shaking. “So how long has that been going on?”

For a moment Kuroko could only stare. He was torn between surprise that you’d seen him, and disappointment that you’d actually thought he was cheating on you. At last he said, “She tried to chat me up and I didn’t fall for it. That’s all that happened. I would never be unfaithful to you.”


“Really,” Kuroko said firmly. “Although I do wish you hadn’t hit me,” he added ruefully, rubbing at his cheek.

Kise Ryouta: Manga!Kise

You’d expected him to start wailing and begging you for forgiveness when you hit him, but that didn’t come. Instead Kise simply tested his jaw, scowling, and you went on relentlessly, “How dare you show your face to me. So how long have you been seeing her, Kise?”

When Kise looked at you, his golden eyes were cold. “I can’t believe that you think that I’m that kind of person.” His tone was icy, unforgiving, a side of him that you’d never seen before. “Do you really think so little of me?”

You tried to back away but Kise grabbed your wrist. “That girl is nothing to me. She was trying to get me to leave you, but I didn’t listen to her. But she’s a stubborn git and I can’t stop that.”

“How do you expect me to believe that?” You retorted bitterly.

Kise shook his head. “Don’t believe that explanation, then. Believe me, instead.”

Midorima Shintarou:

The force of the slap caused Midorima to fall back on the chair, his glasses askew and his emotions in a whirl. What on earth? Why on earth? “W-what did I do?” he spluttered out.

“Go ask the woman you’ve been seeing every single day for the past few weeks!” You spat back, and Midorima flinched. “That’s not true.”

“Then what’s she doing at your clinic all the time?” you demanded.

Midorima tipped his glasses. “She is - was - a patient and had been attempting to force me to succumb to her advances. She believes that my being with you is a fabricated truth to, ah, “play hard-to-get”, as she puts it. I have already contacted security to put a stop to her behaviour and asked her not to return, lest she suffer legal consequences. Besides…” Midorima turned away, cheeks pink. “I am only compatible with you, and no one else.”

Aomine Daiki:

The strike sent him tumbling to the ground in shock, and Aomine winced as you glared down at him. “Okay,” he said meekly, wiping at the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand, then raising his arms in surrender. “Okay, whatever I did wrong, I can explain.”

“Oh yeah?” You crossed your arms. “Then who is she? The girl at the bar.”

“The bar—‘the hell should I know!” Aomine barely remembered that woman’s face, let alone her name. “Some persistent bitch who doesn’t know when to give up! You’ve got it all wrong.”

“How am I supposed to believe you?” you asked bitterly, turning away. Sighing, Aomine grabbed you by the shoulders, spinning you back around to face him. “You can ask the guys - hell, you can ask the bartender and he’d tell you the same. Look, I’d never do anything like that to you. Trust me.”

Murasakibara Atsushi:

Murasakibara was surprised, his eyes widening when your palm connects with his cheek. Albeit even in the midst of your rage, you weren’t strong enough to make him budge. “Why did you hit me?”

Did you have to spell it out for him? “That girl you were with today.” Your voice shook and tears threatened to spill from your eyes. No. You can’t cry. Not in front of him.

“Who was she?” Murasakibara stared at you and then made a sound in his throat that sounded somewhat like a laugh.

“Is this funny to you?” You remembered the way she clung to his arm, not unlike how you do. You bit the inside of your mouth, the pain stopping the tears from coming.

A moment later Murasakibara reached forward and ruffled your hair. “She was nobody. Do you not trust me?“

Akashi Seijuurou:

Akashi truly did not expect you to have that side to you. You didn’t even give him a chance to explain as you slapped him hard and caused him to stumble back, then trip over his feet and fall back. How ironic.

Akashi’s scarlet eyes were alight with anger. “Explain.”

The nerve of him. “Why do I have to explain anything to you? Why don’t you go marry her instead?”

Akashi looked baffled. “Who—wait a minute. You saw me? Today?”

“So you do admit it?”

“Absolutely not.” Akashi got to his feet and straightened his shirt. “I have nothing to hide. This is all a misunderstanding - and you will let me explain. Although that was a very well-placed strike,” he added as an afterthought.

Haizaki Shougo:

When you hit him across the face, for a brief moment Haizaki’s old habits resurfaced and he immediately grabbed you by the collar of your shirt, a scowl etched on his features. “What the hell was that for?!”

You kicked at him. “Let go of me, you piece of shit!”

“Then tell me what the fuck I did!”

Huh. At least he knew he screwed up. Even so, you should’ve seen this coming from a mile away. “That girl you were feeling up outside the club today. Don’t tell me that she’s just a friend of yours.”

Haizaki’s eyes widened and he released you. Oh shit. “That girl at the club—what, are you kidding me? She was trying to feel me up and I was telling her to back off! I mean, I know I’ve got a shitty reputation but I’d never go that low. Come on.”

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Changes to this blog (+ leaving the phandom)

Hey, frens!

So, I think most people have realized by now that I decided to take a few steps to change this blog from what it originally was. When I first conceived this blog, it was a place to post about D&P only, because it was my new Thing and it was taking up too much space on my main blog, so I figured that having a fandom-specific blog would be a good idea. And it was, for a long time. I can say I had some great times here in this community, despite all the bad moments I’m sure you all have seen. 

I don’t feel like I fit in the phandom anymore for a number of reasons and that’s why I decided to take some definite steps to move this blog away from a phan blog into something more general. Some people have asked about it (and I don’t mind answering if you have any further questions, there’s also a few stuff in my opinions tag), but basically I disagree with a lot of decision D&P have made recently and their content doesn’t bring me the same enjoyment it used to. Plus, they haven’t been posting enough anyway to keep this blog running like it used to, especially since there’s more touring ahead of us. 

I guess I can say running this blog the way it was before was getting to be more of a chore than a pleasure to me. The only thing that kept me here was all the history I had and the difficult time I had letting go of the good parts of it. But I realized I don’t really have to let go of the good times or anything silly like that. 

I can keep this blog and make it into something that makes me happy and you guys get to decide if it’s something you want to see or not. No hurt feelings either way. It’s been an amazing journey and I had some great times, but it’s definitely time for me to broaden this blog’s horizons. Maybe one day, if things change, I’ll go back to being a phan blog. It’s hard for me to continue calling myself a part of this community as it stands now.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like/watch Dan and Phil anymore, I just toned it down a lot. I still love them and I will continue to watch their videos casually (and reblog some stuff about them from time to time, why not?), but it won’t be what this blog is about anymore. I also intend to continue to read (and rec) phanfiction because I honestly love the creativity from this community. And, if you’ll still have me, I’d still love to continue to be a phanfic writer, maybe write more AUs and stuff like that. I think I can make it work and I love having people who want to read it still. I feel like I have more stories to tell.

Anyway, this isn’t a goodbye. But if you’re here only for the phan, it might as well be. This is a general youtubers blog now and I intend to blog about some of the other creators I’ve enjoyed for a while (and you can see most of them already by the posts I’ve been reblogging but yeah there’s probably more that you’ll find out along the way). I think it’s exciting to bring some variety to the content and I feel happier with this blog than I’ve felt in a long time! I hope you’ll stay in for the ride, but, again, if this isn’t your cup of tea you’re totally free to go <3 I’ll understand.

And thank you to the phandom. It may be pretty broken at the moment (and I’ll be the first to say that it’s REALLY bad right now like omg), but it’s been a (albeit a bit dysfunctional) home for me and so many others. I made some amazing friends who I love very dearly and met so many special incredible people in this community. Thank you! <3 And I’m truly sorry it has to end this way.


“you guys are our inspiration and we love you from the bottom of our hearts. thanks for sticking with us through the ups and downs and, we’ll be back for you guys, so keep on waiting for us, saranghaeyo~" 

        — Kevin Woo


okay, so, this blog has been on hiatus for a long time, so I’ve decided to just abandon it permanently now. I’m going to start posting ob on my main blog (here) instead because this is just a lot for me. I’m not going to delete, I’m just going to leave it up as an archive or something. So, yeah, bye

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Just imagine hogwarts!kagehina flying on their brooms on a sunday morning, racing for a while until they stop and still on the air, looking at each other and someone (or both) close the gap between them and they kiss for the first time and when they separate Hinata or Kags almost fall off the broom and says "I'M OK IM OKAY, EVERYTHING IS FINE AND OHMYGOD DON'T LET ME GO"

this has been in my drafts for so long (sorry), IT’S SO FUCKING CUTE AND I LOVE IT, thank you so much, because it inspired me to finally draw a quidditch kagehina scene

i changed some things but i hope you still like it 💕


             ✘❤✘❤✘❤  Welp, this happened a couple weeks or so ago, and then I went and got too busy to post it, but it’s definitely long overdue, so yeah. I did try to keep it as short as possible…

Anyways, I’ve had this account under one name or another for just over two years, and it’s time to thank all the wonderful people I’ve interacted with or enjoyed since the beginning— listed in order of how long you’ve been with me   Or at least according to tumblr.  ✘❤✘❤✘

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              ✘❤✘❤✘❤  If you’re on this list it’s because we’ve rp’ed, talked, or I stalk admire you, and because you put up with my month-long absences when I’m not feeling it. If you’re not on the list and you should be, it’s probably because I effed up and left you off. Please use your powers of imagination to add yourself in where ever you feel it’s appropriate C: 

But each and every one of you make coming on this account funner than any other blog I’ve ever had whether you’re listed here or not, so thank you  ✘❤✘❤✘