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Tbh, that has been kept in my folder for almost a year now, and I didn’t upload it in here all this time until now.

Home |

Pairing: Yongguk x Reader

Genre: Flufffffff

Author’s Note: Drabble that’s been in my drafts for ages and ages. Thought I’d post it because I desperately need to clean out my drafts folder… and hey, why not right? 

Saturday was always your favorite day of the week. You loved nothing more than being with Yongguk. The soft laughter, the quiet slurping of ramyeon, the dimmed conversations of the latest drama humming on the TV, the hushed nothings when both of your walls came down, and you didn’t have to be anywhere, you didn’t have to be anyone. You just were. 

You had fallen in love with the man in front of you, not just the charismatic front he had on stage doing what he was so passionate about. You loved the man with a beautiful smile and a contagious laugh, you loved the man that hummed to himself when he was writing. You loved the man that was so in harmony with the peace of the world you’d have to stop to see. He had a soul that you were drawn to, so loving and intelligent. Bang Yongguk was your entire world.

When work or school was rough, you thought of him. His arms holding you safely in their embrace. His hands that would so gently stroke your hair when you were upset or stressed. His husky voice that was so soothing when every nerve in your body was frazzled and exhausted. There was nothing better than him. 

Saturday nights were your nights. Simple dinner, simple conversation and just simply… being together. More often than not you’d spend the night in your apartment. Eating whatever you could make together with the food in your fridge, choosing a movie you’d both decided on earlier in the week, just spending the one on one time together, being in one another’s arms. 

On the rare Saturdays you’d both decided to go out you’d always seem to find some little cafe or ramyeon shop that was near empty, and enjoy each others company and some good food. Your pinkies linked across the table, as you ate and talked about the first things that came to your minds. You’d often follow the dinner with icecream and a walk, hands still linked together as you went. You loved your nights together, there was no need for worries or stress or anything else but the other person. 

You’d love sitting on an empty park bench, glowing underneath the moon’s pale light together, with mumbled ‘I love you’s’ and ice-cream flavored kisses. You’d stay out until the both of you were sleepy enough to retire back to your apartment, from time to time you’d be so sleepy you’d fallen asleep on him, your head resting upon his shoulder. He’d always take you home, your cheek pressed against his warm back as he carried you back to bed. 

The best part of your night together was the goodnight. Plans of your future together lingered in the air, fingers intertwined as you debated the details. If you’d live in the city or the country, maybe the suburbs? Would you travel? What pets you would choose together, your future home together. How many kids you’d have eventually, whether they’d look more like you or more like him, what they’d be like and how much they would be loved. When sleep had nearly overtaken the both of you, silence filling in the air more than conversation. Your lips would press together in a goodnight kiss, his arms wrapping gently around your waist, your cheek snuggled against his chest. The soft drum of his heartbeat lulling you to sleep. 

Home is where the heart is, or so they say. As far as the truth of sayings go, you’d surely believe it. It didn’t matter where you were or how often you even saw each other. Saturday was home. Because when you were with him, you were home… and there was nowhere you’d rather be.