been in my draft too long

a little bit of a hiatus

I’ll be out visiting family for the next couple of weeks, so

1. this is an opportunity for me to queue up all the reblogs that have been sitting in my draft box for an embarrassingly long time

2. there won’t be any liveblogs, but I’ll still be present enough to answer messages and asks

3. when I get back there will be a massive disco party where we all listen to DJ Moon 3

AU where instead of going to Samwell, Jack starts a widely successful Publicly Broadcast show for children.

Jack learns that he is great with kids after coaching them for a little over two years. Moreover, kids are good with Jack. There is no pressure to be anything other than who he is.

It all starts with a local news program doing a fluff piece on Jack Zimmermann’s coaching ability. But then it turned into something completely different when Jack skated onto camera and started to introduce every single one of his kids and what was special about them. He was…really enchanting actually. He didn’t ever really talk down to them. Jack just treated them as a tiny friend. 

They ARE his tiny friends, but that’s not the point. 

The footage they got of “snack time” was really the best. Imagine a good 16 kids piled around this massive man teaching them the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

 It should have been obvious that a local channel would contact him. It still surprises Jack. They want him to host a show? Why? Everyone always teased him about how impersonable he was during interviews. Is it because he’s Jack Zimmermann’s son? Or Alicia’s? 

Jack asks all of these questions to his mother and she just laughs. “You made a PB&J interesting to 16 kids just by being you”

Jack figures it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. 

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@litladiesnetwork’s first event: [favorite ya lit female protagonists]

                Once there was a girl who was too sure of herself. She was not, society agreed, someone you wanted to cross. She keeps her heart in a porcelain box, people whispered, and they were right. She didn’t like to open the box. The sight of her heart was unsettling. It always looked both smaller and bigger than she expected. 


the best ships are the ones where they’ve been shown to work great as a team. where the characters balance each other out without eclipsing the other person, but instead bring out the best in each other to get a job done or fix a problem.(insp.)