been home all day alone

[SMUT] Baby Please...- Taehyung

Hi! So last night I was hit with a WALL of writers block and all the fluff was coming out wrong and all the angst was coming out wrong and it was just all wrong. So I went into our to-do list and there were just lots of smuts so I plucked one so here is mouser2592‘s Dirty Talk with Tae! Enjoy!

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[WARNING: sexual content under the cut. Tags include phone sex, masturbation, and exhibitionism! Read on at your own risk!]

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i should probably add i have taken medicine for this and it didnt seem to work and i cant take more until someone is home with me (the person’ll be here before 1:00 my time.)

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The cat girl was feeling sad after being left home alone all day. She had been following Victor around all day, pouting slightly.

He noticed and looks down at her

“What’s wrong princess? I don’t like seeing that frown on your cute little face.” He cooed and picked her up


lmao so I wasn’t going to do an accutane update until Thursday but I have got side effects so fast already like fuck….. so all day I’ve been home alone and actually embarrassed by how red my face is, then I realised if I’m embarrassed now then I should post it because then I can get over it. I wish the camera would show it in its true form!!! anyway, I mean yah I usually have redness in my face but today it’s a ‘sun burnt white 48 year old man on vacation in Hawaii’ kinda thing!!! this is what my dermatologist said would happen but I didn’t expect it to be this quick! oh and also my face feels like it’s been inflated, it’s so grim and sore and swollen and inflamed and I’m using so much moisturiser because it’s so dry. BUT ITS GOOD BECAUSE IT IS DOING SOMETHING ALREADY!!!! the side effects mean something’s happening and as someone as impatient as me, that makes me very happy. (however these migraines and heartburn are rude as hell)

my first accutane post is here:

and btw you can reblog and do what you want with these posts because I just want a big gang of acne babes


Santana bit her lip as she anxiously awaited Quinn to get home from work. She’d been in a mood all day and being home alone didn’t help. She had already started her maternity leave because being a nurse was too demanding on her body along with being pregnant and due in 3 weeks. She continued flipping through channels even though she wasn’t paying attention to anything. Santana grabbed her phone again to send Quinn another text. ‘Are you gonna be home soon?’ She sent her before just staring at her phone. She hope that her fiancee would be because she felt like she was going to explode with the sheer need for the woman. Santana hadn’t felt so turned on for Quinn in months and it was driving her crazy.

Michael Imagine:Teased By ATL

Requested (:

Summary: You’re dating Michael, and he teases you over text, while hanging with All Time Low. You get horny and Atl decides to tease you about it. Weird dirty talk included.

Your boyfriend Micheal was busy attending an interview with the amazing band, All Time Low. You on the other hand were spending the day at home, alone. And slightly horny. Michael had been sexting all day and it was really starting to get to you. At first you tried to ignore it. You told him, that now wasn’t a good time and that you’d rather wait until he got home. But being the annoying piece of shit that he was (it even said so on his contact in your phone), he continued to torture you with dirty talk through imessage. After an hour of nonstop dirty messages from the boy, you started to grow impatient. You decided to give him some of his own medicine and texted him back with a very dirty message.
Meanwhile at the studio, the 5sos boys and the All Time Low boys gathered around talking and chatting during Alex and Jack’s radio show, Full Frontal. Michael had been very destracted the whole time because he was busy texting you know who. And he became so invested in teasing you, that when his phone lit up once more signaling that he had gotten another message, he didn’t even notice Jack reach over and swipe his phone.
“Hey! Give that back!” Michael exclaimed, trying to reach for the phone. But Jack only ran out of his reach.
“OOHH! Who’s Baby with a heart emjoi?” Jack teased.
“Oh that’s Mikey’s GIRLFRIEND!!” Ashton cried out in singsong. Jack and the other ATL boys all cooed and cheered. “Mikey’s got a girlfriend! Mikey’s got a girlfriend!” The room echoed with whoops and hollars.
“And let’s see what this girlfriend of yours has to say!” Jack cried out, then read the message. It just so happened to be the last message you sent Michael.
“You little piece of shit.” Jack started reading your words. “If you don’t quit teasing me and making me so damn horny, the moment you get home, I’m going to pin you down and fuck you into tomorrow. Understood?” Everyone but Michael burst out laughing, while Michael’s face grew hot with embarrassment.
“Well, I think I should talk to this girl.” Alex spoke up.
“Be my guest.” Jack handed the phone to Alex and he called you and put it on speaker. You picked up on the first ring.
“Hey, baby.” You giggled into the phone. The boys were all trying to contain their giggles, while Michael sat there mortified.
“Hi! This is Alex from All Time Low.” Alex spoke into the phone. “A little birdy told me that you were planning on doing the deed with my good buddy Michael. Well we’re all rooting for you two. Just remeber to stay safe. If you get pregnant you could die. Have a nice night!” Alex giggled and hung up, leaving you speechless. The boys were all dying from laughter while both you and Michael sat where you were, you were at home, he was with the boys, you both sat speechless. Michael decided to leave the room to call you again and explain. After a few minutes of you both processing what happened, you planned out what you had in mind for the evening. And it still consisted of your original idea.

Sorry that one was a little weird. I hope you like it! More requests coming soon! (: -Evie