been home all day alone


According to Lyle Menendez in a phone call to a friend in 1993, on the day of the murders, his parents had been acting odd. Erik was out with friends all day because he had been avoiding being home alone with his father. Feeling uncomfortable alone at home himself, Lyle attempted to make plans to go out with a friend to see a movie later that night. When he called his friend to confirm the plans, his friend told him that Jose, Lyle’s father, had answered the phone earlier to say Lyle would be busy that night and unable to go out. Perplexed by his father’s lie, Lyle started to get paranoid that his father was planning something in response to the confrontations they’d had earlier in the week in regards to the abuse Jose had allegedly been inflicting on Erik. 

As soon as Erik returned home, Lyle explained his worries to him. Erik then confided to Lyle that the previous night, Jose had tried to come into Erik’s bedroom in the middle of the night, but the door was locked and he couldn’t get in. Both nervous, Lyle and Erik told their parents they were going out to see a movie. Their mother, Kitty, simply told them that they couldn’t go out that night, because it was too late. After protests from Lyle, Jose intervened and told Erik to go upstairs and wait for him. Lyle then got into a big fight with Jose, thinking he was planning to hurt Erik. In the midst of the fight, Jose pulled Kitty into the den and closed the doors behind them, which was an unusual thing to do as the doors to the den were always kept open. At that point, Lyle panicked and ran upstairs to tell his brother, “it’s going down now” and “I’m getting my gun and I’m going in.” It was then that both brothers grabbed their guns, burst into the den and shot their parents. 

(source: The Private Diary of Lyle Menendez)

The Answer Pt. 2

“I mean… can you bloody believe it?”

“Well no, I can’t, considering I have no idea what you even said. Slow down. How much’d you have already?” Maggie inquired as she sat on Elouise’s bed and listened to her best friend ramble on and pace around sorting through her dresses.

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Preference: Baby’s First Steps (Villains)

Fandom: Gotham

Character: Oswald

Originally posted by gobblepotfans

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[SMUT] Baby Please...- Taehyung

Hi! So last night I was hit with a WALL of writers block and all the fluff was coming out wrong and all the angst was coming out wrong and it was just all wrong. So I went into our to-do list and there were just lots of smuts so I plucked one so here is mouser2592‘s Dirty Talk with Tae! Enjoy!

~Admin Dana

[WARNING: sexual content under the cut. Tags include phone sex, masturbation, and exhibitionism! Read on at your own risk!]

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Mask: Is there something that you hide from those closest to you?

As of lately, no. I confessed my deepest darkest secrets to my parents a little over a month ago about my depression, my suicidal thoughts I’ve been having for 3 years, my sexuality, all the good stuff…. my dad and I go on walks together whenever we can which is a good time I talk to him, and my ma and I always go out and run errands and I talk to her then…. I’m sick right now so I’ve been home alone all day but I can’t even talk even if I wanted to because of how horrible I feel, and I shall not get into detail of that. But I’m ok so don’t worry about me guys, I’m getting help with both my physical and mental illness 

putting this story under a readmore cause it got kinda long. there’s mentions of my brother and my mom and food and also umm idk how else to put this but, a threat of a violent action towards an animal? it has a happy ending i promise

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I'd do anything for you //Shawn Mendes Imagine//

Whoa so many posts in one day!!

Requested by: arielaloves (wattpad)

Request: can I have one where I’m super self conscious (based on real life lol) and Shawn catches me crying in the bathroom after I locked myself in and he comforts me?

Warnings: fluff fluff fluff

A/n: first Shawn mendes imagine!! Yay!! Hopefully first of many ;). I decided to start writing out the actual request instead of summing up plots because they sound better this way lol. That was totally unnecessary…hope you enjoy!! Ps, there’s a little note at the bottom just make sure you read it ;)


“Y/n is such an ugly whore”

“Why would Shawn date Y/n, I thought he had standards”

“Y/n doesn’t deserve Shawn!”

You were sitting on your bed in your sweatpants and a navy blue t-shirt scrolling through your twitter feed. You sighed lightly to yourself as you read through the hate. You read some of the comments on the post, fans arguing saying that you were beyond gorgeous and Shawn was lucky to have you but it didn’t make the hate any better. It had been going on for a while now and it was making you really self conscious. Every time someone called you ugly, that’s how you saw yourself. Every time someone said you didn’t deserve Shawn, you didn’t question it, and every time someone said you weren’t good enough, you believed it.

You had been home alone all day while Shawn was away at the studio and right now there was nothing more you wanted than to snuggle into his broad chest and feel his strong arms wrap around you, protecting you, shielding you from the hate. You always felt safer in Shawn’s arms. You felt invincible, like nothing could hurt you. All of your problems seemed to disappear when he held you and that’s exactly what you needed right now.

You let out another sigh and continued to scroll.

“Can’t believe Y/n got Shawn…are his standards that low??”

“I hate y/n”

“I need to wash my mouth after saying Y/n’s name”

“Shawn deserves so much better than y/n!”

It seemed to never end and you felt tears well up in your eyes. You tried to blink them away but they trickled down your cheek instead. You decided it was better to let them out rather than keep them in. And no one was here anyway, who would know.

You jumped when you heard the front door open.

“Hey Y/n.” You heard Shawn call from the hallway and you quickly jumped up and ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind you. You slid against the door until you sat on the floor and hugged your knees. You wiped your tears with your sleeve but they kept coming.

“Y/n?” You heard Shawn call as he walked into the bedroom you two shared. “Y/n you in here?” He knocked on the bathroom door lightly.

“Go away Shawn.” You sniffled as you wiped your cheeks. You didn’t even care if he knew you were crying.

“Y/n? What’s wrong babe? Why are you crying?” He sounded concerned and he rattled the door handle quickly. “Y/n why did you lock the door. Baby come out and talk to me please.”

“I said go away Shawn.” You repeated more firmly.

“No. I’m going to stay right here until you tell me what’s wrong. Please come out.”

You sighed lightly knowing that he was indeed stubborn enough to wait for you, even if it took all night. You stood up and unlocked the door. You opened it and immediately fell into Shawn’s chest, your arms wrapping around his waist, hugging him tightly.

He didn’t say anything at first. He just held you. He bent over and picked you up, bringing you to the bed and setting you down softly on the comforter. He sat down and pulled you onto his lap, holding you tightly to his chest.

“Will you tell me what’s wrong?” He said softly, pushing a piece of hair behind your ear and wiping away a tear from your cheek. You bit your lip and reached for your phone. You opened up your twitter and handed it to him.

You sat up a little as you watched him read the comments. You watched as his once relaxed face turned angry, his eyes turning cold and his lips pressing into a thin line.

“They actually say this about you?” He asked softly, turning to you.

You bit your lip and tried to fight back the tears that were pooling in your eyes again.

“Baby I am so sorry. Please don’t listen to them baby girl, you are so magnificent and beautiful and amazing. You make me feel so complete. Not enough for me? You are way to good for me. I don’t know how I got so lucky. And I don’t care what they say, they’re just jealous.” Shawn said sweetly as he hugged you into him, placing a soft kiss on your forehead. “You are smart, talented, funny, gorgeous, and truly breathtaking and nothing anyone says can make me think otherwise.”

You smiled as tears slipped from your eyes and you wiped them away quickly. “Really?”

“Oh absolutely muffin. Absolutely.” Shawn pushed you back so you were laying on your back and he hovered over you, a smile on his face. His fluffy brown hair bounced slightly and his gorgeous brown eyes seemed to smile at you. You lifted your hand to trace his sharp jawline and caressed his cheek. He closed the distance between you, attacking your lips in a passionate kiss that left you breathless.

“I love you.” He whispered as he traced your outline against the comforter.

“I love you too,” you smiled. “And thank you Shawn. I feel a lot better now.”

“No need to thank me. I would write a book about everything I love about you just to prove all those haters wrong.” he smiled as he lowered himself next to you, propping himself up on his elbow to look at you.

“Famous singer, and author. Hmm I like the sound of that.” You joked as you rolled into his chest, letting his arms pull you into him again.

“For you baby, I would do anything.”

The Sound of Your Voice /// dean winchester

Summary: dean’s away on a hunting trip and you call him up for a little dirty talk. 
Characters: dean x reader, sam mentioned
Warnings: dirty talk, sex toy, masturbation? (is that a warning?)


Sighing, I shut the book I’d been reading for the past three hours and made my way back to Dean and my’s shared room. I turned off all the lights on my way except for a small vanilla-scented candle that I always kept burning while the boys were gone to try and mask the sewer-like smell that resided in the rooms. 

It was 11:10 when I finally settled down into the mess of sheets and heavy blankets on my bed. I looked over at my phone hoping to see a missed call or at least a text from Dean but there was nothing. It’s not that I could really be mad at him, I understand he’s busy with a case and peoples lives are depending on him but I just miss him so much when he leaves for days at a time. 

Twirling a loose strand of hair from my messy bun (not the cute kind of messy, more like an actual messy bun) I dialed Dean’s number, listening to it ring twice before he answered. 

“Hey, sweetheart what’s up? I wasn’t going to call for another hour or two.” Dean’s gruff voice spoke on the other line. He sounded like he did when he was getting patched up after a tough gig. 

“I know I just missed you.” I shrugged even though he couldn’t see me. Normally I would go along for the ride and play nurse on their hunting trips but this one had been different according to Dean. ‘Too dangerous. A monster that targets only girls. You’re not going.’ To quote a few of the things he’d said to me before leaving. 

“I miss you too, baby.” He groaned the words out. He sounded like he was in pain but was trying to hide it from me which was almost definitely true since that is exactly what he always does. For my sake he likes to act like broken bones don’t hurt or that a stab wound is more like a scratch on him but I know he’s just trying to keep me from worrying. Doesn’t exactly help though. 

“You alright? Should I call back?”

“No, no… I just-” There was a momentary pause and muffled cursing coming from his side. “Sam’s fixing me up. The hunt went a little south but we ganked that sucker. How have you been? Sam and I should be back tomorrow afternoon.” 

Since I had been home alone all day and was bored out of my mind I decided I’d have some fun with him. Smirking to myself, I knew just how to mess with him. “I’ve been good… Do you remember the pictures I sent you this morning?” I asked, my smirk growing at the sound of his groan while he remembered the photos. I always liked to send him a couple scandalous pictures of myself while he was away because I knew how much it turned him on.  

“Mmm, fuck sweetheart how could I forget?” I could practically hear the grin in his voice. “Your ass looks so good in that cute little thong of yours.”

I blushed and felt a rush of heat burning in my abdomen. Deciding to take things up a notch, I let my hand slide down my stomach and toying with the waistband of my baby pink panties. “And I bet you couldn’t even see how wet I was… it was all for you.” I said in a hushed tone. I could hear Dean’s breath hitch before he brushed it off like he was clearing his throat. “It’s been so long Dean, I need you to come home and fuck me properly. My toys and fingers are nothing compared to you.” I whined.

It was completely silent on his part, if you didn’t count the swelling of his ego which I swear I could actually hear. I began circling my clit with my fingers and slightly exaggerated a moan just to get him more worked up. 

“Fuck y/n, are you… are you touching yourself?” He said breathily and I could only imagine he was touching himself too. 

“Yes, sir.” I hummed. 

“Such a naughty girl.” Dean said, his dominant side taking root. “Are you naked for me, sweetheart?” 

I bit my lip and reached one hand behind me, unsnapping my bra clasp and tossing it off the bed. “Yes, sir, I am now.” 

“Such a good girl for me.” He said, chuckling at the submissiveness in my voice. “Play with your tits for me baby girl, you know how much I love them.” 

I obliged, rolling my hardening nipples between my fingers. I sighed as I closed my eyes, imagining my hands as his instead. God, I missed that son of a bitch so much. I could picture his rough, calloused hands rubbing my breasts as he would moan into my ear, sucking on that spot on my neck that drives me crazy. “Ugh, Dean…” I moaned into the phone. 

“God, baby I love those sexy sounds you make when you touch yourself.” I could hear the smirk in his voice. “I miss your pretty mouth sucking me off, I’m so fucking hard for you right now. I know how much you love it when I fuck your mouth, my hands tangled in your hair while you gag on my hard cock. You always take me so well, such a good little girl, aren’t you?” 

“Mhm,” I nodded quickly, my thumb rolling over my clit in quick motions as I drew myself closer and closer to my release. A small yelp escaped my mouth as I let a finger slip inside my soaking pussy. 

“Are you touching yourself again?” He asked and I nodded before I realized he couldn’t see me. 

“Yes, sir.” I panted.  

He chuckled, sensing the weakness in my voice. “I bet you’re drippin’ for me, huh? You just can’t wait for me to get home so I can bury my fingers in your tight, warm pussy.” 

I whimpered, pumping my fingers faster and trying desperately to reach my g-spot, but they just weren’t as long as Dean’s. My legs were unconsciously spreading further apart as I closed my eyes and tried to imagine Dean here with me doing just as he said he would on the phone. 

“You getting close baby?” He asked. When I didn’t say anything he spoke up again more sternly, “answer me baby girl. Are you close?”

“Yes, fuck yes. I’m so, so close.” I whined. 

“Good, now stop.” 

I whimpered, my stomach tightening at his words, not wanting to lose the pleasure but doing as I was told anyways. I could have cried at the feeling of my orgasm dissipating and leaving my throbbing pussy desperate for touch but I waited for his instruction.

 “Do you still have that toy I got for you, sweetheart?” He asked. I shifted on the bed and reached over to the bedside drawer and pulled out a purple dildo. 

“Yeah, I got it.” I said, twisting it around in my fingers. 

“Okay now I want you to get on your hands and knees and slide it up and down your slick pussy.” He demands and I do just that, moaning loudly as the pleasure begins to return. I screamed his name, a mixture of moans and curses tumbled from my lips as I fell over the edge, my orgasm washing over me and leaving me in a blissful state. When I finished I pulled the toy out and set it aside while trying to catch my breath. “I hope your not sore tomorrow because when I get home I’m gonna destroy you.” Dean spoke after a minute of silence.

I laughed and mumbled out an agreement. “Yeah, I can’t wait.” 

“You better get some sleep y/n. I think Sam is wondering what happened to me, I’ve been in the bathroom for almost half an hour now.” 

“Yeah, okay. I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you.” I said quietly, already feeling myself drift off to sleep.

“I love you too.” He said, and that was the last thing I remember before I fell into a deep sleep. 

Special Treatment

Pairing: NicoMaki
Words: 3100+
A/N: Two requests for doctor!Nico and sick!Maki completed. Happy Halloween and stay safe!

Growing up with three younger siblings has taught Nico the many signs of sickness; the drowsiness, the blood-shot eyes and dark circles from being kept up all night, the red nose from constant sneezing, the crack in their voice from all the coughing, and the slow responses that happen due to the pounding in their head. Nico knew it all that it could almost be a gift. So when she walked into the clubroom in the morning before classes, Nico knew right away just what was going on.

First sign: drowsiness.

Nico closed the door shut with no concern for disturbing the only other occupant in the room. When Maki didn’t react the way the raven-haired had expected, Nico raised an eyebrow. Although, it was already odd that the first-year had her head down on the table, her hair sprayed around her face. Maki was never one to sleep in school, not like she was against it like Umi and Eli, but she thought it was a waste to be sleeping around especially in a place of learning.

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squishy-almonds submitted:

Mum’s voice

I believe our house is haunted, I really do. I’ve heard several noises when I was little (e.g. someone laughing really hard in the corner of my old bedroom when I knew there wasn’t anyone there; breathing from under my bed and steps from the attic above my old bedroom, my dog facing an allegedly empty corner in my room without blinking for a long period of time etc.).

One time I was on a trip with my school class and came home in the afternoon and I wasn’t sure whether my parents had to work that day or not, so I rang the doorbell. After a short time I heard my mum’s voice through the intercom and the door was opened. As I entered our house, it seemed empty. I didn’t freak out because it’s big and my mum could have been anywhere so I decided to go into my room and listen to some music. About half an hour later my mum entered the door and I asked her where she had gone after opening the door. She looked at me blankly and explained that she just came home from work and didn’t open the door for me. That was when I felt a horrible shiver and the uncomfortable feeling that someone’s been watching me all along. I hate being alone at home since that day, because I’m afraid that I’m never “all alone”.

That was when my worries about our “haunted house” were confirmed. I swear that it was my mum’s voice in the intercom. And even if it wasn’t, there isn’t anyone living with us and everyone was out.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod answered: Ahh that’s scary, 9/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.

Michael Imagine:Teased By ATL

Requested (:

Summary: You’re dating Michael, and he teases you over text, while hanging with All Time Low. You get horny and Atl decides to tease you about it. Weird dirty talk included.

Your boyfriend Micheal was busy attending an interview with the amazing band, All Time Low. You on the other hand were spending the day at home, alone. And slightly horny. Michael had been sexting all day and it was really starting to get to you. At first you tried to ignore it. You told him, that now wasn’t a good time and that you’d rather wait until he got home. But being the annoying piece of shit that he was (it even said so on his contact in your phone), he continued to torture you with dirty talk through imessage. After an hour of nonstop dirty messages from the boy, you started to grow impatient. You decided to give him some of his own medicine and texted him back with a very dirty message.
Meanwhile at the studio, the 5sos boys and the All Time Low boys gathered around talking and chatting during Alex and Jack’s radio show, Full Frontal. Michael had been very destracted the whole time because he was busy texting you know who. And he became so invested in teasing you, that when his phone lit up once more signaling that he had gotten another message, he didn’t even notice Jack reach over and swipe his phone.
“Hey! Give that back!” Michael exclaimed, trying to reach for the phone. But Jack only ran out of his reach.
“OOHH! Who’s Baby with a heart emjoi?” Jack teased.
“Oh that’s Mikey’s GIRLFRIEND!!” Ashton cried out in singsong. Jack and the other ATL boys all cooed and cheered. “Mikey’s got a girlfriend! Mikey’s got a girlfriend!” The room echoed with whoops and hollars.
“And let’s see what this girlfriend of yours has to say!” Jack cried out, then read the message. It just so happened to be the last message you sent Michael.
“You little piece of shit.” Jack started reading your words. “If you don’t quit teasing me and making me so damn horny, the moment you get home, I’m going to pin you down and fuck you into tomorrow. Understood?” Everyone but Michael burst out laughing, while Michael’s face grew hot with embarrassment.
“Well, I think I should talk to this girl.” Alex spoke up.
“Be my guest.” Jack handed the phone to Alex and he called you and put it on speaker. You picked up on the first ring.
“Hey, baby.” You giggled into the phone. The boys were all trying to contain their giggles, while Michael sat there mortified.
“Hi! This is Alex from All Time Low.” Alex spoke into the phone. “A little birdy told me that you were planning on doing the deed with my good buddy Michael. Well we’re all rooting for you two. Just remeber to stay safe. If you get pregnant you could die. Have a nice night!” Alex giggled and hung up, leaving you speechless. The boys were all dying from laughter while both you and Michael sat where you were, you were at home, he was with the boys, you both sat speechless. Michael decided to leave the room to call you again and explain. After a few minutes of you both processing what happened, you planned out what you had in mind for the evening. And it still consisted of your original idea.

Sorry that one was a little weird. I hope you like it! More requests coming soon! (: -Evie

Only Stating The Obvious (Harry Styles One Shot)


I walked out of the bathroom running a towel through my hair. Harry had been at the studio all day and I was home alone so I didn’t care much about walking around naked. I stood in front of the dresser in our room and pulled out a pair of panties. I slipped them on and then went in search of a bra that I liked enough to wear right now. “You know you don’t have to put a bra on for me,” I heard a deep voice speak from behind me. I turned around spying Harry standing in the door way. He scanned my naked torso and continued down to my feet then back up. “I bet you would like that,” I said smirking. I walked over to him wrapping my arms around his neck. “Yeah, yeah I would,” he said placing his lips on mine. He walked me backwards to the bed where he placed me down. He started to kiss down my torso to my panties. He slipped them down my legs not bothering with much teasing. At least not yet. He pressed his tongue against my clit and swirled his tongue around the small bundle of nerves. My head fell back against the pillow and I took a deep gasping breath as he stared to eat me out. My hand fell down to his hair tangling in his curls pressing him closer to my core. “Hey, Harry you forgot your… oh shit sorry,” my eyes shot open to find Liam at the door way to our bedroom his hand over his eyes turning quickly to hide his red face. I pushed Harry off of me quickly pulling him up so I could use him as a shield. Harry rolled his eyes, “What Liam?” Harry asked shaking his head. “You forgot your phone,” Liam said not turning back around. “Leave it on the kitchen table,” Harry said and Liam nodded his head. He was gone in a second and Harry looked back at me, “Right, so where were we?” Harry asked kissing me. “Right here,” I mumbled pulling him over me. I started unbuttoning his shirt and taking off his pants. I stripped him down and he kissed my neck teasingly, he positioned himself to enter me and slowly slipped in. my head fell back and I arched into him feeling the same slight burn I did every time we had sex. He rocked his hips into mine slowly his hands running all over my body. He gripped my hip and angled me up slightly. He sat back on his knees and thrust his hips into mine watching the way my body moved as he fucked me. “Oh, god,” I cried gripping the pillow under my head. He kept thrusting hard until he got me close to the edge. He pulled me up so I was sitting on his lap. My chest was flush against his and his lips met mine hungrily. I bounced on his lap moaning into his mouth. My chest rubbed against his adding to the friction between us. The slight loss in pleasure from the position change was regained in seconds and I was back on the edge just waiting for something to push me over completely. He thrust up into me hitting my g-spot which was just what I needed to fall into a strong orgasm. I shock harshly gripping his shoulders and biting his neck. He thrust again hitting my g-spot a second time before coming undone also. My previously clean skin was now slightly slick with sweat and I couldn’t help but pant as I tried to catch my breath. We regained our breathing and I went back to getting dressed. I walked out to the living room and Liam was still there, “Oh Liam you’re still here,” I said blushing slightly. “Yeah I um wanted to apologize for um earlier. I didn’t mean to walk in on you guys, I swear it never would have happened if I had known,” he said his face turning red. “Don’t worry about it, just don’t let it happen again,” I said nodding my head. “Definitely,” he said nodding. “Good, are you going to stay for dinner?” I asked turning to go to the kitchen. “Um, sure,” he said following me. “I’m sorry if this is slightly inappropriate but I have to say your boobs are great,” he said smirking. I shook my head, “Stop hitting on my girlfriend Payne,” Harry said coming into the kitchen. “Only stating the obvious,” Liam said holding his hands up. “Yeah I guess you are right, they are great,” Harry said agreeing. “Cool now can you guys stop talking about my boobs and tell me what you want for dinner,” I said my hands on my hip. They both looked at my boobs once more before telling me they wanted tacos. 

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Aoba was sitting on the couch, he wasn't feeling as happy as usual and wasn't sure why, he'd been home alone almost all day too and didn't know when people were coming home. ((From aoba-allmate)) ((Hello!))

Sly walks in the door, kicking his shoes off casually. “Yo, Aoba.” he says, plopping on the couch next to the other bluenette. 


anonymous asked:

hi' still taking prompts i see! would you for some New Girl-ish Bellarke AU? grazieee.


i’ve been writing this on and off all day and it’s kind of long. i hope you enjoy it!!!


She’d been on the fence about it before, but only now, standing in the doorway, did it truly hit her how big of a mistake this was.

“Hi.” The boy standing in front of her was tall and muscled and shirtless, oh god, his mouth lifted in a smirk. “Can I help you?”

She drummed her fingers on the handle of her suitcase, raising an eyebrow in a challenge. She would not be distracted by this unfairly attractive man and his stupid abs. “I’m Clarke.”

The guy scratched the back of his neck, squinting his eyes at her. “Look, you’re cute and everything, but all my things are one-night only, so-“

“Oh my god,” Clarke snorted. “First, yes, I am cute; thank you for noticing. Second, I’m not one of your conquests or whatever. I’m your new housemate.”

She watched as realization bloomed on his face, getting a stab of satisfaction when he covered his mouth in horror. “Oh god.”

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