been hearing it on the radio alot!

Mafumafu 04.13.2015 Namahousou

I’m drunk so here we go, here’s the kinda important stuff Mafu said and did on his housou just now. Not in order because my memory is shit.

  • He was pretty surprised to find his videos on Youtube and asked everyone to stop reprinting them. 
  • He asked people to send more comments for the radio
  • Speaking of Hikkikomoranai Radio, it has been postponed until Soraru’s physical condition has gotten better. He said he wished Soraru will get better alot sooner. 
  • He has an older brother (it was so cute hearing him say “niisan” im literally dead) who has a baby and he said he had a lot of fun playing with the baby. 
  • He was asked to play the guitar, so he got his guitar but he forgot where he put his pick so he looked for it and found it like a minute later. He played a few notes until screaming (Mafu’s either calm or screaming there is literally no inbetween) that he’s sorry and that he needs more practice. 
  • More events promotion talk for Nico Chokaigi and Bomasu.
  • Towards the end when the housou ended he said “oyasumi, bai bai!” but hE COULDN’T FIGURE OUT HOW TO END IT.