been had that polo

(B)romance in the NHL

Summary: A viral article about Kent and Tater’s bromance sparks some confessions.
Word Count: 3,700
Rating: G

The music skips with an incoming text that Alexei ignores as he mixes his smoothie and hums along. Once he adds the last chunk of banana he slips the lid on the blender and turns it on. A few moments later he turns it off and the silence is jarring. Alexei walks over towards where his phone is laying on the counter, hoping his battery hasn’t died yet again. His phone has been on the last leg of life for a couple weeks now, but he’s too attached to it to change it in for a new one, no matter how much the rookies tease him. 

Alexei picks up the phone. It isn’t dead. It buzzes incessantly in his hand as 20 messages turned to thirty with three missed calls and several voicemails. Alexei swipes in his password and scrolls down the list of names until he reaches the first message. It’s from Kent. The first is a link with three messages in quick succession after.  

Kent (8:57 am): I didn’t even notice them take this 
 Kent (8:57 am): It makes us look kind of gay… don’t you think?
Kent (8:58 am): Okay yeah other ppl think it’s hella gay too wtf 

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Clinging to This Hating Game 5/7

For the @prompt-a-klainefic blog’s 2017 Reverse Bang

Link to the art by @datshitrandom

the prompt:

Kurt and Blaine couldn’t stand each other in high school, maybe one was a jock/cheerleader and the other a nerd/glee clubber. Or they were bitter rivals for competition solos if they were both in glee club. Now they both live in NY and their friends set them up on a blind date, not knowing they went to the same high school.

High School AU, Cheerio!Kurt, Jock!Blaine
Rating: Explicit
Warnings:  some bullying and homophobic language, teenage sex
Word Count: ~3900 (this chapter)

Everything wonky is my fault.

AO3 link Chapter 5

On tumblr: Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4


After a slap fight with my beta that turned into full on mud-wrestling, this one very long chapter has been turned into two. The good news is that the second half will post no later than Sunday, and possibly earlier.

Forever thanks to @mshoneysucklepink for the beta. And the slap-fight.


Chapter 5

Kurt had always expected that by the time he reached his final semester of high school the pressure that he’d felt for four years would have fizzled out. The pressure he’d put on himself to be better, to rise above everyone’s expectations, the pressure to get everything right all the time, to take away any ammunition that could be used against him.

After all, his college applications were in, he’d sent out his audition videos (except NYADA, of course, they would require an in-person audition) and he was still in the lead for valedictorian. That should mean he should be able to coast through one semester.

It didn’t.

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Preacher Fic: An Echo of Love

Summary: Based off a prompt from the lovely @logicalbookthief: “What about something where a few of Cassidy’s enemies DO catch up to him, see how cozy he is with Jesse, and try to use him to lure Cass into their clutches?” 

Fandom: Preacher (TV series)

Words: 3,014

Warnings: Language, gore, blood, murder 

Pairings: Jesse/Cass 

Where to Read it: Below the cut or on AO3

A/N: Hope you enjoy this @logicalbookthief - thanks so much for the prompt! <3 

An Echo of Love

Wasn’t too often that someone stumbled upon the small town of Annville, Texas. It was the sort of place you either knew about or you didn’t, and if you did know you were likely to try and get the hell out of dodge. Strangers weren’t the norm and those who arrived were quick to leave. Jesse knew all this. So the six random guys in slacks and polo shirts really should have tipped him off.

Seriously. No one good ever dressed like that.

“Howdy, boys,” Jesse said. He’d been busy changing a burst tire a few miles out from the church, enjoying the solitude of the lonely road. He had dirt in his nails and a few streaks of grease across his forearms. Probably didn’t look like a normal preacher with his knees down in the mud (yet wasn’t that where they were meant to be?) so Jesse raised a friendly hand along with his greeting.

The men didn’t wave back.

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anonymous asked:

The fairy tale story about a loved up and besotted Prince fell apart for me at that very moment when I saw pics. from Skippi's wedding. No sightings of MM on the beach. Poorly photoshopped pics. Then I realized she was a booty call. The parking lot situation told me she was unwanted as a booty call any more. No Harry's flings and GFs had ever been in such embarrassing situation, even though polo matches were never been big of a deal. My next thought was about Pippa's wedding. (Part 1)

I am right there with you,😊

Meeting Taylor.

My story began on June 6th when my sister and I attended the 1989 Tour in Pittsburgh. Our tickets were for the bstage and we were anxious to secure our spot once the doors to the stadium opened. Before the show started my sister and I took turns standing in our spot so we could each go grab something to eat. On my way to the concession stand I passed the Taylor Nation Booth and saw a man in TN polo (I later found out it had been the legend himself, Kevin) and I had the sudden urge to talk to him. To say my name. To mention my Tumblr. Just something. But how ridiculous would that be? He didn’t know who I was. Saying something to him wouldn’t matter. I immediately talked myself out of it.

The show was absolutely incredible and I was on a high. We had been so close to Taylor. It was such an amazing experience. We poured over our pictures and videos for hours. I barely slept. But then.. the next day.. I felt different. The reality had set in that I was just me. Just a face in the crowd. I was so grateful that I had been fortunate enough to see the show, I felt so lucky that Taylor had noticed me before on Tumblr and so thankful for all Taylor does for her fans but at the same time, I felt like I wasn’t special enough to be someone that Taylor wanted to meet. I decided to write about how I felt and post it on Tumblr.

Everyone who saw my post was so sweet and cheered me up by saying such nice things. But the biggest shock of all came when Taylor herself commented on my post saying that she had wanted to meet me. That TN had sent me 6 messages prior to the show. That they had even looked for me in the crowd. She told me not to worry. And that we would work it out next time. I cried. I was shocked. I immediately searched my Tumblr messages. Nothing from TN. I later found out that it must’ve been a glitch with my message box because my inbox said I had more messages than I could actually count in it and it was 6 messages short.

But Taylor worked her magic. TN contacted me through Twitter instead. A little over 3 months after the day I discouraged myself from talking to Kevin, he called me and told me that I was going to meet Taylor.

The whole experience was surreal. My sister and I were moved to the front of the meet and greet line. We were directed to a sectioned off area in loft 89 where we would meet Taylor. All of the sudden the curtain drew back. There she was. Taylor. Arms open. I immediately hugged her and she said, “DUDE, I am so glad this is finally happening.” I didn’t tell her who I was. I never said my name. I never brought up my Tumblr. She just KNEW? She mentioned that I was taller than she was expecting and at one point she said, “what is your eye shadow situation right now? Eye goals.”

I remember it in bits and pieces. I mentioned I wrote a letter for her. I hugged her a few times. And she was so incredibly beautiful. I remember staring at her eyelashes and thinking WOW. I asked, “did you have us moved to the front of the line?” And she answered, “I told Sierra to make it as awesome as possible, you got upgrades, right?” I shook my head. She said, “Oh! Do you want to be in the bstage? Or the pit?” I must’ve had a blank look on my face because she turned to one of the TN workers and said, “can you just get them passes so they can switch between both?” I hope I thanked her because honestly I was so shocked that I don’t remember what I said after that. Except at the end I so flustered, so touched, I had so much I wanted to say that wouldn’t come to mind, that I shook her hand. Taylor was so cute about it. She was like, “oh ok.” And she smiled.

Taylor never owed me anything. Not the original contact and possible meet and greet in Pittsburgh. Not reaching out to me with the messages she left on my post after the show. She didn’t owe me another chance to meet her. Yet she gave me all of that and then still went above and beyond and upgraded our seats. We got moved from the very last row in the arena, against the wall, my sister and I didn’t even have side by side seats, to the bstage with Andrea. We got to meet her. We got to meet Vance Joy. We could’ve moved to the pit but we were having too much fun where we were. The show was incredible and I got to watch all of it knowing that Taylor has a part of my life now. She has shared her life with me for years and now our lives have crossed paths and she let me share a bit of my life with her. I know it was brief. A fleeting moment. But it means so much to me. I may not remember all of it but I will certainly never forget it.

I can’t thank you enough Taylor for making me feel so valued, loved and special. Your efforts mean the world to me. And to everyone who rooted for me and followed my story, I sincerely appreciate your kind words and support. I love you guys. And I love you Taylor. ❤️

I’ve gotta say one of my favorite things about Ralph Lauren is the ridiculous abundance of clothing he has produced (which means it trickles down to the thrift stores). While most of the Ralph Lauren I come across in the thrifts isn’t worth picking up second hand I’ve come across some real gems like this late 60s-70s overcoat, and the rest of these.

Ralph Lauren - Crockett & Jones for PRL suede long wings, RRL Byrd trousers, RRL Jackrabbit work shirt (found by a friend), PRL vintage overcoat

Dersha Prompt Request #1: Bad Habits

Author’s Note: Big thanks to tatymylove for coming up with this plot… You’re amazing!  Btw,  I didn’t know if any writers would jump on to the idea… so I’m happy to see everyone taking part in writing their own Dersha prompts :) This one was VERY tricky for me since I’m used to writing longer fics, but it was a sweet challenge. FYI: It DOES get naughty… Hope you all enjoy…

“Meet me out back.” — The brazen request flashed across Ahsha’s phone screen within minutes of her arrival. Judging by the look of mischief he presented her with between stares, Ahsha knew Derek would bring nothing but trouble tonight at Cecconi’s Restaurant.

“I can’t..,” she texted back when German finally ventured off to the bathroom.

“Yes you can,” the player retorted through text immediately afterwards. 

Ahsha’s thumb slammed hard against her phone as she exited their text messages. By now, the heat that radiated between her legs had penetrated her entire body. German was still elsewhere when Ahsha decide against her better judgement. The Devil girl felt like a teenager plotting to ditch between classes. What the hell was she doing? Her body gave her mind little time to contemplate. The minute Derek excused himself from his table, so did she. Before she rose from her seat Ahsha scanned the crowded restaurant. There was no sign of German, and she didn’t give a damn about Derek’s abandoned date. She spun around towards the exit of the Hollywood restaurant, and was out of the back door before she could even feel her heels meet with the pavement…


When Ahsha emerged from the back exit of the restaurant, Derek couldn’t contain his craze. Ahsha felt only fingers piercing into her arm before a hand clasped over her mouth. Her oncoming shriek was muffled by his palm. Her entire body tensed, but the feel of Derek’s tender lips against the nape of her neck sedated her senses.

Once her shock finally fleeted, Ahsha’s voice returned.

“You’re on a date…”  Ahsha whispered in a sigh. The slight harshness in her tone was betrayed by the way that her body melted into the familial comfort of Derek’s arms. Derek’s rebuttal came swiftly. “You’re on a date,” he challenged at her protest.

“We said we would stop,” Ahsha spun in Derek’s arms. 

“You said you would stop,” Derek made sure to reiterate. The back-and-forth banter made Ahsha’s roll her eyes. Derek laughed. He never once made a promise he didn’t intend to keep. His 6’6 muscular frame towered over Ahsha’s petite physique. The look in Derek’s eyes was both eager and ravenous. When he backed her into the wall her back hit the hardened surface with a thump. Derek’s moist tongue against her collarbone made Ahsha forget all her reservations. What was she babbling about? She didn’t care. A soft moan escaped from her lips. Quickly, the night’s air transformed into a smoldering heat. The clothes that sheltered them both felt like burdens to Ahsha and Derek now. 

When he gripped her thighs and lifted them against his waist Ahsha threw her arms around Derek’s neck. Her lips pressed against his lips with fire while his tongue hesitated not for entry into her hot mouth. Derek’s strong hand gripped at her hair while Ahsha held onto his face in response. She was inviting Derek straight into her suction of pleasure. When his fingers began to creep against the flesh her thigh, Ahsha knew she had to stop herself before passion consumed her. She writhed in his grip before breaking their kiss.

"We can’t…" she regrettably whispered into his lips. Both of their eyes were fastened in pleasure. Derek’s sigh was riddled with disappointment coupled with desperation. After missing her for months, all he wanted was to feel her. He rested his head against the stoned exterior of the restaurant as he let her go.

Ahsha felt the cold hit her once the two broke contact. When she looked up, the sadness of Derek’s stare made her wish they were somewhere private. Just then, she considered the exclusivity of his tinted Escalade. 

"We… can go to your car?," her shoulders lightly scrunched with her query. Ahsha’s ebony colored eyes met Derek’s gaze with a playfulness. Slowly, a smile resonated on his face. He’d go anywhere if it meant more time with her…


If Cecconi’s wasn’t in seclusion from the busy city streets of West Hollywood, on-lookers and by-standers would have been overwhelmed by the indecent sight. The way the $100, 000 worth of American-muscle shook lightly was clear deception. 

Inside Derek’s Escalade was a sauna. His Armani polo had been discarded and his pants unfastened. The Noam Hanoch dress Ahsha wore was special, as it was Derek who had bought it, but at the moment neither of the two cared about the condition of the designer garment.

"Shit, ” the player cussed underneath his breath. Ahsha’s wetness was wrapped tight around thick of his shaft as she rode him. Deep moans and obscenities sounded with every pound against his lap. Ahsha’s grind against his length only made Derek growl with greed. He could feel her opening pulse around him with every thrust. 

Ahsha’s moans adhered to every pound against her slit. His arms clutched at her frame as her palms clung to his sweaty chest. Ahsha threw her head back in ecstasy. A transmission of shock-waves traveled through her like electricity. When Derek’s hands gripped at her hips, her body shuddered at the feeling.

Derek felt every second it took for her walls to tighten around his shaft. When she collapsed onto his body, his thrusts only quickened. A arm griped at her side while a hand tugged on her dampened hair. Ahsha’s visage nuzzled deep within his neck to keep from crying out. But the sounds of her muffled moans and the heat that surged from her center delivered Derek into frenzy. He felt the build up rise in his chest as a growl left his throat. His last stroke buried his length deep in Ahsha’s sex. 

Their breaths were the only sound that filled the truck while the two clung tightly to each other. Ahsha’s legs at his waist, Derek’s arms encasing her entire frame. His lips sent a storm of French kisses against her chest. Ahsha could only clutch onto his face in response. The two sat in silence while their high traveled down. Neither of them wanted to go back inside…


Ahsha was sure her legs hadn’t awoken from their slumber, because the 1-minute walk back to Cecconi’s felt like 1-mile. Derek chuckled as he purposely lagged a few paces behind. 

“You need some help?,” he offered. She was pulling relentlessly on the hem of her dress. 

“Shut up Derek,” Ahsha’s response came with false seriousness. 

The two bantered back and forth as they sauntered back into the restaurant. Derek insisted on assisting her with her dress as he opened the door for him and Ahsha to enter. It was his smug demeanor that pissed her off and aroused her all at once. Ahsha hated it. Her mouth had told him to shut up but her eyes still held favor for the Devil. 

Once Derek and Ahsha parted before approaching their tables, the sight of German’s angered face made the Devil girl wish she hadn’t agreed to go out that night. Her eyes guiltily avoided contact with his gaze as she slid into her seat.

“I’ve been waiting here for like a half-hour Ahsha, where were you?” he demanded, though the boisterous crowd didn’t allow for his rise in tone to be heard.

“I… I needed to charge my phone. In the car. You were taking too long." 

Ahsha heard German sigh as she looked down at her device. It took every fiber of restraint she possessed not to allow the smirk that crept against her lips to show. She knew German knew that Derek was in attendance tonight. She knew he had seen him enter the restaurant just shortly after her. The redness in his face didn’t make Ahsha feel as guilty as she should have felt. Her attentions for the remainder of the night should’ve been focused on German, but they weren’t. Whenever Derek’s gaze latched onto hers, she latched on his right back. The bad habit of Derek Roman was a habit she wasn’t concerned about breaking.

Pacifica likes Dipper, Dipper hates Pacifica, and Mabel is just confused.

“All right, Dip. You ready for this awesomeness?” Mabel bounces on the concrete edge of the Gravity Falls pool. She pumps her hands up in the air.

“Yeah, yeah. Just get in the pool,” Dipper splashes water on Mabel causing to jump back. She shoots him a grin before jumping in, splashing Dipper with water.

“Hahahaha!” Mabel throws her head back, hitting Dipper with her wet hair in the process, “That was great!”

Dipper wipes the water off his face with the back of his hand. He takes one look at Mabel’s bright smile and feels his face heat up. Not even the water could cool him down now.

“Dipper, you up for a game of marco polo?”

“W-What?” Dipper blushed harder. Mabel had gotten closer to his face.

“I said you up for a game of marco polo?”

Suddenly, they heard screeching laugh getting closer to them. Mabel’s facial expression quickly changed to anger, growling sounds soon slipped from her lips. Curiously, Dipper turned to see Pacifica standing behind him. Her two friends standing next to her. Dipper glares at her.

“OMG, you two still play marco polo?” Pacifica laughed. Mabel shuttered at the sound, “That’s a little kids game.”

“No, it’s not. Plenty of people play marco polo,” every time Pacifica talked, or was just near, he felt nauseated. Maybe it was the cheap perfume she bathed in or the way she always wore too much makeup. It could also be the fact that every time she came near Mabel, she had to insult her.

But this time Mabel noticed something different about Pacifica. Something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. There’s a slight sparkle in her eye she’s never seen before, and her face has a red tint to it. Even the way she’s standing is different. Her hands weren’t crossed over her chest or on her hips, but casually at her sides. Something was going on with Pacifica Northwest.

“What are you staring at?”

Mabel pushed away her thoughts. She had been staring too long at her, “Marco polo is fun. And we’re going to play.”

“Whatever,” Pacifica scoffed. She pushed her hair back as she looked at her friends, “Let’s go. I don’t want to catch whatever they have.”

As she walked away, Mabel noticed that before she was gone, Pacifica turned her head around. It was only briefly, but Pacifica had glanced toward Dipper. Her mouth pouted outward, her eyes glossed over with a longing look. Then, she immediately sashayed away as though it never happened. Mabel looked to Dipper who was currently climbing out of the pool.

“I can’t think of anything now except getting the heck away from here,” Dipper held out his wet hand for Mabel, “Let’s go get something to eat. I’ll buy.”

The touch of Dipper’s hand sent a chill through her body. She quickly looked into his dark brown eyes with confusion in her own. Nothing is making sense today.

It had been two days since the pool incident and Mabel still hadn’t figured out what was going on with Pacifica. Every time she pictured the way Pacifica’s eyes glossed over at the sight of Dipper, she grows more curious. It was like she was being hypnotized by some creature found in Dipper’s journal. Maybe that’s what it is. She was hypnotized. Oh, man when she tells Dipper about this-


“W-what?” she snaps away from her thoughts, now focused on Candy and Grenda glaring at her. She looks down to see Calling All Boys: Preteen Addition she’s supposed to be playing with her friends. Before she became totally obsessed with trying to find out Pacifica’s problem, “Right. Whose turn is it anyway?”

“Yours,” Candy readjusts her glasses, eyes never leaving Mabel’s. She gives her usual knowing look. Mabel knows what she wants to know, she knows that look too well.

She sighs inwardly. Maybe if she opens up to her friends about her problem, they can somehow help her figure out what she needs to know, “Okay, here’s the thing: Dipper and I were at the pool having fun, as always, and right when we’re about to play marco polo, Pacifica and her friends come strolling over. Of course she insults us for playing marco polo because that’s just what she does, when she’s about to leave, she glances back at Dipper with this longing look and now I’m trying to figure out what her problem is.”

Mabel ends with a deep inhale. Candy and Grenda exchange a quick look, then stare back to Mabel. Grins spread across their faces. Even more confusion runs through Mabel’s mind. What is up with everybody lately, “What is it? Am I missing something her?”

“Like it isn’t obvious,” Grenda chuckles. Mabel blinks a few times. She isn’t able to handle all of this confusion, there’s so much she could take.

“Okay, let’s pretend it isn’t. Explain to me what you think it is,” how could it be so obvious to them, but not her?

“Pacifica likes Dipper,” Candy squeals.

“What?!” Mabel almost passes out at the thought, “There is no way Pacifica could like Dipper. I-I mean, she’s always insulting him-”

“Sounds like she likes him,” Grenda gestures her hands toward Dipper’s bed, which was currently empty. He had heard that Mabel was hanging out with her friend, so he decided to head out to the mini golf course with Soos and Wendy. That way he was at a  safe distance away from their antics.

Mabel soon finds herself feeling lightheaded, “No,” she whispers. For a brief moment, she replays the events of that day. Pacifica had a longing look, a look that matched the look she’s seen Dipper have for Wendy whenever she went out with Robbie, a thought she really didn’t feel like seeing again, “but… maybe?”

“Do you think Dipper would ever like her the same way?” Candy asks.

No,” the word came out faster than she expected it to. There is no way Dipper could though. He’s still hung up on Wendy. At least that’s what she think. She doesn’t know what to think anymore.

“No, he couldn’t. He hates Pacifica. More than I do actually,” and it was true. Mabel might’ve been the person that suffered through all of Pacifica’s hatred, but Dipper’s the one who couldn’t stand the thought of her. Of course Mabel didn’t like her either. Who would after everything she’s done to her.

However, after their mini golf competition, Mabel felt that they could possibly be friends some day. Obviously not any time soon, but hopefully some day.

“I can’t say I feel sorry for her,” Grenda crosses her arms. A look of disgust sticks on her face, “One time at school she got everyone to throw candy at me and Candy.”

“It was a sweet day,” Candy giggled into her hands at her idea of a funny joke. Usually Mabel would try to laugh. Not today. Not when she feels this confused.

A few hours later, Mabel is sitting in front of the TV in the living room. Not much watching is being done. The sound is turned off, so Mabel only glances up to the image every few moments. The rest of the time she sits pondering on the idea of Pacifica with Dipper.

What if he finds out about this? How will he react? Will he fall into the trap? Will he someday feel the same?

No matter how many times she tells herself Dipper would never, she can’t help but fear for the worst. After all, she’s spent the summer battling monsters, defeating an evil child, and getting attacked by zombies. Compared to that, Dipper falling for Pacifica seemed like an everyday thing. She let her head fall back as she exhaled loudly. She thought of Dipper and Pacifica is too much for her to handle. It wouldn’t make sense for that to happen. What confused her the most is why Pacifica liked Dipper. He’s just… well, actually, he’s pretty fantastic. That’s coming from her sister point-of-view, though. She had no idea what other girls thought about him. Except for Wendy and she knows what that is. Many times she always assumed Wendy didn’t dare think of Dipper that way because of the age difference. What else could it be? There was nothing bad about Dipper. Yeah, he has his quirks, like keeping her up every night with his loud reading, or the way he chews his pen all the time, and of course don’t forget his obsession with every mystery in Gravity Falls, but those things are what makes him dipper. She wouldn’t change him for anything.

How did she even get on this subject? Just a minute ago, she was stressing out over how Dipper would react. She still feared his reaction. Which is why she decided that she wouldn’t let him find out. She’d take this secret to her grave. By the looks of the situation she is in, would probably be earlier than expected.

“Hey, Mabel,” Dipper strolls through the front door. One of his hands is pushed into his pocket while the other clenches the door handle, “Are your friends gone?”

“Y-Yeah, they, um, left already,” Mabel watches Dipper furiously. Suddenly she smells a hint of nachos when Dipper leans over the chair Mabel is resting in, “Did you guys go to the diner after mini golf.”

“Oh, yeah, we did. Guess who we saw there? Pacifica.”

Oh, no. Mabel tried to relax her unsteady breath. She didn’t need Dipper being suspicious of her.

“Really?” Mabel’s voice came out squeaky. She kept her eyes on the TV purposely trying to avoid eye contact, “Did she bother you.”

“Mabel, the sight of Pacifica bothers me, but no. Actually she didn’t say anything, which was weird since she obviously noticed me,” Dipper undid his shoes, letting them fall to the ground when they were untied.

“She did?” she felt her entire body go stiff. Hopefully Dipper is too clueless to realize what is happening. She’s betting on it.

“Yeah, she kept glaring at me. Then, she just whispered to her friends while still glaring at me.”

It’s a safe bet.

“Well, you know Pacifica,” Mabel found herself standing away from Dipper. Awkward laughter fell from her lips without any control, “She’s a terrible person. Nothing out of the ordinary there.”

Dipper stared suspiciously at Mabel, “Is there something going on here?”

“W-What?! Are you accusing me of being suspicious? Really, Dipper?” she begins walking backward to the stairs. She just needed to get away from here because f she didn’t, she’d blurt out something she really didn’t need to, “I think you know me better than that. Trust, bro. It’s the foundation of any good partnership.”

Then, she ran. Ran until she was finally alone in the attic. Dipper, she knows, is probably wondering what was going on with her. She slid down the wall until was sitting on the ground. She rests her head on her knees trying not to let the emotions get to her.

When is all of this going to end?

Mabel hated herself for it, she truly did, but she needed a break. A break from her awful thoughts, a break from the heart wrenching pain she felt, a break from Dipper. The last one almost had her crying. She had never needed time away from Dipper. They were like best friends. No, they were more. She loved her best friends, but Dipper… her feelings toward Dipper was more than just love. There was no word she could find that fit the way she felt for Dipper.

This is why she needed to get away. Her feelings have even started to get too weird for her to handle. That’s why she woke up earlier than Dipper or Grunkle Stan. So she could spend the day out by herself. At first she though why not just go to Candy or Grenda’s house, but all they’d want to talk about is the thing she wanted to avoid. She ended up walking through the town. She went inside each store browsing through the items. Some she liked some she felt were too weird to be sold to anyone. After what felt like hours of that, she decided to go to the mini golf course. Maybe it would take her mind off of things. Although, it wasn’t as fun as she hoped it would be. Nostalgia washed over her. She wished Dipper was there. She always has fun with him. What made her think avoiding him was a good idea in the first place she would never understand.

As she was leaving, someone walked up to her, the scent of perfume filling the air. She immediately felt sick again.

“What, Pacifica?” Mabel turned around toward Pacifica. She was almost blinded by the diamond encrusted gold club Pacifica had been leaning against.

“Oh, what’s got you in such a grouchy mood today, little girl?” Pacifica always added little girl to the end when talking to Mabel. She knows how angry it causes Mabel to get.

“I’m not in the mood for you today, Pacifica,” Mabel slowly began walking away. She knows she can’t handle the constant bickering her and Pacifica always seem to get into today. Yet Pacifica keeps going and Mabel doesn’t know how much she can handle.

“Aw, poor little is sad,” Pacifica pouts, “What could the little girl’s prob-”

Mabel quickly swings around, anger fills her entire body, “Stop or I will find my brother and tell him about your weird feelings for him.”

Everything goes quiet. Mabel feels her body burn with a feeling she can’t figure out. She had never said it out loud, which is why the intense feeling of rage is new to her.

“What did you just say?” Pacifica’s voice not only sounds aggressive, but there’s a hint of fear hidden beneath her words.

“I know about your crush on Dipper. Ever since we were at the pool,” all Mabel wants to do right now is bury her face in her sweater. She wished all of this could be avoided.

“You are so wrong,” Pacifica scoffs, “People like me do not like people like him.”

“Oh, give up it up, Pacifica,” her words make Pacifica go silent. Her mouth hangs open while her half-lidded, anger filled eyes stare Mabel down. Emotions were running high, and Mabel didn’t know what to say.

“So what? You really going to tell him?”

“What?” was she finally admitting to her? Was this really happening?

“I’m surprised you haven’t already,” she whispers. For the first time, Mabel sees a side of her she has never seen before. A side that seemed fragile, full of emotion, full of weakness to her own feelings. Mabel wouldn’t dare hurt someone who looked so innocent.

“I’m not going to tell him,” Mabel had finally calmed down. Her voice still isn’t back to its usual perkiness yet, but at least she can speak without getting dizzy.

“You aren’t?”

“Of course not. It isn’t my secret to tell. To be honest, I really don’t want to think about any of this,” things had become silent again. Though, something weird happened. Pacifica’s lips had curled up into what could only be called a smile. Things only keep getting weirder.

“Where have you been all day?” Dipper watches Mabel as she plops next to him on the small chair in front of the TV.

“I went out,” she finds herself resting her head on Dipper’s shoulder, the warmth soothing her tired mind.

“Where?” Dipper sat the journal on his lap. Mabel glances at it to see that he was reading the zombies page. Would’ve been helpful when they actually fought zombies weeks ago.

“I went to the mini golf course,” suddenly she remembers Pacifica and all the feelings of fear flooded back to her.

“Did you have fun?”

“Dipper, can I ask you something?” she clenches the sleeve of her sweater.


“If you had a secret that you promised not to tell, but it was torturing you, would you tell it?”

“Hm, it depends. What kind of secret is it?”

Something snapped in Mabel. Something that forced her pull away from, “Pacifica likes you, Dipper. Like likes you. And I’ve known since we tried to play marco polo in the pool and she came over and insulted her. I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to fall into her trap. I didn’t want you with her. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know why. I just don’t I really don’t. So, please, Dipper, don’t like her back.”

Mabel breathes, in and out, in a fast pace. Everything she’s held in finally finds its way out. Peace falls over Mabel, but only briefly. Dipper stares, eyes wide open, mouth open slightly. Mabel can only guess the thoughts running through his mind.

Soon Dipper grins at her, “What makes you think that I could ever like Pacifica Northwest? I told you, Mabel. The sight of that girl makes me sick.”

“I-I know, but-”

“No buts about it. Pacifica is not my idea of someone I would like,” Dipper’s half-laughter is enough for Mabel to finally feel calm. She closes her eyes suddenly feeling exhausted.

“Plus I could never do that to you.”

Her eyes immediately reopen. She finds Dipper with a blush on his face and a smile she hardly sees.

“She’s, like, your sworn enemy for life… and you’re my sister. That’ll never happen.”

“Why, Dipper?” she whispers

“I just told you?” he’s hiding something, she can feel it.

“Dipper, please. We both know that’s not why. Is it because you’re still hung up over Wendy?”

“No, I’m over her. It’s… It’s just… I…”

“You what?”

“If I tell you, promise you won’t freak out and run away forever?” his voice sounds soft, so full of fear that Mabel doesn’t know what to say. She simply nods, “O-Okay. I… I feel that… I think I might… might be…”

What could be so bad that her can’t just say-

“In love with you.”

Oh. Oh. That’s what it is. Mabel never expected that. She never thought that Dipper would… oh, man.

“Oh,” Mabel whispers. Her eyes pull away from Dipper’s. She stares anywhere and everywhere that isn’t Dipper, “Oh.”

She remembers back to when her and Dipper were in the Gravity Falls pool. The moment Dipper stared at her, how red his face looked. She can’t believe that didn’t give it away.

Suddenly it hit her. Every time she thought about Dipper falling for Pacifica, it hurt and she never knew why, but it was so obvious. She has the same problem Pacifica does, liking someone you definitely shouldn’t.

“And I thought Pacifica was weird.”

“What?” Dipper’s voice sounded broken. As did the look he had on his face.

“Oh, no, Dipper. That’s not… I…” she what? She liked him, she loved him? Is that wrong if she did? Being in love with you brother, it was taboo. So messed up. There was so many consequences to that.

Finally she took a glance into Dipper’s fear-stricken eyes and she became hypnotized. She didn’t care how wrong it was. She had fallen head-over-heels in love with her brother, and her loved her back. That’s all that matters.

“Dipper,” she falls forward resting her head on Dipper’s shoulders as he wraps his arms around her, “I love you, too.”

She feels his body melt into hers as all his fear leaves his body. Of course she loved him. He’s Dipper after all.