been drinking all day

It’s been a “stay in pj’s all day, drink old coffee, watch Friends re-runs and try not to feel anything” kind of day.

(Cookie dough would have played some kind of part in all of that too but it was too cold to walk to the store and I didn’t have all the ingredients.)

If anyone wants to send me random questions or asks to help me take my mind off things, that’d be cool with me.


It’s been more than a day and I’m still laughing at how the Squire pact in TOZ-X is now just a friendship bracelet while Mikleo and Sorey apparently have each other on telepathic emergency speed dial LOL.

inb4 bro gaydar jokes


Tensions running high in the 12x14 sneak peek

i’ve been drinking since noon
and i’ve been high all day.
maybe if i pour more chemicals in my body,
i won’t remember my name.

maybe i won’t remember anything
and i’ll be thankful for that.
reverse a few months in the past
and forget who i am.

i mean, listen, we all change
and sadly we have to cope,
but some of us don’t know how
so we drink or cut or smoke.

or we find vices within ourselves
that we promised not to do.
but rules were meant to be broken, right?
sadly, that’s true.

Barbie Ferreira Gif Pack

Under the cut are 315 245x160 or 160x160 gifs of Barbie Ferreira. All were made by me and are under 3mb. Please like or reblog if you save any of them. Food tw. Flashing lights tw. Partial nudity cw. Animals cw. Do not edit these gifs, put them in gif hunts or make icons (gif or static) from them.

Gif icon versions of all of these gifs can be found here or here.

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What If I Kissed You

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Y/N Y/L/N, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Brianna Buckmaster  

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: A few adultish thoughts, Drunkish!Jensen, tipsy!reader, not much. Mostly fluff.      

Word Count: 1700ish

A/N: So I have been writing a lot of angst lately for my series and for and for angst day (yep I am gonna make y’all cry that day). So I kinda needed a change of pace. When I heard Temecula Road’s What if I Kissed You this one shot popped into my mind.

Thanks a billion to the bestest little sister in the world @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this one for me

Note hate against Danneel - I love her. For the purpose of this fic Jensen is single. 

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Being around Y/N on set was bad enough, but tonight it was down right impossible for Jensen to focus on anything else but her. It was a beautiful night in Rome. All his friends, well work friends, were there. Misha and Jared were laughing and talking about something right next to him, but Jensen didn’t pay attention to them at all.

His eyes were solely fixated on Y/N and the way she was laughing and dancing with Brianna. Hell, he couldn’t even hear the music over the sound of her bell like laughter ringing in his ears. He was drunk and not only on the “apple juice”  he had been drinking all day, but on her. She filled his senses and Jensen allowed his mind to wander as he watched how the short summer dress she was wearing clung to her curves in all the right places. Her tanned skin was almost shining in the lights of the club and her hair was swaying with her every movement. She looked happy and free.

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Day 5/100 ♡

I’m really feeling the orange-yellow colour scheme today! I’m reviewing for my AP Chemistry midterm exam. I’m typing up my lecture notes, mind mapping, and making quizlets for the vocabulary and whatnot. i’ve been drinking iced coffee all day! i can’t wait to get done with chemistry and work on a paper on instant gratification.

Reylo update

-Dame Judi Dench is our new patron Saint 🎉🎉 -Antis are either lashing out in fear or leaving 👍 -Confirmed in the official Star Wars data banks that Kylo and Rey share a mysterious and strange connection that links them both not to mention… “[kylo] sensed his destiny and Rey’s were somehow intertwined”. In conclusion it’s been just a great day for us all.

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Horrible Day

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1200 Words

Story Summary: Requested by @winchester-writes from the drabble prompt list. Sorry it took so long, I lost the list!!! She picked #16: “Drop the attitude.” With Jensen

HERE is the drabble prompt list

HERE is the list of completed prompts


It had been a horrible day. One of those types of days you wanted to crawl back into bed, and wait to try again the next day. Nothing little, like losing your keys, or spilling your coffee. No, when you had a bad day, it went really bad.

It had all started as soon as you had woken up. Rolling over in bed, you realized that Jensen wasn’t there with you. Of course, he had left early, planning on spending the day at the brewery. Sighing, you had gone into the bathroom, only to realize your period had started during the night. That brought tears to your eyes, as you sank down to the side of the bath tub. You had so been hopeful that it was this time. That you would finally be pregnant. You had been trying so hard, and it hadn’t happened yet.

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I’m a paramedic, but nobody taught me how to sit an 86 year old gentleman down to tell him his wife of 65 years has died in her sleep. Nobody taught me how to watch as the desire for life leaves his eyes the moment I break the earth shattering news that would change his life forever.

Nobody taught me how to accept a torrent of abuse from a complete stranger, just because they have been drinking all day and want a lift home.

Nobody taught me how to reason with the aggressive patient I’ve just met; overdosed, but needing my help to breathe.

Nobody taught me how to talk to someone so depressed that they have just slit their own wrists, panicked and called for help. Nobody taught me how to respond when they turned to me and said “I can’t even get suicide right”.

Nobody taught me how to bite my tongue when I went 2 hours over my finish time for someone who’d been ‘generally unwell’ for 24 hours.

Nobody taught me how to accept that I would miss out on things other people take for granted; birthdays, Christmas day, meals at normal times of the day, sleep.

Nobody taught me how to hold hands with a dying person as they take their last breath, how to hold back the tears because it’s not my grief.

Nobody taught be how to keep a straight face whilst a young man explains exactly what happened to the end of his hoover.

Nobody taught me how to act when a patient pulls a knife on me.

Being a paramedic is so much more than swooping in and saving lives; it’s about dealing with the most unique, challenging experiences and just going home at the end of the shift, being asked ‘how was your day’ and replying ‘fine thanks’.

Being a paramedic is about constantly giving a bit of yourself to every patient, because although it’s our 5th patient of the day and we can’t remember their name it’s their first ambulance, their loved one, their experience.

It’s about the bits that nobody taught me how…

It’s about providing pain relief and reassurance to a 90 year old lady who’s fallen and hurt her hip, and despite all the pain she turns and says “Thank you, how are you?”.

It’s about a hug that you give someone on Christmas Day because they haven’t spoken to anyone for days, they have no relatives or companions but you’ve brightened up their day.

It’s about climbing in the car next to someone and saying ‘Don’t worry, we’ll have you out of here in just a moment’

It’s about everything that we do that the media doesn’t publicize,

It’s about knowing that we couldn’t attend to the dying man because we were dealing with a drunk… who then assaulted one of us.

I’m a Paramedic, But Nobody Taught Me How…

—  Julia Cornah

Hi!could I have an imagine where the reader is tom’s girlfriend(she calls him tommy).And she’s on set with him one day and it’s super hot outside so tom is like super sweaty and she keeps getting him cold towels and stuff but because it’s hard to take the suit off he doesn’t want to drink water so he has to go to the bathroom a lot but she makes him drink a lot anyway and he makes her help him take the suit off whenever he has to use the bathroom.Sorry if it’s weird it just popped into my head😂

A/N: Lol, this will certainly be interesting.

Word Count: 496 (wowza, another short one. So short).


You had been on set of Spiderman Homecoming for the past few weeks when Tom flew you out because he missed you.

You were watching Tom shoot a scene in his Spidey suit. It was about 33 degrees outside (yes, Celsius. BAck off Americans. Everyone else uses Celsius) and every once and a while the director would call cut and give Tom a break.

“Hey, Tommy,” You said as he walked over to where you were waiting by his chair.

You handed him a cold towel and he put it on the back of his neck. He was breathing heavily. His head was sweating from his mask.

“Here, drink,” You said, handing Tom a bottle of water.

“No, Y/N. You’ve been making me drink water all day, I already kind of have to use the bathroom. It’ll be a pain to get out of this suit,”

“Tom. Listen to me. You’re going to get dehydrated,”

“No, i’m going to piss myself in this suit if I drink anymore,”


“I’ve got to get back to work, darling,” Tom said, dropping the towel on his chair and walking back onto set.

After two more breaks full of you forcing water down Tom’s throat, you were watching a scene that they were trying to finish when suddenly Tom stopped and shouted towards the director.

“Can we cut?”

“Tom, we’re almost done the scene, what’s up?” The director asked

“I really have to use the bathroom,”

“Okay, this scene should take three minutes, tops. If it doesn’t you can hold it against us. Can you wait until we’re done filming?”

Tom sighed and got back in position to finish the scene.

A few minutes later, the director called cut andTom ran off set, heading back towards his trailer.

You jogged after Tom, knowing he would have trouble with his suit.

When you got to his trailer, the door was slightly ajar, and you could hear tom swearing inside.

“Need some help there, Tommy?” You questioned

“Fuck, darling. Please help,”

You walked over to Tom and helped him out of his suit. Managing to accomplish this in only a few minutes (still faster than Tom could have done it himself).

“Love you, darling,” Tom said, kissing your cheek before running off to the bathroom.