been done but i wanted to do a more zoomed in full version


Hey guys, I finally made a commissions post!  If you’re interested in commissioning me, please contact me via the tumblr messaging system or by sending me an email at (no “u” in saturn) and leaving me an ask letting me know you sent one!

Every time I do a pixel I post the original artwork, and then a zoomed in version.  So if you’re a fan of the zoom in pixel aesthetic keep that in mind!

Seriously, I love drawing people’s OCs, never be afraid to ask. And I’ll do fanart of whatever you like even if I’m not in the fandom so don’t worry about that either (most of my fandoms are obscure OTL).

If you don’t receive your commission within 30 days of paying for it and I haven’t told you I’m going to be away from my computer for a period of time, you’ll get your money back.

Under the cut is just some extra notes on what I can do and a few more examples of stuff.

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Eclipse Special

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The solar eclipse is a thing that happened today in the U.S., so we’re gonna celebrate by posting an ultra post with a Morgana x reader, Kara x reader, Lena x reader, and Supercorp version. Enjoy! 

 - Admin Lily

It was so amazing! I got out of class to go see it and oh golly! 

- Admin Cam

Morgana x Reader  
*Merlin x Arthur (Merthur) and Gwen x Lancelot (Gwenelot?) warning*

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Today was the day.

Morgana had dreamed of the day turning into night, and Merlin was immediately alerted because she thought it was a sign of danger. When this question was brought to the king and his court, historian Geoffrey had all the answers.

“Why, it’s astronomy!” the old man exclaimed.

“What?” Arthur questioned.

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AN: Thank you to the fantastic anon that requested this cute imagine! I hope this is what you were looking for! *I do not own the gif (but holy shiz THAT SMILE KILLS ME), and like always please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: okay so I just thought of Tony or Clint accidently spilling that you like pietro to him and vice versa so could you possibly do that as like a prompt thing? If you can’t that’s fine haha


Sometimes you questioned whether Tony was an actual adult, or a little kid in disguise.

“Let’s play a game!” Tony shouted to all of the Avengers, who were bored out of their minds all cooped up in the tower. They had done nothing for almost a full week, it was to the point where the team was asking for an alien invasion just to give them something to do.

“A game?” You said, cringing as you recalled the last time someone said that. Apparently, Natasha’s version of ‘a game’ was intense training and large team battles. You could barley move for a week after the 'games’ ended.

“Yes, like spin the bottle!” Tony grinned from ear to ear.

“God, no.” You groaned in disapproval. Could he pick a more cliché group game?

“What about a card game like war or something?” Steve asked.

“Ew, maybe when I’m in a nursing home.” Tony pretended to gag. “What do you think, Nat?”

She drummed her fingers along her chin, looking deep in thought. “Maybe truth or dare?”

“Yes!” Tony jumped up from his seat and motioned for everyone to sit in a circle on the floor.

You rolled your eyes, but you still came over and sat between Natasha and Steve. Pietro and Wanda sat across from you, and you smiled. You secretly was glad that they decided to play with you, any interaction with Pietro made you happy.

“I’ll start!” Tony shouted, making Bruce (who was next to him) cover his ears in annoyance. “Okay, Steve, truth or dare?”

Steve groaned and rubbed his forehead. “Why me?”

“Answer the question, popsicle!”

“Um, I guess dare.” Steve said, and you could see the almost instant regret in his eyes when he saw Tony’s eyes light up.

“I was so hoping that you would say that!” Tony grinned. “You must have at least one swear word in every sentence that you say from now until the end of the game!”

Steve shifted uncomfortably. “Every sentence?”

Tony cocked an eyebrow at him and crossed his arms over his chest, waiting for Steve to correct his statement.

Steve hung his head. “Every damn sentence?”

“Yes. Now it’s your turn, make your choice you star-spangled-baby.”

Steve looked around for a moment, then his eyes settled on Clint. “Uh, are you going to pick truth or dare…you bastard.” Steve cringed at how mean and strange he sounded.

Clint suppressed a laugh and said, “Dare, Captain.”

Steve thought for a moment, then nodded to himself. “I want you sit with your legs out I front of you-”

“What? That’s easy!”

“and, I want you to have Thor’s f*cking hammer laid across them.”


Thor, though looking confused, walked over to Clint and laid the hammer down on its side over the bottom half of Clint’s legs.

“I do not get it.” Vision commented from next to Wanda.

“Clint will not be able to lift his damn legs as long as the hammer is on them, he won’t even be able to move them.” Steve said with an accomplished grin.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Clint grunted and he tried (unsuccessfully) to shift his legs. “Anyway, Pietro, pick your poison.”

The white-haired Avenger looked up in surprise, he hadn’t been expecting to be called on. You looked at his surprised, bright blue eyes and felt your heart go all fuzzy.

Pietro’s shoulder perked up and he ran his fingers through his hair nervously. “I…I guess I will pick truth, seeing as everyone else has picked dare.”

Clint cracked his knuckles as he thought, then said, “Out of everyone in this room, except Wanda, who would you pick to sleep with?”

Pietro practically choked on his own spit, “S-s-sleep with?”

“He means have sex, hot shot!” Tony informed Pietro, which earned him a nasty glare from the young Avenger. The thought of Pietro having sex with anyone in this room made your blood boil, but you still concealed your feelings inside.

To hide your facial expression, you got up out of the circle and went to grab a bottle of water that you had left on the other side of the room. You felt Tony’s eyes follow you, he knew about your hopeless crush on Pietro. You grabbed the bottle of water and took a swig of it as you turned around and began to walk back to the group.

Pietro looked around at everyone, then sighed. “I mean, if I had to sleep with someone, I guess I would pick…Y/N.”

You spat out all of the water in your mouth on to the floor in front of you, and all of the other Avengers laughed at your reactions (all except Pietro).

Pietro got up in a flash and zoomed back with some paper towels to help you clean up the mess that you had made on the floor. Your cheeks burned a brilliant shade of red and you took the paper towels from him and began to mop up the mess. You noticed that Pietro’s cheeks were flushed as well, which made you feel just a little bit better.

“I-uh-Clint asked me to…” Pietro was struggling to find the least offensive way to calm the situation down. “I really didn’t mean to weird you out-”

“Oh, trust me, you just made her day.” Tony snorted, not thinking. “She’s been waiting for you to say something like that for a very long…” Then, realization dawned on Tony’s eyes widened. “…ignore me, please.”

T-T-Tony!” You shouted, your entire face was rosy red.

“Wait, wait, what?” Natasha said as she raised an eyebrow at you. “You like Speedy?”

“Well, I don’t know, uh, I-” You struggled to speak, all of your words were getting jumbled. Pull yourself together damn it!

“Well?” A cocky smirk graced Pietro’s lips as he watched you in your flustered state. He was loving this, you could tell.

Luckily for you, Wanda (who felt your distress) piped up, and in an almost mocking tone said, “Brother, don’t act all high and mighty now. You have had a crush on Y/N since the moment you saw her.”

His eyes got wide like he could not believe that she had said that in front of everyone. “Wanda!

Despite your embarrassment, you still felt your insides melt when you learned that he felt the same way about you.

At this point everyone was fully invested in the entire awkward situation, even Bruce and Vision seemed to enjoying the show.

Steve walked over to Pietro and nudged him whilst whispering, “This is the part where you ask the damn lady out.”

You both sat in silence and stared at each other with completely mortified expressions.

In addition to your heart beating against your chest, you heard Clint say,“Well this is all fine and good, could we just end this game so I can take Thor’s goddamn hammer off of me?!”

((I hoped everyone liked it! It was obviously a little more silly and goofy than normal, but I thought it turned out okay. Tell me what you guys thought!))

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I really want to take this blog and shove it down the throats of every Wattpad writer ever. Also can you do the cover for The Belles?

[insert evil laughter bc i have all the dirt on this cover]

So, the Belles is a cautionary tale. One of art direction gone wrong. One of our limitations as mortals and as artists with technology of this era.

On the EW page where the book cover was first revealed, there’s a cute video showing the photoshoot that was done for this cover. I wish I could embed it here, but alas, the function does not seem to be working. Here’s a screencap, to give you an idea:

The author also posted a couple different half-finished photomanips from a version of the cover that never was:

(are we all in agreement that adding the black and white zig zag was a terrible choice? Yeah? Yeah.)

As far as I can tell from the video, the entire shoot took place at that full-body distance. Which says to me that all the concepting/ comps done beforehand looked like the images above, and that the decision to make the cover a closeup of her face was, all likelihood, a last minute decision to scrap their original idea and just get a cover that worked, because the photomanips above weren’t for whatever reason, and deadlines exist.

There would be nothing wrong with this. except.

her face is noticeably out of focus. The full-body picture was zoomed in on more than its pixel information was equipped to handle, and as a result, got blurry! Compare the crispness of the text and the bokeh texture– hell, even of those flowers that were obviously and badly photoshopped on top of the real ones that were on her head– to her face or body and shit is #yikes. (I’ve checked around, in case it was some error with the specific file, but it looks like that everywhere.)

This is not a design “problem” so much as an embarrassing technical error that I…. cannot believe more people didn’t notice, tbh. And it really is a shame, because there’s so few fantasy covers featuring WOC on them! I wish the ones that existed were better!

So then the second issue with this cover is….. that title. And i’ll be honest, this cover was super disappointing bc I saw this:

Before it was released, and the title typography looks REALLY GOOD there! As gold on black, w a shiny-but-flat feel, with nothing else to compete with it, the effect is really lovely. But what ended up on the cover (with a much toned-down shattering effect) feels like a massive cop-out:

Not to mention tonally dissonant. It just feels weird. But the gold wouldn’t have been readable, they had to tame the effect to keep it legible on a more complicated background, and they had to reduce the shrapnel area so it wouldn’t obscure the imagery or other type. (They did not have to add that ugly bevelling effect on, but worse, around it. Bad bad bad.)

I strongly suspect that they commissioned that original type treatment from someone who specializes in 3D typography, and then handed if off to a designer who was asked to do the impossible in making it fit with what marketing had mandated of the rest of the cover. The type on a cover should either be created in constant communication with the rest of the cover, so they always work together, or you can create a huge fancy Type Thing and then build the rest of your cover around the needs of it. You can’t do both.

So, lessons we can learn from The Belles:


2) Don’t make a totally awesome badass type treatment without concern for how it will fit into the rest of the cover, because you’ll end up having to castrate it to fit, and that doesn’t make anyone happy.

batteries part 3

summary: final (?) part of batteries

word count: 4339

warnings: airport fight scene from cw so violence

a/n: I kind of want to do an epilogue?

part 1

part 2

As the plane touched down on the tarmac, Peter watched the subtle shifts in the mechanics of the wing. His eyes were glazed over with infatuation. You rested your chin on the plateau of his shoulder, both of your arms wrapped around one of his. His hand rested again on your knee.

Happy rose from his seat the instant the plane slowed to taxi off of the runway. You wanted to laugh – assuming at first Happy was just being characteristically uncomfortable. It happened often with Tony and Pepper; it seemed only natural he’d do the same to you. But upon noticing his face, your giggle crumbled to ash in your throat. His eyes were downcast, his mouth tightly folded into a concentrated frown. This wasn’t a free vacation to Berlin, something you’d foolishly allowed yourself to forget.

As much as Peter could get caught up in the rush of skipping school a continent over, you needed to focus on what was at risk.

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Hole in the Fence (Coldwave with goats) - 4

Fic: Hole in the Fence (ao3 link) - chapter 4/4
Fandom: Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Mick Rory’s life was changed forever by the fire he didn’t escape.

(in which Mick Rory retires, raises goats, and saves the world more than a few times)


“So, I’ve got something new,” Len says.

“Is this related to the Zoom thing?” Mick asks without looking up.

In calculating his invasion plans, Zoom had severely underestimated the charisma of what is now indisputably the chief supervillain of Central City, Leonard Snart, leader of the Rogues.

To be more precise, Barry had asked Mick, who had asked Len, who had gathered up all the supervillains or would-be supervillains in town and they’d attacked Zoom in force.

Zoom might have been fast and he might have all sorts of snazzy tricks like throwing lightning and duplicating himself – that one had been a fun discovery – but Leonard Snart lives to disappoint people.

Of course, Len had invited everyone to a barbeque afterwards, Team Flash and Rogues alike. They’d made it a masquerade so everyone could go home, identities intact and bellies full.

That was approximately when Mick learned that Len had declared Mick’s farm to be a neutral territory, respected by all, and Barry had backed that up with threats of rather-un-superhero-like super-fast violence. This mostly results in scared metas heading to Mick’s farm before they go anywhere else or try to turn their powers into a villain gimmick – though if there’s any more of them coming soon, Mick will need to bring in Ji-hyun to the farm to work as a full-time intake therapist for terrified metahumans, and she won’t like that.

Maybe she has an intern she can recommend…

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katyanoctis  asked:

90/92/67. 😉

67: “Stop being so cute.” // 90: “Catch me if you can!” // 92: “Are you drunk?”

Pfffffft okay, this combination was funny enough (especially since my headcanons of the puzzleboys drunk do NOT make for straightforward high energy or flirty scenarios) that I slapped myself back awake long enough to write something. 

Aibou?” Atem murmured, the creak of the bedroom door louder than his voice as he stepped inside. 

The room was predictably dark, the moon shining through the skylight the only thing keeping him from tripping as he crept towards the bed, already shrugging out of his coat. He should probably take the time to change completely, strip off the pants and socks and shirt he had been wearing for well over half a day. But Atem had spent the last fourteen hours in cramped plane seats and loud, monotonous airports, and all he wanted to do was crawl into bed and bury his face in his partner’s neck and sleep.

There was just one teensy problem, though…. when he pulled back the covers and slid into bed, there was no one there to cuddle.

Atem frowned at the wall a good thirty seconds before rolling over, dragging his jacket off of the floor by the cuff, and fishing his phone out of the pocket. 

It rang five times when, just before it flipped to voicemail and Atem’s mood flipped from confused to anxious, someone picked up.

Moshi moshi~” 

Thin black eyebrows shot up and Atem tilted the phone to check the caller name. 

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anonymous asked:

You imagine are awesome and I love them if you don't mind can you make a imagine for me something like you come from different earth to help flash to catch zoom and one for you friend from different come to that earth 1 to meet you and he is young version on Harrison and you are young version of Harrison died wife.

A/N: Aw, thank you, that’s far too kind of you to say and I’m glad that you like them.

Originally posted by heckyeahharrisco

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tips for making icon borders

the wonderful and lovely desti, my child and friend (sparkfelt, among others), asked me if i’d share some advice on making icon borders. now, there’s a lot of different kinds you can make of icon borders you can make. i’ve listed the general tools used for border making, and at the end of the list there is a tutorial on how to make an icon like this, which shows all of these tools in use:

for reference, i’m using photoshop cs4, but this should be incredibly similar to both earlier and later versions of the same software.

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Like a Dream(P.5)

Title: Like a Dream(P.5)
Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader
Warnings: N/A for this chapter.
Summary: Y/N lands the role of Peter Pan’s romantic interest in a movie-version of Once Upon a Time and Robbie tries to convince his co-actors that he doesn’t have the slightest interest in his new female counterpart.

(Robbie’s POV) 

Watching her laugh was enlightening, it made it hard to breathe or to talk, but it always made him smile and it truly was hard to not join her in the laughter. Ev-en though he was clearly mad at himself for feeling this way, it didn’t stop him from making her laugh again so he could watch how her face lit up. 

“Alright, you have to say it with a straight face this time, Robbie!” She giggled. “And stop making your voice sound like that! I won’t be able to do this tomorrow if I even think about it, I’ll just start laughing!”

“That’s good though!” Robbie laughed, standing back up from the couch. “It’ll take the edge off a bit, won’t it?”

She laughed again, making him smile. “No! I don’t know if you keep forgetting this, but I’m gonna be completely topless and bursting out laughing is gonna be embarrassing!” 

He chuckled. “Alright, you’re right. I’ll take it seriously this time.” Reaching his hand out, Robbie helped her to her feet and took a step back. “So, just before the first kiss then?”

She nodded, giggling a bit before regaining her composure. 

The lighting on set was a lot different then at Robbie’s apartment. Now in her costume with her hair and makeup done, Robbie was a little…actually a lot more nervous. Above him, the crew was getting ready to create the thunder storm that Akira had started, in just a few minutes she would be drenched in –water, soaking wet and…well…pressed against him. Kissing him…More then kissing him.

Normally, this wasn’t a problem, this was his job. He’d kissed her before, he’d kissed other girls in movies and shows before. 

He’d never been nervous about it. Not for these reasons. Robbie swallowed and took his stance, watching as Y/N took hers. “Que thunderstorm!” The director yelled. 

Robbie fluttered his eyes when the large amount of water came pouring down on them. His vision was a bit blurred from the water as he set his gaze on Y/N, who was simply giggling as she shook the drops of water from her face. 

“Alright, take your marks!” Robbie tore his gaze away long enough to walk towards her, letting her settle herself against the tree. “Action!”

“Why not tell me the plans you have against me lost girl!?” He growled, pushing her further against the tree, his eyes flashing a bit of an apology when she grunted. “Tell me how you plan to rip this place away from me, use it for yourself, just so you don’t have to be my little dog anymore.”

It was harder to work in the rain then he had originally thought. It was also cold. She shivered a bit, but she managed to break into a laugh. Robbie forced a scowl to form on his face, despite wanting to smile at her like he had last night. He reached out, grabbing her cheeks to bring her eyes to his. “What’s so funny?! Answer me!” 

She slowed her laugh, but kept the dark smile on her face. “You told me not to talk.”

He wanted to laugh. He could see it in her eyes that she did too, something about our horrible acting last night made it hard to focus today, but we managed to move through it. 

The crew set off a fake flash of lightning near the two so that it shown through his eyes while another camera zoomed into his face to catch the moment. Then his hands trailed down and gripped her throat, he barely put any pressure on it, only letting her acting and the rope attached to her do the work for him as it lifted her up to make it look like he was holding her roughly against the tree. 

She pretended to be out of breath, gasping when he let her go, the ropes letting her fall carefully to the floor as Robbie turned to walk away from her.

“This isn’t anger because I took your power!” This was it. A few more lines and then they would be lip locked. There’d be a few moments to regain ourselves while they moved set, but then they’d be at it again, he would have to undress her and move against her…Even if they weren’t having actual sex. He had to mentally prepare himself for the moment he would be skin to skin with her, pushing and grinding against her, so that he wouldn’t…get to worked up. 

“–and he had to order a kiss from me to prove he mattered!” Y/N finished her line and Robbie made himself shake–which wasn’t hard because it was freezing– as if he was full of anger. 

The cameras cut long enough for him to gain the ground to Y/N so he was now standing in front of her, staring down at her soaked figure. Her dress truly did cling to every inch of her. 

It wasn’t hard for Robbie to grab her face and pull her into the rough, wet kiss. It was so full of passion that he wondered if she’d realize it was more then just his acting. 

“And scene!” It took a moment longer then it should have before they broke apart and the only reason they noticed that it did was because the rest of the crew was in the background cheering us on. 

Robbie swallowed, blushing a bit as the rain stopped, he rubbed the back of his neck. “Sorry, uh..come on, let’s…let’s go to the other set.”

She nodded. “Yeah, of course.”

Her voice was a little shaky, he had to question himself if it was because she was just as cold as he was or if she was just as shaken up from the kiss. 

It was about a half hour later, both of us had to run through the showers fully clothed to ‘reapply’ the look of being in the rain and then we were pushed back onto set, it now looked like Pan’s treehouse, the bed looming next to us. It made Robbie shiver a bit, this time it really wasn’t from the rain. 

Josh made his way onto set with Parker. “So..We’re gonna take off with a bunch of the other cast members.” He said, setting a hand on Y/N’s shoulder. “I’m sure it’s gonna be weird enough with the cameras and the crew, don’t need a bunch of your coworkers watching, right?” 

Robbie watched as Y/N averted her eyes, blushing brightly. “Yeah, a bit of privacy might be nice. Thanks guys.” Robbie answered, knowing it was hard for her to talk right now. 

Josh gave a smile, patting her shoulder before walking off, leaving Parker there with a smirk on his face. “You sure don’t look sick.” Robbie glared. 

“Oh..” Parker chuckled, coughing a bit. “Yeah…I’m feeling loads better. Loads. Must have been the ice cream or something, you know?” 

Robbie rolled his eyes. “Right, well…Did you guys get any practice last night?”

Y/N smacked at the blonde’s shoulders. “Go!” She yelled, trying to hide her blush. The taller boy laughed before nodding and rushing off the set after the others. 

He turned back towards her and set his hands on her shoulders. “Hey…You alright? They said they’d take the scene out if you weren’t comfortable.”

She nodded. “No, it’s fine..” Her smile made him grin a bit before he stepped back. “I can do this, I can.”

“No going back now then, huh?” He raised a brow. 

“I’m ready.”

She didn’t hesitate this time when the director yelled action, her lips latched onto his, her eyes shutting as her hands ran up the sides of his neck and into his hair. 

It took everything in him not to whisper her name into the kiss. Instead, he followed script, growling as he tangled his hands into her hair, throwing them onto the bed so that he was on top. 

The hair on the back of his neck rose when he heard the light moan pass her lips. The script ended here, except the lines that we were to say, actions were no longer written. It was all up to us. 

Suddenly, her legs wrapped around his waist, her hips tilted up towards his and he had to break away from the kiss so that he didn’t accidentally bite her lip. At this point, he knew that it was his feelings guiding his actions and not his character. The only problem was that he didn’t know if it was the same for her. 

The actor leaned down, his lips attaching to her neck as he nipped and kissed his way down her skin, forgetting about the cameras and anyone watching. He listened to her soft moan as he trailed down the flesh of her neck and down to her chest before pulling back. He had lines, he couldn’t let anyone think he had forgotten that this was his job.

Smirking up at her, he sat up a bit. “This was rather unexpected, love.”

He pushed off the bed, watching as she opened her eyes, as if she had been in her own moment as well. When she moved to get up, he pushed her back down onto the bed. “Don’t move.”

Her hair was roughed up and the angered look on her face only seemed to make him find her more attractive. She said her line, but he barely heard her, only reciting his own response out of memory. 

His hands traveled down to remove his clothes, his eyes set on hers. “Take off your clothes.”

The rest of our lines seemed to be a muffled noise in his ears as he ripped off one of the leaves of her dress. “Show me how you intend to make me yours.” 

The scene cut, only long enough for her to slip behind the curtains and remove her dress, all except a pair of panties that they would film around so it seemed like we were naked. 

A moment later, she stepped out, topless, completely bared in front of him. Robbie swallowed, holding back the blush on his cheeks by biting his tongue, the pain distracting him for only a moment. 

“Shit..” He whispered, glad that no one could hear him. She didn’t seem nervous at all, settling down onto the bed in the exact position she had been in before. 

Robbie moved forward and rested his hand on my thigh. “I plan too.” And then he caught his lips with hers again and all the talking and the lines were over. Now it was all them and how they decided to move. 

His tongue slid into her mouth, swirling around her own and he reveled in the taste of her as he let his hand travel up her thigh, gripping her rear end and tugging him into her. Both of them moaned and he knew she could feel that he was actually excited. 

It worried him, but not enough for him to pull away or ask. He was to far gone in the taste of her mouth and the feeling of her sliding against him. If there weren’t any clothes between them, he didn’t think he’d be able to stop himself from slipping inside of her and taking her in front of the cameras. 

They moved together as he bucked his hips up to act as if he had thrust inside her. Her back arched up pressing her chest against his and he instantly had to bring a hand up to grab at her breast. She moaned again, making them break the kiss. 

He latched his mouth onto her neck and then made his way down to kiss between her chest and back up so he could kiss her again, Robbie didn’t want to stop kissing her. 

Their hips moved and grinded against her and the more they did, the more He didn’t think he could keep his composure. He was glad both of them were wearing black, because he could feel that she was excited too, he could feel the wet spot growing each time he moved against her.

At the end, they both let out moans that were so real they had to open their eyes to look at each other and the sudden realization crossed both of their faces. 

Both of them sat outside of the set, their faces flushed, neither of them had spoken yet. Finally, Robbie cleared his throat. “Y/N…I’m…uh…I don’t really know…I mean…”

She gave a small laugh. “That was incredibly weird, wasn’t it?”

He looked a bit shocked, looking over at her quickly. It seemed like she wasn’t even bothered at all anymore. “Yeah..It totally was.” He replied, watching her reaction. 

Y/N nodded and then smiled, standing up. “At least it’s over, right? Come on, let’s go grab something to eat. All that fake sex made me hungry.” She giggled, letting him take her hand to stand up. They both walked towards the parking lot, but Robbie hadn’t said anything. 

“Nothings changed, right?” She said, turning towards him before they got to her car. “We’re still friends.”

“Friends.” He gave a small laugh, rubbing the back of his head as if playing it all off casually. “Of course. Just friends.”

Her smiled brightened as she walked to the drivers side of the car. “Right!” 

She got in and shut the door, starting the car as Robbie stood there for a moment, trying to swallow the cluster of feelings he was having. 

No… He thought to himself, clenching his fists a bit so he could grab his thoughts. I don’t think I can be just friends.

Ladybug of Steel: Green

Chapter 1 of my Superman AU. All Miraculous Ladybug Core Four pairs. 

Read on AO3

Marinette pushed her glasses higher on her nose as the red-orange digital numbers on the elevator’s readout steadily climbed. The lenses weren’t corrective, nor did she have any astigmatisms that needed amending, but they offered her a sense of camouflage, however meager. There wasn’t much she could change about her appearance in her day to day life, since the hustle and bustle of her work demanded pulled-back hair and her sensitive skin did not allow for a multitude of cosmetics to conceal her visage, so she made do with the thick-rimmed eyewear. Beggars couldn’t be choosers and it was glasses or nothing.

And it appeared as if they worked. Her secret identity continued to remain in tact.

Of course she didn’t give the glasses all the credit. Human nature had hidden her well. Naturally, her friends and coworkers had commented on her likeness to a certain superhero, but jokes and laughs and “Me? Ladybug? Oh my god, can you imagine?” dissuaded any real suspicion. No one was really ready to believe that normal, plain-Jane Marinette was the infamous Ladybug, protector of Paris. Denial was the true cloak of invisibility.

The elevator dinged at her floor and the doors slid away to reveal the typical chaotic hubbub of the LEnquirer office. Voices hummed together into a drone, punctuated by the rhythmic clacking of fingers on keyboards and the pitched ringing of phones.

Marinette sauntered out of the elevator and weaved through the cubicles, waving to a few coworkers who paused their work to smile and greet her before dipping their heads back down to expositions and interviews. Her own desk was along the back wall by the windows. It was a spacious workspace lit by the sunshine streaming in through the slits in the blinds and had been given to her as a favor by her childhood friend and boss.

The moment she unloaded her satchel from her shoulder and set it on the hard surface of his desk was the moment Adrien Agreste scuttled by, arms full of fluttering papers that marked a trail behind him.

“Hey Marinette,” he said as he zoomed passed her. “’Morning.”  

“Hold it, Adrien!” she said and reached down to collect the pages he had lost. “You’re missing some things.”

He peeked over his paper stack and noticed his lost documents. “Of course,” he mumbled. Sighing, he knelt to the floor and set down his less-than-stable pile.

Marinette handed him his pages. “Busy morning?”

He beamed at her. “Ladybug stopped a robbery last night. I’m hurrying to get something ready for print. I worked through the night, but it’s still not quite done.” He took the papers and offered her that white-toothed smile that always managed to melt her insides. “Thanks Marinette.”

“Yeah,” she said a little dreamily. “No problem.”

“I’ve got to get back to work,” he said, picking his stack back up and getting to his feet. “I’ll send you a copy of the article when it’s done! See you!”

Marinette stared a bit too long at his retreating form before remembering to pick herself up from the floor. She meandered back to her cubicle and set up her station in a wistful daze, opening documents on her computer and flipping through her notebook distractedly. The blank, blinking curser on her screen flashed patiently, waiting for her to write something, anything, but her eyes once again flitted back to Adrien’s desk a few cubicles down.

Her crush on Adrien wasn’t exactly what one would call healthy. She had an almost unnatural obsession with him. Since that very first day when Alya brought her to the LEnquirer, both a courtesy to a friend and a way to spice up the fashion section of the paper, she’d been smitten. Of course it hadn’t just been the gorgeous model exterior (and he had been a model before turning to journalism), the man was also blessed with the kindest heart she knew. He was polite and gentle and always managed to greet her every day without fail. And he was talented. His articles and editorials were one of the most popular in the paper. There was only so much dignity a woman could keep in such close proximity to such a golden boy.

The drawback was his own obsession. Just as she pined for Adrien, Adrien pined for Ladybug. At first she thought he only admired her, marveled in her superhuman powers and vigilante deeds. It was normal to idolize heroes. It was expected to want to know more about them. But then she noticed the glimmer in his eye, that soft smile and the pink blush on his cheeks every time Ladybug was brought up in conversation, and she knew that his affections for her went beyond that of a reporter with hero-worship.

And therein lay the cruel irony.  

The man she had feelings for returned those feelings… but to a version of her that had been glorified and idolized to the point of unrecognition. Of course she had powers and held that certain kind of strength needed to fight villains, but she’d become generalized, stripped down to her barest form. No one really knew her. No one knew her temperament, how she could be goaded into a fight or how easily irritated she got with biases and rude behavior. No one had insight into her feelings of inadequacy when she failed or the hollow, bittersweet feeling that came with each victorious battle. No one even knew her favourite colour. She was so much more than just justice and foiling bad guys. No one could accept that a hero like Ladybug could also be a human like Marinette.

And so she let Adrien yearn in ignorance and hoped that one day he would know her. Both sides of her. Her daydreams had him falling for Marinette and realizing the similarities between her and Paris’ savoir, stitching the two identities together with awe and joy at the revelation. It was technically in the realm of the possible. So she waited, optimistic and patient, resolved to let things fall where they may because she knew it was better to sigh in infatuation than in anguish over an empty relationship.

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AYEM Shorts #5

This takes place in the AYEM universe while Sans and Papyrus are still young living with Dr. Gaster. These are snippets of their daily life as requested by readers.

Home Movies

Most monster technology in the underground was salvaged from whatever the humans dumped into the mountain, give or take a few things here and there. Dr. Gaster was never particularly interested in things for entertainment such as television or phones, his assistants handled most of that. However his latest find did get him at least a little curious; a large VHS camcorder.

It was bulky and cumbersome and the tapes he found were usually well past the point of salvaging, but that never stopped him from making his own. Recording the events of his life became a little more important to him now that he had a family, and his audio recorder used primarily for taking notes on projects just wasn’t enough to capture what he wanted.

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Anonymous asked: What in your opinion was the best season finale so far? And why? (And please talk about film techniques! I love when you do that!)

Damn here we go. You know, as much as everyone goes wild about the season two finale, or even season three, my favorite finale is from season one.

There is just so much going on that I absolutely love. From character moments (That Raven/Clarke drop ship scene y’all) to new plot revelations. I think it’s important to note that we have three different “endings” in season one: Clarke pulling the lever; The Mountain Men; Clarke and Monty in Mount Weather. This is very interesting to me, because we do not focus on just one story line, but have to pay attention to many story lines that are interwoven with one another (if not yet, they will be in the next season). This, in effect, challenges you to tease apart the significance of the multiple layers that exist within each moment, and creates this complex and puzzling narration, but not to the extent where the viewer is left with the feeling that the allusiveness of the story is not logical, but that it wants to prepare you for something grander instead. 

Just go with the quote: “Elements of narrative styles are best applied with intention, purpose, and meaning - not as ends themselves” - The story goes on. And in the season one finale the preparation comes in the form of the camera interacting with us, through Clarke, sound effects and the setting.

My favorite finale ending S1: Clarke waking up in Mount Weather.

Before I start I have to point out that this episode was shot by one of my favorite directors of The 100, Dean White, who knows how to establish a very captivating and surreal moment. Everything about the last scene of season one feels very much like something out of a classic 80’s horror movie, with an outstanding aesthetic, suspenseful atmosphere and a very great plot-twist. Note: I will go through each moment step by step, because it is just that great. Let me also preface that, when I watch something, I give myself up to the character’s vision and the setting when necessary. Even if it’s illogical or makes little sense factually sometimes, I follow the logic of the character and the design so that I can see what the vision is. So, basically, I power through faulty logic to get at what the characters and the setting are trying to communicate.

Let’s go.

Scene 1 – close up shot and sound.

The first scene opens with a close-up shot of Clarke lying on a pillow, after the screen went white and then decided to fade out to Clarke’s sleeping face. At the same time, while the camera fades out from white to Clarke’s face, we are treated with two different sounds: 1. classical music, and 2. the sound of a heartbeat. This mixture of visual image and audio sound is very important, because the viewer is supposed to come to one realization – Clarke is still alive.

The last image of Clarke, before the scene turns completely white, is of her lying on the ground with a laser-sighted rifle pointed to her head, after someone/a few people threw red smoke grenades at the Delinquents, with the ‘goal’ to knock everyone out. The 'cut to white’ screen effect (also known as a fade in/out) therefore works wonders, because we don’t actually find out what exactly happens to Clarke and her friends until we cut to the next scene where she is obviously still alive. We know what these people are called who attack the Delinquents, since Anya calls them 'Mountain Men’, but it is still interesting how this all plays out, because the viewer is left with something mystical. We don’t find out any more than that. In fact, we are left with that last image of a person who looks like anything we have seen on the show before. It surprises and shocks everyone, because you see these 'people’, but get no answers. You are left with a bazillion questions instead: Who are they? What do they want? How did they know where Clarke and co. were? Why do they look like that? etc etc. And… It’s great honestly. The show continually stages these massive scenes (killing 300 Grounders/Mountain Men attack), only to cut to these smaller moments where the characters and the audience are thrown into these new positions and go ’???’, because everything feels so out of place at first. I say 'at first’, because even if you don’t instantly know what’s happening, the show candidly creates a strong connection to the recent events by transitioning into much smaller scenes and putting two and two together.

In the case of the first shot of Clarke it’s no different. Even if the viewer can’t be expected to understand what is happening initially, since you only get to see so little of Clarke’s body in combination with the coloring of the background (see: white pillow, and very bright lighting) mixed with the classical music and sound of a heartbeat, this moment still creates a very visible vibrant energy that is both contrasted as well as paralleled effectively with whatever was happening before (Mountain Men at the drop ship). Clarke is alive, and she seems to be well. The white pillow and lighting sort of indicate that she seems to be somewhere safe - in a hospital. Her face is clean, her wounds have been tended to, and she obviously lies on something comfortable. The sound of the heartbeat clearly belongs to her, as we continue to hear it throughout the moment. It only begins to slowly diminish when Clarke starts to open her eyes.

The heartbeat completely vanishes as soon as she has her eyes fully open. What is really interesting to me is that the classical music, that comes in a mixture with the heartbeat, decides to stay, while the heartbeat sound clearly dissolves. Which means, while the heartbeat is significant for the viewer to realize that Clarke is still alive (and also for Clarke to realize that she is still alive lol), the music actually has a complete different task. The music is supposed to calm the viewer (and therefore Clarke), because, unlike the heartbeat, it is actually part of the setting. The music definitely has the conventional sting of a tune that you usually find in dramatic situations that happen in horror movies. And while the music might sound classically pretty, and might suggest a 'soothing’ atmosphere, to me it feels anything but that. To me, it has a rather sophisticated touch to it and almost as if it were done in an operatic style on purpose, because it already wants to suggest a turn of events that our protagonist will undergo soon.

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