been dealing with her for far too long

I would like to take a moment to have you imagine Waxer wanting to go back and visit Numa. 

Him making plans, going so far out of his way to try so hard to get clearance for just. one. day. when their transport was close to her planet. Its been a long time, like at least a year and a half or something, Boil keeps telling him “What if she doesn’t even remember us, huh? What if we go down there and start something we can’t handle and she doesn’t even remember us?” and grumps and gets angry because he can’t deal with the fact that he actually cares about the little blighter too and that she might not recognize the men she called Nerra. 

Still, Waxer keeps insisting and finally they get cleared to go down. Of course, they do so under the guise of a separate, menial task of a mission that Cody gave them because he.. may or may not like the fact that Waxer is so attached to this little alien girl and Boil pretends to not be. Cody decides to tag along after Obi-wan even offers to go down with them, saying he had business of his own Jedi persuasion on the planet though when Waxer respectfully asks Cody why Obi-wan was really coming, his commander just looks at him like, “You’re going to need a translator.” 

And once they get down to the planet and start asking around, it doesn’t take long to find her because the whole planet remembers Kenobi and his clones and what they did to help them. And just… Numa running out the front door of her home and tackling Waxer around the waist (she had gotten taller) like she had done to his leg before, shouting Nerra and some other stuff that Obi-wan gladly translates: “She says, she knew you would come back. After all, you did promise.”

When She Loved Me

This is very OOC, trust me. I wanted to see how it’d be if Pan was destroyed by someone through what he believes is the weakest thing to have - love.

I apologize because I’m dealing with writer’s block at the moment - ‘Tis not the best

Song Inspo: When She Loved Me - Sarah Mclachlan


She brought out a side of me that no longer existed, one that I buried far too long ago when Rumple had begun to enter my life. Although she wasn’t my first Lost Girl, she was most definitely my favorite. She wasn’t lost, either. She couldn’t have been lost if she found Neverland to be her home - her safe haven. Everything was beautiful with her.

From the moment we met, to the dangerous and most thrilling of adventures we had, to the walks on the beach, to the tantrums and the fights, every hour we spent together continues to live within my heart. When she was sad, I tried my best to be there for her first, to dry her tears. I wanted so badly for her to accept me, for her to let me in.

When she was happy, I felt a new high. It was one that I had eventually rubbed off on the Lost Boys, one that erupted laughter and joy on the island.

Through the summer and the fall, I had her and that was all. She was all I needed to get past my worst days, and she was enough to rid my thoughts of any possible future dangers. Around her, I relaxed. Her safe zone was Neverland, whereas mine was her.

She and I together, it was like it was meant to be. Until Rumple came along with his new favorite motto, of course, “Villains don’t get happy endings.” Still, she stuck by me, hoping that this little inconvenience would pass. Little grew into large and expanded from here on.

Years went by and I stayed the same, I think. She… she had begun to drift away. Once again, I felt like I was left alone. I had to do something for her, to prove that I still cared for her. I couldn’t let her feed into the fact that Rumple had me under his fingers like a puppet, along with my great-grandson, Henry.

So the day came where I gathered enough courage to rebuild myself and our relationship. Approaching her late at night at the beach, I noticed the little details that always made my heart flutter. From her hair flowing freely around her face, to the soft turn of her lips when she saw me, to the other small, quick motions she’d unconsciously make around me. I felt lonely and forgotten and I never thought that she would once again look my way. I told her everything I’ve always wanted to tell her, even though she may have already known, and she smiled at me and held me just like she used to.

Everything was perfect and I was almost there to perfecting my relationship with her. I didn’t want to hurt her with what was happening, so I decided never to bring it up. Although never is an awfully long time and as it seemed that I was dying, I never realized that she was, too.

All it took to hurt me was to see her face fall as she hit the ground, a sword through her chest from a specific rival who stunk of rum and saltwater. Captain Hook laughed mercilessly and he disappeared behind the Dark One himself, Rumplestiltskin.

That may have been when I realized that love was weakness. Only because I didn’t know how to use it, of course. Hate was so much easier to use that I reverted to it. I didn’t realize that because of my grief I was weakened and therefore lost the fight against my dear son.

Although, I will never forget her. I can’t, actually. Everything at the time was beautiful. Every hour we spent together still lives within my heart. I replay the memories over and over again like a symphony that I constantly conduct. All it took to destroy me was when she loved me.

Olicity: Real

Anonymous said:

Could you write about the first time Felicity tells Oliver about her father? And her opening up to him and learning about her past and how she feels about her father breaks his heart because it left a deep seeded abandonment issue in Felicity that’s still there.

Originally posted by cozyforjate

It wasn’t that late when Felicity found herself back at her apartment, but she hadn’t exactly been out for long in the first place. A quick glance at the watch on her wrist as she’d opened the door told her it was only ten minutes past nine, but she still felt exhausted. Though the current mission was draining and imposing on all their sleep patterns, Felicity now had a different level of personal hatred for this particular case. It was far too personal, far too ingrained on a part of her life that she didn’t really like to tell people about, especially the people closest to her.

They’d been dealing with Damien Darhk for so long she didn’t remember what it was like to not have his name clouding over their evening activities, and everything had narrowed down to this one night where they were finally going to confront the man himself. Everything had been planned. They had finally gotten a step ahead of the man who was always twelve steps ahead of them, and found where he was going to be. Everything was in place.

Even him.

Damien Darhk.

Her father.

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All I Want for Christmas is You

It had been a long time since Jade last saw her love, far too long if you asked her. With all of hell being in a uproar during Halloween and now being very depressing while the Christmas spirit in the air she had countless issues to deal with. But she refused to go the entire season without seeing him.
She snuck into the house of his new contractee, Gordon something or other, and waited. When the clock struck midnight, she began her plan.
She lit the fire in the fireplace that the tree stood next to. Next she shook the tree lightly. A human wouldn’t even notice the sound, but a demon would have heard it for miles.
Once again she waited by the fire, dressed in her “santa” attire. A red hat, crop-top, and skirt all lined with white trimming. It complemented her slightly tanned skin and her near perfect hourglass figure well. She knew she looked good, she just wanted to see his reaction to this.
“Hello handsome,” she said with a smirk, approaching his seductively. “It seems I’m a bit lost, mind helping me find my way home?”

James had been putting off NEWTs for far too long. He just didn’t want to deal with it. But now, it was close, and he knew that he needed to study. He had owled Lily to tell her they should study together and he meant it. He figured his dorm worked and he spoke when he saw her. “Okay, we have to actually study. So try to behave.” 

Happy Birthday Clarke

Clarke Anne Griffin was born on August 23rd, 1992 at 7:47 am after a very long night of labor for her mother. A lot of things had changed in the past 23 years since then. Abigail Griffin had changed from doting mother to no nonsense Congresswoman. Her father was dead. She was no longer her parents perfect little baby girl who did everything that she was told. Virginia and D.C. had been left far behind and replaced with a new life for herself in New York. She was happy. But that didn’t mean that she liked making a big deal about her birthday. She was too busy focusing on everything else in her life and besides, 23 wasn’t even that big of a deal. So on the morning of her birthday, Clarke didn’t jump out of bed. Instead when her phone rang and woke her up, she just groaned, silenced it without even looking at who it was and rolled over to the other side of the bed, snuggling deeper into her boyfriend’s arms and refused to wake up. 

How I want Peridot’story to go.

So, I’m with those who dislike the idea of Peridot being redeemed, unless its done well, which will happen for sure since we’re dealing with the SU team here, everything they’ve done so far has been glorious. I’m not a fan of seing Peridot getting a ‘I’m sorry’ take… but it’s most likely happening, considering the Crewniverse has expressed they have though about it, at least.

However, here is what I actually wouldn’t mind happening, and disclaimer it can get a little cruel for poor Peridot, nothing too bad, but nontheless.

So Peridot continues to call Yellow Diamond, over and over and eventually YD looses her patience and goes to Earth to deal with the bussiness herself (whatever that means) . So long story short, cruel cold YD ditches Peridot on Earth (bonus points if the betrayal resembles Hans, with soft words but cunning too, shutting the spaceship door with a smirk kinda thing) and leaves, abandoning her in the ‘miserable planet’ because ‘’Peridot is useless, I don’t ever want to see the likes of you again (or whatever)’’. Peridot gets extremely distressed and depressed, seeing she is useless and upset over the way her idol/boss abondoned her, and starts to grow a little hate too.

She gives up and surrenders, showing up at the Crystal Temple, prepared for whatever is ready for her. There is somekind of emotional speech and she has a breakdown crying over how what she’s been working for probably years went down the plughole because of her and how she hates Earth and wants to go back and punch YD in the face. The CG prepare to attack Peridot no matter what, she still is YD servant and an antagonist. However, Steven being Steven protects Peridot with his shield and makes the gems see that Peridot is lost and desperate and possibly has changed her views over Homeworld. And like that Peridorito is redeemed and forgiven,

Then she hangs around the Temple for the rest of the series, commanding the tech part of the weapons and such, and informs the CG about certain Homeworld technology and is like backstage in the battles, like:

‘’Pearl, what Jasper is about to use is a Diamond Canon, it can only be activated while that strand on the left side is in contact with it. All you have to do it cut it from the canon and it won’t work’’

providing inside info that she learned from her life in the Homeworld, something none of the CG or even Lapis understand or have access to. OH! Shed have her own computer room in the temple and be like backstaging through walkie-talkies and shed be Wade from Kim Possible.

Ok but Camila Cabello has been staning for Taylor since day 1. Camila loves Taylor so much. I know to Taylor, learning the choreography to Worth It was whatever like it wasn’t that big of a thing for her but to Camila and the other girls too I’m sure, it probably meant the world. To have someone you’ve looked up to and admired for so long go as far as wearing a matching outfit and learning the choreography to your song was probably a big deal to little Karla.