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I really want to do a female captain cold cos-play and I really loved yours. Any suggestions on where to get a similar parka?

Oh! Sorry I’m late on this one, anon! I’ve been way too busy at work this week. 

Actually, mine isn’t a parka. I wanted a lighter, slightly altered look, so it’s actually sweater material and sleeveless. 

(Wow, I’m like 15 pounds lighter now than I was when I did this cosplay. Makes me want to do it again with another take on it because that gun needs to see more traction)

I went to eBay and Etsy and just typed in ‘navy fur hood’ and you can get tons of varied options depending on if you’re going for a replica or something more unique to you. 


sorry lovelies I’ve been gone for so long!.. been super busy with work and overall havnt been on any social media! You guys should try it.. it feels nice haha. I’ve been off social media except for here for about 4 months now :)).

Anywho, I posted everyone’s inboxes. They should show soon!! Feel free to inbox me more you beautiful people!!❤️

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So about the 2doc abuse thing I 100% believe you but I still don't know about what exactly happened

sorry this took me so long I’ve been so busy with school work!

Why 2doc is problematic:

There’s many reasons why 2doc is problematic though all of it revolve around the fact that Murdoc abuses 2-D. a Lot.

I’m going through 2-ds entire bio and I’ll list key elements

Proof that murdoc has zero respect for 2-D:

  • Murdoc being the reason why both of 2-d’s eyes are what they are due to carelessness and a lack of respect for his comatose state
  • Murdoc fooling around with 2-d’s gf (Paula) and being completely unapologetic towards 2-d’s feelings
  • Murdoc, once again, trying to sleep with 2-d’s 2nd girlfriend (Rachel)
  • Murdoc trying to choke 2-d when they were discussing the movie in the first phase
  • In phase 3 murdoc captured 2-d and held him there against his will making him a hostage
  • “that Murdoc had “kindly” gassed 2-D and shipped him to Plastic Beach, where he was being forced to sing for his new demos. His room was located on floor B2, and when you enter his room he would be found trembling on his bed. When you would talk to him he would ask who you are, and that he didn’t think anyone else was on the island.“
  • “I only really joined the band to make music, and now, I’m being held captive by a bastard bass player in an underwater submarine, being attacked by sodding pirates who are trying to take over this rotten piece of broken plastic in the ocean that Gorillaz call ‘home’. All this, just to make a video. It’s making me want to die![2]
  • Murdoc keeping 2-d in a small room under water because he knows 2-d is shit afraid of whales and he got a kick out of it

Music videos where we’ve seen the abuse:

It’s also canon that 2-D suffers from diagnosed Stockholm syndrome which can be translated as

“feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.“

Why 2-d doesn’t just leave if he really is being abused is a common thing people ask and i’m gonna be lazy and reference an older post i already made:

-Because of his Stockholm syndrome he probably even doesn’t realise he’s being abused. He’s given murdoc so much praise as a form of survival that he actually believes his own lies.

-murdoc probably realises he has Stockholm syndrome and plays along with it, using manipulation and emotional abuse to convince 2-D that he needs murdoc and that bad things would happen if he were to leave.

-2-D is well aware that if he were to leave murdoc would track him down and literally force him to come back by any means.

-2-D probably believes that murdoc needs him because of Murdocs own personal problems. This is also due to Stockholm syndrome.

-2-D is probably also very concerned about noodle and russel and don’t want to leave them because he considers them family

Just as a reference here’s a longer description of Stockholm Syndrome:

Victims of the formal definition of Stockholm syndrome develop “positive feelings toward their captors and sympathy for their causes and goals, and negative feelings toward the police or authorities”.[6] These symptoms often follow escaped victims back into their previously ordinary lives.  Stockholm syndrome is not merely a condition developed in victims of kidnappings or hostage instances. It can also be applied to a wider variety of situations, afflicting victims of domestic or child abuse, “human trafficking, and incest. Prisoners of war, political terrorism, cult members, concentration camp prisoners, slaves, and prostitutes” can also fall prey to Stockholm syndrome.[6] It is believed that women are especially subject to develop the condition.[9] Typically, Stockholm syndrome develops in captives when they engage in “face-to-face contact” with their captors, as well as when captors make captives doubt the likelihood of their survival by aggressively terrorizing them into “helpless, powerless, and submissive” states. This enables captors to appear to be nice people when captors perform acts of kindness on, or fail to “beat, abuse, or rape the victims”.[6]

Regarding the last line in almost every interview (aside from the phase 4 ones where murdoc is much calmer) murdoc is always breaking down 2-d by calling him names which of course is a form of verbal abuse. He’s also choked and beaten 2-d to the point of unconsciousness in another interview though there’s so many I’m afraid I can’t gibe you the exact interview where it happened.

And it’s not just Murdoc to blame, 2-d is guilty of a few things too like making fun of the fact that murdoc was a victim of rape.

so you see anon its not that one specific big thing happened, it’s all small things that add up to up to one big gross mess. There’s not possible way that there could be any romantic feelings towards murdoc and 2-d with out it being grossly abusive.

hope this helps! I’m sure i missed tons more so if anyone wants to add on please be my guest!

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Awww i always love seeing Paps drawings in the fridge back there. He seems to be getting better! Has G sketched any pictures for you lately?

“Yeah, Papyrus drew some pictures of his grandmothers while we were over there, so I just had to put them on the fridge. He’s getting better every time!”

“And G’s been really busy at work recently, but he has done some personal drawings… not anything I’d like to show on the blog, you understand, but they keep him company on those lonely nights when he stays there late~”


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Have you ever heard of Final Fantasy XV? If so have you played it before? I'm just curious haha

Yes! ♥ My brother has been playing it recently and I’ve been watching as well ((i’m more of a backseat gamer)) and I think it’s really awesome – but the feELS!!!

I told him to hold off the final battle for a while because I need to recover all my emotions LOL ((we’ve been finishing sidequests and doing the level grinds but we didn’t know that Chapter 9 and beyond was like a one-way trip to pain wtf))

I’ve been doodling the squad sometimes too ((first time sketching them hhh pls forgive the mistakes–gotta practice moreee)) *__* I also have some comic ideas for them ((the game haS SO MUCH CRACK MATERIAL if u look closer))

+++ Ignis is best ♥♥♥


I’ve been pretty busy lately so here’s a vent Taako I drew a few months ago that I never posted~ Back when the boys’ adventures were a lot less…heartbreaking…


lol anyway i just wanted to say im sorry i haven’t replied to most messages on tumblr/IG asjkdh i’ve been too busy with work in the morning and with art in the evening ((working on lots new content for you all)) ;;v;; i hope you understand – i’ll try to reply bit by bit this weekend aah so so sorry – but please know that i appreciate your messages! thank you so much ♥


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