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HEY EVERYONE!!! Yes, I am alive, I’ve just been busy with applying to schools and working on stuff for friends, which I still need to finish -___- but I really wanted to draw this, so everything had to stop. Just wanted to practice more on my Mashima art style because I love it so much, plus I think Eileen and Erza deserve to have a happy conversation, so here they go! And of course Jellal in the background thinking there’s two Erzas LOL They look so alike! Anyway, hopefully I can make more post soon!



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…and also a crossover with ddr? lol
This was originally just gonna be the cut in combo drawings…but then I got carried away haha
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Monsta X reaction to their s/o being a very busy university student

requested by anon~

a/n: i hope you guys enjoy reading this! credits to the owners for these gifs :)


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Shownu; Being busy with university never really bothered Shownu though. Once you give him notice that you’ll be busy for a couple of weeks, this appa would totally be supporting you all throughout. He’d actually tell you to take some break or if ever you had any problem you can call him and ask him. Despite not being able to spend time with each other, Shownu would ask you for your schedule and would actually make time for you whenever you’re taking a break. He would also constantly send messages that would literally cheer you on and he would also call you from time to time, asking how you are or have you eaten or just take a break for awhile. Or he’d also be all ears when you have a rant or if you badly need him, he’d be there right away to make you relaxed and stress free.

  • appa nu (8:32 pm): Hey, [y/n]! I hope you’re doing well. Don’t forget to take a break, okay? I know you can do this and don’t forget to eat alright? I’ll call you in a bit. I love you and I miss you so so much! 
  • appa nu (9:15 pm): Baby, I bought some ice creams and some of your favorite dishes. Do you want me to go there and feed you? Don’t get too stressed okay?

Babe, how’s studying?”

“I haven’t been able to sleep for 2 straight days oppa and here I am, drinking my 6th coffee and I’ve never been so dead in my entire life.”

“You should take a break, babe. I’ll be there in a few and once I get there, you better be ready to take a break, understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Alright. See you soon, I love you and you can do it! Fighting!”

“I love you too!”

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Wonho; By the minute Wonho knew that you’ll be busy starting today, he’d be sad. A sulky and pouty Wonho would actually appear. But then he would try to understand that you’re pursuing your dreams and all and that he needs to support you….. another but, he’d be super duper lonely. He would snap you tons of selfies and other stuff that he’s been doing with the boys. And he’d also call you from time to time, reminding you how much he loves you and how much he misses you and how much he’s there to support you with all his heart and soul (lol) and if ever you’re feeling lonely, he’s always available for you.

Hyung, what are you doing?”

“I’m waiting for the message?”

“What message?”

“Her reply.”

  • fluffybunny (6:05 pm): hey, baby! I know you’re busy studying and other school-related stuff but I just wanted to say that I miss you so so much and I love you so so much! Fighting! Don’t ever give up, okay? I’ll always be here for you no matter what. I’ll facetime you once you’re free, alright? Lovelots :* xoxo

What did she say hyung?”


  • mybaby (6:08 pm): Aww, I love you and I miss you so so much babe! Don’t worry, I’ll be done after an hour or so. I won’t give up, I promise. Thank you babe! *insert smiley face*

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Kihyun; Kihyun would actually be clingy to be honest. You weren’t able to message him that often since you’d be at the library, making your thesis paper with your partner or something. But then once you’ll go to their dorm and take a break for a while, he’d be extremely clingy. Back hugging you and all and would even tell you that you’ve become a lot prettier despite looking like a zombie. And when you’re at home while burying yourself in a pile of schoolworks, he’d actually barge in and start cooking some dinner for you since he’s scared that you might starve yourself to death. But then, when you’re away from each other, he’d also send you some texts of encouragement and all.

Okay…. the axial parts are the head, neck and body while the appendicular skeleton consists of–”

“Babe, I’m home! Do you want some kimchi jiggae?”

“Yes, please.”

“Alright, just wait for a couple minutes okay? *gives you a kiss on the cheeks*”

  • cutiehyunnie (11:24 am): Baby, don’t forget to eat okay? I prepared some bento box for you and I placed it inside your bag. Don’t stress yourself out okay? I know that you’re the brightest woman that I’ve ever known and I know that you can ace them all! I love you and just text me when you’re done okay? You don’t need to reply. 
  • cutiehyunnie (4:46 pm): Yah! How come your room is so dirty? Aigoo, now I have to clean all of this. I’ll let you pass this time since you’re busy with university. Come home early, okay?

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Minhyuk; This boy would not leave you alone. He’d be at your place whenever you’re home. He’d be playing by himself while you’re busy studying in your room. But then you wouldn’t be able to concentrate since he’ll be bugging you like if you wanted to eat Chinese food or something. However, when you’re at school and you’re busy running the student government, he’d literally send you tons of pictures of him and messages and video messages and voice messages, everything that can send his message! And when you don’t reply, he’d still continue to send you messages. And you’ll actually have 100+ messages coming from him.

Babe, what do you want to eat?”

“Not now, Minhyuk.”


“Hey babe–”

“Minhyuk. Not. Now.”

“Okay okay…”


“Okay fine I want jjajangmyeon and tangsuyuk. Now shut up and let me review all these paperworks.”

  • minmoongie (2:30 pm): BABE I MISS U SO SO MUCH
  • minmoongie (2:33 pm): Babe, guess what? I just went out to buy some toothbrush and I saw some totoro onesie that you’ve wanted
  • minmoongie (2:33 pm): So I bought them for you as a reward for your hard work!
  • minmoongie (2:35 pm): Babe babe, have you eaten already? What do you want for dinner? I can order some chicken and send it to you? Babe, pls reply

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Hyungwon; He’d be sad. A sad pepe is a sad pepe. He would totally understand but he’d feel really lonely. So lonely. That a lonely pepe would be born. He wouldn’t be that clingy tho. He’d send you messages from time to time but then there would be times that he’d forget since he would probably fall asleep before sending the message. But then, when he’s able to send you a message, it’d be really flowery. Lol, it’d be a speech. And when he’s at your place, he’d wrap his arms around your waist and rest his chin on your shoulder while you continue doing your paperworks. 

  • pepe (8:46 am): Hey, I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to reply to you last night since… I fell asleep hehe. Anyways, I hope that my princess was able to eat breakfast today. Don’t forget to shower okay? I want you to fresh and ready to face the world. And don’t forget anything so that you won’t be stressed out later and rush back home to get it, okay? I also hope that you’ll be able to eat your lunch and dinner later. Don’t forget to rest since I don’t want the love of my life to be tired just like me. Anyways, I love you very much and I can’t wait to see you this week! I hope you’ll still be as sexy and beautiful and wonderful like the last time! :*

Mmm, you’re studying mandarin? *insert hyungwon’s sleepy voice*”

“Yes, babe.”

“Do you want me to help you?”

“No thanks babe. Just sleep, okay? I’ll wake you up once I’m done.”

“Okay. *rests his head on your lap while you study*”

“You’re so warm, babe. *nuzzles his face onto your stomach*”

“I know, I’m hot.”

“Hot like me, yes?”

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Jooheon; He’d be really clingy. I mean more clingy compared to the other dudes. He’d constantly send you messages and even just random emojis, cute emojis that looked like him to be exact. Once he calls you, he’d be in full aegyo mode, like legit. Sometimes, he’d also whine when you’re not able to reply back or answer his calls but he’d also be pretty understanding to your situation since there are also times when he’s busy. When you’re able to rest for just a couple of minutes, he’d facetime you right away since he missed every single thing about you. He’d be all smiles when he sees you to be honest.

Omo, you look so cute with that sweater on babe!”

“It’s the same sweater that I wore yesterday tho.”

“But still, you still look cute hehehe!”

“Whatever babe. Anyways, I miss you.”

“Aww, I miss you more babe! Hey, are you free this Saturday? I want to go on a date with you.”

“I’m so sorry babe, I have a meeting the whole day for our department week.”

“How about dinner?”

“I guess it’s a date then.”

  • honey (3:21 am): (✿╹◡╹) don’t i look cute?
  • honey (3:22 am): (^ω^)i love you!
  • honey (3:25 am): ಠ_ಠ < he looks like changkyun lol

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I.M; Changkyun would literally be curious with what you’re getting busy with. If it’s about something science-y, he’d literally call you and let you study out loud since he also wants to learn. Sometimes, the random facts that would come out from his mouth would also be part of the test!! Since you’re busy with university, you could rarely message him but then Changkyun on the other hand, has a lot of time in his hand and would constantly send you some random facts and some meme photos of the boys (lol). But then he’d also send you some sweet messages tho.

  • (10:23 am): Hey [y/n], did you know that the smallest penguin on the planet is only 16 inches tall?! Amazing right?!
  • (10:26 am): Did you also know that there are more lifeforms living on your skin than there are people on the planet?
  • sent a photo (11:45 am)
  • (11:46 am): lololol just look at hyungwon hyung’s face as he devoured the whole turkey leg!!
  • (8:56 pm): Hey, I know this is out of the blue but I love you and I’ve always believed in you. I miss you already. I can’t wait to hang out with you soon baby! Don’t stress yourself too hard okay? Or else I’ll be forced to stay there for two straight nights ;)

hey, what are you studying?

“the parts of the frog, why?”

can you read it out loud? I want to learn about it too!”

“Okay, fine. You’ve never fail to surprise me Changkyun.”

Dating Archie Andrews Would Include...

Okay I LOVE RIVERDALE and I am high key in an Archie mood rn lmk what y'all think!! This is on mobile so f there’s any errors I’m sorry but I’ll try to correct them tm! Also friends this week is super busy with school stuff and family atuff so I’m slowly getting through the imagines in my inbox but I have like 19 to get through so I wanna make them good but I can only do so much on mobile so like if you want something request a Drabble or a list thingy like this idk lol it’s short and easy to do on mobile cuz I feel bad I’ve been so inactive but I’ll be back soon hopefully xoxo 

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  •  being the first one to notice his glo up bc he’s helping build your front porch over the summer
  •  making sure to sunbathe outside in your skimpiest bikini while he’s there 
  •  him finally just asking you out 
  • PoWeR cOuPlE amiright 
  • wearing his football jersey to games 
  • being front row whenever he plays a show
  •  "baaaaabeeee Archie cutie sweetie honey pie write a song about me"
  •  spending more time with Vegas than with Archie 
  • HIS ABS 
  • “y/n I love you but you have an unhealthy attachment to Vegas and honestly im not really sure if you’re dating me for me or for my dog" 
  • "you know i love you but my moms allergic to Vegas and not to you so like Vegas is a rare commodity in my limited canine economy" 
  • "I love it when you talk nerdy to me" 
  • movie nights in his basement with old eighties films 
  • wearing his varsity lettermans jacket and stealing his oversized sweatshirt 
  • Archie not speaking to Jughead for a week because Archie tried to get you to sleep over ;) but Jughead refused to leave his air mattress because he knew what Arch planned 
  • going to flea markets and shopping for old vinyl records tg 
  • studying dates where Archie tries to distract you but you make sure he stays on task by rewarding him with milkshakes 
  • sharing a shake at Pops then Archie getting pissed when you ate the cherry until Pop came over with another one for him 
  • you sleepily curled up next to him while he absentmindedly strums and writes 
  • "arch I think I’m falling in love with you" 
  • "I already fell." 
  • Fred loving you like a daughter 
  • "Archie you actually have an eight pack and that’s just not fair because when I eat three burgers and a large fry I gain ten pounds and you just very simply stay chiseled and I don’t-" 
  • him coming over for thanksgiving dinner and playing touch football with your family 
  • he’d pick you up over his shoulder and you’d be giggling so hard 
  • then he’d laugh and you just would lose it cuz his laugh is beautiful 
  • you coming over to help Archie rake leaves and then just kind of jumping in the pile because you can’t help it 
  • snow angels and snow men and hot chocolate every snow day
  • Archie just looking at you and breaking into a smile because despite all the shitty things going on you’re the best thing that’s happened to him and he’s never been happier 
  • also can we imagine Archie in a SnapBack y'all r welcome

new WIP update! sorry for the gap in updates, i’ve been busy because of school and band concerts and stuff;;

i just finished painting the villains; given how much i’ve gotten done so far this week even without having a whole lot of time, i think i might be able to finish it this weekend? assuming i don’t have to stop bc of my eyes or anything, they’re starting to hurt from working on this too much lol

anonymous asked:

Hi! How's your sterek boarding school au coming along? Do you have a general estimate for when it will be out? Thanks :)

well, originally i had been planning to finish it and publish it with a weekly update alongside the new season of TW, but a lot of life stuff happened and i got really busy :( . but definitely i’ve got a lot of renewed interest ESPECIALLY how like a lot of scenes are like, straight up out of it lol.

do you remember how this gif inspired SO MUCH

ahaha i mean. i was looking at giftsets from yesterday and was like LOL WHAT EVEN it was like right out of the fic. if i was a cool editor person i would be all over that, and i’m sure people are and i’m looking forward to new content and stuff. 

so tldr: i started working on the new version yesterday. will post a new chapter soon. i think what was bogging me down was all the tumblr fics were all stiles pov, and the new, improved fic has stiles and derek pov, alternating (like soulmates tbh), so it’s a bigger project than i expected it to be. 

thank you for checking in! i mean, i never know since you’re on anon, but i always like to think there’s like one boarding school au enthusiast who always comes back to say hi and see how things are going (maybe there are a few of you?). you’ve been great about supporting this fic through a long time and i appreciate it a lot. thank you for sticking with me. <3

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how did you and your sister get into photography? i wanna get into it and eventually freelance in my spare time when i get enough experience but don't how to begin and 2) have you both done wedding photography and if not is that something you'd be interested in doing? also do you think it's better to be self taught or is it okay to take a photography class at my local community college? like i feel like almost everyone is self taught and idk if taking a class is a waste


We have always been into anything art related. Our parents bought us small digital cameras for our birthday when we were in 5th or 6th grade I believe. We were always taking photos of nature, vacations, and various events. When we got to high school (right around the time dslr cameras were becoming available to everyday consumers not just professionals) my dad bought one for himself. At first our dad wouldn’t let us use it without him there but eventually when we got the hang of using it and he let us take it places without him there. Natasha started taking photos of school events and posting them on Facebook. I started doing the same but a little bit after her. Eventually she bought her own entry level dslr and I bought my dads old dslr when he upgraded his. By sophomore year we were both posting lots of photos on Facebook. We also started asking our friends if we could photograph them. We would style our friends and have mini photoshoots. This was all just for fun for us. We have always been into editorial makeup/photography and styling our own shoots was our way of getting into that. Then during the summer after sophomore year a student asked Natasha to take his senior pictures which she ended up doing did. And later more and more people asked both of us to take their senior pictures. We had no idea how to price anything or what to include in packages initially. After 2-3 years we both were honing in our photography style and were getting better at pricing and guaranteeing a certain level of quality to our clients. When we got to college we would go home and take senior pictures during the summers. In college we took peoples headshots. So it was overtime that we started our photography businesses. We didn’t start photography with the intention of making a business out of it/going into it professionally. We still ask our friends to photograph them and have mini photo shoots that we style. Its important to us to constantly create personal work as well as client work. During all of this we both tried our hand at surreal/photo manipulation photography but it wasn’t for us. By the end of high school and throughout college we also shot a few wedding but both didn’t like photographing weddings. By the time we finished college both of us realized that our favorite genre of photography is portraits. So now we mainly shoot headshots, portraits, and senior pictures professionally and create editorial shoots for our personal work. 

Even though we both went to art school neither of us has taken a photography class. The photo department at U of M mainly focused on documentary photography which we were not interested in. Plus the photo professors were known to be sexist and/or racist. We are about 95% percent self taught. One of our digital media professors did help us learn some stuff in photoshop but that’s about it. When either Natasha or I start a hobby we go into it full force lol. So right when we got into photography we followed a TON of photographers online and were constantly trying to figure out how they edited there photos so we could improve our editing. Over the course of 8 years we have really developed our photography styles and editing skills. Early on we would sometimes try and copy other photographers which helped us figure out what we liked and disliked for our own photography. I don’t encourage people to copy other artists especially if they are going to sell their work. But it can be helpful when figuring out your own style but it’s important to make sure you are not ripping someone off and give credit where credit is due. When I would use another artists idea I always explained in the description who the artist was and linked to their work. A photographer I know was notorious for copying another well known photographer but her audience thought she was super original because they didn’t know about the well known photographer. Plus you will never be as good as the original photographer/artist and will end up constantly comparing yourself which is no fun lol.

Even though both of us are self taught I don’t think taking photography classes is a bad idea if you think it will help you learn. One of my favorite illustrators, Sam Spratt, took many illustration classes when he was at SCAD but that doesn’t mean he is any better or worse than other illustrators that are completely self-taught. I always wanted to take commercial/fashion lighting classes but they were never offered at my university. I also would love to take some photography workshops but they the ones I want to take (Lara Jade’s in particular) are too expensive for me. Also as an artist I’ve generally been self-taught. I had a few great drawing teachers and professors in high school (I took a college drawing class in high school) who helped me a lot. But when it comes down to being an artist you really have to push yourself to make stuff outside of class. This was a challenge for a lot of my classmates once we graduated. A lot of them didn’t know how to create work outside of class. (I’m simplifying a lot here bc i could go on and on about how much i disliked or liked u of m’s art school lol) My whole life I’ve been making stuff outside of class so creating a photography business wasn’t super difficult for me. 

This brings me to the business/freelance part. Turning something you are passionate about into a business can be great and horrible. A lot of my friends don’t freelance because the business side of it destroys their interest in the art. Some of my clients are very particular and they don’t always like the photos I take. But this is something I have to get past. Also over time you start to get better clients because they come to you knowing what they will get. Early on people would hire me because they knew I took photos not because they liked my style of photography (I hope that makes sense). Now people know what they are getting and it’s less likely that a client will be unsatisfied with their photos. As a freelancer keep in mind that it’s a lot of emails and advertising yourself. Yes it’s great that I can make money off of something I love doing but I have to keep in mind that it’s still a business. When I first started out clients would ask for lower prices and I would lower them because I didn’t want to lose a client and I didn’t know if I was too expensive or not. This was fine at first but now I don’t budge on my prices because now I know my worth and it’s not fair to my other clients to change prices. Also photography gear can get expensive and when you freelance/do photography professionally there is a point when you’ll probably to invest in professional gear. Part of this is to put you among other photographers in the industry but the physical quality of your photos will also improve. This way you can better guarantee what a client will get. Ex. my dad’s old dslr that I used had a cropped sensor so if the lighting wasn’t the best i couldn’t edit the photos as much in photoshop as I can with a full frame camera. Basically I just want to make it clear that once you start freelancing it’s a business so just like other business you have to know when and where to invest and how much. 

I’m sure you were not expecting this long of answer but I hope it helped! 

Rearranged My World -- Mark Lee (blurb)

Request: Heyy! I just read the donghyuck falling in love with Taeil’s little sister and I absolutely loved it, can you do a mark kinda secret dating doyoung’s sister?

A/N: So right off the bat…lemme say sorry about getting to these so slowly🤧 I’ve been busy with school n stuff so I’m so sorry guys like don’t hate me lol. BUT BESIDES THAT I’M REALLY EXCITED TO WRITE THIS

  • alrighty, so mark definitely would not be the one to initiate things
  • im not tryna underestimate his ability but he wouldnt have anyone to push him to confess to her
  • being that it was a secret that he likes doyoung’s sister in the first place ,,i mean
  • like he’d kinda feel hopeless when it came to that but he wouldnt beat himself up about it
  • but theeeeen shed start developing feelings for him as well 
  • so one day shed just pull him to the side and tell him she liked him
  • and the boi wouldnt know how to act
  • like reaalllyyyy
  • he’s be blushy and stuttery and itd be pretty cute
  • so from there,,, theyd text and hed be the one to actually ask “um can we like be boyfriend and girlfriend?”
  • and he had to work up so much courage because he didn’t want anyone to know
  • like of course he wants everyone to know how much he likes her buuuuut
  • it is doyoung’s sister sooooo
  • and like he wants the best for her n things like that blah blah
  • mark isnt a bad kid or anything but you know
  • when mark asked to be her boyfriend shed be so happy
  • and obviously it was a yes
  • so then sneaky smitten mark is activated
  • when the boys have dinner after practice mark would just opt out and leave kinda sorta randomly
  • but really hed meet her at nearby convenience stores after practice
  • and some times mark was a little late and extremely apologetic,,but she wouldnt be mad
  • but also one huge thing that would happen often is mark smiling at his phone while texting her
  • and there would be so many times that donghyuck would almost catch a glimpse of who he was talking to
  • SO mark would have to get a little clever with her name in his phone
  • but the foolish smiling would not stop AT ALL
  • so johnny would see him smiling and be like “oohhh mark has a girlfriend” 
  • and everyone would get excited and inquire
  • n his eyes would get so wide like!!!
  • “no guys haha what are you even saying, we dont even have time for that” hed nervously laugh
  • but when the boys had no schedule which was v rare but it still happened
  • mark would just be MIA like “where’s maK”
  • but hed definietly make time for her
  • it would be really hard to hide it and continue the relationship secretly but they both would make it work
  • sometimes it would be frustrating LIKE REALLY
  • but mark would literally do anything to buy more time with her
  • WOW SO UM??? this was softer than i intended but like
  • i hope this was not absolute trash
Favorite John Lennon Songs Conclusion

Hi there everyone. I’m sorry for the lack of activity on my page for the last few weeks. I’ve been busy with school and this thing called life, that apparently exists outside of the Internet (lol). But I feel bad that I left you all hanging without finishing up my list of what are my favorite songs from John. Considering how my schedule from here, till the end of December will be busy, I’ll have less time to be on Tumblr. Every now and then I’ll post a quick pic or vid. But as for my longer stuff, like my lists, or anything of that magnitude, will take time. But, just so I don’t leave this list undone, I’m going to end it by naming the remaining 5 songs, and giving a brief explanation as to why I like them. So here were go:

Number 5: “Girl”

A haunting and simple song, that describes what John believed to be his ideal lady. It reminds me a lot of Billy Joel’s “She’s Always a Woman”, in that it’s describing a woman that the singer seems to love very much, even though what’s being said is less than flattering. It’s fascinating (if not saddening) that John would say years later, that the woman he was describing was in fact Yoko. Because in all honesty, the lyrics of “Girl”, although wonderful, are also negative and melancholy. I mean every time i hear it, I can’t help but think “poor dude…”

But it’s those same elements that make it a great song. It resonates with people because many can relate to it. It’s a song about complicated love, and how many people haven’t experienced that?

Number 4: Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

I talked a bit about my feelings on John’s parenting skills in the past. It’s great to know he was there for Sean. I wish he could have tried harder with Julian. Although to his credit, he was getting there by the end of his life. And even though he was never too close to his eldest son, that didn’t mean he never wrote songs for him, or never wrote ones that were inspired by him. And that’s exactly what this song is: a fun little number, inspired by a picture Julian drew when he was just a toddler. It’s wonderful to know that John found inspiration from Julian, and used it to write one of his catchiest tunes.

The song is upbeat, and it has the psychedelic feel of the mid and late 60’. I’m not really into the psychedelic sound, but for some reason it works for me here. The lyrics are, as is to be expected by John, abstract and weird. But considering how the picture that the song is based off was adorably unusual, why shouldn’t the lyrics be as well. The imagery being described in the lyrics are descriptive and dreamlike like “Across the Universe”, but less ambiguous. By that I mean, even though it sounds odd, it’s evokes a happy feeling. “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds” is very much it’s own thing, and definitely in a good way.

Number 3: Julia

This song is heartbreaking. Before Yoko Ono, there was Julia: John’s mother and, when all is said and done, greatest muse. Although many of his songs seem to hint or allude to her (”Girl” actually being considered one of them), “Julia” is the first and perhaps only song that is specifically about his mom. And just like the rest of John’s work, the lyrics to this song are vivid, imaginative, and create this ever so saddening picture of a lost man, who still mourns the loss of his mother. But it also expresses his never ending love and admiration for her. And just like “Across the Universe”, the lyrics is what really makes it great. I do love John’s singing here though. I love hearing the more softer and mellower side of his vocals.

Of course I can’t forget to mention that the song hints at Yoko, since the line “ocean child” is the English translation of her name. I would have liked the song more if it had just been specifically about his mom, but it is what it is. And  “Julia” is nothing less than brilliant.

Number 2: In My Life

I originally had this one for number 3. But after some thought, I realized I loved this one slightly more. What can I say, I’m a sucker for sentimentality in music. To be fair though, “In My Life” in sentimentality at its best. True and ever so endearing.

This is perhaps the first, real, personal song John ever wrote (according to him). John wrote a lot of songs, but most of them were love songs. And while they do hint at some aspects of his life or personality, “In My Life” is basically his “Penny Lane”, in that he took his past and made it into a song. This was also a song in which much of the melody was done by him (with a little help from Paul of course).

It’s all about reflecting on the past, and remembering old friends and holding on to good memories. Above all else, it’s a song that reminds us to love and to continue to love those people and places that are important to us. It definitely highlights the softer side of John and for that alone, it makes it one of my favs.

And finally…

Number 1: Help

John really was a one of a kind man. Sometimes I love him, and other times I hate him. Considering how many of his personal choices upset me, it’s crazy that I even see him as my favorite of the dudes. But honestly, whenever I begin to think that I really don’t like John anymore, this song ALWAYS brings me back to loving him. It’s that good.

Like “In My Life”, “Help” is another personal song of John’s. But instead of focusing on the past, he’s focusing on the present. More specifically, he’s calling for help to anyone who might be willing to listen. Why? Because by this point in The Beatles career, the pressure was starting to get to John. On top of that, he was starting to gain a little bit of weight, which made him self-conscious. He would later dub this era as his “Fat Elvis” period. Personally, I thought he looked fine. He looked healthy and very attractive. In fact, I think 1965 was the year that John looked the most attractive, especially in the movie “Help” (John + turtleneck = super hot).

But I digress. “Help” is a very honest song that showcases John being very vulnerable, and openly asking for support from others. What keeps the songs lyrics from appearing to outright strong is the upbeat and fast-paced tempo. On the one hand it kind of keeps the songs message from being as obvious as it should. But at the same time, the quick and fun pace of the music gives the song a sense of urgency, making John’s cry for help all the more intense. And while I know John would continue to right many songs that express so much of who he was, there’s something about “Help” that gets to me.

I guess it has to do with the fact that I’m quite shy, and I often have a hard time dealing with pressure, especially in though situations. This song is all about realizing that you can’t deal with everything that life throws at you by yourself. It’s ok to admit you’re not in control. It’s ok to ask for help. That’s a comforting message. And though I’m not famous and could never really understand how John felt during this point of his, I do know that stress and pressure are horrible…and it’s great when you don’t have to endure it alone.

Thank you to everyone who has been patient, and thank you also for following my page. I really do appreciate it. God bless.

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I really love your banner art! Did you draw the galaxy background yourself and if so how??? It looks beautiful I am DECEASED

sorry for the late response, ive been busy with school stuff! i did draw it myself, thanks! and also partially the reason i took a long time to reply was because i was making a TUTORIAL!!! so here is my tutorial under the cut! (i always end up merging my layers so i had to redraw the whole thing. lmao)

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i just wanted to give you guys an update?

school is super busy, so i don’t have very much time. i can’t continue with the deirdre story i’ve been doing (not right now, at least). i have a few things queued for my small blog @mumbleb, should i post stuff on here too? like i could just do a cute little simple legacy or something.

let me know what you want. thanks for still following me ilyyyyy

(also…what is sleep? i don’t know anymore lol)


Now the ocean breeze lifts my sighs, (As time goes by)
Carries them far away (My heart breaks, my heart breaks)
Cause the summer’s end was time (To say goodbye)
And all my love, I felt it fade

Surprise! It’s emotions

(Not really I just wanted to sing this song)

I’ve been busy with school and dying lately so I haven’t been able to upload much but I have some cool stuff planned so stay tuned! /o/