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TV Show/Movie/Anime: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid X Reader

Word Count: 578

Request: This is told in the point of the story as Spence and he has to work obvi. So the reader and him are dating ya know just regularly but on this particular day he was sexually frustrated bevause of the reader. Like ya know what I mean. Like she is sweet and innocent to everybody and he is th only one to see her actually not so yeah dirty thoughts cross mind of the reader.- @spencer-gubler-reid

A/N: Sorry for not posting! School and personal stuff has been wrecking everything and kept me surprisingly busy, but I have this request done and also a very detailed dominate Spencer Reid fanfic I’m editing because I just need a way to stress out that doesn’t actually have to have me going up to other people (Extreme Introvert, lol)

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RinRei Week 3 Day 1: Music ( Classical | Modern )
Title: Quatre Mains Part 1

AM I LA— I am obviously late, aren’t I?

Shucks. I’ve become way too busy with school than I had anticipated but I’ll talk about that in a different post at a different time lol xD This particular AU was supposedly for RRW2′s “AU” prompt. But the prompt “Music” has been decided for RRW3 so I thought maybe this was the perfect chance to go for it. I finished the sketches the day before RRW3 started but yeah, school FML as always. Anyways, this is a long one! More like Part 1 (with a bit of 2) of 3 of the standalone oneshot version of this AU! The good stuff, well, not really good but more like, shippy-er stuff comes in Part 2, I guess. Part 2 along with 3 might come around late March or early April or at least after my finals. But don’t trust what I say. ^^;;

At first I was thinking Rei would be the type to play really well but kinda monotonous and too much “according to the book”. But then I kinda remembered he was bad at music in canon like he is in swimming so I took advantage of that lol but I do think he’d be able to learn (at a fast rate) if he had a good coach! *coughs* Additional info about this AU, Rei might be hopeless at piano but he’s pretty good at playing the violin reflecting his pole vaulting abilities! The reason he started playing the piano was because of Haru’s music. Haru is still a prodigy/genius here lol Pretty much I thought about this AU contrasting everything in the swimming anime! Nothing really spectacular here but I hope this has kept your interest at least lol


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Hey guys, it’s Sunday again! I’m sorry we haven’t been posting as much lately but both admin J and me are very busy people with school, work and relationships taking all of our time. So yeah, sorry about that. Anyway it’s once again time for our Sunday smut special and this time I chose something (that I probably have already recced before) with barista Dean modeling for artist Cas, and naturally things happen. Lol I feel like this is a plot straight out of a porno movie, you know the type that as you read you are just exitedly waiting for the good stuff to come. Like I said earlier, I have probably recced this before but it’s awesome and you should all read it again even if you have already. Enjoy! - Admin A

Title: Could I But Hold Thee 

Author: the_diggler

Rating: Explicit

Words: 11894 - Finished

Summary: When Castiel is stuck without a model for his life-art class, Dean volunteers. What Dean doesn’t know is that Castiel has already been sketching the young barista for months…

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The Odd Couple

Dean Winchester x Reader

@a-girl-who-loves-disney: Hi! Could I please request a Dean x Reader where she doesn’t drink or cuss and is on the shyer side, and everyone sort of questions why her and Dean are together (because they seem to be a bit opposite). What they don’t see is all the times she supports him and is there when he needs her and that’s why he loves her and is with her, because there’s so much more to their relationship than anyone could understand. I hope this makes sense! Just fluff and stuff lol :) Have a lovely day!

A/N: I am sorry for the lack of action lately guys- been working and summer school and ugh busy busy busy. 

Warning: Dean flirting and swearing (I can`t help myself)

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It was late dusk when you, Sam, and Dean pulled into the parking lot of the Roadhouse.

You were gasping for some water, the summer heat dragging you down in your jeans and heavy boots: summer was not compatible with hunting attire.

Dean and Sam both seemed unaffected by the searing humidity as they sat in their heavy jackets. You fanned yourself to cool down and nearly cried in relief as the hunter watering pond came into view.

You had never been to the Roadhouse before, but you felt that you knew Ellen as Dean and Sam spoke about her with such respect- like she was their adopted aunt.

To say you were nervous was an understatement, Ellen was a big part of the Winchesters` lives and you didn’t want her to dislike you. You could be a passing blip on their radar based on the fact that you joined them 8 months ago, you were a rookie hunter, learning as you went.

Dean was an unexpected positive to your never-ending tragedy, he brought you back from the brink when he found you, kneeling over your dead family with the dead demon a few feet away.

“Hey honey, come on. We need to get out of here” he gently lifted you into his arms and you soaked his shirt with your tears.

Sam gathered your personal items and you joined the Winchesters on their crazy ride, just saving people and hunting things. You stumbled and were nearly killed multiple times but it felt good to be helping families and safe them from the pain you endured.

“Y/N, we`re here” Sam turned around and smiled at you from his shotgun seat, the tall bastard always got shotgun, but his easy nature made you love him like a brother. His muscular shoulder was wonderful to lean on and he babied you into eating healthier and training you into the fit hunter you were today.

Dean was another story. That man had a power over you and at times you suspected witchcraft was involved, his emerald eyes piercing you with his teasing mirth. Many nights at motels were spent sitting on his Impala, laughing at childhood stories and silly jokes; he made you laugh everyday.

The man of the hour suddenly opened your door, “off in dreamland?” he chuckled at your dazed expression.

“I was just thinking about everything” you looked up at him as you got out of the car.

“Everything?” he wrapped his arm around your waist and shut the door with the other hand.

“What if they hate me?” you felt tears gather, you were nervous as heck.

“Ellen will love you!” he pulled you closer and lead you with his confident stride.

The trio walked into the bar and were greeted by a kind looking lady who wrapped her arms around Sam, and got on her toes to kiss his cheek.

“Oh my god you get bigger every time I see you” she held his face between her hands.

“Must be something we are feeding him” Dean scoffed and the lady, who you guessed was Ellen, gave Dean the same greeting.

“Ellen, this is Y/N Y/L/N” Dean held your hand and looked at you proudly.

“Lovely to meet you dear” she smiled and hugged you lightly while you held onto Dean.

“Ni-nice to meet you” you stuttered and inwardly groaned at your shyness.

“Right, drinks?” Ellen clapped her hands.

“Fuck yes, we are thirsty” Dean pulled you with him to the bar stools.

You both sat down as Dean and Sam ordered a beer.

“Wine Y/N?” Ellen asked.

“No, just a water will be fine” you replied politely.

“Water? Are you sure?” she looked incredulous.

“Yes, I, um, don`t drink” you practically whispered.

“You don`t drink? What kind of girl hangs out with the Winchesters and doesn`t drink?” a new girl entered the room and you instantly felt insecure- she had long blonde hair and a slim frame, her confidence showing in her swaying hips.

“Jo-” Ellen began.

“What? Like we aren`t all thinking it. This mousy little thing couldn’t hold their attention long” she laughed.

“Jo, what the fuck? Y/N is with me” Dean growled at her, furious that she degrade you because you didn’t drink.

“Oh that`s even better. sorry sweetie but there is no way you are going to keep Dean Winchester, we all know how he likes his women: feisty and tipsy” she waved her hands around.

You felt tears cloud your eyes and you fell off the stool to get out of there as quickly as possible, you knew she was right.

Dean was too good for you, and too different, he swore, you didn’t, he drank you didn’t. There was no way for you to hold his attention with your plain jane looks and attitude, Jo was more his type. Your trauma affected your actions and there was no way to get around that, Dean nursed you back and fixed you, you loved him with all your heart but maybe you were just a project to him.

“Y/N?” Dean slowly approached you when he saw you sat on the set outside.

You refused to look at him, this was it, he was going to break up with you.

“Y/N, don`t listen to a word she says. You are enough, you have always been enough and I am the one undeserving of you. You know I`m no good with this sappy shit but fuck I`m gonna give it a go” he looked at you intently.

“You don`t drink, or curse but I love that. My life has been full of cursing and drinking and you are the light, the innocence I never got to have. Every time I look at you, I see an angel that for some reason loves me back. I never want you to forget that I love you for you, and your morality keeps me grounded” he leaned in and caressed your cheek with his fingers, wiping away your tears.

“I love you so much Dean, I`m so scared that one day, you`ll leave me for someone like Jo” you gasped out.

“Baby, that is never going to happen. Jo wasn`t there when I thought I lost Sam, she wasn`t there to comfort me and guide me back from the edge: you were. I will always love you. Just. The. Way. You. Are” he kissed your cheeks, forehead, and chin with each word.

You sighed and nodded, leaning in to capture his lips with yours, the kiss sweet and brief. 

He looked down at you, shocking you with his eyes, his love resounding in their orbs. He loved you and you loved him, simple as that.

Standing up, he took your hand and walked back into the bar where Sam sat expectantly.

“Ellen, Y/N and I may be an odd couple but I love her just as she is, if Jo or anyone else has a problem with that, we will be leaving” he looked defiant.

“Dean, Y/N, Sam, please stay. I will speak with Jo and make sure she knows her place in this bar, and give her a lesson in manners” Ellen declared.

Both brothers nodded and Dean led you back to sit down on the stools, sliding your water towards you as he leaned in to kiss your cheek.

You grinned like an idiot and thanked Chuck for sending Dean into your life.

Chuck grinned as he observed his latest novel: Y/N and Dean, the odd couple.

The End

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Feeling a Bit Woozy Baby? (Pietro x Reader) Part 6/?

»Reader is very close with Pietro but when he is sedated and reduced to acting like a 3 year old she is forced to take care of him. This enssues food, entertainment,keeping him out of trouble, bathing and bed time. And to think the reader is being kept from a mission for this.« 

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

A/N: Alohaa ♥, how’s it going? OK I’m still sick and feverish, ignore the weird hello. Anyways here ya go, Part 6, sorry it took a while, been a bit busy with school stuffs and blah blah :p

Enjoy fluffy Pietro!!!! Hope it’s not too much lol Im still having a lot of fun with it so I hope you are too. Send me your thoughts on it, you know I like to hear those (specially when I’m sick, it cheers me up xD)

oh btw song here x

Until the next one!! :3


While waiting for Pietro to come out of the bath you started getting everything ready for bed. You turned up the air conditioning and when you did the sudden blast of cold air went up your shirt, you giggled at the cool feeling. You enjoyed the cold, unlike Bruce who you once had to share a room with during a mission, you practically melted that time.

‘Who doesn’t turn on the AC during summer? Bruce Banner that’s who.’ you joked, thinking back to that horrid mission while you pulled back the covers and piled all the pillows together to make yourself a comfy den on the bed.

After that you got one of the pillows and an extra blanket from your closet and set up a place for Pietro to sleep in the small couch you had in your room. You decided it was best he stayed with you just in case he needed something or got sick in the middle of the night.

But you’d had a long tiring day, there was no way you were giving up your fluffy bed to Pietro so he’d have to deal with sleeping on the couch for a night.

When you were done with that you walked over to your bed, closed your eyes and let yourself fall onto the your mountain of pillows with a satisfied smile. Then you sat up and got the book you had been reading from your bed side table, it was one of Agatha Christie’s novels, your favorite in fact and you remained like this until the bathroom door opened.

You didn’t even look up from your book since it was in a really intense and interesting part which you didn’t want to interrupt. When you finally did lift your eyes from the book it was only for a moment but then your eyes went wide and you ditched the book entirely.

You tried to suppress the laughter that was bubbling up your throat but nothing could stop the red rushing to your face.

Pietro not only had come out of the shower with a pink towel wrapped around his hair, which he was now hanging on the door handle, but he had also come out of the bathroom wearing only the green shirt and underwear you got him.

You closed your eyes and pinched the bridge of your nose.

“Why did I get you boxer-breifs?” You mumbled under your breath.

“Pietro I am approximately 65% sure i brought you pants to the bathroom now what happened to them?” You asked him trying your best not to let the nervous smile tugging at the corners of your mouth to show.

Pietro turned to face you and when he saw how obviously flustered you were a sly grin appeared on his face and he pulled down his shirt in a false attempt to cover his front.

“Listen, you little punk, just go get in bed already.” You said between giggles pointing at the couch

Pietro pouted and slowly trudged to the couch dragging his feet in reluctant steps. Once there he sat on the couch and looked at you with big blue begging puppy eyes that could put any husky puppy to shame. Your heart melted.

“Um g-good night Piet. Wake me up if you need anything, okay?” You said before asking FRIDAY to turn off the lights and pulling the covers up to your chin. You faced away from the couch to distract yourself from sad puppy eyed Pietro.

After a few minutes in your cloud of a bed you’d fallen asleep and in the couch so had Pietro, but in less than an hour you were woken up by the sounds coming from Pietro’s sleeping form.

You could hear mumbling, grunting and whimpering. You sat up on your bed to see Pietro tossing and turning. Through the faint moon light coming from your window you could see the glint of tears running down his face.

You got up from your bed to go wake him up, momentarily cursing yourself for not putting socks on when your bare feet were hit with the cold air. You sat down on the couch and gently shook his shoulder. “Piet.” You said quietly

His mumbles were a string of soft pleading ‘no’s. What ever his nightmare was it must be horrible because you could see his jaw, arms, back and fists were all tense with fear.

“Pietro…Pietro wake up.” You brought your hand up to his face and his eyes blinked open. His wide eyes were darting around the room assessing his surroundings as he sat up on the couch, he was panting heavily and tried to talk but only a bunch of nonsensical mumbles left his mouth.

  “Shh shh Pietro its fine, you’re fine now, you’re in my room, you were having a nightmare.“ You cooed as you ran your hand up and down his back to soothe him. It’s not the first time he’s woken you up with his nightmares, your rooms share a wall so a few other times you’ve had to go wake him up to stop his screams in the middle of the night, thankfully this time it didn’t go that far because you were close by.His teary eyes looked into yours, lost and sad. His hands are shaky and so are the breaths he takes.

“Come here.” You said holding your arm open

With his head ducked he shyly scooted closer to you and when he was close enough he let his head fall onto the crook of your neck. You hugged him and ran your hand through his hair. It was a bit humorous, how big he was in your arms but the thought vanished when you felt tears soaking through your shirt.

Pietro was crying again and it pained you to see him like this, his nightmares usually consisted of his torturous days of HYDRA experimentation, or of his sister getting hurt or kidnapped, but once in a while his nightmares were so vivid and horrible that even after he woke up he refused to say what they were and he’d have a hard time calming down afterwards, you guessed tonight was one of those nights.

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You racked your brain for something that could help calm him down and remembered you’d heard him whistling this song a few days before, so you figured you might as well try singing it. You made your voice as soft and soothing as possible.

“I know you belong
To somebody new
But tonight
You belong to me

Although we’re apart
You are a part of my heart
But tonight
You belong to me

Wait down by the stream 
How sweet it will seem
Once more just to dream in 
The moonlight
My honey I know
With the dawn 
That you will be gone
But tonight 
You belong to me

But tonight 
You belong
To me.”

By the time you stopped singing Pietro’s breathing hand gone back to normal meaning he wasn’t crying anymore. The position you were in was uncomfortable, your legs had fallen asleep and you really wanted to go back to your own bed. But Pietro was tightly hugging you back.

“Pietro.” You gently patted his head to get his attention. He lifted his head from the crook of your neck and looked up at you revealing his eyes that were hit by the moonlight making them shine the blue of an evening sky, those beautiful orbs looked up at yours with endearment which made your breath hitch.

You stood up from the couch to go to your bed but Pietro’s hand holding your sleeve stopped you.You looked back at him and he gave a slight shake of his head.

You sighed. ‘I knew this would happen.’ You thought to yourself.

“Come on.” You said pulling at your sleeve slightly signaling for him to get up.

He followed through the darkness holding your sleeve with you as a guide. Once you got to your bed you lied down and buried yourself in the sea of blankets, Pietro stood there for a second but then you felt your blanket lift up, letting in a waft of cool air that was quickly replaced with warmth as Pietro curled up next to you assuming the position of big spoon. His warmth felt nice, actually he seemed a bit too warm.

You put your hand on his forehead and felt a slight burning sensation. He had a fever. You remember the same happening to Tony when he was getting over that asguardian hang-over so you didn’t worry too much, it just meant his body was processing the drug he had been given, which was good.

So you hummed the same song as Pietro nuzzeled into your hair, and you both fell asleep.

I’m Still Alive, Aren’t I?

I just read all of your stories, and I’m in love. You’re my favorite writer. I was wondering if you could do a Dean X Reader where the reader is kidnapped by Abaddon, and the boys have to save her. I love anything with protective Dean and Sam. Thanks!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,751

Warnings: Blood and gore, possible spoilers (S5/S8)

A/N: Sorry it took so long to get to this, I’ve been busy with school and stuff lol. Anyways hope you enjoy.


Aaaaand another slap to the face.

Currently you were sitting in a chair in some sketchy room with no windows and rusty metallic walls. Not only that, but you were currently strapped down to the chair being beaten by the one and only Abaddon. Yep, her. You weren’t exactly sure what she wanted, but here you were, blood covering most of your body and still haven’t gotten anywhere.

“Seriously, give up Abaddon,” You spat blood to the floor, where it joined in with an already existing puddle.  Lights flickered non-stop and your wrists were getting rope burn, and that stung like a bitch.

“Uh, funny,” Abaddon chuckled, “Not until you give me what I want,” She plastered a grin on her cherry painted lips and flipped her hair to the side.

“And what exactly is that?” You asked once again, after almost two hours of being here. Honestly, this was pointless. She obviously wasn’t here looking for Sam or Dean, since she would have already gotten to the point to find them. No, she was taking her time and it was definitely a waste of it.

“Remember the apocalypse?” She asked, looking back at you as you nodded, confused, “Dean was Michael’s destined vessel, Sam was Lucifer’s destined vessel, all that jazz,” She continued, waving her hands in the air, “Yeah, well you’re my destined vessel, sweetheart,”

Okaaaay. To say you were shocked and confused would be a minor explanation. For example, if you were her destined vessel, why is she harming you?

“If I’m you’re vessel, why are you doing all this? What’s the point?” You asked, slightly hazy.

“Good question, (Y/N), because you are stubborn, God knows how stubborn you can be. You and Dean really are meant to be,” She mumbled, “Anyways, you aren’t going to say yes willingly, so I need you to say yes. You won’t say it without some… persuasion. Better have you bruised and beaten then not at all,” She smirked. You took a minute to process what she just said, staring at plain wall but your mind was swirling with so many thoughts. Abaddon, you’re her vessel. You thought back to what Sam did with Lucifer, how he let him take over to lock him back up in the cage. You thought of maybe doing the same with Abaddon, but where would you lock her up?

“Don’t you know me,” You smirked up at her as her face turned to a scowl, before she pushed a strand of stray hair behind her ear, leaning in close to your face to whisper.

“Oh, I have all day, (Y/N), don’t think I won’t do this,” Her voice low and eyes deadly as she backed away from you, walking back to the table where she had weapons placed across it, kind of like Crowley did. They were really similar; Abaddon was like a female Crowley. Which sucked, because one was enough. We don’t need two.

Abaddon approached you, knife in hand as she pressed the cold metal to your throat, and before she could slice you with it, she was interrupted by a bang outside, signifying the entrance of an uninvited guest. You had an idea you knew who it was, but wouldn’t want to get your hopes up to high. You knew the Winchesters would find you, but you knew they were much more sneaky doing so. Your boyfriend Dean wouldn’t sleep until he found you, you were certain, but you weren’t certain they would find you now.

“Oh, looks prince Dean is here to save his little damsel in distress, huh,” Abaddon chuckled, pushing the knife into your throat, causing you to let out a small cry as it pierced your skin and you could feel the drops run slowly down your neck.

The door slammed open and Sam and Dean barged in, guns aimed in your direction, until they saw Abaddon and aimed them slightly higher at her standing position. Dean caught sight of the knife against your throat as he slowly let his concerned green eyes turn dark, jaw clenched as he took out the demon knife.

“Well, well, well, we’ve got the golden trio back together!” Abaddon let the knife drop and she clapped her hands, her lips forming a wicked grin while eyeing the boys like her next meal.

“You better back away from her now unless you want us to slice that massive head of yours off your shoulders once again,” Dean growled, dark eyes pointed at Abaddon.

“Oh, Deany, this time I’ll be the one to cut your pretty little green eyes out,” Abaddon’s smile faltered into a harsh glare, slowly walking towards the boys. You wiggled in the chair, hands bound together behind your back and blood oozing down your neck.

That’s when you remembered the demon knife stuffed down the back of your jeans. You mentally facepalmed yourself, feeling stupid for only remembering this now. Your bound hands slid together slowly down the back of your chair till you could feel your finger tips against the waistband of your jeans and you sighed out in content, watching Abaddon continue approaching the boys, a loud ringing of adrenaline in your ears blocking out their conversation. Your hands gripped the blade and you let out a small breath, eyes shut closed as you pulled out the knife, gripping tightly. You pulled it out completely and smiled, before using it to slice the rope holding your hands together. You felt the rope loosen as you continued to quickly run the blade over it, as fast as you could. Less than a moment later, the rope was on the floor and you were out. You stood up slowly, the knife in your hands as you walked up behind Abaddon.

You made eye contact with Dean, whose shoulders relaxed slightly at seeing you walk, and he gave you a small nod. You walked up behind Abaddon and held up the knife, targeting the right spot in her back that would slice through to her heart, but before you could stab her, she turned around and gripped your wrist tightly, sending the knife flying and pain shoot through your arm as she twisted it, a loud crack sound echoing through the rusty old room as you fell to the ground, certain that your arm was broken.

“My goodness, you never learn, do you?” Abaddon chuckled, after rolling her eyes, eyeing you laying on the floor in excruciating pain, your sight becoming slightly blotchy as you looked down at you arm as it started to throb, slightly turning purple at your wrist. Before Abaddon could do anything else, Dean came up behind her and sliced, making Abaddon’s eyes go wide and her head fall to the floor, rolling to a stop right beside your face. You grimaced and scooched over, soon regretting the move as your arm felt as if it has been set on fire. A strangled cry left your throat as Sam and Dean crouched next to you, eyeing your wounds.

“Dean, she needs to go to the hospital,” Sam’s voice seemed far away, though you could feel his hand on your shoulder, telling you he was right next to you. Your eyes started to flutter and you knew you weren’t going to hold on much longer. With blood loss and and the never-ending pain your body is in, you were going to pass out, you knew it. You tried to say something but blood was the only thing to come out of your mouth.

“No, (Y/N), baby, stay with me,” Dean’s voice was shaky as he gently picked you up bridal style and started walking - you assumed - to the Impala. You gently shook your head and let darkness overtake you, slowly slipping into unconsciousness.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Your eyes opened up, but quickly slammed shut once again as a bright light was directed into your eyes. You automatically knew you were in a hospital, and you groaned to yourself, the pain in your body slowly waking up with you.

“(Y/N)… You’re awake,” A faint voice said from beside you, making you turn your head and see Sam sitting there, running a hand through his hair as he shot you a small smile which you returned.

“How long have I been out?” Your voice was hoarse and you felt dryness in your mouth.

“Two days,” Sam coughed, standing up and walking over to your bedside. You looked around and saw no Dean, feeling slightly disappointed, an aching feeling in your chest.

“Dean’s downstairs, he hasn’t slept at all, he’s been worried sick,” Sam chuckled, slowly walking over to the large white door on the other side of the room, “I’ll go get him for you,”

You nodded in appreciation and Sam took off down the hallway. You groaned and laid your head back on the pillow, a headache creeping it’s way in. You looked down and saw your right arm in a cast and a couple stitches on your left arm. You brought your good arm up to your neck and felt some stitched there too, making you wince slightly. That sure as hell ain’t pretty.

“Mornin’ sleeping beauty,” Dean’s gorgeous voice took over your eyes, making you feel content as you looked over to the door where your extremely tired-looking boyfriend stood. You shot him a smile which he returned, walking over to you, eyes filled with adoration, making your insides warm up slightly. Being a hunter, it’s hard to be in a relationship, it’s a weakness. But everything felt right with Dean, everything.

“How you feeling?” He sat down next to you, putting his hand on yours, warming up your fingertips.

“Exhausted, sore,” You mumbled, making Dean’s eyebrows furrow slightly.

“God, baby, we tried to show up earlier, did we ever try, I’m so sorry,” He mumbled, bringing your hand up to his lips as he placed a gentle kiss on your bruised knuckles, making you shake your head up at him.

“Dean, I’m alive, aren’t I?” You smiled weakly, not even sure if it showed but Dean nodded slightly.

“I know, but I feel so guilty, I’m your boyfriend, I’m supposed to protect you,” Dean’s eyes showed sadness as he looked over at you and you rolled your eyes, a small smile on your lips.

“Dean, don’t feel guilty, okay?” You asked seriously, and he nodded slightly, “I love you,”

Dean placed another kiss on your knuckles, “I love you too, (Y/N), so damn much,”

First of all…you’re creepy. Second of all, I’ve been busy, okay?

…And by “busy,” I actually just mean lazy. Yesterday Dad had to start throwing stuff at me to actually make me get out of bed around noon. And then my mom wanted me to read my pilot’s education training, but I spent two hours looking at thirty-year-old vintage holo footage of Darth Vader instead.

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(characters Belong to Hiro Mashima)