been awhile hasn't it

June 12, 2016

I wake up to a phone
of flooded messages
“did you hear?”

though I am over
2,800 miles away from where it happened
it feels as though I am right there

i hear the stories the following days
and i feel their pain, their devastation
and i know the community will never be
as safe as i thought it to be

(even though i know we’ll heal)

and I check my pulse
to see if I am still breathing
and if I will be able to make it

another year

(but I know that I have to)

—  Pulse (one year later)

wickedsquared  asked:

Darky! It's been awhile, hasn't it? I've got a tinsy question for you, and a few follow ups, if you don't mind. Is the Void the most stable place? As in, is it more stable than my world? Could the Void ever be destroyed? Nice seeing you again, Darky!

“The Void has always been relatively stable. It’s beyond the natural bounds and physicalities of the earth, so there is no real possibility for its destruction. It isn’t limited by time, or air, or living beings, or the lifespan of said things. It is controlled by the human mind, which is a marginally unchanging, controllable place.”

Dark murmured in response, a typical statement that he repeated on an often basis. His eyes were wandering, observing his own outfit to make sure wrinkles did not ruin his suave, meandering his stare across the desk to check the stack of documents and that none had been bent, or moved, before finally resting back upon the asker in his presence.

“Everything that has ever been thought, every piece of knowledge, and whim, is stored there in the black canvas around. As long as humans exist, and there is a supply of new humans on a day to day basis, the Void will remain, as well as the figments that call it home.”

Hi, its been awhile, hasn't it?

So, my health has been the major contributor to me not being online.

I’ve been trying to move forward, and its at a snail pace.

I know it wasn’t right to disappear without an explanation, but my mindset then wasn’t as positive.

(… I figured out the cause. It was something I thought I destroyed a long time ago, and not up to talking about it. 🙂)

(Not helped by my phone deciding to accomplish its lifelong dream of becoming a brick taking my email accounts & passwords with it. 😒)

I really missed everyone, and the thought of all of you kept me going.

Just… What I was dealing with was something that I dealt with alone before, and the thought of burdening others with it gave me panic attacks.

So, I am starting on a new blog because… Srsly, trying to organise this account is going to make my brain burst. 😅

Slow process, but one step, right?


Its also my twitter & instagram handles as well. Just remember that there isn’t going to be much in the way of content, just ways to reach me.

😉 So yeah, it took me ages just to post this, but, at least, I’m trying.

derpy-lexi  asked:

Kinda glad Casey hasn't been on in awhile actually..i'd be embarassed if he saw these asks...well everyone else does. I dunno if he's seen these or not.

I don’t mean to embarrass you but Casey’s totally a lurker. Just cos he hasn’t answered any asks or liked anything in a while doesn’t mean he isn’t online. 

Casey Jones lurks and waits to be mentioned in a post and then he pops up out of nowhere! 

He’s a dork.