been away from tumblr for almost a week

Since Tumblr introduced messaging I have been getting lots of messages from people asking for help with their pets. The last week or so I have gotten 3 messages in the wee hours of the morning from people whose pets were clearly in life or death situations. Every single one of the messages ended with something like “the vet is too far” or “no vets are open”.

Guys, there is ALWAYS a veterinary hospital open. Maybe not a short drive in the car away but almost everyone lives within a 2 hour drive of an emergency hospital. Vets that work out in rural areas nearly always have an emergency number to call and they will meet you at their clinic even if they don’t have “emergency” hours.

Please, please do not leave me messages about your sick pets. Not only do I not check this often enough but there is literally nothing I can do via text to help you or your pet. Even if I knew exactly what was wrong, you still need to go to a veterinarian to get the medical care. It breaks my heart to think that there are animals out there that more than likely suffered horrible, prolonged deaths while their owners waited for an internet reply that couldn’t provide help anyway. Can you imagine a child choking to death and instead of calling 911 the parent posts about it on Tumblr? That is exactly what this is like.

I want everyone reading this to look right now at what vets are close to you and make a list with phone numbers of where you can take your pet in an emergency situation. If you can’t find any, call your nearest vet and ask who they suggest. For those of you that don’t do it because of money, start trying to save. If all else fails the vast majority of veterinarians will euthanize an animal for free to end suffering. I know this isn’t the ideal situation but sometimes there is no other option. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call and explain your situation.

I really enjoy answering questions and educating people but I absolutely cannot provide emergency advice or even specific health advice for your pet. Waiting for an internet answer is not being responsible nor is it humane to your pets that need help.