been addicted to this song since i heard it

It’s Matt Bellamy’s birthday!!!
The men who show me that music it’s way more than just the chords and lyrics. It’s about feelings too.
I’m not sure when was the first time I listened to his voice, but I do remember that was a great voice on the radio going on (Starlight). I was about 12 years old when I heard Muse for the first time. After 3 years, I’ve listened to that same incredible voice once again (Uprising) and I couldn’t be indiferent this time. It was such a powerful song that I became addicted!
I’m 22 years old right now. It’s been ten since that day… I have no doubts that the day that I attend to a muse concert will be the best day of my life! Not even if I go alone. It doesn’t matters.

I’m a Muser and I’m so proud of it! Please keep doing songs like you been doing for so long.
I love you!
Happy birthday Matt!

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Impulse: Back to the 90's

Imagine marathoning 90’s TV shows with Bart because he didn’t have the chance in the future.

Warnings: None


“You ever watch any of the shows from the 90’s Jaime?” You asked your friend as you both wondered through halls of Mount Justice, you would usually discuss random topics with Blue Beetle when you were both bored it was entertaining for the both of you and formed a great friendship from it.
“Sí, do you remember The Fresh Prince of Belair hermana?” He replied enjoying the change of pace from the speedster he would usually hang out with.
“Yeah, of course - that was one of the best shows out. I still remember the theme song.” You responded, distinct happiness lacing your voice.
A gust of wind suddenly blew past the two of you, revealing the brunette speedster standing before you eating another bag of chicken whizzees, he’d grown addicted to them since he first got here and made a habit of stealing Jaime’s whenever he could.

“What’d I miss guys?” He questioned, your previous conversation captivating his interest.
“Just some old 90’s TV shows we used to watch ese. You heard of any?” Jaime responded, as you were both unsure whether he had been able to see anything like that in the war zone he called the future.
“Well, I’ve heard of Friends and the one that you mentioned but you don’t have time to watch these things when there’s all out war on mankind guys.” Bart shrugged, as he thought for a moment and suddenly got a burst of energy and began to speak again.
“I’ve always wanted to see them! Can we watch some episodes, right now? I’ll grab some food - you turn on the TV, quick come on! It’ll be great.” The speedster was literally buzzing and you looked to Blue for reassurance before agreeing to the speedsters proposal.
As a result Bart sped off and you left to set up the TV in the cave, switching to the first episode of the Fresh Prince. Bart and Jaime arrived shortly afterward bring with them a variety of snacks, you all took your seats on the sofa with Bart in the middle actually vibrating from excitement.

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Seriously Shinhwa! you need to make “Super Power” ur comeback song as well!! This song is dope! Perfect!! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to this song! .. soo addicting! soo catchy!! I’m listening to it while already imagining Shinhwa performing it on stage & how awesome this would be! .. I liked “TOUCH” more after watching Shinhwa’s amazing performance .. But “Super Power” is .. a whole another story! I fell in love with it once I heard it & since then, it’s been on loop. This song needs to be put into limelight & is def gonna be another hit along with TOUCH.. so, plllllz #Shinhwa,, do something! or.. if we can do something as well!! plz follow ur instinct Shinhwa! This song originally was ur comeback song! It’s as perfect as TOUCH! ugh It’s such a waste to consider it just a regular album song!

Lovesick: Yongguk

*So, I went to see B.A.P in concert Wednesday in Dallas! I got to meet them in person through the High Touch Pass and they were absolutely sweet and cute and asdkfjlskdf worthy! Anyway, I bought their First Sensibility album and heard Lovesick for the first time during the concert and have been addicted ever since! So, I am writing an entire series based on the song! Yongguk’s up first, so I hope you enjoy!*

~ Admin S

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THANK YOU TAYLOR (omg this is a novel I am so sorry❤️)

Taylor, first of all, I want to thank you being you. If you wouldn’t have taken that risk, moved to Nashville, signed on a record label that barely even existed, I wouldn’t have the most amazing person to look up to. Sure your music is the most addictive thing on this planet, but the way you live your life is mind blowing. You have the best attitude, the kindest soul, the warmest heart, an incredible voice, and the gift of being able to write the best songs. From donating millions to charity, visiting sick children in hospitals, selling out a 60, 000 person stadium, inviting fans over to your house, you have put me and millions of others in awe of what you do.

You have been a part of my life since I first heard Teardrops on my Guitar on Radio Disney back in 2007, and I’m so happy I held on. I’ve gone through many music phases but you and your music has always just compelled me to keep holding on, and at this point I’m never letting go.. my grandchildren will be listening to your debut album as soon as they’re born😜. I’ve had a rocky past couple of years socially (cause baby now we got bad blood😉), and being a part of this family has helped me more ways than you know. I’ve learned that people if people don’t treat you the way you should be, they don’t deserve to be in your life. Through you, I’ve met some of the nicest people that I’m so happy I can call my friends (shoutout to kaileeswiftpoppoeticpartyfearlessleighnaomiswift13​.. + more!!). I’ve made so many incredible memories through you that would never have happened without the connection through your music. I was lucky enough, after many scheduling conflicts with your tour dates, to see you on the red tour and now I’m coming back for the 1989 for 5 shows (YAS!!!).

1989 is incredible, I’m seriously addicted to every single song and I just want to congratulate you on your success, you deserve it and so much more. I’m so excited to see what’s to come because each album seriously keeps getting better and better, but you always out do yourself! 

Exactly 12 days ago, you followed me on tumblr and I was like OMG BEST DAY EVER… but apparently it gets better.. so you started stalking me at 4am… and then I got a 🎅 and pretty much lost it. These things happen to other people, not me.. I watched videos, looked through hundreds of pictures and I was like ya ok that would only happen in my dreams. I’m still honestly unsure of what made me stand out to you, but I’m so incredibly happy you chose me. Today was by far one of the best days of my life. I seriously haven’t had a chance to stop smiling.. everything is perfect. I opened the card and I was like I could stop now I’d be perfectly content, but there was a box full of the most flawless gifts EVER. You put so much thought it in to every thing and those notes?! I can’t even grasp that this was for me, and all those incredible things you said were for/about me. Anyways I don’t want to make this too long.. I love everything and I will never forget this day, like ever (hehe). Thank you so much for everything, not only for today, but for everything, it means the world to me😭

Love you tay, and I am so excited to meet you next year!!!💕


let’s talk about the epilogue.

it hasn’t been long since i started liking kpop, but throughout this time i have seen endless number of bands.
the first time i saw exo, i thought there couldn’t be more perfect band, but then i met bangtan.

it’s the way they sing that we all are so addicted to this band. i could say it’s not overreacted to state that they literally pour their heart to their songs. can’t you hear it from their singing?

all the things they tell us with their songs are imprinted at the bottom of my heart, and i have had goosebumps from every song i’ve heard from bts.

thank you boys, because you gave my music a meaning