been absent due to illness


I recently read Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat and I fell in love with watching Damen and Laurent fall in love… ;o;

finals are over

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And it was a literal pain. Shout out to some friends who helped me out this semester even if you didn’t know it: @novimnet, @rocqui-the-sunflower-child, @pomspom, @coppycatz, @midd-mod, @mute-mod, @miru667, and there are so many others of you I just haven’t named. I just wanted to give you all a big cyber hug.

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Thanks for always being awesome guys, and thanks for putting up with me this year. I’ve been absent for a while due to school and illness but with school over I’ll finally have the time to rest and recuperate and art and role play again. :)

Stay Gold Babies~