been a year i think since i last watched it

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Nickname(s): Sam

Star sign: Taurus

Height: 5′ 2.5″

Time right now: 5:43 pm

Last thing I googled: Techno Swing Compilation 

Favorite Music Artists: Caravan Palace, Twenty One Pilots, Hollywood Undead 
(One fo these things it not like the other haha)

Song stuck in my head: Lone Digger (by Caravan Palace)

Last Movie I watched: Uhhhh…… Inside Out? I think? It’s been almost a year since I’ve watched a movie…

Last show I watched: Ninjago.

What I am wearing rn: Fluffy blue PJ pants and my RT shirt

When I made this blog: December 29, 2016

Kind of stuff I post: Ninjago on this blog, RT and art on another.

Do I get regular asks: About my AUs, yes.

Why did I choose my url: It worked for the show this blog’s about.

Gender: (Trans)male.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Number of followers: 210

Pokemon Team: Depends on the game, tbh.

Favorite Color: Any shade of blue.

Favorite Characters: Zane (Ninjago), Mad King (X-Ray and Vav), Qrow (RWBY)

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last year i saw a group of ppl cosplaying soul eater a few seats in front of me at a panel and they sure seemed to be enjoying the music playing before it started

Marcus Kane from The 100.  Pencil and white gouache on cartridge paper.  

I’ve been utterly binge-watching The 100 and have developed a love for the character of Kane - he’s so complex and there’s a great level of angst and tortured-soul going on.  So of course I think he’s just the best.  It’s been eight years since I last did a pencil portrait, so it’s been really good to test myself again and see if I could still do it.  Super pleased with the result!  

It's been 10 years since Avatar The Last Airbender first aired

10 years and it’s still my favourite programme to watch. People hear me talk about it and think “why?”

Well I’ll tell you why

First off - have you even seen the animation or the backgrounds?

They are beautifully made and never fail to impress me

See what I mean? Beautiful. All the effort that went into these.

But lets talk about the show itself.


A 12 year old kid destined to save the world

Yes, he may be, but his development form the “goofy kid” to a hero isn’t a quick change. The show shows us it’s okay to be nervous

Even when you know how powerful you really are. But like any hero, Aang pulls through

The most powerful bender in the world - only a child. Watching this as child taught me that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. Throughout the show, the older characters keep underestimating Team Avatar because of the fact that they are all children. The writers proved them all wrong. Even as a teenager becoming an adult I still feel the same way about this show because it makes me feel invincible.

But Aang wasn’t the one I wanted to talk about.

The ladies

“girls cant fight”





As a fellow girl, seeing this badass chicks fight made me feel so powerful. They were stronger than the majority of the men and they were all beautiful - so much so that I became gradually jealous of them all (I know I haven’t included them all on here - sorry) They all had their own style of fighting and all kicked ass.

ATLA not only created beautiful, strong independent women, but they also addressed sexism.

In one of the first few episodes, Team Avatar were faced with a group of warriers called the Kyoshi warriors - all female. Sokka refused to believe him, a man, had been beaten by girls. He later confessed, announcing he wanted to fight like them.

Katara - I swear the majority of characters would be dead if it wasn’t for her. Girl power. Woop!

Toph though. If you watch the series and say you don’t like Toph - I know you’d be lying (and she would too). Toph is blind. She is also the greatest earth bender in the world.

The show isn’t worried about disabilities - Toph is treat equally. So much so that the other characters forget that she is blind.

And they’re not afraid to make jokes about it!

Azula - the crazy ass bitch who, from the moment you meet her, you can tell she’s well…

not the nicest person you’ll even meet. But she’ll teach you not to use fear to control people

I’ve never had a show that has emotionally compromised me as much as this show did. Iroh’s scene in Ba Sing Se. The love and loss between father and son.

But there are so many messages the show puts forward. Many by wise speaking Iroh

But also from other characters - lessons that children should be taught about.

It’s messages like these that children should be taught. Be yourself, be happy with yourself. You don’t see many of these messages these days. It’s rather refreshing.

The show also teaches you about honour. Other people cant restore it for you, you have to gain it yourself. You have to set your own destiny, even if it goes against the flow of your nature.

Family is not always how you want it to be. To be scarred by your own father, but accepted by your uncle. Finding the right path is hard, but worth it in the long run.

I’m sorry this is such a long post - I never wanted it to be. But I had so much to express about Avatar. And 10 years of having nobody to speak to about it wasn’t fun. I want more people to watch this under appreciated show (please don’t watch the film).

It is beautiful in every aspect and I know I will still be watching this in another life

Who’s He?

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Requested by anonymous:  Heey, can you do one where Y/N and Dylan are dating since a while, and on day Dylan’s at comic con and he sees a fan flirting with you and he gets jealous? I love your imagines soo much


WORDS: 490


A/N: thank u! I hope u like it.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

It’s been three years since I’ve been dating Dylan and every time he’s going to Comic Con he invites me, I think it’s really fun and I love the cast!

“I need to go now.” Dylan kisses my cheek.

“Ok, I’ll be in the same place as always.”

“Fine, just don’t wink at me again like the last time or I’ll go after you.” I laugh.

I kiss his lips and they call him. I walk over to the panel and I sit to watch it.


It was really so fun and now they were going to the meet and greet. I decided to stay there where I could see Dylan.

Some fans came to talk with me and take pictures too, it’s so good to now that the fans support out relationship.

“Y/N?” I turn and I see a boy.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Cody. I’m waiting for my turn and they’re on a break so I thought if I can take a picture with you.” He said while looking at me.


We take a selfie and he hugs me, I feel his hands on my butt and I move back a bit embarrassed.

“I admire you so much.”


“Yeah.” He winks.

I look away for a moment and I see that Dylan is looking at us.

“Y/N.” I turn to the boy. “I’m the last one now, so I need to go. I’ll post our picture on Instagram and I’ll tag you, so try to like it. And also, I want to give you this.”

He gives me a piece of paper and try to kiss me but I turn and he ends up kissing my cheek.

“Though girl, uh? I like that.” He says and goes to the meeting.

I roll my eyes and look at the piece of paper where his number was written. Really?! He wrote “call me baby girl” oh god.

I get some water and wait the last fans to meet them.

When they finish, Dylan walks at me.

“What was that about? He was really flirting with you on front of me?”

“Yep. He touched my butt, and gave me his number.”

“And tried to kiss you.”


He grabbed the piece of paper and rolled his eyes.

“He called you ‘baby girl’.”

I laugh noticing how jealous he was. I grab the piece of paper and rip it, I throw it on trash.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not calling him.”

“But he was a good-looking guy.”

“Yeah, I think.”

“You agree with me?”

”What? Oh, no! He’s ugly… totally ew!”

He was still mad so I hold his face and kiss him.

“I love you. He’s just a stupid boy. I mean, you’re Dylan O’Brien! The most amazing actor I know and who’s he?” he tried not to laugh. “I would never date someone who’s not famous.” I joke and Dylan laughs.

“This is why I love you.”


I was never really a huge fan of YouTube or video games. Sure YouTube was good for searching up music videos and maybe some tutorials and video games were something I really did enjoy, but I wasn’t passionate about either. Then a friend introduced me to Undertale and since I couldn’t buy it to play it on my own, I searched for someone’s play through. Seán’s definitely wasn’t the first one I found, I actually think it may have been the last Undertale LP of like 5 that I watched. But there was something about him that made me want to keep watching. So I did. I kept watching his videos, eventually subscribed, and I’ve been blessed (#blessed) to be able to watch this channel and be a part of this amazing community for over a year. I didn’t know it, but this one guy—this loud, green haired, Irish guy—is one of the reasons I’ve had even the slightest bit of happiness and positivity in my life. Of course it’s still kind of hard getting through day to day life sometimes, but he’s been there to make it just that much easier. Seán has showed me to just live and love and be happy despite the hardships I may face. I maybe wasn’t all that invested in the community—or in him as a person—a year ago, but his excitement and amazing character got me through one of the most difficult times in my life so far, and I could never thank him enough for just existing and having such a pure and kind heart. So if you see this @therealjacksepticeye, I just want you to know that the impact you’ve made in not just my life, but in those of the entire community, is something that cannot just fade and will always be there with us. I hope you have an amazing birthday filled with love, happiness, good people and good food :)
(P.S. You know how you always say if you could make just one person smile then you’d have accomplished something? Well, you’ve made me smile to the point of tears, and I’m not the only one. So I’d say that you’ve definitely accomplished something amazing.)
(P.S.S. Look out for some Anti stuff coming your way to feed the flames ;))

Amethyst: What are Pearl Points?

[Cut to the Battle Ruins.]

Pearl: I’m glad you asked! Pearl points are awarded for punctuality, perseverance, and positivity.

Amethyst: (Chuckles)

Pearl: We may be smaller, weaker, and less gifted than our opponents but with these P’s, we have the keys to success aaaand to the Pearl prize pouch!

Amethyst: (Chuckles) Pa-mazing.

Pearl: Thank you.

Steven: There’s some p-great stuff in that pouch last week, (Steven pulls out a pair of eye-ball-attached-to-a-string glasses) I got these. I don’t need glasses so it’s funny.

Pearl: (Quietly speaks with Amethyst) Really Amethyst, the positive enforcement has been doing wonders.

Amethyst: I want in.


Fandom: James Bond

Pairing: Q x reader

Warnings: swearing, guns, violence and fluffff

Disclaimer: I do not own the James Bond books or films

Word Count: 3453

A/N: Bleh, I turned into a bond girl after watching Spectre last week. I re-watched Skyfall like twice and now I think Q is the most adorable human being on Earth…the troubles of being a fangirl. Btw this takes place in the middle of Skyfall. (Sorry if it doesn’t make much sense, in the timeline.)


You’ve been working for MI6 for roughly five years now. The whole incident with Raoul Silva was quite devastating, especially since you were caught in the crossfire of the explosion at the ‘old’ MI6 headquarters. You weren’t seriously injured, but a bang to the head and a few days in bed was what you got. Other people…weren’t so lucky. Six of your colleagues were dead, you could clearly see the grief in everyone’s eyes. You only came back a few days later to be greeted by M and…someone you haven’t met before. “Ah, 00[n]. Great to see you are back on your feet again.” M greeted you with the warmest look she could muster. “Pleasure to be back to work, Ma’am.” You replied almost instantly. “This is your new Quartermaster…you’ll report back to him with your equipment after completed missions.” Suddenly M’s phone went off, she looked down at it… “Looks like I have to take my leave…meeting with the Prime Minister with Tanner.” You rolled your eyes at this, “Good luck with that Ma’am.”  The prime minister can be a bloody bitch sometimes. But what prime minister isn’t…I’m here to protect the queen and her country. M left the room and I was left with the new quartermaster, who was busy typing away on his laptop.

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Another one of those get to know me memes-

TAGGED BY HOOO BOI I guess you guys want to know more about me huh : @imjustalazycat @ember-witch @em-n-underhell

Nickname:Al, Ally, or Sky

Star sign: Aries

Height: 162cm or 5′3

Time right now: 3:50pm

Last thing you googled: Short Cargo Pants

Favorite music artist: “Insert x artist who does instrumental music here” or Wintersun. ( The only Folk Metal Band I actually remember ahhh)

Song stuck in my head:  “What’s the use of feeling Blue.”

How long has it been since then like wow it has been stuck in my head forever ;v;

Last movie i watched: The Passengers The movie that shamelessly fulfilled my shipper needs

Last TV show i watched: Steven Universe, the only TV show I have honestly watched in a long while

What I’m wearing right now: T-shirt and shorts

When i created this blog: I think it was… October or something? Of last year, I mean.

The kind of stuff i post: My art, including fandom and original stuff. Reblogs are random, and mostly SU nowadays

Do i do asks regularly: My ask box is like, all the time open so please spam me with your questions seriously-

Why did i choose my URL: It’s just a pen name to be known as an artist? That’s the same thing when I did my dA actually.

Gender: Genderfluid yo

Hogwarts house:Slytherin


Favorite color: Red, Blue, Purple and White!

Lucky number: 42

Favorite characters: Mhm, tough. Asgore for UT. SF Paps if we’re talking about AUs. Ursla from BoF 4. Ammethyst and YD for SU. And that’s all I can think at on the top of my head.

Dream job: A story boarder, animator and/or musical artist.

Number of blankets i sleep with: 1 or none- It’s an oven here okay-

Followers: 1013. ( Where did you guys come from??? AND IT’S OVER A THOUSAND ALREADY WHAT WHAT WHAT I need to do something hhhh
Raffle anyone? )

My 17 years old son saw me touching myself

After my shower last night I laid on my bed and started thinking about how long it’s been since I’ve had sex. Thinking about the last time made me wet so I started touching myself. I always close my bedroom door when I’m getting ready for bed but my son was out with some friends so I knew I had the house to myself. I got so involved in masturbating that I never heard him come home. After I cum I saw him standing in the doorway watching me. I could also see the lump in his pants. He turned around and left quickly and I didn’t know what to do so I closed the door and went to sleep. This morning we acted like nothing happened but several times I caught him staring at my small but firm breasts. I’m embarrassed and ashamed that he saw me doing that but all day I’ve been thinking about seeing his hard cock pushing his jeans out, and then I start to think how it would feel to stroke it and feel his hard warm cock in my mouth. It makes me hot to think about it and even though I know it’s wrong it’s so tempting because I don’t sleep around and I know having sex with him would be safe. :(

i literally love everything about eurovision from the song selections to the actual contest but i think my actual favorite thing about being a fan of eurovision is that no one realizes i’m american until they go to my profile  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Over the last couple of years I’ve watched the most beautiful yet challenging relationship blossom and I’ve stuck with it since the very first kiss. Together Robron are amazing and as individuals they’ve grown in so many ways! I’m so proud to be a fan of such an iconic soap couple. In 5 days the wedding we’ve all been waiting for is going to happen and our boys will finally be husbands! In the beginning I honestly never allowed myself to think that far ahead, I never thought they’d get to this place, let alone get married, but here we are after so many hurdles and tough times they stuck together and are stronger for it. I hope they go the distance and continue to bloom as a married couple because they truly deserve a bit of happiness. We are so blessed to have them and the two incredible actors who play them! So proud and emotional!

i keep getting caught in between my parents’ neverending arguments about religion and now they want to stop me from going to church and cut me off from the internet. i don’t know if they’ve been tracking my internet usage the whole time but i realized how stupid it was of me to assume that they weren’t watching. especially since we’ve been having trouble about tumblr and social justice stuff for the last 5 years. they’re saying it because they both agree that i shouldn’t be influenced by ~secular media~ and ~homosexuals~ and they think that’s what’s making me depressed. okay.

i told them that i want to continue going to church and using the internet (the internet access is the only reason why i said yes) so i know that they’ll amp up whatever surveillance they already have on me even more. which terrifies me because i don’t know if they know about this blog or my ao3 or anything else i have. i have had several nightmares about this in the middle and i might be having another one tonight at the rate this is going.

they also want to restrict my diet for the sake of my skin. rice, raw vegetables, and fruits only. meat only on the weekends. i’m considering just slowly starving myself to death in order to make them stop.

no but seriously i’m completely fucking paranoid about the internet. my dad might be reading this post when i publish it. i don’t fucking know. i have several journals scattered around and they occasionally find those too. my mom goes through my things when she decides to clean my room. i don’t know if this is something all parents do or what but it’s unwelcome to me.

my mom says she talks openly with me because i’m 16 and almost an adult. i think she just says that to justify herself when she vents to me and/or tries to get me on her side against my dad. i understand that she’s feeling stressed and so is my father but i don’t fucking want to get involved with their arguments. they’ve disagreed about religion for the last decade and it’s obvious that neither of them are changing. i don’t see why they still bother.

they say they’ll let me live my life the way i choose to because they recognize that i’m my own human being, but they’re certainly not acting like it. they’ll only let me be my own person if my person is what they define as acceptable. *asian parent voice* “you can be anything you want to be when you grow up, a doctor or a lawyer”.

i wish i could be emancipated but it’s obviously not possible. i’m not economically self-sufficient and my records show that i have a history of not being Mentally All There so the court will rule against me should i ever actually file a case. i could just run away and live in hiding fora year and a half but that’s not a good idea either.

tl;dr they’re watching me and i was stupid enough to forget that they were. i crave death

anonymous asked:

I had my first kiss when I was a senior in high school. Now I'm a sophomore in college and I haven't been kissed since then, so it's been almost 2 years. Last night, I had the sudden urge to kiss someone. However, I have no one to kiss 😔 this probably sounds weird, but I went on YouTube and watched kissing scenes from movies and kdramas. Watching them makes me wish for something like that, to be able to intimate moments with someone special. (sorry for sending this, it's been on my mind)

I feel u, I think we all kind of do that if we’re looking for a relationship but idk!! I wish I had some good advice to give you but I’m basically a hermit who will die alone with my cats and dogs but !!! if you’re interested in a relationship or even just a fling, then don’t hesitate to get out there and try it~ just be sure to be careful but have fun! sometimes we find people we click with who we never thought we would get along with and then the feels just come tumbling out from there ahaha but another thing to remind yourself of is that you’re happiness comes first and most times that means it shouldn’t have to rely on a significant other to give you that~


“I just … I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Natasha says, crossing her arms and she watches you hold a (f/c) dress up to yourself in the mirror.

You roll your eyes at her. “Nat, you didn’t let me go to prom last year. And this year, someone actually asked me! I’m going no matter what you say.”

“I know.” She sighs, and you step behind the curtain to try the dress you were holding on. “It’s just, with the lives we have, we have to be careful.”

“It’s been seven years since you rescued me from the Red Room and brought me into SHIELD,” your voice says from behind the curtain. “You’re the best mom a girl could ask for, and the rest of the team the best family. But I’m 18 now, and I have to have some kind of life outside of our secret one, or I’ll explode.” Natasha laughs, and you say, “Zip me up?”

She steps into the dressing cubicle behind you and zips up the beautiful (f/c) dress. The both of you step back outside, and look at you in the mirror. “I think this is the one,” Natasha announces. You nod in agreement, smiling widely at your reflection.

The strapless (f/c) dress fits your frame perfectly all the way down to your hips. From there, it fans out around you in beautiful waves all the way to the floor. (Silver/gold) diamonds are scattered across the hips and down the skirt, with some around the sweetheart neckline of your dress.

Natasha takes your hand and squeezes it softly. “You look so beautiful, (y/n). You’re going to steal the dance.”

Your smile widens, and you look away from your reflection and up at her hopefully. “You think so?”

“Yeah. I’m gonna have to send Clint and Steve with you just to keep the boys away.”

Giggling, you turn back to your reflection. “You better not.”

She winks mischievously before saying: “Go get changed so we can pay.”

Smiling, you turn back toward the dressing room to get changed before whirling around and engulfing Natasha in a hug. “Thank you, Nat. I love you.”

Her blue eyes widen with surprise before she smiles and hugs you back. “I love you too.”

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relationship status: lmaoooo
favorite color: Blue, mostly, unless I’m in a yellow mood. Specific yellow though, not a gross yellow.
pets: Total of one (1) lovebird who is 17 years old and a total bitch. I love her.
last song I listened to: Hmm…I think it was ‘When I Grow Up’ from Matilda.
favorite tv show: I don’t really have favourites. The last one I was obsessed with was Game of Thrones, which tells you how long it has been since I stopped watching at the end of season three…I’m much more into movies lately - DAMN YOU DONNIE YEN AND JIANG WEN
first fandom: The first time I discovered fandom it was Harry Potter (I think post OoTP? Must have been because I was into Lupin/Tonks in a big way). The first one I was active in was Star Trek: Voyager. Janeway/Chakotay 5eva <3
hobbies: Currently I don’t have an awful lot of time for hobbies. I’m writing every second that I’m not working (which I guess counts as a hobby at the moment) and if I’m not doing that I’m reading. I like to go and see shows as often as I can and, as I already mentioned, I’m working through everything easily available that stars a couple of dudes who were in Rogue One…
favorite book: I have never in my life had a favourite book. A short list of some faves are ‘The Remains of the Day’, ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, ‘Les Miserables’, ‘The Snow Child’, ‘Once’, ‘The Book Thief’, ‘The Lie Tree’ and about eight billion more.
worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: There is literally no food that I won’t try and I haven’t found anything yet that I would refuse to ever put in my face again. I suppose I’d say no to liquorice, if I had a choice.
favorite place: Currently the cafe at uni, chilling and riffing on ideas with some really cool people. I’m glad to have made their acquaintances since September, for sure :)

I’m tagging @delightfullyambiguous @splinteredstar @missellamason @iberiandoctor and anyone else who wants to tell me things about them :)

pacrolash replied to your post “I guess I don’t want Disney to have involvement with a possible Kh…”

I actually wanna see disney oldschool stylised animation and thats all i want to see from disney involvement. I dont want to see something fully different cartoonish “adaptation” that may gone wildly off original plot… i could be like manga or novellas, just bringin more light to the offscreen things like Vanitas’ past or Axel’s wound… but as i saw some people want to actually see “fresh start” and “western take without nomura” in it.

Actually you know what, if you’re gonna make a Tv show just make the manga a Tv show. People will watch it XD.

But thinking about…I’m remaked out honestly. Like the last time we had a bunch of new content all at once was 5 years ago. Since then we’ve been getting either table scraps on the console front (with Fragment and Back Cover being sort of exceptions, that’s more like one meal) and the very occasional plot revelation from Chi/Unchained. We haven’t had 40 or more hours of new content all at once since Dream Drop. I mean Chi/Unchained kind of but plot-wise that moves as slow as molasses and has a ton of filler. 

I want new crud dang it and I want the new crud to be apart of the canon. I don’t wanna be able to brush it off like I do most of the stuff that happens in the manga. I wanna be like “oh so that’s how that went down, cool” and in order for that to happen it can’t be made by Disney. Or Disney can draw it I guess but the writing and all that has to be done by a company that hasn’t done mostly nothing with this series for 15 years. 

Sam and Cait

Sam out to dinner in LA last night.

Cait liking IG pictures 2 hours ago, most likely still in London on Europe time.

Spending breaks apart.

This is the norm.

I have been around this fandom for over 3 years now. Watched everything play out.

Upon reflection, I don’t think S/C’s relationship has changed much in those 3 years, except since Jan 2016, they keep themselves at a distance from each other, physically, I mean. They aren’t as affectionate. Sam keeps his hands in his pockets.

Looking at photos and watching them interact on videos, their is a difference.

In this time, we have seen Cait bring Tony everywhere with her, for over a year now.

In this time, we have seen Sam spend every break he has with MM or somewhere in MM’s vicinity.

I think it’s reasonable to conclude that their never was a great love affair between S/C. That they never dated.

I know …. I use to think that they had an affair during filming of Season 1 and that they broke up sometime before Jan 2016.

I don’t think that anymore.

S/C still interact in a flirty manner, not quite like they use to, but that spark is still there.

For whatever reason, they have chosen to live separate lives.

I believe they love each other in friendship, but have never been in love with each other.

I think Sam would have gone there.

I do not believe Cait ever wanted that relationship with him.

It’s sad in some ways.

When you see two people who have that “spark”, you want to believe they are in love and can’t live without the other.

I think S/C have shown us this past year plus, that they can very much live separate lives.

That song comes to mind. It’s a sad song.

Shawn Mendes - Sneaking around


I was standing by the stage watching Shawn doing the sound-check, his guitar in his hands, looking like the hottest guy I had ever seen. It’s only been a few weeks since we started dating, but I already felt like we had been together for years. We were kind of an instant match, we both felt it when we first met. Although, we hadn’t told anyone yet, we wanted to keep it to ourselves, so people were still thinking that we were just friends.

Shawn sang the last song and putting the guitar down he walked off the stage.

“Hey, you hungry? We can grab something before the concert if you want to,” he smiled at me as we walked back towards his dressing room.

“Nah, I’m good,” I shook my head. To be honest, I just wanted to be alone with him. We agreed on keeping it a secret, but I couldn’t keep my hands off him. I mean, a guy with a body and face like he had, he needed to be touched and kissed all the time.

I guess Shawn was feeling the same way, because as soon as the door closed behind us and we were by ourselves he grabbed me by the waist, pinned me against the door and attacked my lips. I moaned into his mouth feeling satisfied more than ever to feel his touch on my body.

“I love this skirt on you,” he murmured kissing down on my neck as his hands travelled up under my skirt that I bought especially for that day. I knew he would love it.

“Glad to hear,” I whispered exhaling. Suddenly, he picked me up and carried me to the table putting me down to it and he stood between my legs. I crossed my ankles behind his back as he continued to kiss me passionately.

“It would look much better on the floor,” he groaned tugging on it, but this was not the place to do it.

“Someone might walk in, I don’t want to get busted,” I sighed feeling myself getting lost in his mouth. “You don’t want anyone to see me naked other than you, do you?” I teased him knowing this would convince him.

He could be quite jealous, since my relationship status was still the same for everyone, boys liked to hit on me even with Shawn around. He always tried to hold himself back, but I could tell he was deadly mad when someone was flirting with me, and the thought of me being seen naked by anyone else than him was making him go nuts.

“This is only mine,” he growled sliding his hands up and down on my body. I really wished we were somewhere else, I needed every bit of my self-control to not tear his clothes down.

“And this is mine,” I grinned at him grabbing a handful of his ass. He moaned inhaling sharply, I knew he was fighting himself, and the knock on the door helped him contain his desires.

“Shawn?” we heard a voice. He immediately let go of me and jumping off the table I fixed my clothes in case our intruder decided to come inside.

“Yeah?” he called out tugging in his pants. I couldn’t help but giggle how turned on he became just in a couple of minutes.

“We have to check out the lightings again, can you come to the stage?”

“Sure, just a minute!” He turned to me chewing on his bottom lip. “This must be continued. I hope I’ll be able to make it through the concert without a boner. If not, it’s going to be your fault,” he warned me jokingly kissing me one more time.

“Will you punish me if not?” I asked innocently blinking up at him.

“Oh, yes, you can bet on it,” he chuckled patting my butt. “Come on, we don’t want them to suspect anything.”

This wasn’t the first time I saw him perform, in fact, I met him at one of his concerts, but this time it felt different. I watched him singing his heart out on the stage to his screaming fans and I wanted to be a bigger part of his life. I felt like keeping our relationship a secret was holding him back. He had enough on his plate, worrying about our thing was just adding to his stress. I wanted everyone to know that he had someone who was supporting him through everything and was there for him.

After the concert I waited for him to get ready to leave and then on our ride home I was thinking about it more. I decided to talk to him about.

“Shawn?” I asked breaking the silence in the car.

“Yeah?” he smiled at me turning to me. He was holding my hands on his lap slowly stroking my palm with his fingers.

“I was thinking about… us.” I saw the terror in his eyes hearing it, so I quickly came clear. “Not like that! I wasn’t thinking about leaving you or anything.”

“Thank God, you scared me to death,” he sighed in relief. “So then what is it about?”

Taking a deep breath I just said what I had been thinking about.

“I thought that maybe we should go public.” For a moment he didn’t say anything, so I continued. “You have enough to worry about without our secret, I want you to enjoy this relationship, and not care about if anyone sees us. And I’m also getting tired of sneaking around.”

“Great idea,” he cracked a smile nodding. “I was thinking about the same but didn’t want to rush you or anything, but I’m glad you brought it up.” I bit my bottom lip leaning closer to him and kissed his soft lips.

“So does this mean I’m allowed to kiss you in public?” I asked wiggling my eyebrows at him.

“Anytime you want, baby,” he chuckled kissing me once more.

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