been a while since turtles lol

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Um, I hope I'm not bothering you with this question, but it's actually been bothering me for a while. Do you know why Aone is said to have a pet turtle, or something like that? I saw some art of Aone with turtles a while ago and I thought it was just a cute little thing, but I saw even more since it's Aone's birthday. Do you happen to know why?

Good question! There’s super sweet official art of him holding a turtle… That’s all I know lol.

(terushima with a birb fdshjfkdhjfds)


Some Sailor Turtles… *cough*

Leo as Sailor Mercury
Raph as Sailor Mars
Donnie as Sailor Saturn
Mikey as Sailor Venus

I’m so sorry! XD
Please don’t hit me… >.<

(Well… These are just the paper sketches, who have been lying around here since a while… I’m not sure if I ever will draw them ‘neatly’ at my tablet…, but I didn’t wanted to hide this dumb crap from you… :’D *lol*)

(Btw… I wanted to draw another picture…, with Shina as Sailor Moon and Raphael as Tuxedo Mask… X3 But I don’t know how to draw Raph in this stupid costume… -.- Meeh…)

don’t judge a book by its cover o1 [yoongi&you]

Summary: you have always thought that because Yoongi is that annoying and arrogant college kid, he would have no heart. but you came to learn so much more when being paired up with him for a project in sociology class.

a/n: i’m sorry if i had messed this one up, anonnie. while writing this one, i kept erasing here and there until i was satisfied with what i could get, and omg i was so annoyed with myself lol. and then i had a yoongi dream and got muse again! and then turtle decides to drop that never mind clip and i’ve been stalling since this morning. so sorry, but i did my best though, okey dokey!

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You were sure that once everyone left their high school life behind and enters college, one would simply grow up. Not grow up in the matter of saying their age, but maturing of who they are. However, your thoughts on that was wrong when you were unluckily placed in the same sociology class with the student named, Min Yoongi. Oh just how fluffy his name sounds, yet his personality seems to completely destroy it.

Arrogance — when one is egotistical of just seeing that the entire world only revolves around them.

Not quite the correct definition, but with Min Yoongi earning that title in your state of the bible—then it’s the perfect explanation.

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