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For my young trans people

⚡ you’re not too young to know who you are and what you want.

⚡ Not being allowed or able to transition yet doesn’t make you less valid in your gender identity.

⚡You’re parents are not always going to be making decisions for you. You will be free of them one day; be strong.

⚡ Don’t be afraid to reach out to older trans people. They’ve been where you are and done what you’re doing.

⚡ Young men: you look incredibly handsome, everyday. Remember, that masculinity doesn’t equal manhood. Wear a dress, do your makeup and/or your nails. I’m so proud of you.

⚡ Young ladies: you are absolutely beautiful, period. No exceptions. Remember, femininity doesn’t equate to womanhood. Never be ashamed of your deeper voice or body hair. I’m so proud of you.

⚡ The world’s view is changing, more rapidly now than it ever has before. Let that encourage you. It’s hard right now, I know. But it is going to keep getting better. Take courage.

umm AU where harry just went through a really bad breakup in which his douchey ex-fiance leaves him for a huge corporate job offer. which yeah good for him except he was a jerk about the breakup, left him via phone message, and didn’t look back. which sucks all on it’s own but now harry finds himself confused because he’s not nearly as sad as he thinks he should be about it, and frustrated because he has two non refundable tickets for a honeymoon cruise. enter childhood best friend louis, who he calls up the night before while packing and is all like, “ummmm so. how’s a free vacation sound?” and louis’s like “nothing’s free in life harold…. but….. i’m listening.” it honestly doesn’t even take anything to convince louis. most of his protest is just for show because harry can already hear him dragging his suitcase out of the closet. so.

so they arrive at the dock where they’re supposed to board the ship and louis’s like “um so why is everyone holding hands lol” and harry’s all “yeah…. so… funny story… ummmm i got dumped and this is my honeymoon cruise surprise :)” (louis is tempted to throw him overboard. they haven’t even gotten on the boat yet but the sentiment is still the same). but now that louis knows the whole story (which harry tells amidst deep frowns and lots of tears), he is determined to be the best fake™ husband ever. so he signs them up for all the couples activities because “go big or go home styles. or tomlinson. styles-tomlinson? who are we again?” and they end up doing better than most of the couples there when it comes down to How Well Do You Know Your Spouse trivia. it should be embarrassing really, because everyone around the ship already knows them as the dream team and it’s only been 4 days.

cue dramatic confessions, bed sharing that means nothing till it means something, an obscene amount of nautical references, and cameos by the rest of one direction lol

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Kylo Ren is forced to leave the Finalizer, abruptly ending his growing relationship with Hux, and begin intensive training on multiple planets across the galaxy. Three years later and Kylo makes his return to the First Order ship immediately looking for Hux. But what he finds is an emotionless, heartbroken man who also happens to have a new robotic arm due to a battle gone wrong. The guilt Kylo feels is overwhelming.

Kylo hadn’t wanted to leave in the first place.

The Supreme Leader had been adamant, insisting that the training he wanted Kylo to complete could not be done on board the Finalizer, the place where Kylo most wanted to be.

Conquer the elements,’ Snoke had said. ‘Overcome nature’s harshest of storms and most hazardous terrains, and you will come closer to the Force. Go.’

It would mean travelling across the galaxy, finding planets that harboured the conditions that he needed to survive until he could return to his master successful, which had meant leaving Hux, meant terminating their budding relationship before it has time to bloom.

Hux hadn’t shown much emotion when Kylo had broken the news to him the night before he was due to leave. In fact, Hux hadn’t shown any emotion at all, just simple acknowledgement and then sex. Quiet sex that was usually loud and filled with passion: Hux just seemed to lie back and let Kylo get himself off before sleeping silently side by side.

With nothing more than a quick goodbye—Kylo had hesitated for a moment before leaving, wondering whether to kiss Hux, something to remember him by, but Hux hadn’t so much as opened his eyes as Kylo had dressed—Kylo had left the General’s quarters, knowing that he has to get over this relationship quickly if he were to succeed in his training, and return to Hux as quickly as possible.

That had been 3 years ago.

Kylo’s orders are to return to the Finalizer to resume joint command with General Hux, though Snoke had made a jibe that, with Kylo’s new strength and his triumph in his recent training, Kylo is leagues above Hux and his lack of Force-sensitivity.

Kylo had agreed with his master, fighting the urge to defend Hux and his exceptional mind.

He flies to the Finalizer at maximum speed, finally allowing himself to think of Hux again, having tried to blank him out until his work was done, the desperation to merely see Hux again almost overwhelms him. As Kylo arrives and steps down from his Command Shuttle, his gaze darts around the hangar bay searching for Hux, expecting him to be stood in his usual authoritative stance to greet Kylo from his mission.

But Hux isn’t waiting for him; he isn’t even in the hangar bay.

Kylo is grateful that he has his mask on; he’s able to hide the intense mix of sadness and anger in his eyes.

Without even hesitating, Kylo marches off, his new robes flowing behind him, and begins his search for Hux.

The bridge, the meeting rooms, his quarters. The last place that Kylo needs to look is Hux’s office, and he even finds himself hearing a strange distortion through the Force as he nears the door, and he knows that Hux is inside.

Kylo doesn’t knock—he’s never knocked—before entering, immediately seeing Hux sat at his desk.

But something is frightfully amiss. Kylo can sense it.

Hux’s face is slightly obscured by the light blue hologram of a grand star destroyer floating above the desk, but Kylo can see the dark circles under his pale eyes, his red hair slightly longer and merely brushed back out of the way rather than combed military-style.

“Ren,” Hux says, monotone, with a quick glance up from his datapad and straight back down again. “Can I help you with something?”

Kylo can’t help but feel pierced by the coldness of Hux’s tone.

“I expected you to be in the hangar for my arrival,” he replies, voice distorted by his mask, hiding his upset.

“I’m busy.”

Kylo gives the holographic blueprints a quick look before fixing his gaze back on Hux.

“So I see.”

The room falls completely silent, the air between them cold and tense, and Kylo has never felt less powerful in his life.

“If there’s nothing else, Master Ren, then I’ll have to ask you to leave me to my work,” Hux snaps, even pointing to the door, but the gesture makes Kylo feel like he’s staring at the fierce end of a gun. Deciding that Hux seeing his hurt eyes will aid his cause, Kylo unclasps his helmet and removes it, suddenly feeling much more vulnerable.

“Hux, don’t be like this, I didn’t—“

I said,” Hux spits, flattening his palms on the desk as he stands up, head hanging between his shoulders. “Leave me.”

Kylo’s chest hurts. “I already did.”

Hux visibly shakes as though physically hurt by Kylo’s words. The emotion is rolling off of his consciousness in tsunami-like waves, threatening to knock Kylo out if he concentrates too hard on their source. Too suddenly for Kylo’s liking, Hux moves, storming away from his desk and taking long strides towards the ‘fresher door on the other side of the room.

Kylo leaps forward, grabbing Hux by the hand before he can get away, but he’s unnerved what he feels.

Hux’s hand is freezing cold, fingers thinner and sharper than Kylo remembers. And he remembers.

“What…” Kylo mutters, looking down at Hux’s hand, terror surging through him.

Hux doesn’t stop him as he eases his jacket off, sliding it down over his arms until he’s left in just his undershirt, revealing the true extent of his injury. From the middle of his left bicep, Hux has a cybernetic limb, bare of synthskin, gold metallic skeleton on show for the galaxy to see.

Hux is naturally left-handed.

Kylo feels as though he may faint, his mind and heart and soul consumed with guilt.

Hux,” Kylo gasps, subconsciously tightening his grip around Hux’s robotic hand. “I…I’m sorry—“

Don’t.” Hux turns finally, revealing a black eye and a split lip, stitching on his forehead. “Don’t you dare fucking apologise to me, Kylo. You chose to leave me, just when I was falling—“

Hux bites his lip, flinching as he catches his cut with his teeth, and shakes his head. He yanks his hand out of Kylo’s grip and wraps his natural hand around his robotic bicep and rubs it slightly as though trying to warm it, and Kylo feels his eyes brim with tears.

No, Hux, no,” Kylo says, voice breaking. “I wanted to stay, but my training, it was—Snoke said I had to go. I thought you understood.”

Hux sighs.

“I thought I did understand you,” Hux replies. “But it appears as though I’ve never been more wrong in my life. Get out, Ren. It’s too late.”


Kylo sinks to his knees, shoulders shaking as he tries to hold back his sobs, but fails. He kneels in front of Hux, somehow wanting to show his anguish, wanting to show how willing he is to go to the ends of the galaxy for Hux, but he realises it just makes him look weak.

“Ren,” Hux says, tone seemingly calm, hiding a storm. “Get up.”

No,” Kylo says through gritted teeth. “Never. Not until you know that I would never abandon you. Armitage. Please, understand.”

Kylo reaches his trembling hand upwards, seeking out Hux’s cybernetic, latching on tightly once he finds it. The fingers twitch slightly in Kylo’s palm, and he guesses that Hux isn’t yet used to it, movements still slightly stiff.

“Kylo, stop. It’s a waste of time. Get up.”

No! Hux, please.” The tears on Kylo’s cheeks are hot, burning his skin, but the only feeling he concentrates on is Hux’s cold fingers against his sweating palms.

Carelessly, Kylo scans the edges of Hux’s mind, searching for the incident, the battle that took Hux’s arm from him. When Kylo sees it, he wishes he never looked. The battle had been fierce, only thirteen days ago, Hux with the ground squadron, fighting nobly against the attacking clan.

The grenade. The explosion. The pain.

The guilt is consuming him, suddenly seeing Hux lying under a cold light in the medical wing, writhing in pain as the medics try to sedate him, left arm already unsaveable, lost in the blast.

Ren! Help me! Please!’ Hux cries, gritting his teeth, overcome by pain. His eyes unfocus as drugs begin to consume him, his body relaxing on the examination table, uttering four desperate words before an oxygen mask is strapped over his mouth. ‘Come…home…Love…you.’

Kylo comes back to himself with an anguished shout, burying his head against Hux’s thigh, squeezing his hand.

“My fault,” he cries. “I’m sorry, Armitage, so sorry, I should’ve been there, I failed you, but please, don’t leave me, not like I left you, I can’t bear it any longer—.”

For a moment, when Hux pries his cybernetic hand from Kylo’s grip, Kylo expects it to contort around his neck to crush his windpipe in payment of his failure. He can’t help but gasp and recoil when the metal hand strokes through his hair softly. He looks up as the cold fingers caress his cheek.

“I can’t feel you,” Hux says, tears streaming down his cheeks. “Ren. I can’t feel you.”

Hux falls to his knees too, sitting opposite Kylo, hand still on his cheek, caressing it, as though he believes that if he tries hard enough, he’ll be able to feel the smoothness of Kylo’s pale cheek with his metal fingers. Chest aching from sorrow, Kylo reaches for Hux’s other hand and brings it up to his cheek.

You can,” Kylo says, his own hands cupping both of Hux’s, voice shaking though he tries to keep it strong. “See? I’m here. Right here, Hux. Stars, I’m never going to leave you again.”

Hux opens his mouth to reply but a cry escapes instead, and he suddenly lurches forwards, flinging his arms around Kylo’s neck to cry into his shoulder. Kylo holds on tightly, guilt surging through his veins, constricting his heart until he swears that its quick thrums are chanting Hux Hux to him, one final taunt of his weakness.

“Ssh, Armitage,” Kylo soothes, rocking him gently. “You’re safe. I promise.”


Hux’s natural hand slides up to grasp the hair at the nape of Kylo’s neck, pulling at it, combing it through his fingers, and Kylo slides his eyes closed, defeated by his guilt.

Kylo knows that the kissing and affection will come later. Now, Hux needs him. And he isn’t going to fail Hux again.

Traitor (Steve Rogers)

word count: 717

summary: Y/N decides to give Steve a piece of her mind.

a/n: I would not advise you reading if you’re a hardcore Steve supporter and hate Tony. Kinda angsty? Reader cares about Tony and is still pissed Steve betrayed him(again, please don’t read this is you’re a hardcore steve supporter[saw nothing wrong with his actions in cacw and believe he could do no wrong] and loath tony)

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one for the money//jjk

Originally posted by jkguks

genre: fluff, comedy, spy au

pairing: jeon jungkook x reader

word count: 898

summary: If i’m going down, I’m taking you with me.

a/n: It’s been a while since I uploaded anything (I’ve been overwhelmed by school and exams), so I hope you enjoy! This is spy au is going to be a series of short oneshots, so I’ll post more soon. For this particular part, I used this writing prompt here! Any feedback is appreciated ♡ 

Why is it that whenever he’s around, you had to get dragged into his mess?

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Hey:) sorry if you had answered this kind of question before, but I'm pretty new to TW fandom and I can't seem to find any void!stiles sterek. Have you ever written something like that? Cause I've been reading some of ur stuff and it awesome by the way. If you haven't, could you rec me one or two of those? If you have read any, that's it. Thanks, you are awesome, and All is fair gives me life:)

Hi there! I have written one fic with this theme while 3b was still airing, and it was at the point where we knew Stiles was possessed but we didn’t know it was the Nogitsune just yet. 

  • We Want This by bleep0bleep (E, 2k) Ever since the MRI, Stiles has been losing time. He comes to in an interesting situation.

And some recs:

  • Not Quite Lost, Not Quite Found by alocalband (E, 25k) A year after the nogitsune is defeated, Derek is living a quiet life in the mountains above a small town in Colorado. Then Stiles shows up.
  • You’ve Got Your Demons (And Darling, They All Look Like Me) by linksofmemories (E, 6k) “We care about you very much, Stiles.” Yeah, I don’t fucking buy that. That was what he wanted to say anyway. He didn’t even know how this was possible, how he could be so completely trapped inside of his own mind and body. But here he was, sitting in the middle of the preserve and staring at himself.
  • Narrow Road to the Deep North by SydnieWren (E, 8k) Before anyone is aware of Stiles’ possession, the nogitsune has a little fun with Derek.
  • take in the extent of my sin by Nokomis (T, 2k) There’s someone in his loft, and it isn’t Stiles, no matter how much it looks like him.
  • And we all fall down by pterawaters (E, 1k) It’s dark in the club where Derek finds Stiles. No one will see.
  • ASS|U|ME by RbnC (E, 3k) The Nogitsune tricks Derek into thinking he’s having sex with Stiles. Only, plot twist: Derek knows it’s the Nogitsune but he just wants to sleep with Stiles, even if only once and he might not ever get the chance. Read to find the second plot twist.

Post nogitsune recs

  • bulletproof by coffeeinallcaps (M, 2k) This is what most of his days look like, after: Stiles wakes up. He counts his fingers, tries to catch his breath as he waits for his heartbeat to slow down and the sweat on his skin to cool. He showers. Some mornings he eats with his dad; some mornings Scott comes over for breakfast. Some days he goes to school and some days he doesn’t.
  • mary, mary, quite contrary, how does your murders go? by johnsnowssmile (T, 2k) When his dad asks how are you, son, Stiles grits his teeth and smiles and says okay, Dad, I’m-– still not sure if this is real –okay.—In which Stiles deals with the aftermath.
  • best case scenario by verity (T, 13k) The fourth time Stiles breaks the fridge, Dad is less sympathetic. “Stiles,” he says as Stiles holds the door steady for him to screw it back onto the chassis—there’s new hardware involved this time, and not a little duct tape— “I thought this werewolf thing was going to help.” “Yeah, with the dementia,” Stiles says.

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the week you turn nineteen,
you spend more time choking back
tears than not. the world spins on
and you wonder if growing up
is supposed to feel like
being waterboarded.
the beginning chapter of eighteen
saw a fierce girl
with sparks caught between
her teeth. she had a fight in her
bones and a song on her tongue.
eighteen finds a title, she finds
a home,
even if so many still spit out its name.
she builds a roof over her head and
some days it’s heavy to hold up. some
days the rain leaks through. but
most days, most days it is the only thing
that makes sense.
eighteen finds a world skilled
at throwing punches and she thinks
she’s just as good at taking them
until the world stops fighting fair.
eighteen gives way to nineteen
three rounds past trembling knees. she
passes the mantle on broken legs.
on a heavy chest.
on tear-stained sleeves.
nineteen shows up like the guest
you forgot making plans with. she
knocks on the door and
eighteen says, “it’s not a good time” but
nineteen says, “i don’t feel like celebrating”
and stays anyways.
eighteen didn’t
get out of bed when girls that love like her
are killed on television and nineteen
dry heaves by the side of the road
three days after her community is
massacred in the next state over. nineteen
is afraid of falling asleep and
even more afraid of waking up. sixteen
was searching for god and
fifteen cried while she prayed
but nineteen has stopped looking
for answers that don’t make her
sick to her stomach.
nineteen finds you curled under the covers.
nineteen finds you suffocating.
nineteen finds you grasping
for a way to live that doesn’t make
you a target. nineteen finds you as a
soldier drafted into a war that
shouldn’t have to be fought. some
tell you you’re
and some say every breath you take is a
shot fired
but none of them have ever
had to stand on the front lines.
the way you love comes with a
body count.
a death toll
that keeps climbing.
you sit in the foxhole while your
friends’ blood is all over the news and
you can’t even write home to
mom and dad about the reasons you
feel so small these days.
seventeen was lost and eighteen was
proud but nineteen is just scared.

you tell nineteen that she will relearn
how to feel hopeful.
she will.
she will.

—  nineteen // CAITLIN ABIGAIL
Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 21)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+. Small spoilers for an event common to Yoosung, Seven, and Zen’s routes.

Busy week so this chapter’s a little later than usual, but it’s also pretty long. Thanks for reading!

You glance up at the security camera above the door to the apartment as you shift your grocery bags to one hand so you can type in the passcode. Briefly you wonder if you ever make eye contact with Seven when you look at the cameras. Well, you doubt he’s keeping an eye on them 24/7. Maybe he just has it set up to notify him if a stranger comes by or something. The only stranger you can think of doesn’t seem to have any trouble hacking the security feeds, though… Ugh.

There’s a click as the door unlocks and you nudge it open with your hip, using your foot to shut it behind you as you enter the apartment. You flick the lights on and give the desk a wide berth on your way to the kitchen to set your groceries down on the counter. You didn’t buy much – there’s hardly any point in stockpiling ingredients for later – but you do have a few vegetables, snacks, and other foods now. At the very least, you never have to worry about something going bad before you get the chance to use it.

Somewhere deep in your purse, your phone rings. You set down the milk you were about to put in the fridge and dig around in your bag until you find it, barely glancing at the caller ID before swiping to answer. “Hello?”

“It’s me.” His deep voice is instantly recognizable.

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brodiequint95  asked:

In the fanfics I've read from you, mostly the "One Difference" Series, you've written Kelso as more of misogynist than he has came across as to me. Granted, It's been a while since I've watched the series and I can't deny that the portrayal fits . You seem to have really good insight into these characters and I was wondering if you could explain the basis for this portrayal. P.S. Love your writing, both fiction and analytical.

Hi! I’m glad you enjoy my That ‘70s Show stories and metas. :D

A lot of Kelso’s negative traits get obfuscated by Ashton Kutcher’s comedic timing and hilarious line delivery. But if we remove Ashton Kutcher’s portrayal of Kelso from an examination of Kelso as a character, Kelso’s true nature becomes painfully clear.

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I don't know if you take writing requests but I was wondering if you could write some fluffy MiSawa? :) (Love your blog btw!)

heya!!! thank you so much!! i’m so glad you like this blog ♡ and i guess i could try writing something?? i haven’t written anything in a while tho so i might be a bit rusty around the edges gshfdsf but here we go!! some fluffy misawa!

rating: general
couple: misawa
word count:986 words
description: winter is the season of laziness; the ashen of the sky, the stupor of ague bones, the quietness that settles even on the grounds of seido as the cold weather wins (for the time being). so what better than to spend this time with your significant other and warm up together? little did miyuki know that his lover had the sun’s core resting deep within his heart.

sunshine seeps through thin curtains, its warmth a caress to the lovers that lay together, limbs intertwined and bodies pressed against each other, seeking any heat the other had to give. winter was no one’s friend, especially not theirs as they had to share a single plush blanket (”let’s buy an extra one… this one is not big enough for us-” “miyuki kazuya, stop complaining! it is big enough!” cue shoulders slumping back as miyuki knew a war would come to life if he were to tell his loudmouthed lover that he tended to move too much in his sleep). 

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anonymous asked:

Can we have a NejiTen Amnesia AU, where Tenten loses her memory and Neji can't help but be giddy because he loves the fact they're falling in love again, but also can't help but feel guilty for deceiving her in some way.

I took some liberties, if that’s ok, since the only circumstance I can see Neji feeling guilty in this kind of situation would then require something much longer than this drabble! Also modern day AU since I’m kind of on a roll with that. (Also this got angsty, I’m sorry. I blame the last anon prompt I got.)

Every single day, Neji comes and sits in the same chair. It’s comfortable, padded, very much unlike the typical cold and hard plastic of the typical hospital chairs for visitors. 

He hates it. 

Still, that does not deter him from coming every day, from the moment visiting hours start to the moment visiting hours end. He walks in the hospital, nods to the personnel who all know him if not by name then most certainly by sight, sees himself in to the spacious room with the single bed situated by the window. 

Tenten’s there, breathing, in that bed, but the last time he remembers hearing her voice was too long ago. The last time he remembers seeing her eyes, brown and full of warmth and humour and love, was too long ago. She was always so vivacious, laughing when he was scowling, running when he insisted on walking, carefree when he was uptight. He knows her, loves her as a moving figure, a comforting warmth by his side, a match that could ignite fire in him. 

“Accidents happen every day,” she would cheekily tell him but he never imagined it would happen to her because Tenten was always one who met a situation fearlessly, flawlessly. Except how does one prepare for a late night, a drunk driver, a freak accident?

Neji doesn’t know, but as he sits down in that chair once more, he wishes he did. Wishes he could’ve done something. Knows better though, that some things are out of his control. He hates this too. Once upon a time ago, he would’ve accepted this with a kind of resigned defeat but now- now he would fight time and logic to help her. Help himself too because this waiting, this stillness is terrible. 

A groan snaps his head back to the figure on the bed, freezes him, unsure if he imagined the sound or not. But the figure shifts and he’s out of that damn chair, rising to the side of bed, clasping her hand. 

Eyes blink open, brown and warm and alive, and he doesn’t realize the shaky breath he just sucked in at seeing her awake and moving again. 

Tenten turns her head to face him, fog evident in her features. Another quiet groan from her. She parts her mouth and the question is so quiet he almost misses it- but he doesn’t, and the loudest sound in that room is his heart breaking. 

“Who are you?”

The doctors tell him, “Selective amnesia.” 

His heart hurts so much he can’t feel it anymore. Neji never realized how much he came to love the dances and races his heart would do after Tenten came and made him feel alive with her words, her smiles, her presence, her hands. 

It takes him a few days, but he’s back in that room again, back to staring at the woman who loved him and whom he still loves. She who doesn’t know who he is or what they meant to each other anymore. 

Tenten sleeps most of that day, and Neji decides he prefers this. It allows him to pretend, if only for this moment, that she hasn’t woken up yet, that when she does, she’ll roll over, brush her hand against his cheek, smile lazily, sleepily, and whisper, “Good morning, Neji” as she has for every morning they’ve been together. 

Seeing that emptiness in her warm brown eyes made it hard for him to breathe and after she uttered that fatal question, he found himself wishing, for one terrible moment, that he never knew her. That he’d never met her, hadn’t fallen in love, hadn’t built a life with her if only to save himself from this heartbreak. 

“She may never recover her memory,” the doctors tell him. There are treatments, facilities, but no known cure for recalling that which has been lost. 

Tenten groans again and this time he steels himself. Doesn’t rise out of the chair, but watches her like a hawk as she rolls over, her hand reaching out to grasp the edge of the bed, her eyes flickering open. 

They stare at each other, and there’s no roaring in his ears, no sound of his heart breaking, no ringing silence filling his head. She always did have that effect on him. 

She licks her lips and he flinches. 

“I know you.”

His lavender eyes snap to hers, warm, brown, and alive. She’s confused, but resolute. Her gaze has not wavered from him for a moment. 

Tenten reaches out and Neji doesn’t even realize he’s already reaching back until he feels her hand clasped in his. 

“Yes,” he murmurs, his voice so low he’s not sure if he wants her to hear or not. “You do know me.”

Tenten’s eyes scan his face and he feels a comforting sense of déjà vu. She always read him clearest in the things he couldn’t say. 

“No…. I know you.”

The conviction and promise in her voice has him squeezing her hands, his heart clenching. He doesn’t know how to respond. 

He’s frozen as her free hand comes up to brush his cheek. He can’t think when she leans up and presses forward, when she licks her lips and closes her eyes. 

He closes the distance in a kiss that’s bittersweet but familiar. He makes a sound at the back of his throat and can’t tell if this hurts or helps him. But he does know, as her lips move against his in a familiar pattern, as she hesitatingly opens her mouth to deepen the kiss, that he has missed this. That he has missed her and all the colour and warmth that she made him feel. 

When she draws back, her lips red and her cheeks flushed, her eyes are still confused, still blank, but purposeful. 

“I know you, but I want to remember you.”

Neji swallows the lump in his throat but he holds her hands tight and is comforted when she holds back just as tightly, when she sighs and leans into him, trust apparent in her movements. 

“You will,” he promises. “We’ll remember it all again, one step at a time.”

Tsukiyama’s Book Discussion with Kaneki vs. Sasaki

In chapter 39 of :re, Tsukiyama seeks out Sasaki reading a book alone, much like what happened in chapter 33 of TG.

Hoping to rekindle his friendship with Kaneki, Tsukiyama talks about books and asks Sasaki if he likes Takatsuki.

Tsukiyama definitely does know more about Kaneki than Sasaki, but is it Kaneki he’s talking to?  (As a side note, Tsukiyama needs to realize that this isn’t the same Kaneki he’s talking to. But I won’t be writing about that here.)

Back in TG, Kaneki talks about how he loves Takatsuki’s writing style

but in :re, Sasaki thinks otherwise.

Unlike Kaneki, Sasaki has managed to delve deeper into Takatsuki’s works and truly understand the person behind these tragic novels. And why wouldn’t he? Kaneki was a true bookworm, immersing himself in books to forget everything around him. But Sasaki isn’t. He loves books, yes, but he spends a lot more time with people, dealing with the CCG investigators and taking care of his Quinx children, and through that Sasaki has developed into much more of a people person than Kaneki could have ever been.

You could say that Kaneki and Sasaki think differently, which explains their conflicting views on Takatsuki. Kaneki didn’t have a happy life and could relate to Takatsuki’s ‘dark emotions, sorrow, anger and emptiness’, of being orphaned and living in a loveless environment. On the other hand, Sasaki probably knows that he had a hard life, but he doesn’t remember any of those feelings of despair and sorrow that Kaneki knew first-hand.

But to me, it seems that Sasaki is a more mature version of Kaneki, who can look past the literary style (both recognize her elaborate literary style) and into the author herself. Sasaki and Kaneki are the same person, just two slightly different personalities of the same person that overlap in many aspects.

And on the whole it might just foreshadow the end of :re. TG ended in a ‘heartbreaking’ tragedy with many important characters ‘dying’, but maybe in :re with Sasaki’s more positive attitude it won’t end that way.

#162: when he knows something's wrong

Mark: He’s always a man of few words, so he doesn’t know what to say, half because he’s scared he might make things worse and half because he just didn’t know what to say. But he knows there’s something wrong and he needs to make sure you’re alright. “You okay?” he asks quietly while pulling on your sleeve as you read. You put your book down. “Yeah,” you say, quietly. No, you weren’t. He knew it, though, and so his arm reaches around you and then you’re in his chest and then you think maybe you would be okay.

Jr: He doesn’t ever hesitate to ask you — “Okay, what’s wrong?” he blurts out when you come walking into his room huffing and lay down on his bed. He turns in his swivel chair and props his elbows on the bed, staring at you. “What happened, Y/N?” he muses with a smile. You turn and glare at him. He chuckles lightly, climbing onto the bed with you. You let him pull you onto his lap as he wraps his arms around you. “I’m here,” he says in a soft voice this time.

JB: He’s kind of been avoiding you, to be honest, because he thought you needed the space, but it was driving him crazy to see you like this. “Hey,” he says quietly. He leans over the back of the couch of where you were sitting and puts his face close yours. You don’t look up from your phone. “Hey,” you say back softly. He smiles weakly, and then walks over to sit next to you. “Hey,” he says again, and then takes the phone from your hands, “What’s wrong?” he asks, and you sigh, falling into him, and he doesn’t say a word as he just holds you.

Jackson: He wants to show you something fun he’s come up with, but he sees you without a smile and then his goes away, too. “What’s wrong?” he jumps into action immediately. “I’m fine, I’m fine,” you say, but his eyes fall into a worried look and now he just looks worse than you. You smile, just for his sake, touching his cheek gently as he does the same. “Love you,” he says, quiet for once. You nod, and he smiles weakly, just wanting to know he was there for you. He hugs you, and you know he is.

BamBam: You’re just as happy as him most days, and the moment he sees your usual (and his favourite) smile gone from you face, he knows there’s something wrong. “…W-what is it?” he asks. The usual skip in his step disappears as he slowly approaches you. You just sigh, shaking your head as he sighs himself, putting an arm around you and bringing you in closer. “It’s okay,” he says, “I’m here for you.” He pauses for a second and kisses your head. His head leans on top of yours as he says just loud enough for you to hear, “I love you.”

Youngjae: He always knew what to do, surprisingly, but not what to say. But that was okay, because he made it work. Your favourite foods, favourite movies, favourite blanket — all set up for you when you got back with a note that read, “Feel better. Love you — Youngjae.” You smile, proud of him: he was busy living his dream yet he still made time to do this for you. You text him, hoping he’d get it before he went on stage. “Love you, too. Thank you. Good luck.”

Yugyeom: He approaches you slowly when he sees you laying on the couch staring into nothingness. He stops right before you can see him — making sure he’s got his script all ready (he was nervous, okay!). “Uh, Y/N…” he starts, and then swallows, already forgetting what he was going to say. “Are you okay?” he ends up blurting out. You chuckle, seeing his nervousness. “Come here,” you say, motioning him to sit on the bed with you. His arms naturally wrap around you. “I’m fine now,” you say softly, and you feel him sighing a sigh of relief.

I’m such a crybaby. I’m not even interested in you nor am I heartbroken over you anymore. You’re probably my first, successful, unrequited heartbreak. But rereading old letters, conversations, and diary entries about you still makes tears fill up my eyes. Both the sad and happy kind.
—  this is bittersweet at 4am

Characters: Bernie Wolfe, Serena Campbell
Ships: Berena haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~
WC: 564
Rated: G

“I’ve made a discovery.”  Bernie shut the office door behind her and leaned against it, crossing her arms and looking very grave.

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One of Caspar’s daily highlights was his visit to the nearest coffee shop. He wasn’t exactly like the other people, who actually went there to get the damn coffee and then continue their day. He kept ordering the exact same coffee every day, just to see if the person behind the counter would actually remember how his name was written. Sadly for Caspar, it was rather… A rare event. It didn’t discourage him at all though. Some days he even visited twice, just to be annoying.

 “For fuck’s sake…” The little amount of excitement was wiped from his face as soon he picked up the takeaway coffee cup (with a name written on the side that wasn’t exactly his). It was something towards Casper or Kaspan.

“Sometimes I wonder what did I do to deserve this. Why did my mother name me after a fucking ghost? Did she hate me that much?” He wasn’t directly speaking to anyone, but he was speaking loud enough for anyone near him to hear it.