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some phone wallpapers of aph austria requested by anon

oh my god it took me a month im sorryyy but here it is. it’s been a while since i made edits (and this is the first time i make phone wallpapers tbh) i hope it’s ok

  • Original art by Himaruya Hidekaz
  • Edit by me
  • Transparents from @heta–transparents
  • Feel free to use, just please reblog or like
  • Do not claim as your own
Sleepy Movie Nights (Phan OneShot)

Word Count: 1626

Type: Fluff, getting together, friends to lovers

Description: Dan and Phil need a movie night in and maybe just maybe, it’ll be different this time.

A/N: I started writing this as something else but it didn’t work so I cut that part out. I also am warning you, this might make you sleepy.


Dan had been editing for hours, trying to get the video done and up as it had been a while since he had last posted on his own channel. He’d just tweeted out the link and reblogged it on tumblr, finishing up for the day. Dan got out of bed, back aching from lying on it for far too long. Dan yawned squinting his eyes shut, pushing his hands above his head, stretching out his tight joints. He heard his door open, making him open his eyes to see Phil stood in his cookie monster pjs with his grey playlist live shirt on, getting comfortable for a night in. Phil smiled as he saw his best friend being all cute and tired. Dan smiled back, looking at his handsome housemate’s eyes, glad to see him in pjs rather than jeans, possibly wanting to go grab something for dinner.

“I was wondering if you wanted to have a movie night.” Phil asked leaning against the now open door frame. Dan had to admit that Phil looked very attractive leaning on the door like that, but Dan knew that it’d never happen, nothing was going to change between them, much to Dan’s discontent. Dan beamed at Phil however, liking the prospect of cuddles for a few hours. Because in all honesty, these nights were more about cuddling then the movies, to both of them.

“Sure yeah let me get into my pjs, I’ll be right out.” Dan said turning around to get a pair of long pj bottoms and a black t-shirt that was used for lounging. Phil stood for a moment longer, watching as Dan went to his drawer to get some pjs. Phil would never admit to his slight, okay huge, crush on his best friend. He’d also never admit to hoping that tonight it would be different. Phil quickly darted away from the door frame before Dan could see him creepily watching him and his actions.

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The Creative Coalition.

A while ago I approached my friend and Co-author of this blog Creativerogues with an idea for a side blog. A group blog where people could actively create homebrew content of all different types by helping one another brainstorm and come up with things viewed through a bunch of different perspectives. so far its been working out well since we’ve added a few members and admins letting followers of the blog reply to posts with their ideas, let members post their own content, and allow admins to keep, view and edit drafts of future projects. For those of you who want to help out visit TheCreativeCoalition yourselves and leave a few replies.

The Escape - Describing Avery (YC)

So this is my first attempt at describing Avery from the short pieces titled The Escape. Be gentle I know theres a lot of work to be done but as it’s been a while since I posted I would love some feedback on what this made you think and if you’ve read any of the previous pieces how you perhaps saw her in your own mind. Thanks again for such great feedback and please be aware I am taking it all on board and making notes for when I begin to compile pieces together and begin truly editing my work. Thanks!

She stands shivering as the water drips from her skin, at first averting her gaze from the mirror that stands before her. Never has she been allowed to see her own reflection but now she cautiously lifts her eyes. Now that the dirt and blood has been washed from her skin she can see what once was hidden.

Her lips part with surprise as forest green eyes stare back, framed by intricate markings of silver. Spiraling, shining lines twist across her face in patterns unrecognized. Confusion furrows her brow, before these people and their strange markings she has never before seen such things. She traces her fingertips over the patterns, they are smooth as delicate skin. Entranced by this beauty she lifts her dark curls to reveal yet more patterns, her body is covered by the pale silver. She twists and turns her body seeing more and more of her skin covered by swirling patterns. They are marred only by the scars that Mother gave her, the deep welts of the whip, the mingling of old pink scars and angry red fresh marks. She has never examined her body, always made to be ashamed of herself this is the first time she has ever looked upon herself. She takes in the delicate point of her ears, the wild curl of her hair and realizes that she appears so unlike her Mother and Brother. So different to their uniform hazel eyes and straight dark hair. Their eyes were dark and hooded whilst hers are bright, their features pointed and sharp hers are soft and open.

Trembling with shock she sinks to the floor, questions tumbling in her mind. These people of this strange place bear similar markings and yet before today she has never seen them before. Even on her own skin they seem visible in a way they never were in Mother’s house. Afraid and alone she cradles herself, lost in the swirling confusion of her mind and she weeps.

nordictator  asked:

Hey, I wanted to ask a little thingy. I loved the soft colours in that Krul/Mika edit you made and I wanted to ask if you had the original image of that chibi Mika? I have been trying to find it for a while and would be glad if you could lend a hand |D

i had the exact same issue actually lol i took the picture with my phone from my own manga so it’s not super great quality but here it is if you want it!!

i can also post the clean line art version i made if you want since this isn’t the best, but i can say it works out fine if you want to clean it up yourself ^^

Thing 9 To Quote Jamie Fraser

It’s been an age since I posted anything to the My Sassenach series, and while I have a few in my folder half finished, this one just jumped out this afternoon demanding to be written, completed and POSTED. It’s silly, slightly smutty and inspired by our favorite Barbour Global Ambassador. I posted it so quickly that I didn’t even take the time to have my Bestie Editor and Chief Comma Eradicator, @drunklander, edit and eradicate commas. So, all mistakes are my own, and I hope you forgive me, Der.

This chapter is based on this spectacular photo, and my imagination. Hope you enjoy. As always, prompts about S/C or J/C or Murtagh are always welcome.

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Sam stood against the far wall looking dapper in plaid shirt and khakis. His face wore an expression of sternness that gave Caitriona the vaguest sense of unease.

“I’m done in. It’s been a long day.” Cait said as she flopped onto the bed, shedding coat and shoes as she did so.

“Aye, it has that.” Sam replied, folding his arms about his chest and deepening his stern expression. What the hell was the matter with him, Cait wondered.

“Come to bed, Sam. What are you waiting for?”

Sam came to the bed, removing his belt as he walked the short distance, and swung it languidly back and forth between his hands. His stern look turned positively menacing. “Well, lass, I’m afraid we’ve a matter still to settle between us before we sleep tonight.”

“Seriously, Sam. What the HELL are you talking about?” Caitriona stared at him, bewildered.

“Do you realize, Cait, that all of us came close to being killed this afternoon?

“What? We did not. Wait! Are you quoting Jamie?”

Still confused, and slightly annoyed, Caitriona stared at Sam with a perfectly blank, expressionless face. It had been a long day. It had been a long week for that matter. They were on location and she was slammed with family events that she couldn’t attend but wanted to participate in anyway. A niece’s birthday, a cousin’s wedding, a special dinner to celebrate her brother’s latest accomplishment. She missed all of these things, but her family was close-knit, and understood her life. Still, she tried to participate how she could, making a Skype call, mailing a gift, letting them know they were still her priority. It was because of these events that she had found herself at the local mall, searching for a few gifts on this, their last day on location. They had finished filming early, and when she announced her intention to go shopping, Sam, Duncan, Grant and Stephen had all decided to tag along. They’d had great fun wandering about the place, shopping, goofing around, and generally letting off steam. Now, however, Cait was exhausted. Emotionally, mentally, physically exhausted and she couldn’t even begin to guess what Sam was blethering on about, but she was in no mood for it.

Caitriona simply stared.

“Well, then,” Sam continued, “best get on with it. You’ve done considerable damage by crossing my orders, and I’m going to punish ye for it, Cait. Ye’ll recall what I told ye when I left ye at The Gap this morning? It’s a hard truth that a light action can have verra serious consequences in places and times like these-especially for a man like me.”

“Fine, Sam. I’ll bite… No, Lord and Master, I don’t recall what you said to me at the Gap this morning. Please enlighten me. What are the serious consequences for a man like you?” Caitriona tried her level best to sneer her words, but she couldn’t stifle a little giggle in her voice. Tired didn’t matter. Confusion didn’t matter. Sam always knew how to make everything better. She didn’t know what he was on about, but standing there glowering in his blue and red plaid, quoting Jamie-preparing-to-spank-Claire was just so surreal that she couldn’t help herself. This man made her laugh more than anyone she had ever met.

“Ye left, Cait. I told ye to stay put, while Duncan and I went to fetch the others. But ye didna do as I said, did ye, and we spent an hour searching for ye, high and low, not knowing were ye safe or no. I was fair starved, Cait. It was lunchtime, and ye wandered off. We had to leave the food court in search of ye, and lost a prime table by the window in consequence. Stephen was so hangry he near bit Grant’s hand clean off.”

 Cait opened her mouth, paused, and promptly closed it.

 “I know that you’re not accustomed to lettin’ a man tell ye what to do, but you must learn to do so, for all our sakes.”

 “Lunch, Sam? This is about lunch? Because we didn’t eat the second you thought you wanted to?” Cait giggled through the end of her sentence, deciding that whatever Sam had in mind perhaps she would play along.

 “Aye, lass, it is. Do ye know that if a man among us had done such a thing, to put the rest in danger, he would ha’ likely had his ears cropped, or been flogged, if not killed outright.”

 “Danger, Sam?” Cait was trying to play along, but this was too much. “I swear, you and your stomach. If I were to worry about every time you were hungry, that’s all I’d ever do.”

 “But ye didna worry, did ye? And there I was, starving nigh on to death, searching for a lass who had sworn to me not an hour before to be where I had left her. I mean to make ye understand the wrong ye did to me and the others. Best get on with it. You’ve done considerable damage by crossing my orders, and I’m going to punish ye for it, Cait.”

“Seriously, Sam, stop quoting Jamie.” Cait meant it, sort of. She loved it when he brought Jamie home to play, which he did often enough. She loved Sam. She was in love with Sam, and intended to spend the rest of her life with him, but she wasn’t opposed to the occasional dalliance with the King of Men. I mean, how many other women got that, with the actual, fictional, King of Men?

“Kneel down beside the bed and lift your skirts, lass.”

“I’ll do no such thing!” Cait declared hotly, scooting to the far corner of the king-sized bed, laughing the whole way.

The ensuing wrestling match saw Sam land a solid slap to Cait’s plump cheeks, just as her long fingers found their way down to his hipbone, where he was deliciously ticklish. She shrieked as Sam’s belt let out a cracking good ‘thwack’ and Sam reared back and collapsed onto the bed at the same time, shocked into breathless silence by Cait’s ruthless fingers.

“I will not allow you to beat me.” Cait exclaimed dramatically, fully invested in the evening’s entertainment.

“Oh, you won’t? Well, I’ll tell ye, lass, I doubt you’ve much to say about it.”

“I’ll scream!”

“Likely. But lass, when ye do, make sure it is my name ye’re screamin’ out, or I’ll have to punish you again.” Sam smirked in arrogance, knowing full well that he was the only one who had ever made Caitriona Balfe scream in quite such a lusty way. It’s not that she hadn’t had healthy sexual relationships before. They had talked about their pasts in detail. It’s just that, Oh, Lord! That woman did things to him, and when she did, he couldn’t help himself. The heat between them… Sam let his mind wander for the briefest second before returning to his task, desperate to get his hands on Cait in earnest.

 To his surprise, Caitriona knelt at the edge of the bed, and raised her skirt up to her hips. Looking over her shoulder, she made eye contact and the expression on her face was so seductive, Sam almost lost himself right there. The sight of her, bare arsed and exposed to him left him speechless and he dropped to his knees behind her, caressing her hips with his strong, warm hands, cupping the swell of her exposed flesh while nuzzling into her neck, nipping and biting as he went.

“Cait.” He whispered huskily, “I’m hungry. Starving. I mean to feast tonight.”

Cait shifted against the mattress as if to turn around, but Sam stilled her with a nudge of his hips and reached forward, undoing each button of her blouse, slowly, as he whispered all the things he intended to do to her. He decided then to leave her as she was, lacy bra distractingly intact, skirt up around her hips, at his mercy. He picked up the belt, and slowly, gently, began to tease her with it. He took his time, using the belt as he might a finger, coaxing, tantalizing, tormenting her until she was whimpering softly under his ministrations, which he followed by a few sharp slaps of the flat side of the belt. Rubbing the reddening skin gently, he returned to her neck, kissing, biting, working his way down to her shoulders, drinking in her heady fragrance as he worshiped her. Cait eventually turned herself around, and fell into his kiss, deep and urgent as she helped him out of his clothes. They lost themselves then, to skin and sweat and lust and heat, swirling higher and faster, dizzy in the intoxicating height.

“What did you say?” Cait murmured sometime later, in response to half-heard words.

“I said I would have to punish you. I did not say I wasna going to enjoy it.”

“Seriously, Sam, stop quoting Jamie.” Cait laughed softly, as fulfillment and bone deep relaxation radiated through her now jellied body.

Sam chuckled low and deep, his chest rumbling with satisfaction as he scooped Cait up, bringing her close, holding her tight against himself, before drifting into oblivion.