ahh so i’ve been posting a lot of WIPS of this over at my instagram but not a lot here but!! i want to try to sell at AWA this year and they have a pretty strict 50/50 fanart policy so i’m trying to work on making more original art prints!

this is my oc beem (you might have seen him a few times before??? but i don’t really draw my ocs a lot so hmmm)

Spectres in the Fog by William Beem
Via Flickr:
One More Creepy Day Disney’s marketing theme this year was One More Disney Day, but it looked pretty creepy in the morning fog. Some of the Disney boards that I follow had quite a bit of discussion about what the theme would be this year, and what it meant. Some folks got excited with the idea of the park being open 24 hours on February 29th, since this was a Leap Year. Others (including me), thought that would be such a waste for a year-long campaign. Once you step into March, what do you have left for your theme during the rest of the year? It seemed quite asinine. So, that’s exactly what Disney did. They stayed open for 24 hours one day. One foggy, creepy day. I’m not sure I agree with it from a marketing perspective, but it provided an opportunity for some interesting photos. Please visit the blog at <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”></a>