A very long overdue post!! My last black pens post was more than a year old! Anyway, all pens were bought here in Brazil (unless stated otherwise) at local stationery shops (I don’t buy online).

1. Gel ink pens: 

  • Pros: they write very smoothly, the ink is really opaque
  • Cons: they might smudge (although it almost never happens to me) because they dry a little bit slower than a ballpoint pen

Pilot G-2 0.38 - This is currently my favorite pen. It has not disappointed me so far: it takes a good while for the ink to end, it’s very smooth to write and it has a comfortable grip. I bought this one at Target (USA). 

Pentel Tradio 05 - My second favorite. Again, it is smooth, the ink lasts for a long time and it is really opaque. I don’t use it all that often because I find it a bit too thick, since my handwriting is small. However, it is my go to when writing bigger or on thicker paper.

Cis Gelyx 05 - Wouldn’t recommend this one 100%, but it works fine. What I don’t like about this pen is that the ink ends really quickly. Also, the cap is missing in the picture!

Muji Gel Ink - I was a bit disappointed with it, because the tip got loose and the ink leaked out. Although I was able to fix it by screwing the end tighter, I wouldn’t really recommend it to most people, since there are better alternatives available. I bought this one at the Muji store in London. 

2. Nankin ink pens: 

  • Pros: the ink is really opaque (nankin pens are usually used by artists) and there are a lot of tip sizes available
  • Cons: they might not be as comfortable to write in, the ink doesn’t look so dark on the paper (usually more of a dark grey)

Staedtler Pigment Liner 0.1 - I used to use it in my old bullet journal, and I really liked it. The ink doesn’t end very quickly and it has a constant flow.

There are, however, 3 main brands that I’ve seen selling this kind of pen: Staedtler, Unipin and Sakura. As of quality, my opinion is: Staedtler = Unipin > Sakura. As of price, they usually are: Staedtler > Unipin > Sakura.

3. Hydrographic pens:

  • Pros: they are the easiest ones to find and the ink is opaque and has a constant flow
  • Cons: the ink doesnt’t look so dark on the paper, they might be too thick for some people

Papermate Flair UF - this one works fine for me, although it is a bit too thick, so I only used it when writing in thicker paper. I haven’t used it recently because lately I have been preferring gel ink pens.

Stabilo Point 88 - it’s not in the picture, but I have owned it previously. It bleeds through the paper more and the tip might break, but it works fine enough (again, I didn’t like it so much because it was too thick for me).

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170614 | Zhang Yixing Personal Weibo: “有一种命叫 这就是命 有一种信任 叫人与人之间要多一些信任 有一种感叹 叫哎哟喂 有一种动物 叫羊咩咩 有一种挑战叫 极限挑战 都说革命要有两手准备 智取过后 拼体力

Translation [Dailyixing] : “There’s a type of fate called “this is fate”, there’s a type of trust called “there must be more trust between people”, there’s a type of exclamation called “aiyowei”, there’s a type of animal called “lamb咩咩”, there’s a type of challenge called “Go Fighting”. It’s beem said that revolutionary change needs preparation on both hands, after attempting to excel through intelligence, it’s physical stamina that we compete with”

170614 | Zhang Yixing Studio Weibo: "#张艺兴观察日记# 小秘书携老板一起交作业啦[笑而不语]还有一种迷之自信,叫今年一定翻盘! #张艺兴极限挑战#“

Translation [Dailyixing]: ”#ZhangYixingObservationDiary# The little secretary and the boss are handing in their homework together! There’s a type of confidence that nobody knows where he’s getting it from, and it’s called “the tables will turn this year”! #ZhangYixingGoFighting#“


Some pages of a finished sketchbook commission I did for a friend! Loved working on this. Had a lot of my now favorite pieces ❤

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-//u//- Awww! I love you, anon!

But, while I have no problem with writing poly relationships ( and thank you for being so thoughtful about asking ^-^), I’m gonna do them separately. I feel like that’ll be easier to make, and you guys get two scenarios for the price of one!

(Plus, Reaper’s kinda got outta hand. It’s a lot longer than I intended it to be. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )


When you first arrived, the only thing on his mind was the safety of the organization. You being an outsider- albeit from a different world- made you a threat. He was one of the first to monitor you (though it felt more like babysitting for both parties), and the first to interrogate you.

The others grew fond of you quicker than what was comfortable for him. What made him feel even less comfortable was when you let the name, “Jack,” accidentally slip from your lips while addressing him, making him blush.

He first realized something was wrong when the idea of you finding your way back to your world, caused his heart to ache; it was beginning to be a problem. He had trouble breathing for the first time in years. He couldn’t get his thoughts strait, or he couldn’t think at all. One look and he was out of commission. And he hated it.

“Are you ever going to stop staring?” Ana puts plainly, seated across from him.

“I’m not staring.” Soldier tilts his head toward her. “I was just thinking is all.”

“Mmhmm.” She wipes the rag along the scope of her gun. “And, I’m just dusting the table.”

“I don’t need your sass, Ana.”

“And, I don’t need your lies, Soldier.” She continues cleaning her weapon, choosing not to look at him. “I know how you feel, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“Stop lecturing me. I’m not a child.” She has his full attention now.

“Well then, stop acting like one.” She places her rag down and sighs. “You should really just say something. It’d be so much easier that way.”

“I don’t need to say anything. It’s just another obstacle to overcome.”

“LOVE is not an obstacle, Jack!!!” She slams her fist on the table.

“Who the HELL said ANYTHING about love!?” He glares at her through his visor and she can feel the intensity of his eyes.

“Hey, uh, you guys okay?” You meekly voice from beside the table and he visibly tenses.

“Yes, we’re fine. Just a small disagreement.” Ana grants you a weary smile and you nod.

“Alright.” You turn to face Jack. “You too?”

His head is in his hand as he turns away from you. “Mmhmm.”

You nod once more and scurry back to the other side of the room.

“You know, that red face of yours looks like love to me.” Ana begins once you’re out of earshot.

He groans, not wanting to start another argument on the losing side.

It was through Sombra’s shenanigans that you had came to this world, and it was also through Sombra’s shenanigans that you arrived at Talon’s main headquarters.

It wasn’t everyday she stepped through the doors, beeming, and dragging in a bound, struggling, person behind her (nor was it everyday that Reaper had wished he’d just stayed in bed).

As the unknown subject was being explained to the officials, he just knew he would somehow end up being involved. Only to proved right when he was personally asked, by Sombra, to keep them safe.

“Haven’t I had to look after enough children?” He puts plainly.

“Nah.” Sombra replies, not completely paying attention to what she was eating. “And, I mean, they aren’t that young. You’re just old.”

He grunts, but agrees when she offers to take a few jobs that he didn’t want to do in return.

And, so, here you sit, on a couch in his quarters, watching T.v.

“We are NOT WATCHING CARTOONS.” He demands.

“But, you said I could put on whatever!” You whine as he reaches for the remote. You begrudgedly put it in his hand and cross your arms. “Can we at least not watch a dad movie this time.”

“I’ll take it into consideration.” He skims through the guide, landing on some show about the American mafia. He’s only half paying attention when he hears that he had gotten a message.

Group Chat:
S: hey gabe (i can call u that right?) u busy?
R: I’ve told you before that, no, you cannot call me that.
R: And, I AM busy, babysitting.
S: ohhhh i see ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
R: Don’t send me that face ever again.
WM: If you two are just going to talk. Do it off of group text.
S: soooooo u havin fun over there??
R: If you don’t need anything, stop texting me.
S: come on u gotta admit you think they cute
S: *theyre
R: And here I thought you didn’t care about grammar.
S: dont lecture me english is hard
R: If you’re done talking, I’m leaving this conversation.

Reaper puts his devise back on the table beside the couch, before it suddenly sprang to life again, showing full holographic images. This caught your attention as he scrambled to cover them before you could realize they were of you.

He shoves his holo-pad into his jacket and forcibly removes himself from the room.

Group Chat:
S: not so fast mi amigo
R: Where did you get those pictures from!?
S: are u forgetting what i do for a living?
S: man u got A LOT of pictures on here. i mean it’s kinda impressive how you havent gotten caught
S: oooooo. I like this one. this ones cute
S: [picture sent]

Another picture sprung out. It was of you, attention set elsewhere, as you laughed at a distant joke. He shoved it away, typing with fury onto the keypad.

Group Chat:
S: i dont understand how u were able to get such nice shots
S: did u used 2 do photography?
R: Stop stalling. What do you want?
S: u know me so well

He felt like banging his head against a wall. He knew that he had dug himself into a hole, but in comes Sombra, with a jackhammer and a devilish grin, commanding him to dig deeper.

Reaper was nearly dragging his feet as he reentered the room, sitting as far away from you as possible.

“You okay over there?” You inspect his slouched posture.

“Peachy.” He growls and you could almost feel the hate seeping out of him.

You turn away, not speaking another word, afraid to set him off. He crosses his arms, stiffly, in thought of how he was going to, “repay,” his friend.

Group Chat:
WM: Sombra, please stop blackmailing people on group text.


Swan Dock by William Beem
Via Flickr:
This is my favorite view inside of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Sadly, it doesn’t exist anymore. Disney decided to go on with some construction, which often means destruction of old favorites like the Swan Dock.

Jinyoung Imagine - Princess (Smut)

A/N - Prince!Jinyoung aka the end of me bc oh wow what a beautiful image. Couldn’t really think of a way to incorporate the angst part of the request but hope you enjoy regardless~

i would like to request a prince!jinyoung scenario + smut + angsty please!! but y/n is also a princess. thankyou

Night had fallen over the castle and it was time for you to sneak into the prince Jinyoung’s room. He had whispered in your ear and told you to be at his room so he could finish what he had started. All through the dinner, his hand had been gradually making its way up your leg, tracing the slit in your floor length dress. Your family was visiting his for the first time in years and you hadn’t realised how handsome Jinyoung had grown up to be. Knowing him since childhood would normally have made you see him more like a brother but for some reason, Jinyoung felt different. There were magnets between you pulling the two of you together. Those same magnets were now guiding you to Jinyoung’s room where you knew he’d be waiting for you. 

 Adrenaline pumped through your veins as you got closer and closer to the large wooden door to his sleeping quarters. Luckily for you, Jinyoung didn’t have any guards standing there watching over his bedroom else this would have been extremely awkward and embarrassing for you. Even though you were sure of your feelings towards him, you still didn’t want the guards, or anyone really, knowing that you had snuck off into his bedroom and not left until the following morning. Knocking on the door, you fidgeted a little, a rush of nerves flowing through you. The door opened but you couldn’t see Jinyoung standing there. Cautiously, you stepped into the bedroom and looked around. The door slammed behind you and you spun around to see Jinyoung had been hiding behind it and now had his back pressed against the wood as he looked at you seductively. No words came out of your mouth and instead the two of you just acted on impulse. 

The two of you met in a deep and passionate kiss, arms and hands roaming all over each other. Jinyoung’s lips were soft and plump; they felt heavenly to touch and you wanted nothing more than for time to freeze in that moment so you could continue kissing Jinyoung forever. The prince clearly knew what he was doing as well. He broke the kiss to mumble against your lips, “You look beautiful tonight, princess.”
“You don’t look too bad yourself, prince.” You then kissed him again, deeper and harder. Both of you stumbled to the bed in a fit of passion and desperation to not break the kiss. Jinyoung’s body on top of yours felt like you were finally getting something you had been waiting for, as if you’re body knew just how much you had needed him up until this point. His fingers deftly untied the laces on your corset, the material falling from your body. He quickly worked your clothes onto the floor all while maintaining eye contact with you. His gaze was intense and full of lust, especially after seeing the beautiful curves of your body. Needing to fill his skin against yours, your hands also moved up his body, quickly removing the barrier to his skin. His chest against yours was driving you crazy; his muscular chest was heaven to touch and his strong arms filled you with delight. Jinyoung left kisses down your neck, gradually travelling down your body, his hands delicately moving across your skin to keep you fidgeting and on edge. His tongue glided across your skin as he moved further down your stomach. 

Once he had reached your thighs, he spread your legs open and began to pepper kisses on the inside of your thighs, getting dangerously close to your now dripping core. 
“I’ve barely even started and you’re already dripping for me, princess.”
“Just shut up and fuck me, Jinyoung. We haven’t got all night.”
“Oh, a little impatient are we, princess? Well maybe we can make this last longer then.”
“No please, Jinyoung.”
“Hm, alright, princess,” he said as he slipped two fingers into you, pumping them in and out, curling them to hit your sweet spot. Your moans filled the room and you were glad there were no other rooms at this end of the castle save for Jinyoung’s. As much as your families might have approved of you both being in a relationship, they definitely wouldn’t appreciate what he was doing to you right now. Jinyoung’s fingers were just so damn long and giving you a pleasure that no other man had every been able to give you. And that was just with his fingers. Who knew what else he was capable of. Soon you felt yourself edging closer and closer and Jinyoung noticed it from the way you tensed around his fingers. 
“Come on, princess. Let it all out, baby.” The sound of his deep voice, sent you over the edge and you released all over his fingers, chest rising and falling from breathlessness. You watched amazed as Jinyoung out his fingers in his mouth, wanting to taste you. The sight could have easily sent you over the edge again. Before you could recover from the intense pleasure, Jinyoung positioned himself at your entrance and leaned down to whisper in your ear, “You ready, princess? To scream my name so loud the whole castle will hear you?”