beekeeper suit

the magicians 2x07 - “she has a hundred spoons”

not to be dramatic but if Eliot isn’t okay by next week I’m going to commit a murder myself

  • Alice is giving me serious Lucifer from Supernatural season 7 vibes
  • “our garbage fire of a relationship that ended with Eliot’s dick in your mouth” has to be the most iconic line ever uttered
  • Niffin!Alice caused me serious pain in the magician’s land and she’s hurting my soul here too
  • Pour one out for… Haxen Paxen?? was that his name idk but damn killed by a wooden spoon
  • Eliot and Margo are still mad at Julia for all her arrogant shit and I haven’t forgotten it either, she left them all to die remember
  • “help us rob a bank” “ohmygod yes”
  • The Ocean’s Eleven music lmaooo
  • Margo robbed a bank as a high school senior and I for one demand this prequel
  • Invisible goblins and spoons covered in menstrual blood, only on The Magicians
  • I’m not even going to get into the finger magic thing fam
  • The heist music and the beekeeper suits has to be an aesthetic of some kind
  • okay Quentin trying to take off the suit and his struggle taking off his sweater in the pilot episode …. he’s such a dork
  • Where can I get a wrecking ball, I’m  uh,, asking for a friend
  • Quentin sacrificed his bodily autonomy to save Penny who says Penntin isn’t real bc they lyin
  • I’m not kidding I’ve seen Eliot die hypothetically a few times now and it always fucking sucks please do not do this for real
  • “It’s clay, Eliot’s fine!!” BUT CLAY DOESN’T BLEED PENNY i’m,,   really worried

7/10 for ‘Plan B’ which had a funny punny name but which put my children in danger yet again. The heist was fun while it was fun tho

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Au where yato has a beehive

(I read this as Yato is a beehive ^^;;)

“I’m allergic to bees,” said Yukine.

“You’re dead,” said Yato.

“Okay, first, fuck you–”

“Yato you don’t have a beekeeping suit,” Hiyori pointed out.

“–second, just because I’m dead doesn’t mean I’m not allergic–”

“You’re not keeping that in our backyard,” Daikoku growled.

“–and third, that’s not even a beehive, Yato, that’s a fucking piñata.”

Honey & Home

They buy him beehives.

It’s a gift, because Cas has been living in the bunker for a year now.

On May 2nd, he made Sam a big chocolate cake (even though Dean bitched it wasn’t pie) and a salad full of strawberries and blueberries and spicy chicken with a sweet vignette that Sam talked about for weeks (Dean bitched about that too).
On January 24th, he made a pie and a cheeseburgers and crawled into the back of the Impala for a drive to absolutely nowhere. (Dean didn’t bitch about that at all.)
But neither of them knew when Cas’s birthday was. They didn’t even know if he had a birthday.
So when the year mark rolls up, Sam mentions it. We should do something. Get something he’d like but wouldn’t ever get himself.
And that opened up a whole world of possiblities. But Dean knew exactly what to get.
We’re gonna get him some fucking bees.
So they get him two hives and Castiel stares at them like they’re the second coming and he smiles so big and gummy that both brothers are a little flustered.
He comes in from beekeeping in a big suit, smelling like smoke and sweat and grinning, and Dean laughs his ass off. Even Sam fights a smile.
But the hives change something.

Some of the tension that Dean didn’t realize was there is gone now. He finds Cas occupying the bunker, in a way he wasn’t before. He makes more noise, when he walks and when he cooks, like he’s home, and not a polite guest. His shoes are kicked off under the table in the library. His trenchcoat on the map in the warroom. Books he’s reading in the kitchen and the table in front of the TV, and even Dean’s bedside table because sometimes Dean wants company and Cas reads or watches Netflix, propped against the headboard while Dean falls asleep.
Castiel is living there now.
Like he finally knows he’s staying and he can relax. And Dean relaxes, too.

Sam notices it before Dean. The tiny way that Dean changes.
He actually touches Castiel now. When he’s brushing past him in the hallway, or watching a movie in the evening. A light hand to the elbow when they’re cleaning the dishes or an arm wrapped around his shoulder when they stagger in from sparring.
When they’re next to each other in Dean’s bed.
In the Impala, when Sam is sleeping in the back seat.

One afternoon, Castiel comes in from the beehives. His cheeks are pink and flushed and he’s grinning at Dean whose pouring a cup of coffee.
Taste this.
Cas holds up a piece of honeycomb, and without thinking, Dean licks it free of his fingertips.
For a heartbeat, everything stills, Cas stares at him like he did, that first night in the barn, and he can’t breathe and then Dean grins, licks his lips.
And Cas leans in and licks the taste of honey from Dean’s lips.
Kissing Cas feels like heaven.
He tastes like smoke and honey and home.
Kissing Dean feels like peace.
He tastes like sunlight and peace and home.
Sam finds them there thirty minutes later and he smiles when Cas blinks at him, dazed, lips kiss bitten, voice raspy. Still shiny and bright when he polite asks.
Would you like some honey?

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talk 2 me about harry the beekeeper who names all his queens and sells his locally harvested honey at the farmer's market, and louis who starts fouling up his tea with honey just so he has an excuse to stop by harry's stand every week to buy more

rachel, i missed you. 

okay, first of all let’s talk about farmer harry’s wardrobe, because we know he wouldn’t be content with dressing like every other farmer, he’d have to come serving #looks. i bet he wears silk and chiffon under his full-body beekeeping suit (which is custom-made and is pastel pink with white and pale yellow accents), can go from drab to fab like (snap) that. i like to think he has a designer hat collection full of everything from fedoras to newsboy caps to that black monstrosity he wore (and somehow pulled off, wtf) to jay’s wedding, and that he dresses them up with flowers from his garden or little bits of purple and green ribbons when the mood strikes. or he just goes all out and braids little blossoms right into his hair, which always seem to be hiding one or two bees that buzz lazily around him and settle happily in his handmade flower crowns. 

so this is what louis sees when niall drags him along to the farmer’s market entirely too early one sunday (because niall is still in the middle of the fun stage of getting healthy, googling smoothie recipes and 101 things to do with spinach, talking about riding his bike to work instead of the tube). louis is about six stalls away when he turns and sees this guy, old, worn jeans that cling to his hips and thighs, a sheer white shirt unbuttoned to the middle of his chest and showing off the butterfly tattooed between his ribs, boots that look a few steps away from falling apart, and tiny lilac and white flowers woven through his curls. his stall is less of a stall and more of a garden aesthetic worthy of a magazine spread: rusted old pickup truck backed in to be in line with the rest of the booths, the tailgate down and the bed overflowing with baskets and old milk tins full of flowers. he’s stuck four wooden poles into the ground and flung a light piece of eggshell white linen over the top in a makeshift sun shade, and he’s using overturned wooden crates instead of a normal table. nestled among the flowers in the truck is a vintage cash register, the kind with the round typewriter-style buttons, polished so that it glints brightly in the sunlight. 

louis approaches, because he’s suddenly been struck by a weakness for whatever type of Burberry-wearing nature spirit this boy is, and asks, “who’s a bee’s favorite singer?” 

considers running away, for a moment, because that’s potentially the most embarrassing thing that he’s ever decided to do, until the guy turns and dimples at louis so brightly that his knees go weak and he finishes, “it’s sting.” 

and the boy doubles over with laughter, this loud, hooting noise that should be annoying and possibly the worst noise of all time but really, definitely isn’t. the boy’s name is harry, as it turns out, and he’s passionate about manchester united and YSL and patricia, which is the name of the bee floating after him as he moves around to show louis all his products. louis hasn’t tried to flirt in ages and so he reverts back to his schoolboy tactics, teasing harry with questions like “is organic honey really that different than the stuff me mum buys in the bear shaped bottle?” and harry’s so earnest when he answers that louis can’t help but be enthralled. he ends up leaving with two jars of honey (hand-decorated by harry, of course), a bouquet of daffodils and baby’s breath and little sprigs of lavender, and harry’s number in his phone. 

a month, four run-ins at the market, and six more jars of honey bought by louis later, after harry and louis’ eighth date (a wine-and-pallet painting class that devolved into louis painting patterns up harry’s arms “on accident” and harry kissing louis to taste the wine he’d been drinking), louis invites harry up to his flat for tea and maybe something else, too. he’s digging in his cupboard for teabags when harry says, “hold on,” and opens the cupboard door a little wider to see… eight unopened jars of harry’s honey. 

louis stammers out something about the purity of his yorkshire tea, but harry just grins and pulls one of the jars off the shelf, then takes it and louis to louis’ bedroom to show him another use for honey.

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Dear semi-jesus. Today a bee sting ne and now I want to kill every bee in the world but I know if I do ppl will l die. Is bit worth it? WHAT DO, SEMI JESUS?

Well, in my opinion, I think the bees have it out for ya. I’d say fuck those bees up and leave no survivors, but they’re dying at an alarming rate, soooo…

Maybe just wear a beekeeper suit for the rest of your life. Bless up 🙌

highlights from handing out candy tonight:

- the man wearing a beekeeper suit holding his tiny baby dressed as a bee, along with his wife, who was also dressed as a bee

- the little girl dressed as elsa who begged her mom to let her take off her coat so she could show me her long gloves

- the little girl who roared through the glass door

- the kid dressed as naruto

- the two kids dressed as batman and as a ghoul, who enthused over my elf ears and then delightedly shouted to their father “she was an ELF!” after they left my doorstep

- the adorable little girl who didn’t say a word until i told her happy halloween, then gave me the sweetest smile and said “happy halloween to you too!”

- the kid wearing a full-on ferb costume, complete with foam head

Sherlock starting to get older and less hyper as he accepts that he can handle his brain. Sherlock starting to get grey hairs, his curls becoming coarser, his face getting more laugh lines because of all the time he spends with Jim. Sherlock spending less time worrying about his appearance because he’s not as vain, and in turn Jim doesn’t worry about how he’s aging too. Sherlock taking less cases, and everyone is worried that it’s because he’s old, but really it’s because he’s happier to sit still and read in front of the fire, because talking with Jim can keep his mind satisfied better than any case.

Jim telling stories to John’s daughter and occasionally Sherlock interjects to help explain better, like Sherlock’s parents do. Sherlock and Jim retiring to Sussex, where Sherlock raises bees and Jim works as a professor at the local university. Jim complains about his students, but secretly he’s kind of proud of them when they surpass his expectations. Sherlock forcing Jim to put on a beekeeper suit and hold bees even though Jim is screeching that he hates them, but gradually he gets used to it.

Molly coming to visit and Jim watching the newest thing to replace Glee that she wants them to watch while Sherlock pouts but eventually falls asleep. Jim letting Molly show him pictures of her husband and their children and her cat. Jim and Sherlock sitting together by the fire to read or play chess or just to talk about things. Jim making horribly inappropriate references to their sex life to freak John and Lestrade out when they visit, “He nearly broke my hip with what he did to me last night.” Sherlock and Greg just laughing as John makes a face.

Jim and Sherlock mellowing with age and becoming happier with prolonged exposure to one another.

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Headcanons for what everyone dressed up as for Halloween?

*whispers* this is Halloween



H A L L O W E E N 

H  A  L  L  O  W  E  E  N

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would you ever consider purchasing an inky black beekeeping suit?

Nope. Bees look for big black moving things and assume they are bears and should be stung to keep them away from the hive: or so beekeepers are told.

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ok ok hear me out. humanoid robot, about three feet tall and talks with little beep boops and really likes bees. loves to go out to meadows and watch honeybees kiss flowers. doesn't understand why humans are afraid of tiny fuzzy yellow bug friends. master eventually buys matching beekeeper suits for christmas and they go out to the meadow together and make lots of tiny bee friends.

wahh :’)
Bruno Mars Preps for Super Bowl Performance: 'Everyone's Putting the Fear of God in Me'

Everyone is in Bruno Mars’ ear about one thing when it comes to performing the Super Bowl halftime show: How will you deal with the freezing cold?

“Everyone’s putting the fear of God in me like there’s going to be a blizzard,” Mars said in a phone interview this month from Los Angeles, asking about the weather conditions in the New York-New Jersey area for his “research.”

“I’m going to wear a beekeeper suit, I don’t know,” he answered about how he will keep warm when he performs Feb. 2. “I’m not going to know until I get there … I’m not trying to hype myself up too much.

"I know it’s going to be cold and I just got to face it.”

The 28-year-old pop crooner, who was recently named Billboard’s 2013 artist of the year, will hit the stage for the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. The singer, whose hits range from “Grenade” to “Locked Out of Heaven,” typically performs with a full band where he sings, dances and strums the guitar onstage. Mars’ performance follows Beyonce’s electrifying set earlier this year, where she danced tightly and sang powerfully, with the help of background dancers and Destiny’s Child at the big game in New Orleans.

Lee Anne Callahan-Longo, the general manager of Beyonce’s production house Parkwood Entertainment, said performing in cold weather creates many challenges.

“It makes it harder to sing. It certainly makes it harder on a woman for choosing wardrobe. It can be really cold out there,” she said. “But I think once you get on stage and your adrenaline gets pumping, it doesn’t matter. They get in the zone. Most artists get in the zone once they start their performance. And if you’re professional, you do what you need to do.”

Katy Perry echoed Callahan-Longo’s thoughts.

“The weather affects your vocal cords and if you’re playing guitar you can’t wear mittens, you know, and your fingers are hitting these strings that are cold as well,” she said. “I’ve been in some situations where it just like dries out your voice - the cold does. It’s not where you shine your best, but you do what you have to do.”

Much like his epic performance on “Saturday Night Live” that became the following week’s water cooler topic as well as a ratings success, Mars understands that his Super Bowl stint is massively high profile, and could boost the pop star - who has two platinum albums, a plethora of radio hits and sold out international tours - to new heights. The singer debuted on the music scene in 2010, costarring on B.o.B’s “Nothin on You” and Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire” - multi-platinum hits Mars sang on, co-wrote and co-produced. He went on to release his debut single, “Just the Way You Are,” months after, topping the charts on his own and earning his first Grammy Award. Mars’ debut, “Doo-Wops & Hooligans,” launched back-to-back hits and reached near double platinum status, and last year’s “Unorthodox Jukebox” mirrored its success and is nominated for four Grammy Awards - including song and record of the year - to air a week before the Super Bowl.

“When we got that phone call, again, what do you say? `Nah.’ What do you say? `Absolutely. Let’s rock,’” he said excitedly. “It was something exciting for me and my (band). It wasn’t too long ago when we were performing in clubs and bars and pubs, and even when I put (my first) album out, (we were) opening acts for a bunch of different artists, living in a van and traveling around and kind of putting in the work and time. It might seem fast to the outsider looking in, but you know, it’s just another thing we can celebrate and I feel like as a group we all achieved it together.

"You know, performing on TV and stuff, whatever the NFL saw they dug it and that’s why we got the call.”

Mars won’t be the only one performing in the cold to round-out the NFL season: The Foo Fighters and Zac Brown Band will perform on a cruise ship docked at Pier 88 in Manhattan on the Hudson River a day before the big game. The Roots, Imagine Dragons, Run DMC and Fall Out Boy will also take the stage on the ship as part of the Super Bowl festivities.

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers will perform at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Super Bowl Eve, and a day before, Robin Thicke and Kendrick Lamar will headline ESPN’s party on Pier 36. Mary J. Blige, John Legend, and Marc Anthony will also sing at Cipriani’s for an event by Men’s Fitness and Shape magazines, and Patti LaBelle and Donnie McClurkin will perform at Madison Square Garden for the annual Super Bowl Gospel Celebration.

Mars, who was named Billboard’s top artist of the year, said while the crazy weather conditions somewhat frightens him, he’ll pull through.

“You know what, it’s awesome. … even if I have to build a chimney onstage, perform around a fire, I’ll do it,” he said.

And his peers have his back, including Kelly Rowland, who was part of Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance along with Michelle Williams.

“He is going to be great. Trust me. Bruno Mars will find a way to stay warm. He’s so hot,” Rowland said in an interview. “He’s going to be just fine.”

What about Beyonce?

“No, you got her number,” a laughing Mars said of getting advice from the diva. “Just from what I know - we played a Houston rodeo, which is a stadium, so it is a different beast and there’s a different way to attack it.”