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How do you side profile? It's not fun-

well i mean i have a specific way of doin profiles, like… im sure everybody has their own way but this is how i go about it lol

i just start off with this basic shape here

I kinda roughly eyeball the porportions 

and then i just kinda plug in shit from there. learning little tips and handy notes along the way like ‘eyes level with ears and bridge of nose, keep your forehead and chin about level, eye is in the triangle cheese wedge shape’ etc etc.

but what i fully absolutely recommend is just studying different profiles because thats honestly the best way to go about it

because once you get the hang of how things work, you can start pushing and exaggerating and experimenting with stuff

but like i said, this is just how I do things lol

Time for an updated commission post! Its that time again for me to open them back up to help support myself with the bills stacking up. So commissions bought will be going toward helping with that!

All commission dealings will be dealt with through my commission email at



More information of how to commission me and my terms are underneath

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Hey can we ask like your ocs for advice or shit? Like I know it will just be from you but you really seem like different people when you draw them at least to me. But ya I'd like to ask Jiro how to come out to my friends and mom as a transman. My friends seem to believe that to be transgender you need to feel like a boy and act like a boy and I'm not sure if I act like one or not and my mom has question med my sexual orientation before and it just really hurts to not tell anyone. Advice on this?

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You become quite verbose and poetic when it comes to thighs. I don't mean to set you off, but u think it's lovely to have something to get so excited over.

Well, thank you ever so much for saying so! As far as my becoming verbose and overly poetic when the subject of thigh highs is brought up, then I most certainly do, yes, and for those irritated by it I profusely apologise. In most circumstances I highly doubt I’d launch into a fevered tirade about the undeniable flawlessness of thigh highs, zettai ryouiki and all of the business I business on a regular basis, but this blog is a rather unique place, given the nature of those who frequent it and whom I have the absolute pleasure and utter joy of interacting with.

I feel like - what you’re getting is, undeniably, me - I do love thigh highs and zettai ryouiki to an almost distressing degree, and I mean everything I say on this blog, but I do tend to, when expressing myself through text, rather hyperbole the living daylights out of the ways I might normally talk. Although that’s not to say I don’t speak archaically as though I were compensating for something in daily life; it’s my modus operandi, more or less.

At any rate, I’m glad you think it’s lovely. I think you’re lovely. I think you’re all lovely. Especially considering how accepting you’ve been despite the fact that I’m not even the original owner and am, largely, just filling in for him whilst he’s otherwise occupied. I do again apologise to those of you who are just here for thighs and the highs that are worn by them. That said, I can’t help but find this kind of interaction absolutely fantastic, though. I’m incredibly glad some of you have deigned to message at all, even if I’m perhaps not the intended recipient. I would encourage you to keep doing it, but again, it’s not really my place to ask, so for now, once again, thank you ever so much for saying so.

ベネチアとねこ by BEEK


- Aaox

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Wait, what did Jiro originally look like?? We have seen your others OCs progress, so how has he changed?

He’s gone through … a few changes? Jiro 1.0 was a literal samurai panda born from a 15 year old beek’s love for Samurai shonen animes (Rorouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Samurai Champloo etc etc ) and other shows ( Samurai Jack )

so heres Jiro 1.0 back in 2006-2007 era

and then back in 2014 I decided to retcon him and bring him back as an OC. So i drew up some rough concepts

I wasnt sure at first just how i wanted to draw him, so I was still figuring out his face shape

i also experimented with his body shape and panda aesthetic around that time, still drawing him and figuring him out. ( that picture was the first time i introduced the panda eye makeup and decided i wanted to really really keep that )

but fast forward to a little more bulking out, a little more roundness and stockiness in his features and getting rid of the white stripes in his hair and tada

present day panda boy