Beeju usually steals gold, meat, and cheese.

She is terrified of Frostbite Spiders and doesn’t like caves. She loves to explore the Dwarven Ruins and likes to hunt the elk/deer. She hates Nords or any human race. 

She is an excellent huntress and can sneak anywhere without getting caught. 

If you get her angry, expect an arrow in your face.


It was after listening to the UK’s viral video song on the internet recently… One Pound Fish …and, therefore, this comes to my mind. 1st drawing…

–> (this box here is supposed to be the video)

Then watch after the video–>Kids React To One Pound Fish

*Come on, ladiesss. Come on, ladiiesss. Oneee poounndd fiiiisshhh!!!*

Emmy (Remi): That was some dancing the merchant pulled off in that market there…He was very convincing…

Flora: Yea…but the Professor is not too happy when I told him I will be making fish cakes again for dinner tonight.

(notices the Professor pulling the brim of his hat over his head to hide his ungentlemanly expression…that, or he’s thinking something else…)

Emmy: Well, he is a gentleman after all. He can’t turn down your meals that easily.

(Flora puts on a pouty expression as Emmy makes a mischievous smile to herself wanting to see if Layton would really eat fish tonight)

(Luke seems to be distracted by the commotion of the consumers gathering around this fish trader singing in the market) Luke: Professor? What’s youtube? ***

_____________ (sorry, if I have been sort of radio silence….sort of dead…for the past few weeks….you know, ‘life’ calls and animation stuff…

If I get enough likes, I might as well post this to deviantart…*shrugs*

(fun fact about me…I’m allergic to eating fish)

*goes off to listen to other music…perhaps >:3 * Don’t be shy and like or reblog…


Professor Layton related stuff I did on my island birthday trip….
sorry if Proffy’s hat is bent…I had to keep him in my backpack…

btw, I met these people who recognized my Layton keychain and pronounced his named as Reiton Kyouju or Professeur Reiton…something like that…IDK, that made me smile a lot while I was on vacation…:D

These are a few pictures I took during my vacation too…wanted to add the trios for fun! x3


Pokemon Rhtyhm Animation: THE NEW EEVEELUTION! SO FLOP!

…another animation test I made…

It’s official! We have a new Eevee evolution. Wait…what? Why? How?

I wanted to do something silly for Valentine’s day until I saw the recent release of the new Eeveelution!!! *0*

…then this animation quickie happened…

Eevee was not hurt during this animation. He was perfectly fine in the end or upset he has to choose whether or not he should evolve into that creature someday.

Sylveon will be the ENGLISH NAME.

I wanted to do something silly for Valentine’s day until I saw the recent release of the new Eeveelution!!! *0*

…then this animation quickie happened…

Please pardon little Sylveon, this Pokémon just evolved and he is  going through the stage where her vocals are changing within his life.

Also, do comment what Sylveon’s new type is gonna be too…I’m thinking of a psychic….flying….

Maybe there will be a new type. The light type…mainly because we already have a dark type…

Tell me what you guys would think…

Also, this is a speeeciiaalll Sylveon. Her tail and feet moves to the beat of the music…xDD


Enjoy the animation I made… :)

It’s on deviantart with more of a discussion and likes there too. Teehee!