beeing gorgeous


I snapped these gorgeous pictures of a swarm of honeybees this morning on my way into work. Located about twenty feet off the sidewalk path into my building, this mass of several hundred bees were docilely clumped to a tree branch, totally chilled out and allowing me to get within about five feet for the top picture.

This behavior occurs when an existing hive expands to find a new hive, common in the spring. A new queen is produced due to pheromone signals within the hive that the current population has exceeded what the existing queen can support/influence. The new queen attracts a number of followers and they fly off in search of a new hive spot.

There’s no telling how long this clump will remain. It could be gone within hours or it might take a couple days for them to find a proper spot. Or some jackass may decide to try and destroy them or drive them off. I’m going to talk to our facilities and see if anyone has reached out to a local beekeeper yet.


An absolutely gorgeous carpenter bee resting on some Celosia. 


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 10.25.16

die-cut illustrated notepads by thewheatfield

katie daisy’s gorgeous nature-inspired illustrations are among my favorites on etsy — and thewheatfield, her shop, is continually updating with new types of items! this paper-goods-obsessed gal is in LOVE these die-cut colorful notepads.