[picture taken right after my 2 hour session to complete my Aperture Scale piece]

My right forearm sleeve symbolizes what helped me through a tough year from being at my lowest point, to my highest point, learning lots of life lessons along the way. It was the next phase in my life, after going through a low point in my life. I got my left forearm sleeve done (stand up eight) done to symbolize that. This arm symbolizes faith, music, and photography, all of which helped me gain confidence in myself, build strength to face the world, and capture what others (myself included) didn’t see in life.

A Psalm 32:7 Shield (you are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance) placed next to a custom drawing I made of music flowing through my body. Along side that is a schematic diagram of my Nikon DSLR, with an Aperture Scale ranging from F/2.0 through F/8.0.

Aperture Scale done by Dani Gosiaco at Bad Influence Tattoo in Westminster, CA.

Music Flow and DSLR Schematic done by Paula at Big Fish Tattoo in Solana Beach, CA.

Psalm 32:7 Shield done by Brian Walker at 454 Tattoo in Encinitas, CA.

January 8, 2012


Being about 1400 miles away right now, we can’t celebrate in person. BUT, every moment we have together, we’re spending together. I can’t wait to give you your presents (it just happens that 9 months was the other day ;)) and have you just ________________ !! I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH BABY LOVE! I’m the luckiest in the whole world to be the one to spend your birthday with you this year, and every single year going forward.

Since the day we met, 9 months ago, 275 days ago, THIS was the day I was looking forward to, aside from all the holidays we’ve spent together this past year. But this day was especially special, as it is your BIRTHDAY! If anything, I want to celebrate the day you came into this world, to give me an opportunity to be with you, and the opportunity to be the ONE! I am truly lucky to be in your life!

Today, although we may not be physically together, I miss you so so much, and I can’t till you’re home to me tomorrow! Have a betterthanthebest Birth day today! iright here! 

I love you so much baby love! <3