November 2012 - Monthly Mix (BEEFTUNES) by Jake Vest

Crazy small european buddha man grabs sick grooves with the hot rock band of the moment. no longer a Yardbird, Jeff Beck and his group carve a hard, serious edge into Donovan’s strange, incomprehensible freaky folk ramblings, and then there’s Selda. the niche pop songstress floats comfortably above a deep bed of Polish psych fuzz. the list goes on and on and there are blogs and blogs and bootleg internet magazines for all that. as i drift further from the source, it all makes sense. the songs are, as far as i can tell, pretty chill except for a few “serious jams” that encourage you to “think about things” and “what is relevant to your life.” These songs make me feel good and that’s about all I can say about them. [Josh, this is where you write the smart, engaging summary that makes the reader feel something special] Special, right? Ok. You have one whole month to enjoy these jams as much as I do. After that all the songs get deleted from Spotify and scratched off every cd and record. Hey. Figure it out.

JV is currently host of WEVL radio’s The Memphis Beat and is the lead songsmith in the Pysch Rock/Garage/Fuzz outfit Tiger High, who are currently on tour. Check out their west coast dates here

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Cover image & mix by Jake Vest