Nia came over without letting me know, I had a feeling she’d come anyway.

I hardly ever saw her, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.
I felt happy about getting punched now, because I knew Nia would be giving me so much extra attention, as long as my bruise showed.

Julie let her in and she stormed towards me. I thought she was about to punch me with the amount of anger that surrounded her. 

“Who the fuck did this?!” Her voice was thunderous and it felt way too loud for our mostly empty living room. 
“N-Nia, it’s s-some girl, Charlie’s-”
“Charlie’s what?! Every time that fucking girl is mentioned-”
“She’s Charlie’s friend! She’s hated me since we met. It doesn’t matter-”
“It will matter when I’m through-”
“Nia. Stop! I mean it. D-Don’t do anything. I-I won’t forgive you if you do anything to her.”

Nia was fuming. I could see it in her eyes. I could see her shoulders rising and falling. She was breathing heavily now. 
Someone had laid a hand on me, her girlfriend, and if she did nothing about it she’d be showing the world that she wasn’t someone to be taken seriously, she’d be showing weakness. 
I knew exactly how her mind worked.
I knew she didn’t like it when anyone disrespected her, and by attacking me it was as if someone had personally attacked her.  

I also knew she wouldn’t let it go.
That didn’t mean I couldn’t try my hardest to convince her to do nothing. I couldn’t live with anything happening to Meredith because of me.
And Nia, she wouldn’t just punch back. She’d do a whole lot worse.

Her mouth was clenched now. I needed her to calm down.
I walked up to her and gently rested my hand on her chest. Her eyes settled on mine and we both felt her anger fade away, as if she remembered where she was. She blinked quickly a few times and started speaking, “Hana, if I ever see her, if I ever run into her without you, I can’t promise-”
“D-Don’t hurt her. I-I mean…permanently, Nia don’t do anything bad, please.”

She grabbed me and turned my head towards her. “Let me see.”
I could see her face change with each observation she made of my face. She was turning my head in different directions.
I frowned as she smiled and gently scooted me back a couple feet. 
She held my face firmly, concentrating on my nose. I was wondering if I should break the silence, when her eyes narrowed. “Aw babe, it’s not as bad as it looked in the picture.”
“Yeah ‘cause that was like, right when I got punched.”
I saw her face twitch.
“Nia stop thinking whatever it is you’re thinking.”
“I’m thinking that beating her face in isn’t enough, I’m thinking that I’m going to grab that bitch and ram-”
I covered her mouth. “Stop. It’s not a big deal. I’m okay, it’s just a little hard to breathe through my nose right now.”  
“She doesn’t know how to fight, I can tell by the look of your nose. She didn’t do too much damage, but I, I’ll crack her skull in.”
“Uhm, hey, I’m right here.” Julie said. “I don’t want to be an accessory to assault or what possibly sounds like murder?”
Nia ignored her and continued talking to me. “Let’s go, I’m taking you to a doctor.”

Harry Styles, who plays another young private in the film, says that he took strength from observing Nolan lead by example. 'The biggest thing I learned from making this movie is that Chris doesn’t sit down. Any time there was a break it was because he knew everyone else needed one. He would always be the first person on set and the last to leave. He’s not sat in some warm tent watching everything on a monitor, he’s really out there doing it, mucking in with everyone.‘
—  Little White Lies: The Dunkirk Issue