“Hey Spaghetti Dad!, My fiancé and I are getting married soon; he calls me burger and I call him meatball. I’d LOVE to get a hamburger and a meatball character holding hands." 

 When I got this message from Amber Rae of Ontario, first I got really hungry, but then I got super excited! I absolutely loved this project and Amber could not have been more awesome to work with. Good Luck Burger and Meatball (Amber and Dan)! A love like yours is "Rare”, you truly were meant to “BEef” together! “Well Done” on finding each other and may your marriage be full of “Protein” and “Nourishment”! (Okay, no more meat puns.)

So I’ve seen a few posts about alternate words to “said” and…

What if you DON’T use dialogue tags and let formatting and actions speak for themselves…?