Guy What Takes His Time*

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Featuring: Natasha, Wanda, Sharon (mentioned) and Sam.
Rating: Mature
Summary: Wanda, Natasha and Sam think Steve has feelings for Reader, but she tells them otherwise while actually feeling the same way for the super soldier. One evening,  they all make a plan to make both of them confess the truth.
Word Count: 2.2k
Genre: Fluff/NSFW-ish
Warnings: build-up, suggestive themes, and innuendos, mentions of alcohol, sexual tension, a little bit of roleplay, flirting, Captain kink (?) and Steve being a cute flustered bastard.
Author's Note: It’s a rewrite of the flirty scene between Natasha and Bruce in Avengers: Age of Ultron (you can expect some references, though). I thought it could be fun to switch sides with Steve and see how it goes. It’s also inspired by Guy What Takes His Time covered by Christina Aguilera in Burlesque.

  New Avengers Facility, Upstate New  York

“You did a great job, Y/N,” Steve announced in his deep voice as he passed the hallway with you, Natasha, and Wanda. “Ladies.” He stopped in his tracks, standing with this impressive physique, almost towering in front of you as his hands held the brown belt of his- oh, so sexy uniform.

“Thank you, Captain.” You smiled and he nodded slowly as if questioning whether he would stay to have a chat with you or not. He smiled gently and proceeded to take the stairs towards his personal quarters where he’d finally take a well-deserved shower after a hard, but successful mission with you and Sam.

Of course, he would’ve loved to linger awhile and see your smile just a little longer. He enjoyed spending time with you and the feeling was mutual. Maybe that after all these days spent with him, these missions where you saved each other, being partners and all this harmless flirting, there was something between you. Your chemistry was obvious to everyone after all.

“Have you seen the way he looks at you?” Wanda nudged your side and you winced, narrowing your eyes. “Don’t be silly, Steve likes you a lot.”

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Just as a reminder, the so-called “emo revival” that started in 2009 is actually modern day indie/punk that brings back elements of Midwest emo from the 1990s. If you still enjoy the emo pop/mallpunk/scene (whichever term you prefer) from the 2000s then that’s totally okay. Yr interests are completely valid. But keep in mind that some of the the bands you loved either broke up (MCR, Alexisonfire) or changed their style therefore they’re no longer emo (FOB, Panic!).
Whether you listen to emocore from the 80s (Rites of Spring, Beefeater), Midwest (Braid, the Get Up Kids and the Promise Ring), screamo/skramz (pageninetynine, Saetia and I Hate Myself), pop punk (Saves the Day, Midtown and Neck Deep), melodic post-hardcore (MCR, Lifetme, Brand New and Thursday), emo pop (Say Anything, Paramore and The Academy Is…), revival shit (TWIABP, MoBo and Joyce Manor), twinkle emo (Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing and Dads) or even bedroom pop (Teen Suicide, Pill Friends and Salvia Palth), if you listen to any of that, yr still apart of the emo universe.
Most people dress as “scene” aka a fusion of emo and rave fashion culture. So in conclusion, don’t shit on another emo just ‘cause they don’t meet up to yr expectations. We don’t all live in the suburbs and not all of us is heartbroken. And it’s all good. Clothes will be clothes and emos will be emos.
End of discussion.

The Guest of Honor

Summary: Sam is catering an event at the president of his college’s home, a birthday party for the president’s granddaughter.  He meets a young woman who is assisting with the setup for the party and they hit it off only for him to learn that he’s developed a crush on the guest of honor.  

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2368

Warnings: AU - SPN stuff doesn’t exist, drinking of alcoholic beverages, a little bit of insecure Sam but, really, just lots of fluff.

A/N: So, I actually catered my way through school and it was AWESOME.  I made some amazing friends working for the catering service and, while the main plot line of this story didn’t happen to me, I often found myself in the president’s home serving drinks or the school’s reception hall serving a pre-lecture dinner to a guest speaker and faculty from the department that invited them and some of the side stories did, in fact, occur.  The president of my school literally only ever drank sparkling water or Beefeater Gin, which is why/how that liquor inspired this fic for @winchester-writes Birthday Challenge, along with the prompt “Come on! I wanna dance!”.  I knew it was a Birthday Challenge when I signed up to write but I didn’t know it was a 21st Birthday until after I had finished writing, I swear!

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