kwon-hoshi’s first follow forever

yo so i’ve been included in some of these lately so i thought i’d make one.
Not all are kpop, some are artists or anime blogs that i’ll probably follow forever bc i love them (esp the naruto ones bc i dropped it after the end but i wanna keep up with the train wreck u feel me)


Networks i am a member of:
i’m sorry i’m not going to tag all of you individually because there are like 58 involved in the chat alone but ily
boo-net i’m sorry i left the chat but i didn’t rly talk and it felt weird but ur all super nice ily
hoshi-network***  my hosh nation ilysm  

Special Mentions:
u got me into madtown and i hate u for that

wonwoof**: ily im sorry im rly bad at holding conversations
ur super nice nd u helped me feel better about stuff ily
thug-hyung**: i started writing something for u and i forgot about it im sorry i’m a huge flake
hoshi-network** members: ily im sorry if i missed you in this but ur all my faves

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plz just message me if we’re mutuals and u think i missed you nd i’ll add u in.
i’m sorry its rly messy and ugly my attention span is terrible and i have a ridiculous amount of uni work im avoiding oops

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure localization pitches
  • marbutt ☃ AKA HD mumbles: John John's Weird Journey
  • marbutt ☃ AKA HD mumbles: Joey Joo's eccentric exploits
  • marbutt ☃ AKA HD mumbles: Jim Jim's outlandish undertakings
  • GentTrooper: johnny johns extreme holiday
  • marbutt ☃ AKA HD mumbles: Gree Greg's freaky feats
  • iggy ヽ‘ー`)ノ: Jimmy John's crazy subs
  • marbutt ☃ AKA HD mumbles: Yee Yoo's supernatural scenes
  • marbutt ☃ AKA HD mumbles: Janky Janks's awe-inspiring experiences
  • GentTrooper: jimbo bimbo's spooky day out
  • iggy ヽ‘ー`)ノ: Wee Wow Let's go time
  • Lefthandedsock: Jackie jormp jomp's razzle frazzle
  • marbutt ☃ AKA HD mumbles: Qee Qee's kooky tripz
  • beef: george john's weird venture
  • beef: jojo's venture
  • GentTrooper: Jamie Jowels jeweled jaunt
  • marbutt ☃ AKA HD mumbles: Yimby Yarm's far-out jeopardies
  • Lefthandedsock: george forman's kooky castle calamity
  • marbutt ☃ AKA HD mumbles: Wim wam's Strange Days at Blake Holsey High