beefcakes on parade

The world is over 500 years old when you finally feel whole again.

Jake is warm against you but it’s temporary. The two of you will find each other in bouts of loneliness spurred by the passing of generations and the constant ebb and flow of the sun. He’s impossibly affectionate but he belongs to the universe the way a pet owner belongs to their disgruntled cat. He belongs to you the way a cooling breeze belongs to sunburned skin.

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Tom Hiddleston


let’s talk

I used to really like you when you were a dorky, charming, Shakespearean actor who was so different from the beefcake action that usually gets paraded around as sexy

then you went and became a typical beefcake action star who relies on sexy and British rather than charming and talented, the exact opposite of what made you so desirable in the first place

what the fuck happened, man?