beefcake queen

anonymous asked:

I've been excited for the Junker Queen for a year and now I'm just really really upset. She's just a white toothpick character and I'm fucking angry. I wanted her to be a poc girl with mussels and a body. She's ment to be this scary overlord in a post apocalypse country where fighting is the normal yet she is built like a fucking JC Penny's mannequin. Fuck I'm upset

Do we really know she isn’t a woman of color yet? The colors on the OG poster are questionable, so her skin could be darker. 

As for body type, I agree I definitely hope that Blizzard doesn’t un-beef her if they ever made her a character, but tbh the whole point is that she was a charismatic mech fighter (like Dva.) I don’t disagree that I would love a fuckin’ BEEFCAKE queen as well, but the story lines up to her design.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-Pomme 🖤