The thing that needs to be said

As some of you may know, i am from Russia. We (Russians) are always being told that the whole world hates us and is afraid of us, because we are strong and special as fuck (yeah yeah, that’s kind of dumb, i know). But, sadly, we grow up with the feeling that we are all alone, that no one in the world will ever support us in something, that we must only rely on ourselves and so on.
There are people from States, from Europe who cheer our gymnasts, who know who the hell Aliya Mustafina is, how many medals had she won, they even have their inside jokes about Beefarm™ and others! Like, how insane it is!??
I can tell you that there is nothing more heartwarming for a Russian than a foreigner that actually knows stuff about our country and who likes us!
Sport unites, guys. Sport unites.

madaian  asked:

holy shit both beefarmer AU and water aerobics AU are by you ??? They make my heart hum 😌💕 I've read both of them in odd fragments and somehow finally ended up on your blog and I feel so blessed now haha

Those are my babies and I’m so glad you like them! They’re so incredibly different but I love both verses equally and it makes me so happy when people can enjoy both of them.

Thank you so, so much!

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Hi real question: I am a vegan, and I dont see why we shouldnt eat honey? Bees only rely on that surplus honey if something like the hive was attacked and many bees were killed. Bees kept by beekeepers are essentially immune to these crisis, so the honey is not needed. Bee populations are in rapid decline and need to be boosted at all costs and beefarming can help. Thanks.

Thank you so much for asking! I’m always happy to help out:)

Rather than write a super lengthy post, I will link several lengthy/helpful posts that people can read at their leisure:

In short though, a vegan is a person who does not eat or use animal products. So at the end of the day, the very definition of the word vegan excludes the possibility of eating honey. Not to mention, it’s simply not ours.

I hope that some of the links are helpful. I found them to be very informative personally :)

“I didn’t even have time to get nervous. I’m walking around here like in a dream; I don’t understand what’s happening. Early in the morning the day before yesterday, when I was still sleeping, Ksyusha (Afanasyeva) called and told me to get ready to leave for France. At first I couldn’t even react, and then, when I returned to myself, I thought, “What? How?!” But I had to get myself together quickly, despite my shocked state of mind.”