Seoul Mapo Han Yang Seolleongtang Restaurant

Seolleongtang(설 렁탕) is traditional Korean cuisine, which with boiled beef + gravy soup + noodle + spring onion combination food. In korea, there are so many seolleongtang(설렁탕) restaurant, but it isn’t easy to find good quality place. in seoul mapo, there is restaurant ‘Han Yang Sul long Tang’ is very good place to eat Traditional style sul long tang. It has been 2 generation heritage history. and it’s known as one of TOP 3 seolleongtang restaurant in mapo district. on the wall you can find a pictures  which showing it had been Introduced in newspapers and broadcast.(you can see that on the wall of the restaurant)

-Photo which showing restaurant was introduced by tv&newspaper-

Han yang seolleongtang(한양설렁탕) is introduced to Kyunghyang newspaper(경향신문) in 3rd-november-2010. Kyunghyang is Top6 famous newspaper in korea.

I summury and translate this article for you. it says, “This restaurant makes true gravy soup (many korean seolleongtang restaurant use fake gravy soup which made by artificial creamer for cheating) and using very good Ingredients, and very delicious.”

Entering the alley in front of the restaurant. (not only Han yang, in here many other restaurant sign too as you can see.

Restaurant sign of mapo han yang seolleongtang.

inside interior of the restaurant photo.


I Translate to English for you.

Seolleongtang (설렁탕 ) 9000 WON.

Hanyangtang (한양탕 ) it’s kind of Seolleongtang + added various part of the beef. 14,000 WON.

Dogani Tang (도가니탕 ) 12,000 WON.

Wu Jok Tang (우족탕 ) it’s similar style food with Seolleongtang but with leg part of beef meat. 14,000 WON.

And also written they use red peppers , rice , cabbage are made in Korea .

cutting kimchi by self service.

Seolloengtang is finally arrived! let’s eat!

Stairway to the second floor in the restaurant. with translate, it’s written 'Effort is not betrayal, The truth is demonstrated in the taste.’

Bit more information about the restaurant. Restaurant opens up 9am and close at 10pm. Monday to Saturday. Sunday is  the day off.

Address of the restaurant: 335-2 , Dohwa-dong , Mapo-gu , Seoul , Korea

It is very close from Mapo subway station exit3 , just 100 memters distance to the restaurant.