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Oi Nikuten, Kobe

One of the best places to eat Kobe beef in the city Kobe might surprise you… in the basement of the Sogo department store!

Oi Nikuten (Meat Shop) is a butcher shop specializing in Kobe beef that also runs a six-person counter where they grill and serve their famous beef… at cost!

They serve limited portions of seven different cuts of beef per day (and one pork option) at some of the lowest prices you can find for actual local wagyu anywhere in the entire city…

And people line up for over an hour for at seat at Oi’s counter, like this guy…

I figured since I waited for so long, I might as well go with their best option, so I ordered the “Kobe Sirloin Grilled Steak Bento”…

Miso soup, rice, pickles and a perfectly grilled, medium Kobe sirloin steak for $30.00…

My wife did the exact opposite, ordering their cheapest, and most popular preparation, the “Saikoro Steak Bento”, which is tenderloin cut into bite-sized cubes then grilled…

All this for only eight bucks…

If you like what you eat, it’s all available right next door at Oi’s butcher shop…

Their lunch counter opens at 11am and hungry customers tend to start lining up around 10am, just after the department store has opened its doors. The more popular selections usually sell out by noon…

Don’t let the fact that Oi Nikuten is in a popular department store fool you, here you get the real Kobe deal for a steal!


Sogo Department Store, B1

8-1-8 Onoedori

Chuo-ku, Kobe