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top 5 hot dogs


1. Senate Coney Island coney dogs. They are the most superior Coney dogs, like honestly.
2. Koegel’s all beef franks– mustard and onions and sometimes relish, absolutely perfect.
3. IDEK what they’re called but when I was a kid, my mom used to make these things that you took a hot dog and split it down the middle, stuffed it with mashed potatoes and topped it with American cheese and baked them. I realize now it’s because we were fucking poor but I still love them.
4. Corn Dogs. I fucking love corn dogs. :|
5. Roasted on an open camp fire. :D

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Ok... I understand your point... but when was Frank super cruel to leo??? I know in MoA they were kinda jerks to each other, but by the end they seemed ok??? I thought??? Idk but I just want them to be Bros and hang out because besides Percy they're the only male characters I actually like! 😭😭😭

to be fair,  a lot of my beef with Frank is more Frank fans rather then Frank himself. Fandom Frank just overall is very unpleasant when it comes to how he treats Leo. and most of it is just how Frank has to be Hazel obsessed. and why do so many frank fangirls bring up the apparent ‘leo trashing his mom’ Leo literally just says ‘i know what its like man i lost my mom too’ nope, Frank fans go on and on bout how ‘leo insulted frank dead mom’ when he did nothing of the sort. also, if im being honest frank is just a rather boring character compared to others in these books. Frank just lost his mom and thats it from what i know. Tyson was torutred for years. Same with Ella. Piper literally has one of the worst dads ever ( I know he devolpes but im sticking to that for now i can’t stand her dad) Jason lost his sister and was raised by wolves. and I’ve ranted time and time again bout Leo losing his mom.  I just feel that frank is the least emotional character. Hell, even Reyna has more then he does with the whole pirate thing. and to see teh fandom over dramtize him to this point is annoying.

and im sorry for the long rant

I’ve never noticed it before, but on the scanner thingys below some hot dogs in the area I’m in they’re abbreviated “frank meat” and “frank beef bun” and i just felt like sharing this new observation

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i always heard gerard and marilyn hated each other is that true

truth be told they probably never even met lmao. there’s no actual beef. the only member of mcr i know who’s met marilyn manson is frank.

here’s some quick history tho. important to know: manson thinks he invented men wearing makeup, as if he ain’t rip off david bowie for an entire album cycle. manson thinks he invented being subversive and gender ambiguous. like i love him but dude iggy pop was wearing dresses onstage while you were still in catholic school in canton ohio so chill. ur not revolutionary.

anyway. so i guess manson tried to call out gerard for “copying” his makeup look. this was when gerard appeared in a bunch of photoshoots and on taste of chaos wearing the black band across his eyes. and manson was like “i did this in the beautiful people video in 1996 try harder”. but we all know gerard didn’t get it from manson - he got it from comic books. manson had earlier admitted to stealing the look from blade runner anyway so it’s not like he invented the look lmao

then basically kerrang, being kerrang, blew it way out of proportion and acted like they had major fucking beef. frank called manson an asshole off the record somewhere.

a couple years later manson puts out mutilation is the most sincere form of flattery, which is basically a fake deep diss track at the entire emo genre but everybody thought it was specifically about my chemical romance bc everybody thought they had beef

then about a year after that they end up playing the same festival and i guess frank went to manson to clear the air and they chatted and frank apologized for calling him an asshole the end

so… there’s no beef and there never was beef, manson’s just kind of a douche and kerrang made everybody think there was

also, here’s an audio post of manson talking about speaking with frank, complete with manson dragging him for being short

me: *sees Frank Ocean trending on twitter*

me: oh my god… oh my god, it’s happening… there’s an album date oh my god… oh my god yes

twitter: “Miguel beef with Frank Ocean”


A woman was hired by a company. A senior employee at the company showed her around the office and introduced her to all her new coworkers. Then he began to tell her about the manager.

“Now, he’s a good boss, polite, friendly, etc., but I should let you know, he does have a very peculiar mental condition: He’ll sometimes say brand names instead of the words he means.”

The woman started working, and sure enough, at least once a day the boss would swap his words with some kind of brand. She was clever, and quickly learned how to interpret him, but one day she walked up to the senior employee completely stumped.

“Today the boss said something I can’t figure out. I know when he says "Verizon” he wants me to make a phone call. I know when he says “Levi’s” he’s talking about Jean in accounting. But what on Earth does he mean when he tells me to “Hebrew National hot dog”?“

The senior employee tapped his finger on his coffee mug. After a moment of consideration he said,

"I think he wants you to beef frank with him.”

Frank and Jane videos: A descriptive timeline (and relationship critique)

For reference, for anyone who finds it helpful: further to the timeline graphic, here’s a basic breakdown of the Frank and Jane video arc:

Frank and Jane #1: June 5

  • Takes place right after Episode 50 (The Bachelor)
  • So, Frank has just flirted wildly with Emma and suggested they do a human rights cause with a bachelor auction as the benefit
  • Jane is fairly antagonistic right off the bat
  • The point of this interaction is to establish their key differences: Frank likes to help causes by raising money to throw at them; Jane is highly principled, and wants to incorporate her values into all aspects of her life as well as really getting in there and helping where it counts

Frank and Jane #2: June 6-11 sometime

  • Jane still has her old laptop
  • Pleasant interaction, lots of flirting
  • Frank tries to persuade Jane to be part of the auction

Frank and Jane #3: June 16

  • Takes place right after episode 53 (Gossip Girl)
  • So, Frank and Emma have just speculated wildly about where the laptop came from
  • Frank left Emma under the pretense of winkling some laptop info out of Jane
  • Very loveydovey dynamic
  • Ends with Jane following Frank out of her office

Frank and Jane #4: June 17-25 sometime

  • Jane is immersed in work and uncommunicative
  • Frank is antagonistic and really jealous of Alex
  • Jane returns the antagonism and is POed about what Richmond Corp is doing

Frank and Jane #5: June 26

  • Takes place right before episode 56 (Psych)
  • Jane is way mad that Frank is going and about Richmond Corp
  • Frank tries to get affectionate and makes a lot of sincere overtures, but Jane gives him the cold shoulder
  • Frank goes to Emma’s office right after leaving Jane’s and is clearly feeling down; he tries to get relationship help from Emma but she interprets it as a come-on and rooster obstacles him out of her office

Frank and Jane #6: July 6

  • Frank comes by to give Jane forms for Maddy
  • They’re both doing much better with each other, so presumably things are somewhat more resolved; either that, or they missed each other so much while Frank was in Berlin that they have temporarily forgotten their beefs with each other
  • Frank says he’s realised there are things more important than business
  • Ends on a loveydovey note and Jane giggles over whatever Frank put in the forms envelope

Frank and Jane #7: July 10

  • Takes place somewhat during and right after episode 60 (Out of the Bag)
  • They discuss Frank’s beans-spilling fiasco; Jane’s not so much mad at him as worried about the consequences
  • Subtext of talking about spilling their own secret
  • Ends on a flirty note

Frank and Jane #8: July 11-16 sometime

  • Starts out with them nice to each other
  • Discussion about how the love of a good woman can inspire a man to be his best self
  • Jane makes sure Frank’s going to be at the baby shower
  • Ends on a pleasant note

Frank and Jane #9: July 21

  • Appears to take place immediately before episode 63 (Mood Swings)
  • And speaking of mood swings, their attitude to each other has taken a huge turn; they’re both really POed at each other right off the bat
  • Jane’s mad that he was late for the shower because of work for a company she hates; he’s mad that she’s mad and is sick of her ragging him about Richmond all the time
  • They leave on really crappy terms
  • Having ditched the pretzels bag (WTF was with that, anyway?), Frank appears to then move on to Emma’s office where he flirts blatantly with her; asks her to find him a date for Boxx; and disses Jane by persuading Emma to dump Maddy’s jams from the giftboxxes

My take on this whole thing is that Frank and Jane are both lousy communicators and listeners, with a tendency to behave like jerks (especially Frank, but Jane is guilty of jerkiness, too). They genuinely care about each other, but there are some pretty serious stumbling blocks to their relationship that they’re not really listening to each other about.

Frank’s decision to sell off his Richmond Corp position may well be the Grand Gesture that truly gets Jane’s attention. This whole time, she’s been ragging on what Richmond is doing, and getting increasingly angry that he doesn’t care about that. Her takeaway has therefore been that Frank doesn’t value what she values, and therefore - by extension, since her principles are so dear to her heart - doesn’t value who she is.

For him to demonstrate to her that her core values do matter to him and that he’s willing to sacrifice a lot to demonstrate this, may spur her into not only reconsidering him as a partner, but may also get her to start listening to the complaints he has about her.

And I would say that his complaints about her stem from a single fear that he has: that she doesn’t care about him; at least, not the way he cares about her. This is evidenced by the things he gets upset about: her not wanting to tell people about their relationship; her getting too cozy with Alex; her always being too busy with work to pay attention to him; her not appearing to enjoy the small amounts of time together that they can manage to steal; her not considering meeting him as her best memory from England; etc. If she can listen to him about his major issue the way he’s listened to her about her core values, then I think they can legitimately patch things up.

Women’s World Cup Final. Created this monstrosity during Mikey and Suzie’s Women’s World Cup Final Party. It consists of two beef franks, one turkey frank, two hamburger patties, two slices of american cheese, spicy brown mustard and ketchup. Not really sure what I was thinking, in fact, by this point I’m sure my good friend Sailor Jerry was making all my important decisions for me.