beef tomato

Our group is hiding in a abandoned tavern, the druid and paladin have gone upstairs and are fighting maggots, the warlock is raiding in the kitchen, and the fighter is at the front door fighting more maggots.

DM: In the kitchen you find tomatoes, dried beef, and other foods.

Warlock: I’m going to start making spaghetti

DM: *ignores Warlock* Alright Magpie(the fighter) as you fight the maggots you see a figure approaching the door, what do you do?

Fighter: I’m just going to kill the maggots

Fighter, now on 4 hp: So now the maggots are dead, I’m going to barricade the tavern door with a table

DM: You finish barricading the door just as the figure gets there. Suddenly the top of the door breaks and he keeps trying to break the door

Fighter: Yeah, no screw that, I’m going to the kitchen to cook spaghetti with the Warlock