beef san


Osomatsusan ×Saga Prefecture (2016)

the sextuplet disguise themselves as the prefecture’s local specialities.

Osomatsu - Karatsu Kunchi (Karatsu Festival) and sake
Karamatsu - Nijinomatsubara (a beautiful coast called ‘rainbow pine field’ in Japanese)
Choromatsu - Karatsu yaki (Karatsu pottery, a traditional Japanese handicraft)
Ichimatsu - squid (many towns in the prefecture are landing ports for squid)
Jyuushimatsu - Matsuura Sayohime (legendary heroine in Japanese mythology)
Todomatsu - Karatsu beef (delicious!)

Oh you guys, this is a Sans we’re talking about! Sans can handle himself just fine if he needs to. And you’re exactly right, he has no beef with OT!Sans despite being a tad unstable. You guys are worried about nothing! :)

Though I love the term star bean now


Dinner with Nickel Cobalt and yohjihatesfashion @ Pizzetteria Brunetti

  • Mary’s Meatballs (Mary Brunetti’s 100% beef meatballs in a San Marzano tomato ragu, fresh sheep’s milk ricotta and basil. (Grandma’s recipe))
  • Potato Croquettes (Pancetta, Parmigiano Reggiano, truffled fontina, served with a side of truffle aioli)
  • Meatball Sliders (Mary’s 100% beef meatballs, creamy goat cheese, Calabrian pepper sauce on house made brioche bun)
  • Vongole *Our signature pizza (Fresh shucked and chopped local LI clams on top of a garlic and herb butter sauce, with a fresh parsley finish)