beef rib eye

Episode 6-7: Yukihira Style Chaliapin Steak Don

I’m slowly making it through the episodes.  I’m going to be on a little bit of a hiatus depending on the next day I find time to cook Shokugeki food.  I’m combining the episodes since Soma figured out the dish in episode 6 but finalized it in episode 7.  

In these episodes, Soma is fighting Mito Ikumi in a Shokugeki [a food competition in which two people wager something of equal value] to keep Don RS from being destroyed by Nakiri Erina.  They have to use beef and the theme is a don.  Soma creates a Chaliapin steak don while Ikumi makes a roasted beef don.


  • Rib eye steak [I know I was supposed to use a cheap cut, but this was the only cut I could find that wasn’t already cubed or sliced paper thin]
  • Onions
  • Rice
  • Red wine
  • Soy sauce
  • Corn starch
  • Pickled plum paste [I love having a Japanese roommate, it’s like she knew I needed it.  She bought it for something else like a week ago, thank you!]

I minced a couple onions and set them aside.  They do say minced in the episode but thinking about it now it probably would’ve been more effective to grate the onion instead.  Help it release juices and whatnot.  I gotta practice my knife skills anyways.

I couldn’t find sirloin or rump steak so I used a cheaper ribeye cut at least, not choice or prime. Maybe I should’ve bought a flank steak or something.  Anyway, I scored the meat (a little too deeply) and pounded it out with a meat tenderizer.  

Then covered the piece of ribeye with all the onions on a sheet tray and covered it with plastic wrap. I let it sit for 45 minutes at room temp. And while I was waiting for the steak, I made some rice.

I wiped off all the onions. Got a pan really hot and threw some bacon fat in there because why not?  And seared the steak.  Since it was really thin, it only took a few minutes to cook.  

I set it on a wire rack to let it rest and so it wouldn’t steam itself.  If you don’t let steak rest and slice into it right off the heat, it will bleed juices everywhere and we don’t want that.  I think Soma cooked his all the way through but I don’t like well done anything so I try to hit medium/medium rare.  

I made a slurry which is corn starch mixed with a little water.  Refer to the Mackerel Hamburg post if you want to know a little more about that.

I threw some of the minced onions covering the steak into the pan.  I added red wine, soy sauce, and the slurry.  I accidentally reduced it down too much and kind of made red wine braised onions instead. Oops.  So not really a sauce, but I gotta eat it anyways.

I set the red wine onions aside and cooked the rest of the “steak” onions with some soy sauce to get the nice golden brown color to use as the topping.

The rice was mixed with a tiny amount of the pickled plum paste because it is very sour and was afraid it would turn my rice pink.  It was enough to get a hint of acidity. Then it was assembly time!

The rice….

Steak.  Which was a decent medium, yay!

Red wine braised onion “sauce”

And done!

Did I spill sautéed onions everywhere as I was eating this? Of course.  Should I have cut the steak into bite sized pieces first? Of course I should’ve.  But aside from that, this dish was pretty good!  The steak was tender, naturally because of the cut (I will experiment with a sirloin or rump cut one day!).  The rice had a touch of acidity and sour notes from the pickled plum.  The onions and “sauce” were delicious on their own.  It was nice having various textures and flavors which all worked really well together!  I have some leftover so I know what I’m gonna eat for dinner tomorrow too! Noms!

We’ll see when I get to the next dish! I am excited because I rarely get to work with duck.  And the ingredients will be fun to find and play with! Until next time! Cheers!