beef magazine


How To Make Beef Jerky, for Men’s Health

Art Direction by Pete Sucheski

Now these illustrations were fun. I had the pleasure of working with Pete Sucheski on some new pieces for the October 2015 issue of Men’s Health. I’m not the biggest carnivore, but every now and then I get a craving, and beef jerky is delicious.

Although my research for this assignment didn’t involve eating copious amounts of jerky, it did prompt me to buy a top round steak from The Greene Grape here in Brooklyn to use for my references.

Thanks again to Pete for the continually-awesome assignments! And to my boyfriend for his lovely hand modeling.

Survey #101 : This or That (very long)

Pepsi or Coke : Pepsi

Myspace or Facebook : Facebook

Chicken or Beef : Chicken

Magazine or Book : Magazine

Lucky Charms or Cocoa Puffs : Cocoa Puffs

Napkin or Paper Towel : Paper Towel

Chinese or Italian : Italian

Sandals or Shoes : Sandals

Truck or Car : Truck

Alaska or Florida : Florida

Snail Mail or Email : E-mail

Jerry Springer or Steve Wilkos : Neither

Teen Mom or 19 Kids and Counting : 19 Kids and Counting

Xbox 360 or Playstation : Playstation

Birthday or Christmas : Christmas

New York or Las Vegas : New York

Burger King or McDonalds : McDonald’s

Disneyland or Six Flags : Disneyland

Root Beer or Cream Soda : Root Beer

Beer or Wine : Wine

Water or Lemonade : Lemonade

Snow or Rain : Rain

Advil or Tylenol : Advil

Dora the Explorer or Bob the Builder : Bob the Builder

Tennessee or Missouri : Tennessee

France or Italy : Italy

Gift card or a gift set : Gift card

Pen or Pencil : Pen

Folder or Binder : Folder

Desktop Computer or Laptop : Laptop

Dog or cat : Dog

Fish or Bird : Fish

Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate

M&M’s or Hershey’s Kisses : M&M’s

Sweet or Sour : Sweet

Hot Dog or Polish sausage Dog : Hot Dog

Soft or hard pretzel : Soft

JC Penny or Sears : JCPenney 

Football or Basketball : Football

Bowling or Tennis : Bowling

Apple or Grape : Grape

Gun or Knife : Knife

iPod or MP3 Player : iPod

Red or Black : Red

Ford or Chevy : Ford

Toyota or Dodge : Dodge

Wal-Mart or Target : Target

Nike or Adidas : Nike

Married or Single : Single

Schoolwork or Homework : Schoolwork

Lethal Virus or Nuclear Explosion : Literally can’t pick

Hamster or Gerbil : Hamster

Spiders or Snakes : Ewewewewew. Snake if I had to pick.

Boat or Plane : Plane

Fishing or Shrimping : Fishing

Walk or Run : Walk

Dentist or Doctor : Dentist

Coffee or Cappuccino : Cappuccino

Vampire or Werewolf : Werewolf

Harry Potter or the Chronicles of Narnia : Harry Potter

Star Wars or Star Trek : Star Wars

Spiderman or Batman : Batman

Elmo or Cookie Monster : Cookie Monster

Disney Princess or Disney Villain : Disney Princess

Valentine’s Day or Halloween : Valentine’s Day

Freddy or Jason : Neither

Jetsons or the Flintstones : Jetsons

Comedy or Drama : Comedy

Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee : Idc

Noise or Silence : Noise

Train or Bus : Bus

Blind or Deaf : Deaf

The Walking Dead or Hell on Wheels : The Walking Dead

Storage Wars or Pawn Stars : Pawn Stars

Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook : Jack Sparrow

Yoga or Pilates : Yoga

Zumba or Just Dance : Zumba

Light or Dark : Light

Crab or Lobster : Lobster

Spaghetti or Lasagna : Spaghetti

Milk or Orange Juice : Milk


Shaken or Stirred : Shaken

Cake or Pie : Cake

Jello or Pudding : Pudding

Danielle Steel or Nicholas Sparks : Nicholas Sparks

Ann Rice or Stephen King : Neither

Ice Cream or Sherbet : Ice Cream

Swimming Pool or Lake : Swimming Pool

Cabin or Hotel : Hotel

Snow Globe or Music Box : Snow Globe

Piano or Guitar : Piano

Ice Skating or Roller skating : Ice Skating

Fantasy or Reality : Reality

Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck : Mickey Mouse

Couch or Recliner : Couch

Call or Text : Text

State Fair or Circus : State Fair

Peanuts or Popcorn : Peanuts

Chocolate Milk or Hot Chocolate : Chocolate milk

Pancakes or Waffles : Waffles

All or Nothing : All?

MTV or VH1 : MTV

Madonna or Michael Jackson : Madonna

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones The Beatles

Mother or Father : Both

Sister or Brother : Well I’m a sister?

Grandma or Grandpa : Both

Baked or Fried : Fried

Turkey or Ham : Turkey

Aquarium or The Zoo : Aquarium

State Capitol or The Nation’s Capital : The Nation’s Capital

Taco or Burrito : Taco

N*SYNC or the Backstreet Boys : N*SYNC

Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer : Neither

Water or Land : Land

Math or Science : Math

History or English : English

China or Japan : China