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Ya’ll weren’t talking all this shit when Remy released Another One which was a flaming pile of garbage (the fact that she said “cash me ousside” & “make your head red like lil yachty” or something like that,  but ya’ll ignored it tells me a lot). Also, no one wants to point out how different shether was compared to another one (flow, rhyme scheme e.t.c) cuz then we’d have to discuss the possibility of them being written by 2 different people. 

Nicki made a smart business move which is what I expected from her. You don’t spend almost 10 years at the top of the game by making emotional decisions. Emotional decisions like like hopping on an instrumental, making a diss track, & putting that shit on Itunes without even getting permission from the owners. Now she can’t even perform it live :( 

Nicki gave Remy about a minute & 20 seconds on No Frauds which is more than she deserves tbh. Remy gave Nicki 7 minutes of fan fiction & read it over a Nas beat. Nicki could’ve easily done the same but 1) whose really trying to get some “tea” (real or fake) on Remy 2) that’s lazy.  


There is no such thing as a non-vegan environmentalist.
What you see above are aerial photographs of large feedlots and massive lagoons of waste. British artist Mishka Henner accidentally captured these aerial photographs that show the results of industrial beef farming. At first glance you may think it as abstract photography because of the geometric and vibrant images, or may even resemble open infected wounds, as you start to look closely however, you’ll see the details of the feedlots. The small black dots are only a small portion out of the billions of animals bred to become food. “While I was working on that series I was looking intensely at the American landscape, and that’s when I came across these really strange-looking structures, like a big lagoon, or all these dots that look like microbes,” Henner says. The massive waste lagoons waft up dangerous hydrogen sulfide fumes and contaminate groundwater with nitrates and antibiotics. Feedlots use large amounts of energy and water and saturate the air with odors that emit huge quantities of climate changing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is extremely damaging on the environment. “To me, as somebody in the U.K., looking at something [like] the feedlots I was shocked on a very personal level,” Henner says. “I think what the feedlots represent is a certain logic about how culture and society have evolved. On one level it’s absolutely terrifying, that this is what we’ve become. They’re not just feedlots. They’re how we are.”


Here’s how the beef industry is putting sustainability on the menu

Beef is all-American. It’s one of our main sources of protein. But our love for beef comes at a cost. Although the carbon footprint of beef production in the U.S. has shrunk, the beef supply chain still requires energy and resources that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. To address these concerns, a new multi-stakeholder collaboration has a plan.

In collaboration with McDonald’s

The Difference Between Lumber and Fruit

Remember in elementary school when you had to learn how to read a map? There was always a map with little symbols on it that represented the goods produced in that area. Perhaps there were be a cow to represent the beef industry. Or maybe it was a corn husk represent farming and agriculture. One thing I remember often seeing was a tree or log for the lumber industry.

It is incredible to me how we haven’t run out of wood yet. I look at all of the things in the world that are made out of wood and can’t believe there are many more trees than that in the world. I don’t mean to get eco-friendly on you, but the vastness of God’s creation is amazing. One of the reasons deforestation is such a big deal is that when you cut down a tree, it is done. That log or chunk of lumber is the end result of many years of growth. And then suddenly, it all ends with the swing of an ax or the buzz of a saw.

I bring this up because recently I have been part of a ministry team focusing on this plant based verse:

John 15:5 - “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

If you have been in church for any length of time, you know this verse the surrounding text. Jesus is saying that we are the limbs of tree and he is the trunk, the base, the foundation. Or in this case, since the culture was probably familiar with vineyards, he is the vine and we are the branches springing off of it. Through connection to Him, we are to produce fruit. I believe all of scripture is very intentional about the parables and metaphors God uses. For example, you know what is interesting about fruit? It isn’t like lumber. You don’t pick it and that’s it. If you do it right, every harvest you will get more. The plant is a constant source of life, food, and sustenance. 

I notice in my own life I often fall into the trap of treating my walk with Jesus more like lumber than fruit. I start out connected to Him at the root through studying his word and spending time in prayer, but through the business  of life I get cut off. My life does produce an end product. I host a youth event at my church or lead a small group study, but the product, while beautiful and successful at first, doesn’t grow. It is like lumber cut down from a forest. You can make a beautiful house or boat out of it, but it will never grow into anything more. 

Why is this? Because when we lose our attachment to the root, to the vine, to our source of life, we reach limit. Because without Christ, we may produce something, but we won’t grow to our full potential. A marriage may succeed, but it won’t be the beautiful union of “one flesh” if God is not the third partner in that marriage. A person may reach their goals, but they run the risk of losing their soul for the things of the world if God is not their center.

So I pray that God helps me to keep my focus on him, that I may abide in Him. I not only want to produce, but I want to flourish. I don’t want just a 1 time product like a log cut down to make a table, but I want to be the never ending supply of nourishment that feeds the people at that table, serving, loving, and energizing people every day, through Christ. God help me to be a good tree that produces a never ending supply of fruit, not of my own doing, but through the root you provide. 

The Gucci Mane vs. Young Jeezy beef is, was and always will be the best rap beef of all time simply because the shit is TEN YEARS OLD….AND COUNTING. That Pac & Biggie shit wasn’t even between them. That was something created out of competition by magazines and the media and the antagonist, Tupac, had to play the aggressor. That was an industry beef. Gucci & Jeezy really despise eachother. Like arch rivals. Peter and the chicken type shit. If they ever squash their beef idk whether I’ll be happy (so no one gets killed again) or sad that arguably one of the best fueds in the history of America gets put to rest. Fuck that if they do squash it I hope they have a press conference together so I can ask Jeezy “remember when Gucci said ‘I know u kickin yaself in the ass knowin u kilt ya homeboy. U left his son to be a bastard wont even raise ya own boy? How do u feel about that?” Just to start some shit.


Meat production is a large source of greenhouse gases, but beyondmeat thinks they have the answer to the problem. goodstuffshow and mutantboyfriend visit their headquarters to taste-test the product and hear about their vision for a more sustainable future.

USDA retracts support of Meatless Mondays, is beef industry's puppet

Man, this is so gross. Even more proof that the governmental agencies put in place to protect us only care about appeasing the big money$$$. 

From the USDA Twitter:

You can just imagine how that went down. Like, lower level people at the USDA were all, “sure, Meatless Monday, that’s cool, Americans should eat several fewer pounds of shit-laced meat a day!” and then the beef industry bigwigs saw it and freaked the fuck out because, “OMG AMERICANS EATING FEWER DEAD ANIMALS THAT’S UN-AMERICAN!! AND ALSO, HOW WILL WE GET RICHER AND MAKE EVERYONE ELSE SICK AND POOR???” and then they called the USDA bigwigs who—shocker!—are some of their bff’s/former employees and BAM, Meatless Monday retracted.

What. a. bunch. of. bullshit. LITERALLY.


I am not a vegetarian, but I do not believe in the overconsumption of meat that us fat Americans have come to believe is ‘normal’. Check out this amazing little video to better understand where your beef comes from, and the ecologically devastating effects of the United States Beef Industry. 

Some disgusting facts presented :

  • If All Americans ate no meat or cheese just ONE day a week, it would have the same climate change prevention effect as taking 7.6 MILLION cars off the road for ONE YEAR. 
  • Livestock currently uses 30% of the Earth’s ENTIRE land area, including land used for growing feed  - that’s 8x as much land used for feeding animals as for feeding humans. 
  • Cows create methane gas - which has 21x more climate changing power than CO2
  • The Cows in the USA create more greenhouse gas than 22 MILLION cars per year. 
  • one burger creates 6.5 lbs of greenhouse gas x the 153,000,000 burgers consumed nationally = the same greenhouse gases as 34 coal fired power plants.