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It’s Saturday! You know what that means! More videos! The videos for the entire month of April are all based on Yu Yu Hakusho characters starting with the main character, of course. You’re all welcome to try it and laugh at my terrible mispronunciation of the word “Onigiri”. 

Please reblog and share! Feel free to send suggestions of what other characters or shows I should do in the future!

Meal, Ready to Eat

So a couple posts ago I posted about US Army WWII-era rations; the researching process made me curious about what rations look like for modern forces. Some internet-ing later, I found the MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat) - the current field ration for US military forces. I immediately wanted to try one…and as luck would have it, you can buy ‘em online! (God bless the internet.) 

I thought it would be interesting to document what it looks like, contains, and, of course, how it tastes. 

I’m not exactly a warfighter, but I do run a war blog, and that’s totally the same thing, right? (I am told it is not.)

So without further ado, worldwar-two becomes, briefly, a food blog:

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natterz  asked:

We just got a new cast iron dutch oven for Christmas. and are looking for some great recipes to try out! Any suggestions?

Jealous! ;) You can make so many hearty winter dishes with a Dutch oven, like…

Happy cooking!